Naughty Niece (1)

This story is pure fantasy. However the people are real. This bit is the prequel if you like

Families are great, but you don't really want to be around them all the time, especially when you are going on holiday. However that is what my wife had lumbered me with, for a whole week. We had booked a cottage in the country just for an early spring break, but the week before my wife had asked me, although she had already decided on the answer, if her s****r Jean and her daughter Sarah could come too. Jean is Kath's older s****r and Sarah is the only c***d from her second (failed) marriage. The trouble is Jean is on a disability benefit, because of her back and therefore can't work and so she lives in social housing and has very little spare cash. It annoys me a bit because I think she could work, doing something in an office or somewhere sitting down, but she insists she can't and so there has always been a bit of tension between us. I have always felt sorry for Sarah though, her Dad cleared off when she was 5 and she has never really had much, normally second hand clothes and hardly any treats. In fact my wife has been paying her mobile phone contract for the past few years because she felt it was unfair that Sarah was made fun of at school because she didn't have a phone. Sarah though has managed to get a job in the last year, now she has left school. However she doesn't have a lot of money as she tries to help her Mum out when she can.
It is therefore difficult for me to say "No" when my wife is just trying to help out her f****y and seemingly when Kath told Jean about our break, Jean went on about not having a holiday for years and so Kath sort of invited her before consulting with me.

So it transpired that we left for the cottage on the Saturday, all four of us.

The cottage had 2 bedrooms with a joint bathroom between them, a lounge and a kitchen and that was basically it. Jean & Sarah settled in the room with twin beds whilst Kath and I took the larger room with the double bed.

It is probably best to admit now that I have noticed how Sarah has grown up and developed over the past few years, and now that she is 18 I have noticed more and more what a stunning young woman she is. Like her Mum and her Aunty she has large breasts (34D) and I have found myself staring down her top on the odd occasion she has given me the chance.
Therefore in some ways although her Mum's presence was slightly annoying, to spend a week around Sarah was quite an exciting prospect.

The first small bit of excitement for me, came on the first night. We had all made ready to go to bed and in fact I was in bed and Kath was sitting on the bed taking her make up off when Sarah called from the hallway,
"Can I use the bathroom now?"
Kath and Jean, from the other room, both said "Yes" in unison and I heard the bathroom door click shut.
The next sound was the soft tinkle of water hitting water right beside where I was laying. Kath looked straight at me with a school girl type grin and said softly,
"That's awkward, you can hear everything from in here."
However for me that is something horny in listening to a woman use the toilet. I could lay there in bed and imagine Sarah's pee streaming from her young pussy and then her using tissue to wipe herself and maybe imagine her fingers lingering just a moment too long. For me then it got my cock stirring especially because Kath and I enjoy a bit of "water sports" every now and then.

The next morning I was up bright and early as usual and I sat in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, enjoying the view across open countryside from the window.
"Hi Uncle Andy"
I turned to see Sarah. She was making towards the kettle and was dressed in a checked night-shirt with buttons down the front that ended just below her thighs.
"Hi sweetheart, sl**p okay?"
"Yes I got off eventually, no thanks to Mum's snoring though," she grinned.
She flicked on the kettle and reached up into a cupboard for a mug. I watched as her night-shirt rode up as she stretched for a cup, giving me a nice view of the bottom curve of her buttocks. I quickly turned away as she put the cup on the table beside me and spooned in some instant coffee.
When the kettle boiled she made her coffee and sat beside me at the table,
"So what are we going to do today?" she asked.
"Not a lot," I replied, "I thought a lazy morning, big breakfast and then down to the local pub for lunch early afternoon."
She looked sad and then I realised why,
"My treat," I said and she smiled and said,
"Great." Then she leaned forward and planted a little kiss on my cheek which meant her right breast came into contact with my arm,
"You're the best Uncle in the world."

