Horny s****r in law

When Kath came home and announced to Andy that this summer they were going on holiday with her s****r & husband, his heart sank. Every year he looked forward to his holiday so much, peace, quiet & most of all plenty of sex. His wife of 30 years always seemed to turn into a sex kitten when she was away from home, like another person really and he loved it. At home the average was once a week, for 2 weeks in the sun the average was twice a day. The thought that Kath’s s****r Mandy and her husband would be in the hotel room next door would, he was sure, knock all that on the head. When their grown up c***dren came to stay, Kath would also put a halt to all sexual activity just in case someone heard them. With Mandy & Keith just a thin wall away, he knew Kath would be saying No more than Yes Yes.
His hopes were further confounded when a few weeks before the holiday, Kath decided to buy herself a couple of new swimsuits. She had plenty of bikini’s, which she normally wore, some of them very skimpy, but these were now to be replaced by some all in one bathing suits that covered most of her body. She didn’t want Mandy or Keith to see any more than they had to. As far as Andy was concerned, even at 50, Kath had a great body. Okay so after three c***dren, she had several stretch marks and she wasn’t as slim as she used to be, but she still looked great, but she didn’t think so, so it was time to cover up.

Well he was absolutely right, after three days on the Greek island of Rhodes, Andy was still waiting for his first holiday fuck. Kath had used the Mandy & Keith are just next door excuse on the first night and that was that. Kath had also stuck to her swimsuits, even though he had managed to persuade her to bring two of her bikini’s, which she had informed him she might wear on the balcony, in private.
Mandy, on the other hand, had worn a bikini from day one. Mandy was Kath’s younger s****r by 5 years, and there was no doubt they were s****rs. Their facial features, hair, general body shape, height were all very similar. What was different between the two girls was their breasts. Kath had large tits, 36F whilst Mandy’s boobs were much smaller, probably a 34 B. That didn’t mean Andy hadn’t admired his s****r in law but he was always glad he had got the older s****r. However for the first time in many years he was now able to appreciate his s****r in law’s body much more. As she lay about around the hotel pool, Andy would sneak glances at her tits and bikini covered arse and fantasise about fucking her.

On day 4 Kath wasn’t well, a dodgy meal from the night before she expected and Andy left the room alone to do some reading on the beach. He met Mandy coming out of the hotel restaurant after having breakfast and she told him Keith wasn’t well either. She then said she would go and get a couple of sun-beds for them both and he could find her after his breakfast.
Andy eventually found Mandy lying on a sun-bed on a grass plot surrounded by trees and bushes, a few metres from the sea. She had obviously dragged the sun-bed’s there from elsewhere, as those were the only two in that area.
Andy joined her and they made idle chit chat for a moment before Mandy went back to her historical romantic novel. So Andy sat down took out his book and started to read. Every now and then he would look past his book at his s****r in law and he could easily make out the shape of her small nipples through her bikini top and also the slight crease between her legs. The more he looked, the more excited he became and he realised that if she looked up at him and caught a glimpse of his groin, she would easily make out that he was sporting a hard cock. He decided to turn away for a bit so as to calm down, but after a few minutes of lying flat on his stomach, he was uncomfortable, so he turned back again to face his s****r in law. The sight that greeted him made his stomach leap. Mandy was still holding her book in her left hand and was seemingly intently reading it, but she had hooked 2 fingers into the crotch of her bikini bottoms and eased the blue material to one-side revealing the wonderful pink puffy lips of her pussy. Her labia were slightly open showing a glistening moistness as the tips of her fingers lightly touched herself. Andy’s mouth was dry and he felt his breathing become heavier as he watched Mandy insert her middle finger into her cunt. She let out a little moan, but didn’t look away from her book. Her pussy lips opened further as the finger was joined by another and they both slid up towards her clit. Andy was mesmerised as Mandy continued to masturbate in front of him and desperately wanted to follow suit. He took a quick glance around to see who else might be able to see Mandy, but she had chosen her spot well and at this moment they were completely alone, although he could hear people not far way in the pool and the sea. Her fingers were moving up and down now and the moistness was spreading, the sun glinting off little drops of her juice that clung to her pubic hair. She pushed 2 fingers into herself, much deeper this time and let out a deeper groan, the fingers came out and quickly went back joined by a third. Andy reached inside his swimming shorts and rubbed the pre-cum oozing out of him into his cock.
He looked down to adjust his shorts to make access easier and when he looked up, Mandy was looking straight at him. She hadn’t stop fingering herself, in fact her hand was moving much quicker now, but now she was looking at him intently with a small smile on her lips. She started to pant now and then she let out another groan and as she did, her cum literally squirted from her cunt onto the towel she was lying back on. As her orgasm eased off she started to lightly pat her dripping pussy with the flat of her fingers and Andy watch her juice dribble now from her open pussy lips.
“Your turn,” she said simply.
Andy knew exactly what she meant. He eased his cock out of his swimming shorts and in full view of his s****r in law and anyone else who might walk past he wanked himself off finally releasing a stream of spunk between his legs.
Mandy smile and licked her lips as he did so.
“Good?” she asked.
“Fucking amazing Mandy.”
Mandy leaned forward and dipped her finger in the sticky mess that now lay in globules on his beach towel. She scooped some up and slowly and without taking her eyes off his she slipped the cum laden fingers into her mouth.
“Mmmmm, that’s good,” she finally said, slurping at each finger as though she had just finished eating some fried chicken or something.
Andy also reached forward, but he wasn’t reaching for Mandy’s wet towel, he put his hand on her still exposed cunt, feeling how wet she was, slipping a finger into her and resting his thumb against her clit.
“Ohh bad boy,” Mandy said. Then she looked around. “I think it is time we went for a walk along the beach, find somewhere a lot more private.”

