Mother in law arse licker

I have known my Mother in law and fantasised about since I was 16. Like all young men I desperately wanted an older woman to fuck and teach me everything there was to know about sex. However I had to make do with her daughter and we fumbled our way through our sexual adventures until we got the hang of it. But those urges for my girlfriend’s Mum who would become my Mother in law never went away. Over the years I must have spent hours wanking over her, sniffing and licking her used panties and most wonderfully drooling over photos of her naked that I found one day whilst going through her bedroom cupboards. But in nearly 25 years she has never once given me any indication that she wanted me in the same way, until recently.
Earlier this year, her husband, my father in law died and she took it really hard. However in the past couple of months she has got back to her old self and simply got on with life.

Anyway My wife and I went round to see her for Sunday lunch and as usual at some point in the afternoon I made my excuses and went upstairs to the bathroom. Safely locked away I went straight to the laundry hamper and sure enough inside was a pair of pink and black cotton panties. I lifted them to my face and licked the heavily stained gusset. As I did so I wanked myself off and as usual deposited a healthy amount of spunk in the toilet bowl and also, as usual wiped the residue off my cock with my Mother in law’s panties.

On Monday morning I was busy working from home, when the phone went and it was my Mother in Law. She explained that she needed to talk to me, it was important and could I go round to her house now.
When I arrived I felt a lot of nervous tension as I always did around her, but I had very rarely been in the situation when it was just me and her, so my emotions were running high.
She let me in and beckoned for me to sit.
“We need to have a chat,” she said, “We should have had this chat long ago, but now it is more appropriate.”
I nodded wondering what kind of chat this was going to be.
She was still standing and seemed in two minds whether to continue, but then nodded to herself and continued,
“I of course know that for as long as I can remember you, young man, have been a naughty boy. A naughty boy who likes to use my underwear for his own pleasure.”
I could feel my cheeks redden and didn’t have any words for my defence.
“It is true isn’t it, ever since you first started to come to my house, you have been playing with your willy and using my underwear to clean yourself up. I am right aren’t I? you are a little pervert who has a thing about my knickers?”
“Look I’m sorry…….”
“Sorry, you’ll be sorry if I tell Kath, won’t you. What do you think she will say about you fiddling with yourself whilst thinking about her Mum?”
“She won’t be too happy I expect. Look Joan I am sorry, but I promise not to do it again. There is no need for Kath to know really is there. Perhaps I can do a few jobs for you to make up for being such an idiot.”
“Yes I already have that in mind for you, you pervert. So what do you like doing, smelling them? Licking them? What? Do you like the smell of my fanny or is it my arse?”
She was talking very loudly and quite aggressively, but the mention of her pussy and arse had my cock twitching in my pants.
“Answer me. I want to know what it is you like”
“Joan I’ve always fancied you, I can’t help it, I do like your underwear, it is the nearest I could get to the real thing.”
She nodded and then said,
“Well I might be 60 but I am going to have to take advantage of this, wait here.”
She whirled round and left the room and I heard her walk up the stairs. She returned a minute or two later, a pair of white cotton panties in hand.
“I have just taken these off,” she said “Now let’s see how much you like your Mother in law’s knickers.”
With that she pressed them against my face.
“Smell my fanny, is that good is that what you want?
I inhaled deeply, her knickers smelt of stale pee, sweet pussy and the earthy smell of her arse.
She pulled the knickers away and turned them inside out and showed me the material. Just behind the gusset were 2 small brown streaks, where her knickers had obviously rode up into her arsehole, leaving the stains.
“Lick them clean,” she demanded.
I took her panties in my hand and obediently licked away at the 2 brown streaks, tasting her most intimate excretions.
“Oh you just love my smelly arse don’t you, my little pervert. Lick my knickers clean, taste me.”
My cock was straining at my jeans and whilst I licked her panties, I rubbed myself furiously.
“Oh yes, that is good,” she murmured, “Keep rubbing, keep licking, I want every bit of that brown stuff gone.”
Her panties were soaked now as I licked them and chewed on them.

“Okay time for the real thing,” she said.
She then knelt down by the sofa and lifted her skirt, revealing her lovely big naked arse.
She looked back at me and said,
“Now I want you to come and lick my arse until you make yourself cum.”
She put her hands back and opened up her butt cheeks to reveal, her lovely little arsehole.
I dove straight in, licking her crack from top to bottom and thrusting my tongue into her rectum.
“Eat my arse,” she moaned.
As I did, I released my cock from my jeans and wanked myself off.
Her arse tasted good and I couldn’t get enough.
“Pretend I have just had a crap and I have no paper, lick me clean you pervert.”
I licked more furiously, pretending I was getting every last bit.
My own orgasm was building now and I lifted my head from her arse and with my final stroke, exploded over Joan’s fat arse. My cum spurted all over her until it was like a river running down between her bum cheeks.
She turned and looked at me again,
“Now lick that off too, you horny bastard or Kath will be getting all the details.”
I had never tasted my own cum before and with the release of sexual tension I didn’t really feel like doing it now, but what choice did I have?
I bent down and went to work on her creamy arse, licking my own cum from it and finding that it wasn’t as bad as I had expected.
Before I finished she made me get a cloth and wash her bum clean and then she stood up. She put her hand on my now flaccid cock and gave me a little kiss on the lips.
“Now you can clear off, but when I call you had better come running and from now on when you are in my bathroom I want my knickers cleaned thoroughly with your lips and I want lots of spunk left for me, understand?”
I did and couldn’t wait to get back.

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