I'm going to fuck your wife

I’m coming out and I’m coming your way! I’ve been in prison now for five years. I won’t tell you what for because it’s none of your bl**dy business. Just tell your wife to get ready for me. Tell her to shave her pussy ‘cause I’m going to lick her ‘till she cums. I want her smelling nice and looking great and I’ll suck her tits and spread-eagle her on the bed and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before. As for you, you pathetic bastard, you can watch and you can feel, but just don’t get in my way or I’ll steamroller you into oblivion.
I’m big and mean and black and I have a cock that would make a donkey jealous. I keep fit and I’m strong and healthy. Most of the prisoners in this God forsaken joint want me for my massive cock. They drool at the site and size of it and, because I have no other outlet, I let them feel it and let them heft my heavy balls. I then just grab them by the ears and thrust into their mouths until a flood of gushing cum fills their quivering throat. But don’t get ideas. It’s you wife I want. I’m going to fill every orifice in her body with my massive pulsating black cock. She’ll cry out for more and I will give it to her. When I tell you, you can then lick every drop of cum off her lovely body.
I’ll be there soon. Just leave a light on and the door unlocked and your wife naked in bed beside you. If I find the door is locked, I’ll smash it down and smash your head in and I’ll take your wife in front of you. One way or another, your wife is going to get the fucking of her life. So get ready!

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Posted by mbeya33
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2 years ago
Yeah come over and my shot gun would be waiting for you. hahaha!! I am pretty good with knives too.. JK.. well, seriously, nobody can COMMAND me like that, I don't care if they even came from the depths of hell. So come over and I will make sure that you'll be the one envying a mice for dicks co'z i'll cut off yours.. lol.. Cheers!