First Time Having Gay sex chapter 4

Background Info: If you have not read the first three chapters of this story I urge you to do so, you will get a better understanding of the situation. I am a 26 year old masculine bisexual black dude. After having sex with 100s of girls and ignoring my desire for men it finally overpowers me. I engage in gay sex for the first time with this guy name Jay. He was very sexy and attractive 6'3 athletic build looked like a younger thuggish version of Michael Ealy( Ricky From Barber Shop) with dread lock stopping at his ears. He had mannerism like the rapper DMX. He has a girlfriend and they both live right under me in our apartment building. Jay is very Domineering, aggressive and vaguer at times. fasten your seat belts this story is about to take a turn for the better/worst.

The Morning After:Its a nice Fall day and i am awaken by the sound of Jay flipping the channels on the television. Jay spent the nigh and as usual fucked me all night. we would have sex at least 6 times Once when he got to my apartment, again before we went to sl**p, he would wake me up at least twice throughout the nigh for sex and maybe once or twice before he left the next morning. Needless to say i am sore, my asshole is sticky from his cum running out of it and i have a nasty aftertaste of cum in my mouth. I don't understand why sex with Jay still hurts, its not as painful as it was at first but i wish i didn't hurt at all. I sit up as Jay climb his naked body out of bed he stretched and says "damn i got class today, I'm fucking tired" i laughed he said" what you laughing at old silly ass nigga" I said" if you actually got some rest at nigh instead of trying to fuck maybe, you wouldn't be so tired" he laughed and said "nigga i puts it down, why didn't you say that last night" i said "i did, when you woke me up at 2am i said dude its 2am don't you have something to do tomorrow"; we both laughed and he left the room to go take a shower. This situation is crazy because Jay and I have been sneaking around for 6months and his girlfriend thinks he at work when he's over my house. We often argue because i bring it to his attention that what he is doing is wrong and he always tells me to mind my business and what goes on between him and her is no concern of mine.I think she's a nice girl which is why Jay is with her because shes not very attractive at all, but i thinks she way to good for Jay; he can be an asshole and he cheats on her with several other girls and me. He got out of the shower and headed out. I wasn't suppose to see him again for the next 2 days.

The Day It All Changed:The next day I heard allot of commotion coming from Jay's apartments it's clear he and his girl were arguing. They argued all the time but this time it was louder i heard things moving. Jay was very aggressive when he got mad I hoped he wasn't beating her. Shortly after the commotion stopped i hear Jay coming through my door. I said "Jay what's going on" he said " I'm sick of that hoe man, always accusing me of cheating, she knew how i was when she met me, she know how hoes react to me" I said "Jay you didn't hit her did you" he said "she good" I said "Jay you beat her that's fucked up, i mean you are cheating on her and when she comfort you, you beat her, dude that shit ain't cool" he said "well would you rather i beat yo ass then, I'm tired of motha fuckas questioning me you wanna defend that hoe, bruh cause we can do this" i said in a very very very calm voice "Jay dude I'm not about to fight you but you need to realize you playing with people lives I'll leave it alone but bruh you got issues" He said " man fuck you, you a bitch ass nigga anyway fuck you know about keeping a bitch in check, you let niggas fuck you", at this point I'm ready to risk it all, I'm ready to defend my manhood i jumped up and said " fuck you Jay" i launched at him, before i could get close enough he grabbed me by my throat and threw me against the wall behind him HEAD FIRST. The back of my head slammed against the hard walls of my apartments. I was dizzy and my head was spinning, he firmly gripped my throat put his gun to my head and told me he would kill me the next time i stepped to him, I couldn't breath i was about to pass out; he let go and i slid down the wall and laid there until i was able to collect myself. I was mad at myself for allowing him to over power me but I'm only 5,6 or 5,7 Jay is 6,3 with a muscular build. when i came to Jay was there on the couch. I finally got up from the very spot i had laid for over a half an hour, I sat beside him and looked at him. He just looked into the TV. I said " Jay if you are unhappy with your girlfriend just leave her, i really like you and care about you we could move out of state so that none of our f****y will found out we are gay, i know deep down you care about me but" he cuts me off and says" dude fuck you mean gay, i ain't no faggot, fuck I'm moving out of state for, to be with you, another nigga, man get the fuck out of here with that dumb shit man I'm bout tire of you and that bitch to be honest" These word tore through my heart i was so upset i ran into the bathroom to throw up, i had never had someone made me feel so low, he stood in the bathroom door and said" man you a weak ass nigga dude, for real" then i heard him leave.

