Care Home exploits

My name is Paul and ever since I could get a hard on, I have desired older women. My first fantasises revolved around my mother and like many sons I used her knickers to fuel my teenage masturbation. Even when I got married my desires didn't stop and my mother in law became the new object of my lust.
Thus as I got older, so did the age of those I fantasised about. My mother in law is now in her 60's but still turns me on and I still have the odd wank thinking about my Mum who is 71.
However all just fantasy until recently.
Finding myself jobless after 20 years doing the same thing and with tough economic times all around I applied for everything under the sun and finally got a poorly paid job in a local residential home. My role is general dogs body, fetching & carrying, helping in the kitchen, collecting dishes after meals etc. A role I soon warmed to was laundry collection, which means me collecting dirty laundry from the resident’s rooms and taking them to the laundry room and then delivering them back once they have been cleaned & ironed. It didn't take me long to discover that not all the female residents liked to wear what we might term "granny knickers". One or two still prefer a bit of lace & silk and after collecting the laundry from a Mrs Green, a 72 year old widow, I found myself sniffing her black knickers whilst in the lift on the way to the basement. I did the same with panties from Mrs Carraway, 75, who liked to wear silky knickers and in fact it was hers I first used for wanking in the staff toilets. Over the weeks I enjoyed the knickers of every female resident, but preferred the more feminine ones from Mrs Green & Mrs Carraway.
After a few weeks I got a bit more daring and decided to take a couple of pairs of panties home with me and before I knew it I had 4 pairs of Mrs Greens & a couple of Mrs Carraways. I was also trying to spend more times in their rooms when they were about, just chatting & trying to be generally helpful, just to fuel my wanking sessions.
Things came to a head when one morning I went into Mrs Greens room and she was sitting in her chair reading the newspaper. Normally I collected the laundry when the rooms were empty and the residents were altogether in the communal lounge. As I closed the door behind me, Mrs Green looked up.
"Just collecting your laundry," I said reaching for the little grey bag that the residents used.
"Yes," she said "But before you do dear, I have a question."
"Yes dear, you see I notice that some of my laundry doesn't seem to be coming back."
Shit! her knickers I had completely forgot about bringing them back.
"Ohh," I said feigning innocence, "like what?"
"Well my underwear dearie," Mrs Green said, "I seemed to have lost several pairs."
"I'll look into it," I promised.
"Mmmmm," she said looking puzzled, "Only I made a few enquiries and no-one seems to be able to help, Janet, one of the girls, even went and checked downstairs and couldn't find them."
"Well I'll have a look," I said, "I'm sure they will turn up."
I was sweating now and quite worried. Why had I been so stupid, fantasises are one thing, but being caught pinching old ladies panties, you could get in the papers for that sort of thing.
"I'll go check now," I said, "Maybe Janet didn't look in the right places."
All I wanted to do was get out of the room, get home, get those knickers returned all fresh and clean.
So I left Mrs Green and the next day did exactly that.

However the day after when I was doing my rounds again, I found Mrs Green once more sitting in her room waiting for me.
"I got my undies back," she pronounced as soon as I walked in.
"Good," I replied, "I knew they would turn up. Just a foul up downstairs I reckon."
"Yes," she said, "You are probably right, but I have a suspicion that there might be more to it than that."
"Well dear I was just wondering why they all turned up after I mentioned it to you and just like Mrs Marple I added 2 & 2 together and came up with who the culprit was."
My mouth was dry and I feared what was coming next.
"I was wondering dear," she continued, "if you might have something to do with my disappearing panties. Only I am not as stupid or as old fashioned as you might think. I know some men have a bit of a thing for female attire, like wearing it I mean and I wonder if you liked doing that?”
“Mrs Green, I just checked for you and the girls in the laundry must have found them.”
It was weak and I knew it.
“I can always ask dear.”
Silence seemed the best option now.
Mrs Green laughed.
“Guilty as charged,” she said, “So do you wear them, is that your perversion?”
I nodded.
“And what else dear, tell me I am fascinated.”
“Look I’m sorry Mrs Green, please don’t tell. If I lose this job I’ll be done for. I won’t do it again, I promise.”
“Oh I won’t tell dearie, on one condition, that is that you come back here tomorrow morning wearing the pair I have just put in my bag.”
She smiled and licked her wrinkled lips.
“You mean you want me to take them and use them.”
“I might be 72, dear, but in here,” she said pointing to her head, “I am still 40. Now you had better go, but tomorrow morning same time I want you in here and I demand to see what my knickers look like on you.”
She gave me a seductive smile and I felt a nice warm glow in my groin as my cock twitched into life. I smiled back and left the room.
Once in the lift I checked Mrs Green’s bag and there on top were a pair of black silky panties with a lace trim. I lifted them to my face and smelt her heavenly scent, tomorrow was going to be amazing.