I felt slightly giddy at her touch and her closeness. I admit to having the odd wank thinking about Sarah and for a horny middle aged guy like me, this was all I needed to fuel another one.
For the next few minutes we both just admired the view outside and made small talk.
Sarah then decided she wanted a quick something to eat before everyone had breakfast together. She thus went to one of the cupboards where Kath & Jean had put some supplies the previous day.
"I think I'll have an apple," she announced and bent down to open the cupboard. This gave me a perfect view down her night shirt, a wonderful view of her naked breasts. She seemed to linger on her haunches quite a while and as she turned to pull an apple out of the bag, I got a brief glimpse of a large dark nipple. I felt my cock twitch into life.
Still squatting down Sarah looked up at me and smiled,
"Do you want one?"
I shook my head,
"No I'm fine."
She didn't seem in a hurry to get up and as she turned back to the cupboard I got another great view of her right tit and her nipple.
Eventually she stood back up and came and sat beside me again. She bit into the apple, once, twice and then held it out to me,
"Want a bite of this one, good for your teeth?"
I looked at the proffered fruit and thought of her mouth around it. Sarah lifted it higher and I took a bite next to hers. It felt almost like kissing her and I felt my cock stiffen in my pants.
And that is how the next few minutes played out, Sarah took a bite then offered the apple back and it felt extremely sexy though at the time I thought that it was probably entirely innocent on her behalf.

We were eventually disturbed as Sarah took the last bite by her Mum coming into the kitchen. In fact Jean totally surprised me, because she came in wearing a long silky nightie which whilst went down to her ankles, was also quite low cut. Jean, like my wife Kath, has a large bust and the thin purple material of the nightie was just holding it in and definitely didn't hide the outline of her nipples.
Sarah jumped off her chair and said,
"Well I need to pee," and off she went back up the stairs, leaving me alone with her Mum.
"She hasn't been bothering you, has she?" Jean asked.
"No, she's fine, we've just been sitting here admiring the view."
Jean herself repeated what her daughter had done 20 minutes earlier, putting on the kettle and making herself coffee and as she did I admired her body through the nightie.

Jean and I hadn't really gotten on for a few years and I never really lusted over her at all, even when she was younger, but now seeing her boobs and easily making out her nipples and the line of her panties through her nightie was quite a turn on, especially after the little show from her daughter.
I decided it was time for a shower and a wank.

The rest of the day was fairly straight forward and I was on my best behaviour, trying not to drool over my 18 year old niece in front of my wife or her s****r for that matter. My masturbation session in the shower had surprisingly involved both in my mind.

What was nice was that Kath made it clear that evening she was feeling horny and we went to bed a bit earlier than her s****r and Sarah.
We were thus in the middle of sex, (volume turned down) when I heard the bathroom door close and either Jean or Sarah start to pee. At that point Kath was sitting on my face and I had my tongue up her pussy. Listening to either my niece or my s****r in law piss whilst licking my wife out, was extra horny and so I grabbed my cock and started to wank myself off.
"Oh you horny sod," Kath whispered.
I wasn't sure if she realised why I was doing it but she was obviously enjoying the show looking over her shoulder.
This got Kath going and her moans and groans got slightly louder as I tongued her pussy until she came all over my face with a loud "Yes!"

The next morning followed a similar routine I got up and was quickly followed by Sarah whilst Kath and Jean were still in bed.
She had the same night shirt on and as she made her coffee with her back to me I admired her young body from behind.

After she had finished her coffee she asked me if I wanted some apple again.
I said "Yes"
So Sarah went down to the cupboard again and once more from my vantage point I could see down her night shirt, but this morning even more was on show and as she rooted around for an apple I realised she had another button undone. This gave me a great sight of both her tits. Again she seemed to linger longer than was needed, not that I was complaining.
When she eventually stood she came over to me with a wicked little grin on her face.
"Me or you first?"
"You have first bite," I said.
Sarah then took a bite of the apple and as she took it into her mouth, she ran her tongue over the apple skin next to her bite. She then offered me the wet glistening apple. I looked at it where she had wet it with her tongue and bit into it.
As we finished chewing, Sarah said,
"Do you like sharing apples with me?"
"Of course," I said.
"As much as you like looking down my top?"
I nearly choked on the piece of apple in my mouth.
"I don't mind Uncle Andy. I've noticed you doing it for years. Your not the only one, all the boys at school did it and now the guys at work do too."
"Well you are very attractive sweetheart," I managed to blurt out.
She took another bite of apple and again licked the next bit. I took it hungrily.
"Do you think this is sexy, sharing an apple like this?" she asked.
I didn't know what to say, I had a raging hard on but I didn't want her to think this was driving me mad.
"I don't think so, it is just f****y sharing food."
"I think it is sexy," she said, "I like it, just like I enjoy it when you look down my top."
I then felt her hand on my thigh and then it moved across to my groin and Sarah laid her hand on my erect cock.
She smiled at me,
"I think you think it is sexy too."
Her hand moved up and down my penis and like a teenager I ejaculated there and then to her touch.
"Oh! Oh! I've made you cum," she said seemingly horrified.
As the sticky wet stain spread across my joggers, my face reddened and Sarah looked wide eyed and confused.
"I'm sorry," she blurted out and fled from the kitchen.

