The awakening of Jimmy Slade

Jimmy Slade had applied for a position as an apprentice electrician long before he left high school. His father would rather he had become a professional footballer because Jimmy was strong, agile and athletic. But Jimmy knew what he wanted. Although still a teenager he knew that he would soon be finding a girl to make him happy and to be the mother of his k**s. He wanted to prepare for a stable future with a steady job, a comfortable home, a good wife and k**s. He was in for a rude awakening.
Jimmy had to spend part of each week at technical college, and part doing on-the-job training. His employer selected Dave Roberts as Jimmy’s mentor because Dave was a rough and tough operator who had been around and done difficult jobs in all weathers – someone who made impossible assignments easy. But Dave had a warped sense of humour. He knew his way around all right and he felt that Jimmy needed a wake-up call to make a man of him. He had just the answer.
Dave’s electrical company was responsible for all electrical work at the ‘Rainbow Clothing Company’, which was a major producer of clothing for the international market. Everything from heavy industrial uniforms to swimwear, baby wear and military combat suits were produced at the factory. This was in the days before the rise of Chinese sweat shops. The Rainbow Clothing Company employed several hundred workers – mostly women. They were good workers. They worked hard. They played hard. They liked to play with men – especially young and innocent men. That was their distraction. As a break from the constant noise and the pressure of meeting targets, they loved to get hold of young men and ravish them. Dave knew this. He sent young Jimmy into a den of lionesses.
When Dave and Jimmy pulled up at the Rainbow Clothing Company, Dave said, “It’s nearly time for the mid-day break. I’ve got to go and see the work’s manager about a future major project. I want you to go to the works canteen – ask for Margaret, she’s the canteen boss – say that you’ve come to check out the sausage locker. I understand the place where they keep the hot-dog snags isn’t working properly. Maybe there is a fault with the electric temperature control. Check it out Jimmy and I’ll meet you back at the truck.”
Jimmy grabbed his bag of tools and headed for the canteen. Just then the work’s siren sounded for the mid-day break and he was surrounded by young women all going the same way. ‘I’m looking for Margaret the canteen boss,” he said. They were all eager to help and he was carried along in a crush of lithe young bodies with breasts pressing eagerly against his muscular body.
“What can I do for you boy?” Margaret asked.
‘Boy,’ he thought, ‘I’m a man now with a job.’ But he felt uneasy and out of his depth.” I’ve come to check out your sausage locker,” he said.
Well, that was the signal for the fun to begin. “This way,” Margaret said. She turned and walked through a door adjoining the canteen. It led into a recreation room with table tennis tables and pool tables. He felt the crush of female bodies pressing against him. Then they were gripping him and lifting him. His tool bag had gone from his grasp; his clothes were stripped from him. His naked body was spreadeagled on a pool table and he was tied down with crepe bandages taken from the first aid box. One of the women had removed her underwear and shoved the garment in his mouth to gag him. He could smell her sweat and the scent of her cunt. The crepe bandage went around his mouth leaving just his nose, ears and eyes free. Now the fun would begin.
For a young apprentice he had the sexual equipment of a professional. He was well hung and that was a delight for the eager young women. But it was Margaret who made the first move. She grasped his large limp cock feeling the weight of it, the warmth of it and the slumbering potential power in it. She had been down this road before where shy overwhelmed young men were scared by the fact that they had to submit. She was ready for him. She reached behind her where an industrial vacuum cleaner was positioned against the wall. She switched it on and he heard the roar of the motor.
Then, as the fat stainless steel suction tube of the industrial vacuum cleaner was thrust towards his dormant cock, he felt the blast of air drawing the knob of his cock relentlessly into the tube. With a rush it was in. The whole shaft! Only his large balls prevented him losing all his manhood to the hungry machine. The rushing air vibrated his flaccid cock violently – slamming it from one side to the other until his surging bl**d filled and swelled his shaft and the head of his cock, so that it completely filled the tube. Margaret pulled up on the tube, lifting with all her strength, so that, had he not been tied down, she might have lifted him off the pool table.
As Margaret cut the power and released the vacuum, the stainless steel tube pulled off his organ with a loud slurp revealing a magnificent pulsating erection even longer and fatter than Jimmy had ever seen before. The girls around him screamed with approval like he was a most desirable pop star. They couldn’t keep their hands off him. Some grabbed his massive shaft with both hands, masturbating him violently. Others took him gently – rolling his foreskin over his swollen head and back until large beads of pre-cum appeared. At the sight of the pre-cum the girls went wild – fighting for a chance to deep-throat his massive cock.
“He’s mine!” Margaret called. “Stand back!” She had unbuttoned her working dustcoat and removed her underclothing. For a thirty year old she had a magnificent body and she knew it. She had a tight muscular waist and sharp pointed tits that would poke your eyes out. She threw a long leg over him, kneeling astride his belly with her back to his face. Then she toyed with his swollen cock, stroking the inner lips of her cunt and lubricating her aching clitoris with his pre-cum.
“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck,” the girls called. “F*ck him Margaret. Ride him like a bronco-buster.”
Margaret began slowly. Tantalizingly slowly. She inched herself down until she was deeply impaled upon his throbbing swollen captive flesh so that her blond silken pubic hair crushed down upon his luxuriant dark mat. Then she rode him – slowly at first, then with frenzy. But she stopped. She was holding his swollen balls – one in each hand – and she could tell that he was about to explode. She did what the younger girls hadn’t seen before – she milked him with her pussy. Her body remained motionless except for her pelvis and her pussy. With each caress of her vagina she felt his cock swelling and growing inside her. Within her grasp she felt his heavy balls tightening. He stopped breathing. Then she felt, deep within her, the massive blast and powerful spurt of cum that filled her with absolute delight.
Even with a mouth full of knickers, they could all hear Jimmy’s groan of pleasure. “He’s all yours,” Margaret said. “I’ve had my fill of cock and I’ve got a cunt full of cum. Now you can have him. With that she stepped back. She didn’t try and stop the excess cum steaming from her warm pussy all the way down her legs.
Time was running out. One third of their lunch hour had already gone and there was a crowd of eager young women aching to get their hands and mouths and cunts filled with young virile captive cock. They made the most of it. Those unable to wait were playing with themselves – caressing their pussies – fondling their breasts – warming themselves up in readiness. Some paired off to kiss and fondle one another or to lick one another’s pussies. Those who got a turn with Jimmy were greedy in their use of him. They rode him like there was no tomorrow, feeling his hot thick cock deeper than any man had been in them before. If ever he tired, they brought the vacuum cleaner back into play to stiffen his now bruised cock before they mounted him once again.
When the siren sounded for return to work, the girls left reluctantly leaving Jimmy still spreadeagled and bound to the pool table drenched in his own cum and their pussy juice, Margaret gave his swollen balls one last gentle squeeze before she untied him. “You were wonderful Jimmy,” she said. Take a shower in that cubicle, then go and join Dave Roberts who is waiting for you outside the office block.”
Dave said, “You’d better take the day off tomorrow Jim. I know what you’ve been through. It’s something you’ll never forget. You’re a man now so we’ll call you Jim.”
That day was one the Jim never forgot.

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