Over night I went through every possible scenario & outcome in my mind. I tossed between the sheer excitement of having some-kind of sexual encounter with an old lady for the first time to the dread of being caught by one of the carers in a compromising position. My job didn’t really mean that I should spend long in each room and if I was sent out to collect the laundry and took too long getting back, at the least I would have to explain myself or at worst someone might come looking for me.

However the pull of letting a 72 year old woman see me in her panties was too great and in the morning I went of to work wearing them, leaking pre-cum all the way.
I rushed round all the rooms with my basket and finally ended up outside Mrs Green’s room, very nervous, but also extremely excited.
When I walked in Mrs Green was sitting in her chair wearing a dressing gown. That was unusual as they were normally encouraged to dress first thing for breakfast or helped by carers if they found that difficult.
“Well you came then,” she said, “But have you been good or naughty?”
I gulped, took a deep breathe and undone the belt on my trousers and the fly and let them slide down.
My cock was not fully hard but it stood out proudly against the sheer nylon of Mrs Green’s panties,
Her smile reached from ear to ear.
“Mmmmmm naughty then!” There was a large stain on the front of her panties where I had been leaking most of the morning and it got darker as the comprehension of what was happening really hit home.
I reached for myself and rubbed my cock through the panties. My cock grew to full erection and nearly popped out of the top of Mrs Green’s knickers.
Her breathing became heavier as she watched me masturbate and she flung open her dressing gown to reveal all she had was a pair of white panties. Her tits dropped heavily and were covered in liver spots and deep creases, but for me they looked heavenly.
My wank became more furious and I pulled her knickers away to get to myself better.
“Yes dearie that is good, play with your little thing for me,” she moaned.
I stepped forward and reached down with my free hand to feel one of her heavy tits. Her eyes close as I fondled her and pulled roughly at her large nipple.
She moaned some more and groaned as in my excitement I handled her roughly.
My pre-cum was oozing out liberally now and I could feel that I wasn’t far off cumming completely, so I took her hand and placed it on my cock.
“Ohhh naughty boy,” she exclaimed loudly.
Within a couple of swift pulls of her hand, my jet of spunk shot out and landed on her belly and across her wrist and hand.
She bit her lip and then gasped but continued to wank me off until every last drop had drained from my drooping cock.
When I was done, she looked me in the eye and smiled.
“That was the best morning’s activity this place has ever organised,” she said, half giggling.

Now I was done, the rush of fear swept over me. Any second now someone could walk in.
“I have to go Mrs Green,” I said
“Oh Iris please,” she replied “Call me Iris, but before you do please just one other thing.”
I looked back at the door.
“There’ll wonder where I am.”
“2 minutes dearie, just for me, just a little kiss downstairs,” she said looking down at her panty covered groin. She then eased her panties to one-side to reveal a pepper coloured black & grey mass of pubic hair.
I knew I couldn’t refuse and knelt in front of her.
I pressed my lips against the front of her panties, kissing and licking them and then down further, licking her labia and then exploring further inside. She was moister than I had expected and I found myself tonguing her deeply.
She meanwhile moaned deeper and held my head against her.
I eased her panties down to get a better view and to make it easier for me. I also eased her forward so I could lick her completely and also get to her arsehole and I was soon face up, rimming her little arsehole with my tongue.
She squealed in delight as my tongue eased into her and when I went back to her pussy she was getting really wet.
After a couple of minutes though I knew I was chancing my arm too much, so I kissed her all the way up her front, giving each nipple a little bite and planted a final kiss on her lips.
“I’ve got to go,” I said.
“I know, but please come back tomorrow.”

I quickly got dressed and rushed back to the laundry room. Thankfully I hadn’t been missed and I hoped that would be the same every day.

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2 years ago
brilliant i came hard reading this
2 years ago
Great story. Love older ladies undies.
Mum is 78 and I still regularly sniff and cum in her knickers.
3 years ago
That's my boy, Go for it.
3 years ago
Mom's panties got my perversion started too. Good story to bring it to the current time.
Lucky boy to be able to write such a good story. Or is it a story ?
3 years ago
A great story, well told.