sex with girlfriends mother

About a year ago i was staying with my girlfriend she was 22 quite skinny and flat chested but she has the most amazing face for shooting your load over her i wanted a real woman her mother was 46 divorced and one hell of an attractive lady long dark hair curvy figure huge round EE tits big sexy round arse....One night whilst staying over there with my girlfriend watching tv downstairs with her decided to go upstairs her mother was in the shower i had a plan to accidently open the door on her for a quick glimpse of her hot mature body walking up the stairs i couldnt belive my luck the i could hear the sound of the shower and the door was slighley open! sneaking towards the crack in the door i peered inside there she was in the shower rubbing soap all over her sexy hot body rubbing soap into her huge breasts..i reached into my trousers grabbing my cock which has the hardest ive ever felt it i starting slowly stroking it feeling myself already about to explode then all of a sudden she turns round i moved and ran downstairs quickly did she see me?.Later that night i couldnt sl**p thinking about what i had seen i went downstairs for a glass of water passing the dirty washing basket i looked inside to find a pair of her mothers dirty panties i crept downstairs into the living room sniffing them and rubbing them all over my hard cock then a voice from behind me "i take it you like what you saw?" "yea i replied with her panties hanging off my cock" your a very naughty boy you need to be punished" walking towards me she pushes me on the sofa "like the smell of my pussy do you? then she sits on my face in the 69 positioni have my tounge deep inside her pussy whilst she is gently squeezing my balls then taking my hard throbing cock in her hand and starts wanking it between her tits her pussy tasted so good best pussy taste ever she then starts sucking my cock really fast and hard still squeezing my balls i feel her finger moving further underneath me playing with my arsehole something my girlfriend has never done before she then turns round slowly stradling me sliding my cock inside her i could feel her breasts all over my face sucking those hard nipples kissing them riding me harder and harder i could feel myself wanting to cum "dont you dare fucking cum so eary were far from finished i want you to fuck me up my arse bending her over i rammed my cock up her fat arse with no lube she was dying 2 scream but couldnt fucking her arse harder and faster whist rubbing her throbbing clit she turns around i climbed on top of her whist she was wanking me over her breasts then i shot my load all over them.the next day we just carried on as usual and every now and then we book a hotel and fuck all night it trully is the best sex ever.
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4 years ago
nice mom
4 years ago
dark haired mature and curvy! waauw what a luck!