Miracle Baby

“So Elizabeth, what made you decide to apply to here?” I asked, not really giving a shit but focused on the mini-skirt, tanned legs, and amazing rack on the Latino MILF sitting beside me.

“I saw the other Mexican waitress working here and really need a job.”

Happily detecting desperation not only in her voice but also her eyes, I asked “Tell me a little about yourself.”

“I’m from Warez. Don’t have my working papers yet. But work hard – any hours you want.”

“How old are you?”

“41 – I have three k**s. My husband’s work hours have been cut recently.”

“You’ve got a nice shape. That’ll get you good tips.” The way she carried herself and eyed the other guys in the place indicated she was proud of her body - knew her way around men.

“Mmm…you know…the k**s keep me busy.”

“No doubt you breast-fed them.”


“Your chest, let’s be totally honest, is pretty damn fine.” Adding with a smirk and wink: “Obviously you didn’t need powder milk.”


“Look let me get straight to the point. Working in a bar you know isn’t glamorous. Men get d***k. Say rude sexual things sometimes. Can you handle that?”

“I guess. Do I get tips?”

“Of course. Tips are good. Besides 30 bucks cash a day from me, on weekends you’ll average 125-175 per night. On weekdays $50-$75. Does that work for you?”

“That’s good.”

Placing my hand well above her right knee I said “Let’s go to my office for some paperwork”, sliding my hand across her inner thigh before rising.

“I’m married,” she said, staring at my erect cock pointing in her face.

“So am I Cinderella. You want this job? Get on your knees and show me how hard you’re gonna work for tips.”

Realizing the path to putting food on the table for her f****y lay between my legs, she took my engorged cock into her mouth, starting bobbing up and down like a pro.

The site of her tanned knees, and huge tits jiggling about her shirt as she sucked, convinced me I was making the right employee choice.

“That’s it honey….work it like a whore.” Clasping her head with my hands, I sped up the tempo, grinding her head up and down my cock.

“Honey you’re gonna swallow if you want this job. Oh my god you're fucken awesome I wanna explode in your mouth. Say I love your cock boss. Say it!”

“I love your cock boss…”

“Say it like you mean it honey or I’m gonna kick your ass out on the street. Say it like you mean it! Now!”

“I love your fucken cock. I’m wanna blow every guy in this place. Shoot your load in my mouth.”

Knowing full well what she had to do next, she cupped my balls with one hand and tightly vacuum-sealed her mouth around my cock to ensure I’d explode within 10 seconds.

“Hoolly ffuuck…” I moaned, squirting 3 loads on cum into her moist mouth, watching the sweat on her brow as she quaffed the load entirely down.

After a sudden knock and mumbling and fumbling to do up my zipper, my son walked into the office.

“Hey Dad hope I’m not disturbing anything.”

“Elizabeth – Trevor. Trevor will be in high school next year. Elizabeth will be working for us.”

“Hello Trevor.”

“Elizabeth, show Trevor your skills.”

“What do you mean?”

“Go open his fly and suck him off too.”

“No. He’s just a boy.”

Trevor slowly unzipped his pants and said “Don’t worry Elizabeth…you only need to do this once. Dad and I will never expect this again. You’re the hottest woman I’ve seen in here in weeks, and my cock really really needs attention from your gorgeous lips. Just looking at your beautiful body is making me hard as hell.”

Elizabeth was speechless as Trevor approached her, gently placed her on her knees, and nimbly slid his shaft into her mouth.

At first mechanistically, then finding a natural rhythm, she began sliding her mouth over Trevor’s cock.

Trevor said nothing – simply moaning in appreciation.

To my surprise, Elizabeth seemed genuinely entranced by his cock. She stroked and sucked it greedily, meticulously, for over 20 minutes, bringing him to the brink and back several times. She too said nothing, except once murmured “Mmmm now this is a real treat” before once again engulfing his cock in her saliva, which was making his cock glisten.

Without words, she ended the show by stroking his cock furiously with her mouth wide open, and at the first sign of splashing sperm, quickly shoved his cock into her mouth; gobs of cum dripped from the side her mouth, which she daintily fingered back into her mouth.

Elizabeth has been working for us for over 16 months now, and on two separate occasions I’ve found her spread-eagled in my office with my son pummeling her pussy.

She’s pregnant now with a so-called ‘miracle baby.’
I suspect the baby will have Trevor’s eyes.

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wow one lucky kid