A Proper Thank-You

Kristen was glad to finally have some time to landscape the yard! It was a beautiful summer day for it, too- not a cloud in the sky and 80 degrees! She loved to garden, but hardly ever had the time for it now that she and her husband Robert had three young daughters. They loved being parents, but were taking full advantage of being alone for the weekend while the k**s were away camping with relatives. Today Robert was mowing the grass while Kristen planted shrubs. They were amazed at how much they were able to do working together uninterrupted and they were really enjoying each others company... and working outside together had been making them horny all weekend...

Kristen was wearing her pink thong underwear under her red skirt. Her husband always thought she looked sexy in that outfit and she had planned to tease him while they worked. But it seemed that it was taking forever for him to mow and so all her plans were for naught. Still, she was feeling turned-on thinking about last night's lovemaking when she noticed a young man in the neighbor's driveway glancing at her. He was playing basketball with the neighbor's teenage son and the heat had evidently gotten to them too since they had their shirts off and their chests were still glistening with sweat.

She couldn't help but notice how well built he was. She and Robert often fantasized about her "being with" a black man and so she immediately found herself scoping him out. He was probably well over 6'2" with a thin, muscular physique. He wore tennis shoes, loose fitting black shorts, and had short cropped hair. He was very dark- his skin had a velvety blackness which shimmered in the sun. He played with great agility and confidence and she noticed that the neighbor boy called him "J.J..." and he looked young! She guessed that he wasn't over 23, much younger than she'd ordinarily check out. Still- there was no harm in just looking!

Damn! He saw her staring at him and she was so embarrassed! Still, he kept glancing knowingly at her and she couldn't help but return the glances. Although Robert always told her how hot she was, she was flattered that such an attractive young man would also be attracted to her. While working, Kristen consciously moved her hips a little more than usual, bent down a bit more frequently, and posed a bit more. Inevitably she would look over and he would be noticing her. After all, she told herself, her harmless flirting was quite innocent. Although she and Robert shared many fantasies, they had been faithful to each other ever since they began courting f******n years ago. Her thoughts would only lead to a sexy story which she would teasingly tell to her husband later. It got her wet just anticipating the fantasies they would share tonight!

Robert waved at her and smiled from the backyard. He too had noticed the young man next door and he knew just what she was thinking. It made them smile that they shared this naughty little secret between them.

When J.J. said goodbye to his friend and got into his car as the neighbors also left in their van, Kristen was a bit disappointed thinking it was the end of their flirtation. Much to her surprise, the young man pulled up to their house and called out the car window, "Could you use a hand with that, ma'am?." She was startled, but eagerly accepted his offer as there was plenty around the yard to do and their play could continue a little while longer. Robert and J.J. waved at each other as he pulled into the driveway and got out of his vehicle. J.J. was a bit surprised to see that her husband was home, but she was obviously attracted to him and he was enjoying the female attention. He was also very horny watching her body move all afternoon and was anxious to be closer to the object of his lust. It turned him on that such a respectable, happily married woman obviously wanted him as much as he wanted her.

J.J.- whose real name was James- was a hard worker and did most of the grunt work. Kristen and he continued to flirt openly as they worked. She learned that he was a visiting friend of the neighbors and was a second year student at a east coast university. He was one of their best ballplayers and although he was only twenty-one, he was very focused and driven for his age. His sense of perseverance was undoubtedly due to a disciplined upbringing. He was getting his "traveling jones" out before school started in the fall, he said. He was strong and masculine, but also very polite. He had had a girlfriend with whom he'd recently broken up and was not currently dating. Kristen and James started to "accidentally" bumped into each other as they worked and found themselves brushing against each other more and more frequently. She found it exciting having Robert watch their innocent flirting and her husband was obviously getting turned-on by what he was seeing! Before they knew it, they had finished the landscaping and Robert was done mowing.

Robert and James greeted each other and shook hands firmly. Since the neighbors had left and it was dinner time, Robert offered him a shower and dinner to thank him for his help. James graciously accepted. Kristen got him a towel from the master bedroom linen closet, showed him the master bathroom and smiled sexily at him as she closed the door and left the room. She heard the jacuzzi start filling.

When she came downstairs to talk to Robert, she kissed him deeply and told him she was "feeling naughty." Robert offered to pick up dinner and playfully suggested that she should "thank James properly" for all of his hard work. Kristen thought that he was joking even while she followed him upstairs to the master bathroom door. She was shocked when Robert actually knocked on the door and she heard James say, "Come on in, baby." Robert smiled at Kristin's startled expression and responded, "No it's me, James. Can I talk to you for a minute?" James invited him in and they talked for a couple minutes. When Robert came out, he kissed his wife on the lips and told her he was going to get some Thai food and would be back soon. He smiled at her puzzled and embarrassed look as he left.

She was surprised when James came out of the bathroom a few minutes later wrapped only in a towel. She asked how his bath was and started to say, "I just want to thank you again," when she noticed the enormous bulge under his towel. She playfully asked if there was anything else she could do to help him relax as he moved closer to her.

