My experience.

As for me I myself have been through lots. The negative lately has been easy to handle for the fact that my memories in the bedroom,living room,bathroom,car, and more. So as common Welty to my fellow story tellers. I myself will tell you the most intimate moments that I never caught on camera or phone.

This story will begin as any other. Coming home from work. HARD WORK AT THAT! Life was at it's grandest. I had found out about what my slave had done behind my back on New Years of 2012. I sent her off. Threw everything out sent my best regards to her people and left all her belongings to their house. Told her to never show her face to me ever again. Weeks would pass as she would blow up my emails and phone with apologies. Saying as much as "do to me what I deserve, anything, hit me hurt me anything." From that I spawned the urge and thought of every fantasy. I could check off my list. So I called her out of no where. Mind you I had worked already sweat dripped from my face as I drove home, and as I was calling I never heard the dial tone because of how quick she came to answer. She replied first with "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!!!!" As I replied with "are you serious about your apology? Real serious?" Then she said "yes" sobbing, and coughing over the phone "I'm so sorry" so my fantasy began. "If you are so apologetic, then I need you to come to MY APARTMENT. Bring your laptop and be ready to talk to me about what you've done while you suck me off." She said "whatever you want." Sniffling and sobbing. So I completed my agreements with "I worked very hard so the one who's going to clean me off is YOU." One last sob "anything." With my last reply before I set the stage "I'll be waiting." Hanging up. Fixing the scene. Then waiting anxious to fuck this bitch filthy sweating and heart racing. She called and said "I am here." Still sobbing. So I reassured her "bring the laptop in hand and come through the sliding door. Close it behind you. Undress and get down to your knees to explain yourself to me as you clean me without soup" I hung up. Sliding door slowly and carefully opens as I here the blinds rattle and a belt hit the floor as she close the door. She takes off her shirt and places her glasses on the table as well as her laptop. She gets to her knees and says "I'm sorry" starts to sob."your not aloud to speak till you are completely naked, bra and panties, because I don't just plan on having you suck me off to completion. Also the laptop needs to be on to document everything we talk about as you clean me off." So as she finished my commands I prep the computer to start recording. As it was counting down to start recording I had already put my dick in her mouth. (Watch THROAT IT!!) as I ridicule her for what she did choking her and gagging her as I f***ed my hard dick in her mouth. She would ask me the most redundant questions like " why I was doing this" I would look down at her as she sobs with the look of really you don't know? I tell her to " keep going" so I continue. The camera cuts off as it gets good. I stop facefucking her. close the laptop. Telling her to go to the bedroom I push and shove as she asked what are you doing. I throw her on the bed pull her to the edge walk over to my dresser that has a mini cam hiding. set up and ready to record. I press record as I pretend I was just there for the condom. She asked what I was doing and I told her." I'm getting a condom because your pussy is swimming possibly with some other man juices." She start to cry once again saying I'm sorry over and over. I push her over fuck her with this lubless condom. I start getting into it going in deep till her juices cover the condom. Then I pull out and pick her up and make her take every bit of of my throbbing cock in her mouth making her taste every bit. I pull the condum off to have her taste the skin of my dick again. Then pushing her back on the bed putting the condum back on and repeating the process. Again as I was about to put her on all fours on the bed the damn camera cuts out. My angers swells as I say this because after would have been the greatest footage I would own for the fact that right after the camera cut I fucked her doggy, flipped her to missionary then stuck my index fingers dry right up her ass as she squealed . I wiggle it around hopefully scooping up any shit or remnants of anything that was there. Pulled it out and said "say ah" she replied with was was probably going to be "why" but half way before she could get the word out I shoved my finger in her mouth as I gagged her with her ass juice trying to wiggle her face away and not being able to grab my hand and pull it away because I made her lay on her arms. So all she could do is taste it and cry. As I told her "that taste you have in your mouth is exactly what you are a peace of shit that fucked another man and thought that you could get away with it." She cried and agreed by Nodding and sobbing as she mur mured "uh huh" as my finger still in her mouth. I told her that I was ready to take her back as long as she knew that she was going to be treated like this whenever I felt like doing so. She said "anything to have you in my life, I will never do this to you again,hurt you that is" I said "ok. Then hang your head at the edge of the bed so I can finish myself off." She flipped, hung her head at the edge of the bed,I took my condom covered dick shoved it in her mouth so she can clean the rubber before it soils the trash before I through it out. As so as I thought it was clean enough I pulled the condom off shoved it once again for the last time in her mouth and f***ed as far as her throat would let me at the time, then the urge came as a flash pulled out told her to pucker her lips to kiss it and as she did what I said I came like a bull. Cum shooting out all over her face dripping down into her nose into her eyes past her forehead into her hair and up her neck as she opened her mouth to say something it leaked straight in as she tasted my cum dripping all over she got up tried to open her eyes. Looked as best as she could. As I grabbed a handful of tissues. Then said as I tossed them to her "wipe yourself off you look like shit"

If only I had that all on camera :/
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The second half of the video as well
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