Part five

Over the Edge

The next morning, I lay in bed wondering if last night had been a dream, but knowing it wasn't. I hadn't faced Mom at the end but I had to now. I would be expected at breakfast before we all left for Church.

My apprehension was ill-founded. Mom behaved as if everything was normal. I thought it was just an act that would soon fray under its own tension, but it didn't. Somehow, Mom really acted as if last night hadn't changed our lives like I thought it had. The entire day played out like any other Sunday, through Church, the afternoon and even supper. Dad was feeling better but worsened after dinner and repaired to his Lazy Boy, snuggling under the comforter Mom d****d over him before walking to the couch and taking my hand. After tugging me to my feet, Mom pulled me across the floor.

"You don't mind if I drag your company away do you Father?" Mom asked.

"Not at all," Dad looked up from his book, smiling. "Do what you want with him," he waved with his free hand.

In the piano room, Mom pushed me toward the piano. "Get the music ready. I'll be right down."

I opened the book to our piece and sat down after running to the living room to grab one of the flatter, silky pillows to place on the bench. Mom returned a moment later. There was something different but I couldn't see what it was. Had she washed her face, freshened her lipstick? I couldn't tell but something was different.

Mom stopped by the bench and slipped her slippers from her feet. The muscles in her calves tensed prettily and my breath caught when she looked at the pillow placed mostly on but partly off the front of the bench.

"Is that for me?" Mom asked.

"Yes," I nodded.

"Thank you," Mom said, hooking the top of her toes around the ankle of her other foot and sliding them up her calf. "Are you ready to play?" she asked, looking down at the bench, already pulled away from the piano.

I nodded again, taken aback by Mom's sudden assertion of control. She dropped her hands to her side and pulled her summery, dark green dress with a loosely pleated skirt up, baring half her thighs as she stepped between the bench and the piano before sitting down on the pillow. Mom turned to look over her shoulder.

"Sit and play, Jon," she said, before turning back to the piano.

I walked towards her in my summer shorts, and swung my barefooted legs over the bench one at a time to seat myself firmly behind her, immediately noting the greater expanse of fleshy behind available now that Mom was sitting on a pillow, as I had planned. Mom put her hands on the keyboard, ready to play, then turned her head as if waiting.

"Go ahead," I said.

Mom didn't move. I repeated myself but she still didn't budge.

I raised my hands and placed them on Mom's hips. Immediately, she faced the piano and began to play. I moved my hands up and down her waist, enjoying the swell of flesh out to her hips and pushing further around to splay my fingers across her tummy. I could feel the large indent that formed Mom's navel and wished I could lay my bare hands on it, imagining teeny blond hairs, though Mom was a brunette, running from there over her soft belly until they thickened into the brown bush covering her pussy. I knew her pussy hair was brown because I'd seen it poking out the leg of her panties.

Mom continued playing as if that was all we were doing, playing the piano, despite the extent of my roaming hands. It was some time before I moved my hands up to cup Mom's breasts and received a small shock. Her breasts were much softer and I could feel their shape better than before. Mom was not wearing a bra!

I could only see the side of Mom's face but it seemed to me that the corner of her mouth was definitely turned up into a smile. I couldn't be sure because it disappeared quickly and then I wondered if I had imagined it. Real or not, Mom was obviously not bothered by me flagrantly caressing the bottom of both her breasts. If there was any doubt about her allowing this transgression, it disappeared when Mom turned the page herself. I had forgotten all about it.

Encouraged, I formed my hands completely around her tits and began a gentle, squeezing massage, like I was handling two erotically shaped water balloons that required delicate care lest they break. Cautiously, so as not to disturb her playing, I laid my head sideways on Mom's back and continued my loving embrace. When I felt Mom's arm lift to turn the page again, I slipped both hands up to take a firmer grip of each breast, my fingers circling around those incredible little extensions I had only fondled in my dreams. Now, with a simple loosening of my grip, my fingers slid up to close around Mom's wonderous nipples.