I quickly went to the bathroom and sorted myself out, not quite believing what had happened, with mixed emotions, half of me was terrified thinking what if Kath or Jean found out, whilst the other half of me was hoping it would happen again.

Sarah was quite quiet for the rest of the morning and didn't want to make eye contact, but after lunch we all decided to go for a walk in the country and whilst Kath
& Jean strode forward I hung back with Sarah.

"Look about this morning," I said.
She interrupted me,
"I'm ever so sorry Uncle Andy, I don't know why I did that."
"It's okay," I said "It was nice, I obviously enjoyed it."
"It's just that I know you like me and I've always had a crush on you and I thought..... well I don't know really what I thought, but I know you look at my boobs and I like that and sharing that apple was so sexy, I just couldn't resist."
I touched her arm,
"Look Sarah, I do fancy you, that is obvious and I do like looking at your body and you touching me was amazing but you are my niece, I have to be careful." I nodded ahead towards the backs of her Mum and my wife.
She didn't say anything for a minute or so and then said quietly,
"Tomorrow morning can we do it again?"
I felt a flutter in my gut,
"Sure as long as we are careful."

I hardly slept that night and was up before it was light constantly tossing the situation round in my mind.
I had been up an hour before Sarah came down. During that hour I changed my mind about 20 times as to how I was going to act.
When she came in to the kitchen though with every button of that night shirt un-fastened, giving me a wonderful view of the inner halves of her breasts and her small well trimmed triangle of pubic hair, I was hooked completely.
I kissed her hungrily, our tongues dancing, our saliva mixing. I ran my hands over her young body, over her full breasts, down over her tight buttocks and up her back. I lifted her bodily from the floor and sat her up on the kitchen table and dropped to my knees before her. I kissed her pubic hair and ran my tongue down forcing her labia apart with it. I licked her, tasting her young pussy juice and then teasing her clit with my tongue.
I was completely lost in lust and if my wife or s****r in law had come into the kitchen I never would have heard them.
Sarah reached down and used her fingers to spread her cunt, so I could access all areas as deep as possible.
She moaned and groaned and bit her lip as I brought her to orgasm and then she flooded my mouth with her cum.
"Oh fuck me Uncle Andy, here and now, fuck me."
I was unprepared, I didn't have a condom but at this stage I was beyond caring about a possible teenage pregnancy.
I stood up and pulled down my joggers and boxers. My cock was oozing pre-cum and I ran the tip of my cock up and down her pussy as she gasped in excitement.
I entered her pushing my cock into her tight little cunt. It struck me I hadn't asked if she was still a virgin, though I doubted many 18 year olds are today. She wasn't, that was clear as I began to fuck her.
She rode back and forth on the table and I squeezed her big tits as I fucked her hard, eventually depositing my hot spunk inside her wonderful pussy.
When I finished she just sat there holding on to me, shuddering as she too reached another orgasm.
Eventually she leaned forward and said,
"This is going to be a great holiday."
Too right I thought.
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9 months ago
I fantasize about a couple of my young nieces like this also nice fantasy bro
11 months ago
This story is so more-ish! Sizzling.
11 months ago
Great story gives me lots of thoughts of my nieces also.
11 months ago
Nice one,,,family is always best.
11 months ago
This was well written, sort of original story line as well....
11 months ago
Good story, well written. I too have a niece I would love to be with but doubt it will ever happen.