college days

Ill never forget a certain girl called steph she was 5ft6 long dark hair curvy dd boobs beautiful round arse It all started on my first day of college there was a girl called steph i knew from school we didnt really get on because i was quite the nerdy type anyway on my first dat i waked into the classroom to the most amazing sight steph bending over her desk in tight black trousers her sexy red silky thong popping out of the top of them i got an instant hard on just looking something came over me i have to go and touch that amazingly sexy round ass so as i walked passed i brushed my hand right across those smooth cheeks "OI!MAX!!!! YOU FUCKING PERV" then slap right across my face! "sorry i mumbled i was so hard i had to rush to the toilet and jack myself off i came in seconds.As i left the toilet someone grabs me from behind it was steph then pinning me against the wall "never ever touch me again you filthy perv"she said."let me go or ill do something you will regret" i said panting my cock getting harder again"Go for it i dare you" shed said grabbing her face i kissed her.....i could not belive what happend she responded by kissing me even harder and passionatly my hands were all over her moving down her back and grabbing that sexy arse she then grabs me by my shirt and pulls me into an empty classroom she pushed me onto a desk and started unbuttoning my shirt kissing my chest moving slowly towards my cock pulling off my trousers she starts kissing me around my cock whilst squeezing my balls then she licks my shaft up and down really slow and then she takes the whole cock inside her mouth moving up and down hard and fast chocking on it she comes back up and straddles me i take off her shirt and undo her bra and exposing her huge dd tits taking them in my hand and squeezing her hard nips then i removed her tight sexy trousers and moved my hands all over her arse then slowly towards her tight juicy shaven pussy it was so wet down there i starting slowly stoking her clit as she moaned with pleasure then she shouts" put your fingers inside of me" i slipped 2 fingers inside her tite wet pussy really fast and hard then she tells me 2 finger her arse taking my fingers out of her pussy i stick my middle finger up her tight arse forcing it in hard and fast she then changes into the 69er positiion shes sucking my cock ive still got my finger up her arse whilst my tounge is working her clit i moved my finger from her arse and stuck my tounge up there i could of cum at any minute she then stands up grabs me off the tabel she lies on the tabel with her legs spread far apart i didnt hesitate i just rammed my cock deep inside of her whilst she was screaming with pleasure she then stands up and bends over the tabel and puts 3 fingers up her arse and asks me 2 fuck it slowly i slided my cock inside her tight arse harder and harder i could feel my self cumming i pulled out turned her round and stuck my cock in her filthy mouth ramming it 2 the back of her troat then pulling out of there and cumming all over her breasts.And that is how i lost my verginity at the age of 18.
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