Fuck. This was so great. I hunched my boner into the fleshiness of Mom's ass as I lightly pinched and rolled her nipples through the dress. In my mind, I was holding Mom's bare tits and her nipples protruded beyond my circling fingers at least half an inch. I was going to come. It was swelling up and up. I couldn't stop it unless I chucked that image out of my mind, quit humping against her bottom, and let go of her tits. I couldn't do any of these, so my jiz welled up until it flooded out of my cock, like a tidal swell rather than a burst, washing it's stickiness into my shorts.

When my surroundings came back into focus I realized Mom had stopped playing. I was still holding her tits but my fingers were loose and no longer moving. I just held them as I recovered my breath, leaning against her back, blanketed by a wonderful feeling of bliss. I never wanted to let go but I realized I had to clean myself up. As mom started to play the piece over, I released her breasts and reluctantly pulled away.

"Is something the matter," Mom asked.

"No, I just have to go to the bathroom," I answered sheepishly.

"Hurry back," she said, her voice low and strangely urgent.

Upstairs, I pulled my shorts off and cleaned up the mess I had made, then tossed my shorts and underwear into the laundry hamper, still covered with my sticky cum. I walked half naked down the hall to my room, my swaying cock beginning to stiffen as I pictured myself feeling Mom up while she played the piano. Quickly, I removed my shirt and put on a pair of pajamas, and half ran back downstairs.

"That's a good idea," Mom said, turning to look at me when she heard me coming down the stairs.

I resumed my position straddling Mom's hips, the thought of Mom wearing a loose pair of pajamas with nothing on underneath greatly appealing to me and my stiffening companion.

"Maybe we should get changed before we start practicing tomorrow night," I suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea," Mom concurred. "Tomorrow night? Do you think we need to practice every night?"

"I think it would be a good idea," I said. "We want to perform our best, don't we?"

"Of course we do," Mom breathed.

I snuggled up to Mom and noticed that her dress, which had been smoothed under her bottom and legs, was bunched up behind her. She was no longer sitting on it. As Mom played, I gathered the dress in my hands carefully so she wouldn't feel me doing it. After a quick glance toward the living room, I cautiously raised the dress. I could see the waistband of Mom's panties, just barely, running across the pillow. They must have been small ones because that's as far up as they came. Mom's crack was barely visible, squished between the pulpy flesh of her upper cheeks.

I leaned forward to lay my head on Mom's back again. Could I get my hands under her dress? Of course. Could I get away with it? Of course. Why else would she have pulled it out from underneath herself?

I was hard again. Mom must be able to feel me. She must have felt me before, bulging against her ass, and definitely would have felt me humping against her, but this time it was unmistakably a hard cock poking into her. I slipped my hands under the material of Mom's dress but kept them on the bench, behind her. I checked the living room to make sure I could still see Dad's feet resting on the footrest of his Lazy Boy.

Omigod. I could see Dad's face, reflected in the glass doors of the bookcase against the far wall of the living room. Jeez! I froze, staring at Dad's reflection. Can he see me? No. Dad wasn't looking at the bookcase but if he did, he probably could see me. I couldn't see that well, but he appeared to be reading.

God, I'm lucky he didn't catch me feeling up Mom. Dad could have turned his head anytime and looked, and when he was dozing off with his head turned to the side, all he had to do was open his eyes and focus on the reflection in the glass. Fuck! How could I keep ravishing Mom now?

I was pondering this very question when my hands answered for me. They twisted, palms facing Mom, and pressed against the bare skin above the waistband of her panties.

Jesus, Jon. Don't, I cried to myself.

But it was no use. My hands pushed outward, sliding forward onto the outside of Mom's thighs. Her bare skin! Fuck, this was awesome. I pulled my hands back and pushed them forward again, then started sliding them back and forth. I stared at the reflection of my father, ready to jerk my hands away at the slightest sign of movement.

