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Smoke filled the crowded dimly lit bar and the live band was loud, making it hard to chat even with the person seated beside you. We had all downed many beers and were feeling more than a little tipsy. My boyfriend was blathering on with Jeff about fixing up cars, leaving Jeff’s new girlfriend Sarah and I time to chat on our own.

Sarah, a petite brunette with a nice shape, was not a talker. We were both mostly transfixed on the band. The lead singer, tall and attractive with long straight blond hair and piercing blue eyes had a gorgeous bulge in his jeans. During the first song of the second set Sarah’s hand brushed against my leg. At first it was an occasionally brush, but by the third song her hand was perched inches above my knee.

I wasn’t sure if her hand placement was intentional or not, but nobody else noticed it and I tingled at the thought she was hitting on me. Midway through the third song she gently cusped my hand for around 10 seconds, before sliding her hand back under the table towards my knee. This time while she began caressing my inner thigh with her hand, I clasped her hand. As her hand movements got bolder I got the courage to move one of my hands over her thigh.
Sarah looked into my eyes while I soaked up the outline of her C cup tits in a tie-dye shirt. She then grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. It was crowded inside but as soon as the door closed she kissed me, hungrily pressing her tongue up against mine. Despite a couple of weird looks neither of us gave a shit - Sarah’s blatant come on had me wanting more.

Tugging at my hand we headed straight for the first empty stall that became available. “What sluts!” someone said as she softly pushed me in but I couldn’t care less. Sarah slipped off my shirt and bra and quickly f***ed my erect nipples into her mouth. The sight of another woman pleasing me this way sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. I lost track of time but heard a couple of knocks and some chic say “You dykes done in there yet!?”

Soon I pulled down my tight jeans in a hurried way that I had never done so for a man. Sarah licked around my mound before pulling off my panties, knowing full well I was already wet and sticky for her. I pressed her face against my pussy and her tongue knowingly worked with my clit and lips.

I quietly moaned “fuck fuck fuck” while someone else remarked “lean over the stall with your cell and take a pic.” Two chics with cellphones giggled and took pics while I lay spread-eagled by someone I had met only three hours earlier.

Jeff broke up with Sarah before we ever had a chance to meet again, but since then I’ve met two other cute girls online, and took the plunge at eating pussy for the first time.

Ladies if you have ever fantasized about getting it on with another chic…go for it. It’ll be worth your while and this is a great website to do so.

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3 years ago
hot & good
3 years ago
3 years ago
that was a damn good story
3 years ago
hmmm now that i read ur story, i might.