Brighter Days: A week went by and i didn't hear from Jay, a week turned into a month and a month into 3 months. I later learned that no one was living in the apartment down stair anymore. By the fourth month i felt like i was strong enough to never sl**p with another man again. after being celibate for four months i was able to conquer my homosexual urges and i was ready to move on with my life. One day while at work a coworker of mine name Monica asked me to help her move. I told her yes. Monica was fine. She was a health nut, she had nice smooth skin pretty eyes, perfectly round bouncy tits, Beyonce hips and a waist the size of a penny. I always imagined myself fucking her. The day came when i was to help her to move, she also had her two older b*****rs to help; it was a 10 hour process i was so tired i asked her if i could spend the night she said " yea I'll call and order some pizza". While waiting on the pizza she took a shower and put on her night clothes, a very tight shirt and a very short pair of shorts. The pizza came and we sat on the floor in the living room and ate. I liked talking to Monica she was so classy and worldly, she could talk about anything.Naturally the relationship conversation begin. I asked Monica how can a woman as fine as she is be single, her reply was "men like you" my heart jumped out of my chest i wonder how did she know i was on da down low at one point in my life, i have only been with one dude how could she know about that,. She smiled and said " you attractive young bachelors date all these women and you lie to us all and break our heart i finally decided that i would stop searching for love and focus on my career" a weight was lifted off my shoulders i replied " Monica i know us men play games but you can't judge us all by that, but i think you focusing on your career is smart.. Monica didn't have on a bra and her breast were so round and bouncy she was a nice full C-cup. her stomach was so flat. I began to imagine having sex with her and my dick began to rise, I always had a way with women, i leaned over and kissed her on the neck i said " i want you" she exhaled and said "but" i shushed her and kissed her in her mouth. I told her to get naked and she did i removed my clothes as well. I got on top of her a licked and sucked her nipples while grabbing her breasts, i made my way down and i put my tongue on the lips of her pussy, I ate her pussy nice and slow, she was shaking the entire time. her pussy was so soft and wet. I grabbed a condom put it on then grabbed her by her legs and pulled her toward me. she looked at my dick and said with concern "mark you big " i shushed her and slid my dick inside her silky tight pussy. She moaned loudly.I worked my my entire dick inside slowly and gently. I could feel the walls of her pussy opening up as i entered her, she jumped and squirmed. I laid down on top of her with my chest against her chest, i kissed her neck and fucked her in a slow circular motion going as deep as i could., she begins to moan with pleasure. i started to speed up, i put her in the buck and started pounding her, her pussy was running like a water faucet, she screamed my name and had an orgasm, shortly after i cummed. I took the condom off took a shower and we laid there on the living room floor until we both went to sl**p. That morning I told her i was going to run home grab some things and come back so we could spend the week end together. she said that would be great.

The Ghost From The Past:I left her house and headed to my apartment. I was exited, Monica and i was was exactly what each other needed. I pull up at my apartment for the first time in a long time feeling like king. I sat in the car and imagined fucking her again. I went into my phone found a picture of her and set it as her caller ID so when she call me i would see her sexy body and gorgeous face. I rushed to my apartment so i could hurry back to Monica, i open the door and ran to my room. I grad everything i think i may need for the next 2 days. I went into my closet and what happens next was unbelievable. I heard my toilet flush, then i though to my self thats why my bathroom door was closed when i came in, i never close my bathroom door if in not in it. I walked out of my closet only to find Jay walking into my room. This is my first time seeing or hearing from jay in 4 months. He looks at me and says "what up nigga" I said "Jay what you doing in my apartment bruh", he said dude i need a place to crash for a minute, me and this hoe i was fucking with fell out so i left" I said " Jay you can't say here bruh i don't fuck with niggas no more only females" he said " oh you mad because of how i left and the way i did you that day we got into it" i said " dude i don't care about that I'm on some new shit so i can't fuck with you". He looked at me in my eyes pulled me toward him and said " come on baby I'm fucked up right now" i felt like i was in the "Matrix" movie everything paused. Jay has never ever called me baby it was always " yo dude or hey nigga", I was falling back in, he smelled and looked good as usual i looked into his eyes and i remembered the way he made me feel, them my phone went off it was Monica he looked at my phone as said " damn that yo bitch bruh, you ain't hitting that right, i need to hit that shawty bad as a motha fucka," i snapped out of it snatched my phone and said " she ain't no bitch and she wouldn't fuck with a nigga like you, dude get yo shit and get the fuck out of my house". I grabbed a bag of his clothes and walked toward the door he ran behind me. Before i could get to the door i felt his arm gently wrap around my neck and his lips kissing the back of my neck. I dropped his bags of clothes and a tingling sensation went through my body, I found myself not able to focus my phone rang again he snatched it off my hip and through it under the couch, he grabbed me by the hand and said " come here baby" on the way to my room i fought with my self to snap out of this spell he had me under, i could not do this to Monica knowing the hurt she has been through in the past, but Jay had a control over me that was so power i couldn't resist. At this point i couldn't even speak. we sat down on the bed and he said "i know i said some fucked up shit that day bruh and shouldn't have pulled my gun out on you but i realized you the only motha fucka that give a fuck about me, and you can't say i treated you that bad think about all the shit i did for you bruh" he reminded me of the day I took my car to the shop to be serviced. The plan was he would follow me in the car he shared with his girl as i took my car to the dealer which was way across town. He was to bring me back home, give his girlfriend the car and before she went to work the next morning he would take me to pick my car up. Things went as planned the first part of the morning he dropped me back off at home, gave his girl the car and came up to my apartment. Later that day i realized i left my headache pills in the car and i was getting a head ache. See i suffered from migraine headaches every now and then i would go through what i call an out break i would get a headache everyday for about 2 weeks, the only thing that seemed to help ease the pain was and off-brand Excedrin pill made by Wal-Mart. The car dealing ship was way too far away but there was a Wal-Mart about 5 miles from our apartments. It seemed like no where in a car but walking, in 90 degree humid weather was like touchier. Jay saw me getting a headache knew what i was like when i couldn't get to my pills in time, he knew eventually i would be in so much pain all i could do was lay in bed with all the lights off and moan in agony. Jay hated to see me like this; he said he would go to the Wal-Mart and get the pills for me, Jay was very athletic he was on the track team and the football team in high school. He walked and ran a total of 10 miles in scorching heat to get me my pills. By the time he got back i was in excruciating pain but about a hour after i took my pills i began to feel better. Jay also paid my rent even though he wasn't living with me he did allot of things that made me feel like he cared about me. After telling that story he said "dude you know I'm not no affectionate type of nigga, dude I'm a thug thats not something I'm proud of but you can't say i didn't care about you my nigga, you can't say i did nothing but fuck you, nigga i was there for you even though i had a bitch, yea i put her first but don't act like i was a dirty as nigga" i looked at him and i was lost for words. he kissed me and started to take off my clothes he then took off his clothes and laid me on my back. He rubbed my body and kissed me, then lubricated his dick and he proceeded to penetrate me. His head went in and i relieved that pain of my fist time all over again. Although i had seen a different side of Jay he was still the same when it came to sex he didn't know the meaning of gentle. I screamed and moaned with pure pain in my voice and his dick pushed against the walls of my asshole and reopened it. His fat, 10 inch dick was causing me unbearable pain he went in and out hard and deep. i lay there sweating and bracing myself for every stroke. He looked down at me and said "throw it back at me "i said "i can't Jay just hurry up and nut" he said in a loud aggressive voice "nigga you all right throw it back at me" so i mustered of the courage to withstand the pain of what i was about to do. As he pulled back i pulled back as he pushed in i pushed in . the pain was easing a little i felt his dick going deeper than it has ever been in my ass. then i felt that tingling sensation in my ass i knew all to well; it consumed me, i vibrated from my head to me legs i was not in control of my body. He continued to ram me fucking me harder and deeper then i felt his warm thick cum rushing into my ass, he laid on top of me and we fell asl**p.

