mom and son

I couldn't remember the last time I was so nervous. I got caught. I can't believe I got caught. How could I have been so careless? And there I was sitting in her room... on her bed... waiting. I knew I was not allowed to watch porn, but one of my friends had a video and I was supposed to have been alone that night. Things did not go as planned.

I was so wrapped up in watching the video; I didn't hear my nightmother come home early from the dinner party she attended. She walked in behind and cleared her throat loudly as I sat totally lost in the movie. I spun around to see her standing there with her hands on her hips, looking very angry. She was wearing a black, low cut, full sequin dress, the kind that shimmers and glimmers in the light. Her long auburn hair was done up and she was wearing her glasses. I quickly turned the video off and stood to face her. I could feel my face red with embarrassment. She pointed at the stairs and told me to wait in her room. Not daring to argue, I did exactly what I was told.

I looked up to see her standing in the doorway. Her evening dress glistened in the bedroom light. Her ruby red lips were smiling seductively. With one hand on the doorframe and the other on her hip, she spoke softly.

"You've been a very naughty boy, will."

"Yes ma'am," I replied, "I didn't think that...."

"Be quiet," she interrupted. Her voice was now sharp and she wasn't smiling anymore. She walked in and told me to stand. "I make the rules in this house, young man. I expect them to be followed. When you break my rules you are disrespecting me. I will not be disrespected in my own fucking house. Do you understand me?" Before I could answer she continued. Now her voice was even sterner. "How dare you. How fucking dare you bring that into my house when you know it's forbidden."

She stepped back, put her hands back on her hips and said in a calm, steady voice, "Take off your clothes."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"You heard me, young man. I want all of your clothes on the floor this instant."

I stood there with my mouth open for a moment, and then I unbuttoned my shirt and let it drop. I pulled my socks off, then my pants. I was standing in front of her wearing only my boxers. She snapped her fingers and pointed at them. I knew exactly what she meant. I slowly lowered my boxers completely exposing myself to her. She looked me up and down. She gazed at me like someone staring at a painting, taking it all in.

"Turn around," she said, in the same smooth tone of voice, "now bend over; elbows on the bed." I did as instructed. I heard her move across the room to her dresser. I looked back to see her pulling a leather whip out of a drawer. A sense of fear and excitement rushed through me. She was about to whip me, but my bl**d ran hot with a longing for what she was about to give.

"You've disobeyed me," she said, "now Nightmother is going to teach you a lesson."

She snapped the whip across my backside and I felt the sharp sting of the leather against my bare flesh. I gritted my teeth and braced for another strike. SNAP! Again the whip fell, this time a little harder. I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes. SNAP! She brought it down even harder and I let out a small grunt of pain. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Again and again she lashed me. I couldn't help but to wimper and moan from the marks that Nightmother's whip was leaving on my skin. SNAP! With tears running down my face, I was now yelping with every crack of her whip. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! And then it stopped....

The room was quiet except for my light sobbing. I lay there across her bed not knowing what was coming next. I was surprised to feel her hands softly caressing my buttocks. It was almost like she was gently trying to touch the pain away. Her loving hands brought me comfort. The hands that moments before had beaten me raw was now so tender and caring.

"Stand up," she said. I stood, but did not turn to face her. My thoughts and emotions were twisted and running wild. It was like a raging a****l inside me was trying to break loose. I knew she had even more in store for me.

"Turn around," she said softly,with a sweetness that made my whole body tingle. I turned to look at her... and it was like I was seeing her in a brand new light. This beautiful, sexy woman standing there, holding that whip; it was almost too much to comprehend. I had never seen her with such power, such dominance, and overwhelming passion. She walked over to her dresser and put the whip back in the drawer. She returned in front of me and put her hands back on her hips.

"There is a reason I do not allow porn in this house, will. I thought by now you'd understand. I do so much for you. I cook, I clean, I work and even go to damn dinner parties to give you a good life. I also discipline you. I want to guide you. I want to give you everything you need... want ... desire. You don't need some video like that. Bring your desires to me."

She put her hand on my arm and slowly rubbed up and down. I could feel my cock getting hard as she spoke and touched me. "That's it, baby. It's okay." She wiped the tears still damp on my face away and took off her glasses. She reached up and let her long, beautiful auburn hair down, shaking it loose.

"Now will," she said as she looked into my eyes, "you're going to fuck me."

My breath caught in my throat. I couldn't speak. I just stood there unable to put thoughts into words. She walked over to the bed and lay down, still in the black, sequin evening dress. She held her arms out to me.

"C'mon hunnie, come to mama." I climbed on to the bed, staring at her in amazement. She raised her dress up and said, "Take off my panties." I reached out, touching her gorgeous legs, moving my hands up her open thighs, to her black, lace panties. They were so silky soft. I took just a moment to take it all in... and then I noticed how wet her panties were. I pulled them down over her legs and off over her stiletto heels.

"Now baby," she said, seductively, "I want you to put your big, hard cock inside my pussy. Do it right now." I slid my manhood into her and she gasped loudly. She was so warm and wet. I could feel her cunt contract around my cock. She was panting "Oh my god, oh my god," as I started moving my cock slowly in and out. I tried to steady my breathing, so I could stay in control and not give in to my body and cum instantly.

"That's it baby," she panted, "you feel so good inside me.... ahhh...."

I was moving in a little faster rhythm now. I looked down at her. Her blue eyes seemed to be lost in pure lust. Her ruby red lips were slightly parted. My eyes then fell upon her cleavage at the top of her dress. Her breasts were shaking from me fucking her. I grabbed both breasts and squeezed her hard nipples through the material of the dress. She was moaning louder now and grunting through gritted teeth. I groaned and panted as my cock went deep into her tight pussy. I leaned down and kissed her hard, full on the mouth. Our tongues met in wild abandon. I started kissing her neck as I steadily fucked her. Now her moans were almost screams.

"Harder," she yelled, "fuck me harder! Pound me with your cock!"

I started ramming my hard prick deep into her juicy cunt. Our bodies were now slamming together, making the entire bed rock. My balls were slapping loudly against her. She was squealing and clawing my back as I relentlessly banged her pussy over and over and over again.

"Cum inside me!" she begged, "Cum inside me Andrew!" The sound of her screaming my name was more than I could take. All of my muscles tighten as she screamed my name again, "ANDREW!" I exploded inside of her. She dug her fingernails into my arms as we climaxed together. Her juices consumed my cock and her pussy clamped hard around it, squeezing my entire load into her. The whole world had disappeared. All that existed was our two bodies melting into each other.

With one last gasp, I collapsed on top of her, and then rolled off on her right side. We put our arms around each other and tried to catch our breaths. The smell of her perfume mixed with our sex was intoxicating. We were both dripping with sweat and our own juices. It was perfect. She kissed me hard, making me tingle all over. I touched her hair as we continued to kiss passionately. We didn't speak for a long while. We just kissed, letting our tongues meet and our hands explore.

After that night, my Nightmother and I continued to share a passion that can only be described as... beyond description
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3 years ago
Mmmmm, GREAT Story Mommy! I Loved it so much that I'm Stroking my Stiff Fat Cock & I'm about to shoot my Load Right NOW!
NaughtyJohnny4U in Los Angeles....
3 years ago
Very Erotic
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice-I want a nightmother like this!
3 years ago