Cuckold Fantasy

I surprise my husband with a weekend hotel getaway. When we stay at a hotel, he likes me to order room service and answer the door wearing a mostly unbuttoned white dress shirt, bra and my tiny red thong panties. He waits in the bathroom as I open the door and invite the waiter inside. I've done this for him several times and the waiter always enjoys the view as he takes his time rolling the cart and waiting for his tip.
When we meet, I will call you instead of room service and when you arrive, you see how I am dressed and push me back into the room and hold me against the wall, pulling my hair with one hand, as you kiss me on the mouth and run your other hand all over my body. You rub and squeeze my ass as your tongue fills my mouth. Your hands move up to my tits and you squeeze them hard, you reach inside my bra and find my long thick nipples, you twist, pinch and pull them roughly, making me moan in pleasure and pain. You stop kissing me and move your mouth to my nipples and take turns sucking, licking and biting them. I scream out as you bite down hard, causing you to pull away. You slap my tits a few times making them red, then drag me to the bed and push me down. You turn me over on my back and drag my head until its hanging over the edge. My husband is standing close by now with a look of shock on his face. He didn't expect this surprise. You tell me to inform my husband that I arranged this and that he is to watch and do whatever we ask. If he does or says anything we don't like, he will have to wait in the bathroom until we are done. He agrees.
You tell me to reach up and unzip your pants. As I run my hands up your pants, I can feel your long hard cock, hot and throbbing. I unbutton and unzip your pants and your big,thick, beautiful cock pops out. I wrap both hands around it and stroke it. I tell you and my husband "This is the biggest cock I've ever touched. I won't be able to get much of it in my mouth" You grab my wrists and hold them as you guide your cock into my mouth. I struggle to stretch my mouth wide enough to take you in. You start thrusting hard forcing your cock deeper into my mouth, I turn my head to avoid gagging and choking and you suddenly pull out and slap me hard across the cheek, telling me "Keep your hands at your sides and don't move your head, Understand?" I nod yes. I open my mouth and you push your cock deep in my mouth as you pinch my nipple and rub my pussy. Your legs are holding my head firmly in place as you f***e your thick cock down my throat. You have two fingers in my pussy and feel it tighten as I struggle to breathe. When you pull your cock from my throat, I gag and choke and my pussys grip on your fingers loosens. You push my panties down and tell my husband to remove them and undress while he watches you choke me with your cock. You shove your cock into my mouth and fuck my throat hard and deep as I gag and choke. You tell my husband to lick my clit as you put your hand around my neck and squeeze your cock as you push deep using all your weight. An orgasm has been building inside me, and my pussy is so hot and tight. You pull my legs back and tell my husband to fuck me. You watch as he tries to slide his limp little dick inside my tight pussy. My body goes limp as I pass out from a lack of oxygen and he slides inside. You pull out of my throat and quickly spin me around and flip me over with my legs spread wide over the edge of the bed. You slap my ass and shove your big, thick hard cock all the way inside my married pussy. I inhale swiftly and come out of my daze staring at my husbands little dick and realizing that I have found a real man to satisfy me.
You slap my ass as you fuck me hard. "Tell your husband how good it feels" "Tell him how much better I am" "Tell him his pathetic little dick can't satisfy you" I tell him everything you ask. I want him to go and wait in the bathroom so we can have some time alone. So we try to make him object to something. "Honey, I love getting fucked like this, but looking at your little dick is distracting, pick up my panties and put them on, then sit in front of me and watch. He hesitates, then asks you if he should do it. This is your opportunity to show him you're in charge and make him do it, or tell him to go to the bathroom so that you can have me to yourself and see how wild I can get if he isn't watching.
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9 months ago
sounds like an interesting hotel w/e get away!!
2 years ago
I loved it!
2 years ago
My wife said I could help with that fantasy if we make him film it!