No, don't. Just keep them still unless he gets up. That made more sense. He probably couldn't see well enough in the reflection to see what I was doing. This was much safer, with my hands under Mom's dress. Surely he would have seen me had he looked up while I was groping Mom's tits half an hour ago. He would have seen my hands which had no business being on the front of Mom's dress, but this, he couldn't see this, I was sure of it. Not from there in a reflection.

Did Mom know about the bookcase? Is that why she lifted her dress? Did she get off on danger? Was it an invitation to continue? There was only one way to find out.

In the next foray forward over Mom's legs, I drew up short and then slipped my hands up onto her hips, paused, then slid them around onto her bare tummy, my fingertips dipping in to her large, sunken navel. Other than a minor flinch from exploring fingers, there was no response. Mom kept playing without the slightest change in her playing. I circled one fingertip around and around into Mom's navel, then moved my hands up into position below Mom's breasts.

I made the move, cupping the roundness of her tits, my fingers folding lovingly around their perfect curvature. My cock lurched in my pajamas. Quickly, I moved my fingers up to explore Mom's wonderful nipples, unable to resist flicking them up and down with my thumbs before adding a finger to pinch, roll and tug them. There was the briefest flicker in Mom's playing but she quickly recovered. Oh my fucking god. Her bare tits! I twisted my head and tried to chew Mom's shoulder blade through her dress. They felt better than I ever imagined. They were perfect. Perfect! Perfect!!

I moaned into Mom's back and began hunching against her again. The picture in my mind of Mom's chest was now in HDTV, not a blemish in sight. I groped them mercilessly, unable to control myself, pushing myself painfully into her butt. I had to do something before I broke my cock.

I was loathe to do it but do it I did. I let go of Mom's right tit and pulled my hand away, down and out of her dress. I grabbed my swollen prick, which had poked through the hole in the front of my pajamas, and used it to find Mom's ass crack. I pushed in and down until I felt the waistband of Mom's panties and them pushed my cock between it and Mom's ass, humping a couple of times to make sure it didn't come out. Quickly, I slipped my hand up to retrieve Mom's tit and nipple and started humping.

Through my legs I felt Mom's feet lift from the pedal and plant themselves higher against the front paneling of the piano. She was bracing herself to keep me from pushing her off the seat as I vigorously shoved my cock back and forth under her ass. I couldn't care less what anyone thought now. I needed to come on Mom's ass and nothing could stop me. Mom had stopped playing. I jerked my head to the bookcase reflection to see if Dad had noticed. He was still reading! Mom's hands were now braced against the keyboard as my humping increased in f***e.

I had to hurry. Dad probably thought we were between pieces, not paying enough attention to realize Mom had quit in the middle. I started hunching my hips furiously, desperate to finish, needing to cum, my cock sliding full length, pressed down onto the pillow by Mom's squeezing crack. The feel of her hot, rubbery flesh scr****g moistly along the top of my bone was exquisite... too exquisite... I started to come.

Splash! Spurt, spurt, ohhhhh goodddd, this is ... great, ahhhh, yeah, unggnhhh, unnghhhh, yeah, yeaaahhhh.

I relaxed on Mom's back but kept my eyes on Dad's reflection. He was still reading. I watched him as my breathing returned to normal. Mom's feet dropped back to the floor and her hands relaxed on the keyboard but she didn't resume playing. I let go of her tits and pulled my hands from underneath her dress and pulled my hips back, my slippery cock sliding out of her panties. I tucked my dick back inside my pajamas and, as soon as I did, Mom lifted herself and swept her dress underneath before sitting back down. She had no sooner finished than Dad's head poked around the corner.

"Would you guys like some tea and cookies?"

"Uhhh, yeah. Thanks Dad."

He was up and turning the corner, heading for the kitchen. I stood up and looked down at myself to make sure I was presentable. I was. Mom stood and I followed her, then veered toward the stairs.

"No, no. Come here. I want to show you something."

Dad waved Mom into the kitchen. Mom complied and I started up the stairs.

"No. You too, Jon."

