Worshipping at the Porcelain Alter

After an hour in the sun her tan was beginning to show. Laying on her stomach it was clear her bikini was too small: about a third of her ass cheeks had rolled deliciously from the folds of her swimsuit. And tiny beads of sweat had collected along the back of her gorgeous smooth thighs.

"Goddamn I wanna cum in you, wanna cum in you,” he chanted in a hush, staring at the patio where his daughter was sprawled on a lawn chair. For the past 4 years, since she turned 10, her petite curves had made him hard countess times. In the past year she had filled out nice, making her legs a secret obsession of his.

The tempo of cock stroking quickened as he imagined spreading her legs for a thorough inspection of her twat with his tongue. He had considered setting up a CCTV camera in the upstairs bathroom to steal better peeks of her pussy, but hadn't gotten around to it. Yet. The swelling sensation of of jizz wanting to burst from his cock was intense as he considered how awesome it would be to dump a load of semen around her mouth as she slept. His toes were to curling.

"Jesus you’re a hot slut,” he whispered to himself. “Hot fucken slut.” Moments away from shooting his load, discretion faded away. He pulled aside the d****s he had been peeking from, and pulled his shorts and underwear half way down to his knees. Look at me sexy bitch, he thought to himself. Look at me shoot a load sexy bitch.

Despite sudden twitching on her part, as if to signal she wanted to roll over, he didn't flinch: 4 spurts of cum gushed from his cock. When his daughter looked up towards his stiff cock hanging out of his pants, he quickly pulled the towel from around his neck, wrapping it around his crotch. If she mentioned any of this he’d plead innocence and claim the towel had temporary fallen off after his shower. Her squinting indicated maybe she hadn’t seen him shoot his load.

A few minutes later she came in for a drink and returned back to the patio, this time to lie on her back. He tried to focus on a a movie he was watching but was constantly distracted by the thought of her legs wrapped tightly around his back. Needing relief again, he went to the upstairs bathroom with his iPad to jerk off.

He wondered when she'd come upstairs to change and wash up. Obsessed with thoughts of his daughter, he unlocked the door - kept it slightly ajar. Please come up the stairs to use the washroom slut. Please come up the stairs slut, he thought. He knew it was a matter of moments before she'd come upstairs to change and wash up. The sound of his daughter making her way towards the stairs made him grip his cock tighter, to jerk it stronger.

Keri you’re so fucken hot. Keri you’re so fucken hot,” he said out loud, trying desperately to grab her attention. Pushing the door open she saw her dad on his knees in front of the toilet bowl. Keri was startled to find her dad jerking off to previous pictures of her in a bikini on his iPad.

As she stood half-frozen in the doorway, he turned directly soak in the sight of her gorgeous tanned legs. Four strokes later he shot cum all over the floor towards her direction.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
definitely more to cum???
3 years ago
I think you forgot something
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Has to be more
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more please!
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very good what happens next???