Naughty Niece (2)

Having fucked Sarah I thought I would be full of regret and remorse, but in all honesty I couldn't wait to do it again. My biggest problem was trying to keep, firstly my eyes and importantly my hands off her the rest of the day when my wife, Kath & her Mum, Jean were about which was virtually all the time.
Sarah kept giving me sly looks all day, each one with a little smile as if she was going over in her mind what we had done just a few hours earlier on the kitchen table.
Within minutes of our first love-making session coming to an end we had heard movement up stairs and I had quickly adjusted my clothing whilst she ran up the stairs and into the bathroom to sort herself out.
Since then we hadn't had a chance to be alone or chat, but now it was mid afternoon and we were sitting in a pub having a couple of drinks following our lunch. Fortunately Kath & Jean both decided they needed the bathroom at the same time, leaving me and Sarah alone.
She furtively glanced around and then leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on my cheek,
“Thank you for this morning Uncle Andy, it was great sex.”
“Yes,” I said, “But I'm a bit concerned about what might happen next.”
She pouted, “What do you mean, don't you trust me not to say anything?”
“No,” I said, “I mean I wasn't prepared, meaning I'm worried about you getting pregnant.”
She giggled and rested her hand on my arm,
“I'm on the pill silly. Always best for a girl to take precautions, you never know when you might fancy a quick one and concerns about pregnancy spoil the moment.”
I breathed a sigh of relief, for the past few hours the thought of Sarah arriving at my house sporting a little bump in 6 months had crossed my mind on many occasions.
She looked around again, checking that her Mum or Aunty weren't on the way back.
“So tomorrow morning, can we do that again?” she asked and I felt her foot slid up my leg under the table.
I nodded, “We've got to be careful though,” I said, “We don't want your Mum or Kath to hear us.”
“I will be on my best behaviour,” she said, “No screaming, I promise”
Under the table she reached across and gave my cock a squeeze through my jeans.
“Sarah!” I blurted out, “Don't do that, you're driving me nuts.”
She gave a small naughty laugh,
“That's my intention, want to keep you on the boil, also want to keep your mind on me. I heard you and Aunty Kath fucking the other night whilst I was in the bathroom, that was a real turn on, listening to her moaning and groaning, imagining your hard cock inside her. However I'd prefer you kept all your lovely spunk and especially all your energy for me for the next few days if you don't mind. I'm young I'll need it every morning, I'm sure Aunty Kath can wait a few days.”
She sat back suddenly and I noticed her eyes flick to the left, I followed her gaze and saw my wife and her s****r coming back towards our table and so we went back to being Uncle and Niece again.

That night again I had trouble sl**ping, constantly thinking about Sarah. Every time I closed my eyes I could see her lithe young body. Her tits were full and firm and whilst I loved my wife's breasts, now at 50 they do sag a bit when she removes her bra. Sarah also had a perfectly smooth stomach and firm buttocks and her lovely pussy didn't bear the tell tale signs of having given birth. Her pubic hair was also soft and evenly brown, whilst Kath's had got to the more course black/grey pepper state. I just couldn't wait until the next morning and felt like a 7 year old on Christmas Eve.