When his large lips kissed hers and he wrapped his bare arms around her waist, she again became aware of how large he was. She was only 5'4" and felt entirely dwarfed next to his 6'4" frame. His masculine scent and aggressive manner immediately made her pulse race and her groin ache. She started voraciously kissing his dark and muscular chest and teasing his nipples with her tongue. She could feel the bulge under his towel grow harder as he guided her slowly down onto her knees and she started running her hands across his muscled stomach. She looked up at his smiling face and started to undo his towel as he sat on the edge of the jacuzzi. When she pulled off the towel, his huge penis sprung out fully erect. She had never seen such a large cock! She guessed it to be easily 10" and as thick as her forearm- she laughed and blurted out "God!" as she started to nibble on the sensitive underside of his shaft. His moans of pleasure told her he was enjoying what she was doing.

"You're SO big!" she purred and smiled at his appreciative grin.

"You like? Your husband told me you've always wanted to fuck a black man," James said in a relaxed tone. For some reason, hearing that both embarrassed her and made her go wild with desire! Kristen was so turned on by his dark velvety cock and he tasted so good that she quickly lost all of her inhibitions. She was thinking of nothing except how much she wanted to pleasure this young stud. She noticed that James was watching the reflection of her tongue dancing over his throbbing erection in the bathroom mirror as he stroked her hair. She tried to take him as far into her mouth as she could, but he was so enormous that she had to use both hands as well as her mouth to stimulate his entire shaft and balls. She was amazed how rock-hard he was for someone so huge! She could tell that it had been a while for him and she was enjoying the thought of giving him an incredible orgasm. She teased him by gently licking his enormous balls before taking one of them entirely in her hungry mouth. She started to think about all the come filling those huge balls as she again ran her tongue all the way up his shaft to his swollen head. James groaned deeply and started to grind his hips. The way she was working her hands up and down his shaft gave her the thought that she was milking him for his cream!

"You're so hot, Kristin. That's right, baby! " his shaky voice told Kristin that he was close to orgasm. James began to stroke her hair and move his hips faster as she noticed him tensing up. Although she hadn't done it in years, she quickly decided that it would be incredibly sexy for him to come in her mouth! She grasped his balls and put a hand on his tense stomach muscles just as he began spurting. It was hot and creamy against her tongue as she swallowed. Kristen was surprised that she actually enjoyed the subtle saltiness of his semen and the intense pleasure it was giving him. She continued to suck him while massaging his balls as if trying to squeeze out every last creamy drop. She licked the remaining come off of his deflating cock.

Kristen looked up at James proud of the job she had just performed. He had a huge smile on his face which she returned as she giggled and said, "My husband suggested that I give you a proper thank-you!" He had to admit to her that he had never been thanked in a nicer way. She kissed James playfully on his lips before retrieving his duffle bag from the car at his request. She left the bedroom, closed the door with a mischievous look, and let James get dressed in privacy before dinner.

When Robert met them at the door, she gave him a deep kiss and smiled. She found it unexpectedly exciting kissing her husband with another man's come on her lips and she knew that Robert could instantly tell what she had done. Robert asked with a wink, "Did my wife take good care of you, James?" James gave him a big smile in return as he helped to unpack the food.

"I hope you brought a lot of food, because I'm still hungry!" Kristen grinned friskily at Robert, teasing him.

During dinner, they drank wine and chatted. Kristen was happy how relaxed the atmosphere was and they were all enjoying the conversation. James and Robert shared a sense of humor and they all got along very well. It was a beautiful evening and they ate on the patio. Kristin began to feel tipsy after only one glass of wine and began feeling comfortable touching both men on the legs playfully as they talked and laughed. After dinner, they continued to talk and Kristen's flirtations with James became more and more intense. Kristen's liaison with James was no secret, but she was still surprised when she heard her husband suggest, "I think Kristen would like a little more attention from you, James... and I would love to watch." "Sure, I'd love to, if that's alright with both of you," James said eagerly. He was turned on by the thought of having his way with Kristen while her husband watched and even suggested that it would be okay for Robert to videotape. Before she knew it, Kristen was upstairs in their bedroom with her husband holding a video camera and this hung black college basketball player! She was surprised by her newfound naughtiness- both she and Robert had never expected to actually go through with this fantasy! She would never be doing this if she wasn't d***k, she told herself and hastily started to unbutton his pants. Robert put a sexy jazz CD on the bedroom stereo.

Robert couldn't believe how horny his wife was as she quickly pulled out James' enormous cock. He was probably a full 10" in length and his youthful vigor was apparent in the way his erection pulsed with his racing heart. Although he and Kristen had often played with a large dildo while fantasizing about this very situation, James' cock made even their 8" toy look small! Robert didn't think she could get the whole thing in her little pussy, but that it would be fun to watch her try! She kissed James lips as he slid his hand up her skirt. They hurriedly undressed and James sat on their mahogany bed. He made sure Robert had a good view as he guided Kristin to her knees and she hungrily took James' throbbing head into her mouth.

