The email subject from her ex said YOU NEED TO KNOW. ‘Another lame excuse for late c***d support payment’, she thought. Fortunately Thomas, her second husband, was financially stable. The email contained a web link that she clicked. A window to a streaming video opened: Her naked ex standing in a motel grinning, a girl with legs and arms tied to the bed posts behind him.

“Alice you always said we needed to try new things. I’ve taken your advice to heart.”

The video zoomed to the girl, no more than 5'1 or 5'2 or one hundred pounds, on the bed. Covering the girl’s eyes was a pink sl**p mask with the words 100% Cock Slut scribbled across it. Spread-eagled on the bed, her pink nipples were erect. The inner thighs bordering her dark untrimmed bush completely void of any stretch marks.

“This little slut is petite and tight – straddles my cock for dear life.”

“Hi mom,” chirped in the girl from the bed. “No doubt Thomas would like to see this. You should see the way he drools around me when you’re not around. Boner poking out it’s like he’s playing cowboys and indians in his pants.”

“Time to open your mouth and give Thomas a reason to shoot a load in his pants,” piped in Dad.

Her husband hopped onto the bed, and positioning his knees directly across their daughter’s chest, slid his throbbing cock into her mouth.

“Oh shit yeah….slurp on that cock bitch.”

‘Jesus Christ’, Alice thought. ‘Amanda must be stoned on d**gs. I’m gonna crucify him for this.’

“Mmmm Daddy,” said Amanda between long slurps. “Your pre-cum tastes good. I’m gonna milk you like a dirty slut, like a porno star on crack.”

He grunted as his daughter bobbed up on down on his cock, occasionally spitting on his shaft, before swirling her tongue around it gingerly.

“Daddy secretly taught me to suck cock by watching pornos since middle achool. I had to give him 100 blowjobs to earn 100% Cock Slut status.”

“I know for a fact Amanda is already getting wet,” said her husband.

While his daughter continued to softly slobber all over his cock, he tweaked her pussy with 2 fingers for a long while.

“Yup….slippery slut is good to go.”

Amanda yelped with pleasure as he pushed his cock between her legs.

“Ahhh shit yeah,” she said. “I’m glad I gave Thomas a handjob and taped it. Mom say a word about this to anyone and that video will go viral.”

Amanda, petite and hardly discernible beneath her father, stopped talked and clutched her father’s neck tightly. One of her legs clasped her father’s back and one of her hands visibly clenched her father’s ass cheek. Her nails dug into his ass cheek as he thrust his cock deep into his daughter’s moist pussy.

“Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” they took turns calling out.

“This slut’s fucken hotter than you ever were Alice!”

Then in one sweeping motion he pulled out of Amanda’s tight twat, took off her pink sl**p mask for the camera, and stuffed his shiny cock, glistening from her pussy juices, into her tiny mouth again.

Amanda smiled for the camera and winked as she stroked the base of his cock while securely covering his shaft with her mouth. Although no more than sixteen, it was clear she was very familiar in this pose.

“Here comes the money shot you dirty slut!”

On cue Amanda pulled his cock about an inch away from her open mouth. 4 massive gobs of cum shot into her mouth.

Amanda swallowed, licked her lips, and said “Thomas ain’t never getting that.”

The video feed stopped.

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Great story!
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Very very nice
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Nice story. I love the theme
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LoL, nice story.
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Great story,,hope it is non fiction,,luv those best,,I do my daughter also