At 6.00am I slipped quietly out of bed and went down stairs to the kitchen. Sarah was already sitting at the kitchen table wearing her checked night shirt as usual. She smiled broadly as I entered and rose to meet me. We kissed hungrily and once again I felt her wonderful body pressed against mine. As our kiss ended, she guided me to the kitchen table and towards a chair. I sat down obediently and wordlessly. Sarah dropped to her knees before me and I eased my bum off the chair as she tugged at my shorts and boxers. My cock sprang out, hard and hot and already glistening wet. Sarah smiled up at me and softly stroked me, before engulfing the tip of my cock with her mouth. My breathing intensified as I felt the scrap of her teeth and the wetness of her tongue on me. She gripped my balls with her right hand and started bobbing her head up and down.
“Fucking hell Sarah, you are a horny little tart,” I said between gasps of pleasure.
She pulled her head away with a quick motion and my cocked plopped out of her mouth. She grabbed it instantly and I looked down as she ran her tongue from top to bottom, up and down, making me wet with her saliva. On about the 4th downward stroke, she kept going, kissing my balls, taking them into her mouth, whilst wanking me off with her right hand.
She released me and said breathlessly,
“Stand up.”
Again I did as I was told and stood before my horny little niece.
She sucked my cock again, her head darting back and forth quickly and I thought I was just about to cum, when once more she pulled back.
“Turn round,” she said.
I did as she said and faced the other way. I felt Sarah kissing my buttocks, giving me little nips with her teeth. I then felt her spread my arse cheeks and she gently nudged me forward making me bend slightly.
The next sensation was amazing and completely new for this 50 year old horny bloke.
I felt Sarah's tongue on my arsehole, licking to start with and then gently pushing into me. The feeling was incredible and I found myself grabbing my cock in sheer intense excitement. She then tongue fucked my arse and whilst she did, I wanked myself off until I could hold back no longer. I turned quickly forcing Sarah's head back and as I turned a full 180 degrees my first rope of spunk shot from my cock all over Sarah's face.
She tilted her head and closed her eyes as I covered her face in cum. As my ejaculation eased off to a dribble, Sarah's long pink tongue flicked out of her mouth and she gathered a big globule of spunk from around her mouth and slurped it into her mouth with a satisfying,
She opened her eyes and stared into mine,
“That was good, just like in a porno,” she said.
She stood up and we kissed again, my nose pressed into her cheek which was covered in spunk, so I was left inhaling my own cum.
As we kissed she grabbed my deflated cock, and lubricated it from tip to base with the residue of spunk that was left on me.
Her hand slipped up and down, gradually bringing the life bl**d back into me.
She moved her lips away from mine and towards my ear.
“Do my arse with your tongue,” she whispered.
She pulled back and looked into my eyes with a pleading look.
“Where did you learn that?” I asked.
“I love watching porn on the internet,” she said, “I've learnt so much that way, more than with the few boys I've been with. They just can't cut it most of the time, sex to them is a quick fondle and get it straight in. I want to enjoy sex, I want every part of my body to be pleasured. I saw a porn film where a man and a woman did that to each other and their passion was so intense I wanted the same.”
“Ok turn round and grab the table,” I said.
Sarah did as I said. I knelt down behind her and lifted the night shirt out of the way. She was wearing a small black thong and I eased the thin strand of material away from the crack of her arse and ran my tongue down her arse towards her arsehole.
My wife Kath loves having her arse licked and rimmed, so this wasn't new to me. I just pressed my tongue against her for a minute or so and just lapped up and down, making her wet with my saliva. I then pushed the tip of my tongue into her and she let out a little gasp of delight. I pushed some more and started to tongue fuck her tight little arsehole.
As I did this I used my fingers on her tight little pussy.
Sarah got wetter and wetter as my fingers fucked her cunt and my tongue her arse.
Her moaning also started to get louder and louder until I had to stop, concerned she might wake someone up.
“Sarah, sweetheart,” I said, “You need to keep quiet.”
“Sorry,” she said breathlessly, “I can't help it.”
“Just try babe,” I said.
She nodded and thrust her arse back towards me and I went back to it with my mouth. After a few minutes Sarah was gasping and groaning and I was about to stop again when she let out a stiffled cry and her cum gushed from her pussy onto the kitchen floor with a splash.
I used my hand to capture some of her cum and spread it over her arse and to lubricate her arsehole. As I did this I inserted a finger into her arse and she pushed hard against it. I stood and positioned my hard cock against her rectum.
“Want it up the arse, you horny little tart?”
“Fucking hell yes Uncle Andy, fuck your baby's sweet arse.”
My cock entered her easily and I was soon holding her hips and thrusting my cock in and out of her tight arsehole.
She was holding on to the table with one hand and had her left fist thrust into her mouth to stop her crying out.
We fucked like this for a few minutes and I held back from cumming inside her, but then I heard some movement in one of the bedrooms above us, so with a couple of quick thrusts and a squeeze of her tits I shot my load into my horny little niece and then quickly retreated.
Sarah collapsed forward onto the kitchen table and I looked around and listened for any movement.
Fortunately all I could hear was Sarah's laboured breathing.
I shook her and said,
“We'd better get cleaned up sweetheart, before someone comes to investigate all the noise you've been making.”
She slowly stood up and almost slipped in the puddle of wetness on the floor by her feet.
She turned round and softly said,
“I couldn't give a fuck who catches us at the moment, I just want more of that.”
Of course by now I was a bit panicky.
“You'll care if your Mum comes down and catches us like this.”
Sarah smiled sweetly,
“Okay, Okay, but you have got to promise the same tomorrow morning.”
I leant forward and kissed her,
“Of course if we have the chance. Now you go get sorted, I'll clean up down here.”
Sarah blew me a kiss and walked towards the stairs and I grabbed some paper towels to clean the floor just as I heard the toilet flush up stairs. Either Jean or Kath were up and could be down in seconds.
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Nice continuation.