I checked myself to make sure I was presentable, then followed Mom into the kitchen.

"Try some of these," Dad said, beaming. He held out a bag from our local bakery, full of treats. "I could hardly wait until you finished to give you these," he said. "You've been practicing so hard."

You can say that again, I thought.

Mom took a pastry and took a small bite, quickly raising her other hand to catch the crumbs that spilled from her mouth.

"Thanks Drew. You shouldn't have," Mom mumbled.

"You too, Jon," Dad insisted.

I chose a butterhorn, my favorite, and took a large bite.

I couldn't help thinking how ludicrous this was, eating special pastry treats my Dad bought while he made us some tea, my cock still firm enough to slap against my leg, slick from my own cum, most of which was in Mom's panties, drying on her ass as she munched on the eclair her husband had just given her. God. I wished I could guarantee my father wouldn't turn around. I dearly wanted to lift Mom's dress and shove my cock back inside her panties.

Oh, no. That thought was a killer. My cock was stiffening, rising off my leg and bending up, against my pajamas, pushing them out. Quickly, I shuffled over to the kitchen table and sat down, pulling my chair in to hide myself. Mom noticed and did the same. I loved the surprised look on her face as my cum must have made its presence better known as her cheeks pressed down on the chair.

We sat there, the three of us, drinking tea and eating all the pastries. I managed to get my cock down, helped along by imagining it lying across an anvil in front of my father who was wielding a huge hammer. I don't know what my mother was thinking. For all appearances, she could have been at a church social.

Mom declined another pastry just after I accepted another, never being one to turn down a treat. Mom left, saying she was going upstairs because she needed a shower before going to bed. I ridiculously thought she was going to give us away when she glanced at me just as she said she was getting a shower.

After Mom left, Dad spoke to me in a lowered voice.

"Son, I know this is a little sensitive, but it has to be said."

Oh, no. He saw us. Christ, I thought he'd be angry, raving mad. Not calm like this.

"I know you're a growing lad, full of vim and vigor as I once was," Dad said, "but you have to get better control of yourself."

"Control?" I mustered as much innocence as I could and plastered it onto my face.

"Yes. You know what I mean." Dad waved his hand several times, then pointed it around and under the table. "You were starting to show when you came in the kitchen."

Despite myself, my face flushed beet red.

"I know, I know. It's just one of those things. It happens sometimes when a man is near a woman, even his own mother."
Dad looked away, up at the ceiling, as if he was remembering something.

He went on, looking at the table rather than me, completing his thought, "... especially sitting so close. Not much can be done about it, but you have to try."

Dad paused, staring at the table. He looked up.

"If your mother ever gets wind of it, she'll have a fit. There won't be a recital, and that would break her heart. And she'll never look at you the same."

Dad looked away, wistfully, at the ceiling again.

"Nope. She won't, that's for sure."

"Dad, I ...,"

He looked back at me, cutting me off. "I know, I know. You couldn't help it, sitting right behind a good looking woman like your mother. Even if she is your mom, a man can't help it. I know you have to sit like that to play that piece, but, um, maybe you should put on a jock strap before you play. That would help. Can you do that?"

"Yeah, Dad. I can do that," I said, eager to please, then feeling ashamed, I dropped my head.

"No, no. None of that. It's natural. Don't feel bad about yourself. God knows you can't help it at your age, I know about that. You just do as I said and make sure your mother never finds out. OK?"

"Ok, Dad."

"That's my boy." Dad got up from the table and walked past me toward me the door. "Well, don't stay up too late and don't think about it too much." Dad put his hand on my shoulder and shook it. "OK?"

"Ok, Dad."

"Not a word of this in confession. Right?"

"Right, Dad."
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2 years ago
I like the complexity and the continuity of the story, very well done...will read more as I have time....
3 years ago
Such a good series
3 years ago
I haven't read a lot of stories but I HAVE read my share. I have to say this series is the best I've seen. Each part ends perfectly, causing the reader to want the next part....and the detail?? wow!