Half an hour later the two of them were lying in a sand dune, on top of Mandy’s beach towel. Mandy had taken off her bikini top and Andy was now sucking on his s****r in law’s hard nipples, his hand rubbing her pussy through the blue bikini bottoms. He was rock hard again and was desperate to fuck her, but she wanted more than a quick fuck she had said. She pushed his head down and he kissed her flat belly and then as she pulled the crotch of her bikini bottoms to one-side, he dipped his tongue into her cunt. He licked her from the tip of her pussy all the way down finally pushing his tongue as far up her cunt as he could. As he came out, she shifted her body and lie on her side.
“Do my arse,” she said.
Andy pulled her cheeks apart and looked at Mandy’s arsehole. A few wispy hairs surrounded the puckered little rose petal and he watched as Mandy herself spread some of her moistness from her cunt to her arse. He dipped down, poking at her with his tongue first and then lapping at her all the way up her crack and back down to her pussy. Mandy groaned and gasped as he stimulated at for a further 5 minutes.
“I need your cock in me now,” she eventually said breathlessly.
Andy positioned himself behind his s****r in law and holding his cock aimed for Mandy’s wet cunt.
“No, not there, up my arse. I want it up my arse babe.”
In 30 years of marriage Andy had never fucked his wife’s arse, he had licked it, like he had Mandy’s but he had never dared to try and put his cock up it. He was sure Kath wouldn’t have approved, even in her most horny moments.
He looked down, and pressed the tip of his cock against Mandy’s rectum.
Would this hurt her? or more importantly would this hurt him?
“Fuck my arse babe, please,” she muttered.
He exerted a bit more pressure against her and found the tip of his cock slip in quite easily. He pushed a bit more trying to be gentle and another couple of inches disappeared up his s****r in law’s bum.
“Ohh fuck yes,” she moaned.
It felt strange to him, he couldn’t remember how it felt when he had first fucked Kath who had been a virgin when they had first started dating, had it been like this? After three c***dren and thousands of times since, he sometimes felt that he was barely touching the sides as he fucked her now. This though felt amazing and as he pushed in a bit more, he knew that he would want this time after time. Mandy’s rectum held him tightly and as he started to move back and forth slowly, the tight seal around his cock thrilled him more than anything else in recent years. Mandy slowly moved with him and now she was, through gritted teeth, begging him to fill her arse with his cum.
He held her small tits as he fucked her, pinching her nipples, biting her shoulder, becoming more a****listic with each thrust. Soon he had abandoned all thoughts of being gentle and as he thrust deeper into Mandy, she urged him on with shouts of “Fuck me, fuck me.” “Spunk inside me.” “Harder, Harder.”

Finally the pressure built up beyond his control and with a final thrust that took all of his 6 inch cock up her arse, he came deep inside of her. He held her tight as he shuddered and his cock jerked, releasing each and every drop into her.

The two of them collapsed in a heap and just lie there panting for a few minutes. She finally turned to face him and they held each other tight kissing passionately.
Finally he said “That was a first for me.”
She smiled, “ Kath not let you fuck her arse then?”
“Never asked, not sure why, think she’ll say no I suppose.”
“Keith loves it, says it is like fucking a young virgin every time.”
Andy smiled “Yeah possibly, but I can’t remember.”
Mandy reached for his wet soft cock, “Well we still have 10 days holiday, that is at least 10 virgins.”
“I’m not sure we’ll be able to get away from Keith & Kath that much, when they are both feeling better.”
Mandy smiled, “Oh I have my ways, anyhow I’m hoping that we might be able to do a bit of s****r swapping, Keith has always had a thing for Kath and her big tits and if I can get her interested in him and his cock, that will leave plenty of time for you to fuck my arse as many times as you like.”
Andy was stunned “s****r swapping, I don’t think Kath will go for that.”
“We’ll see,” Mandy said “Right how about I get you hard with my lips and we have a final fuck, this time up my pussy!”

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2 years ago
Wow, what a sister in law
3 years ago
I wish I had a sis in law like that!
3 years ago
Nice sister in law to have....
3 years ago
Lucky inlaw you have