A New Day: I woke up that morning to Jay as i did many time before but this time was different, he wasn't going anywhere. He didn't have to get home to a girlfriend. I didn't know what this meant for Jay and I, i just knew i had disappointed Monica. I grabbed my phone and saw that she had been calling me. I called her back and I got the voice mail i tried several times again and she wouldn't answer. Jay got up and asked me to cook him something to eat and i did we spent the day watching ESPN and the history channel, these are the only channels i have ever seen Jay watch. He fucked me several time throughout the day, nutting in my ass or down my throat each time. I say Monica at work on Monday. I went up to talk to her and try to explain to her that something came up, she said " look I'm a grown woman i don't have time for these games please refrain for contacting, don't say anything to me if its not work related thank you have a great day". I felt so guilty for letting Monica Down, i know she has had bad luck with men and she probably think i only wanted to have sex with her. Although i hated my self for dragging Monica into my crazy twisted life, I'm glad she was harsh and asked me never to contact her, not that i didn't like Monica but i never want to be one of those guys having sex with a girl and she has no idea that I'm having sex with a guy,, now that Jay was back in the picture i was interested to see how things would play out, we talked about moving out of the state of Georgia so we could be together, we would still be mostly down low but we would be able to go out together regularly without fear of running into people we knew. Although no decision has been made yet i anxiously await that day



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3 years ago
you should publish this it would be a great book
3 years ago
this one was hot. I like reading bout u fucking her more then reading about u getting fuck cuz it sound painful when he fucks u like that .
but im still reading more and hope yo situation improves bro
3 years ago
man I don't know what to say, I'm realy into your life, I hope jay starts giving u more real love soon
3 years ago
Omg i Love All Of Your Stories And In A Way I Think You To Good For Jay But Then Again You Made So Points That Made Him Look Like A Good Nigga
3 years ago
@ hottie65 @ jnhwilliams thanks for the love ya dig i'm writing chapter 5 now and it should be up soon, thanks for the support, @jnhwilliams yeah the Monica situation really messed me up too bruh i hate she got caught up in my bullshit
3 years ago
shit am not going no where
3 years ago
you have some of the best stories, and I cant wait to see what happened, kinda sad about Monica though... I liked her even though I only knew her through your story...
3 years ago
@imaboyyom thanks for the feed back i know this was had allot going on but i want people to know the full scoop believe it or not this shit get sever crazier chapter 5 is full of sex stay tuned
3 years ago
- OMG , i love your stories , they are so hot and sexy
3 years ago
LOL thanks hottie 65 the next chapter will be out later this week but i have a short rough fuck scene that will post sometimes tomorow its hot it called "face fucked by a thug" please check it out and i stay tuned for chapter 5 things really get crazy
3 years ago
hurry up and put the next chapter WOW i love it