""That's right, baby." he groaned. She was immediately turned on by this polite stranger's aggressiveness- he obviously was in charge and knew how much she wanted him. Kristin had a demanding job and she was really enjoying taking orders rather than giving them for a change. Robert had never seen his strong and confident wife behaving so submissively! "I want to fuck you doggystyle while your husband watches," James said and she eagerly climbed on the bed with him. She gave both men a playful smile as James turned her over and arranged her on all fours on the bed. He again adjusted her position to make sure her husband got a good view. He smiled at Robert as he spanked Kristen's ass with his huge cock.

She could smell James' spicy scent as he stoked her clit and grabbed her hips with his large fingers. She was moaning and moving her ass in the air instinctively when she felt the soft head of his cock brush up against her. He slowly rubbed the head against her swollen lips, her throbbing clit, and down to her very wet opening as she groaned. She arched her back as he pressed the only the tip into her and pulled back out. He rubbed her juices down his glistening rod as she moaned for more. Kristen looked over and smiled at her husband and could tell he was enjoying watching from the bulge visible through his shorts. She lowered her head so she could watch as James slowly pushed his engorged head inside of her.

"Oh my God, you're so big!" she exclaimed. Even though he had very gently pushed only about two inches inside, she could already feel her pussy being stretched wide. Despite his obvious eagerness, he restrained himself and allowed her to slowly relax to accommodate him. As she adjusted, James slowing started to pull her further onto him. Slowly, they began moving together rhythmically with each stroke going a little deeper than the last. Her pussy already felt so incredibly filled up and he was only about halfway in!

"I love the way you white women go crazy during sex," James teasingly whispered into her ear. His lips danced across her neck and ears as he enveloped her. Robert thought it was incredibly sexy watching them. The difference in their skin tones was striking- Kristen was light and olive-toned and this young man was a dark black. He watched as James' huge hands grabbed her hips as he pushed his enormous throbbing cock deeper and deeper inside of his wife. James kissed Kristen's beautiful neck with his thick tongue while burying his nose in her short brunette hair. He couldn't believe the a****listic grunts coming from deep inside his wife's throat! Her eyes were closed and she was completely lost in pleasure. They started to move faster as their groans intensified. James was obviously enjoying her enthusiastic reaction as he pushed all but the last couple of inches inside.

Kristen had never felt so filled up! She was surprised that this young man's huge cock was so deep inside of her small body. She was so wet and so stretched that he began to fuck her faster and harder. To her surprise, James suddenly slowed down and gently pushed his entire shaft inside of her! She came uncontrollably in shuddering waves as she felt his head slip inside her cervix. Her pulsating contractions gripped James' thick cock even tighter. She felt entirely at this young man's mercy as he slid completely inside of her and his enormous balls slapped against her inner thighs. He grabbed her ass with his huge hands and fucked her hard and fast, grinding his pelvis against hers, and she quickly came again. Robert was incredibly aroused as he watched James having his way with his wife. He couldn't believe how long they had been going at it - it was amazing that Kristen could take James' entire 10 inches inside of her! He hardly recognized his wife as she screamed and groaned in hedonistic pleasure. "Yeah! Oh Gawd!!! Fuck me hard!" she begged.

After the intensity of her orgasm subsided, James turned Kristen over onto her back on the bed. He slowly entered her again, easily pushing his entire length deep inside her relaxed pussy. She opened her eyes to share a sexy grin with Robert as James again began to move slowly. After a couple of strokes they achieved a slow rhythm as their hips pressed together. Kristen wrapped her arms and legs around his strong body as he fucked her. She was again lost in pleasure as they gently kissed and explored each others' bodies. She came again in relaxing waves as James pulled her close and kissed her neck.

When he soon began to tense up, she instinctively knew he was close to orgasm. She reached down, cradled his balls, and began to pull him in deeper. His thrusts became faster and harder as he plunged into her. She felt his head pulsating deep inside as he erupted and spurt after spurt of hot come coated her uterus. She continued to massage his balls until he stopped moving. They smiled at each other and kissed before Kristin turned to Robert and said, "That was fun!" as James laughed in agreement. Kristen stroked his sweaty back as he lay exhausted on top of her for a couple of minutes. She could feel his penis soften until he reluctantly pulled his large flaccid cock out of her and sat up in bed smiling and affectionately stroking Kristen's leg.

Kristen was so exhausted that she didn't have the energy to get out of bed to see James out after he was dressed, so she gave him a kiss before he said, "Thank you both for a wonderful time. I really needed the release! Maybe we could get together again some time when I'm in town?" Kristen and Robert agreed that that would be nice as Robert shook his hand and showed him out.

When Robert returned to the bedroom, Kristen was still laying in bed with James' come trickling out of her engorged pussy. "He was a nice young man," she said mischievously as she stroked Robert through his shorts. She could still feel slight twitches in her pussy after the intense workout it had received. "Say, I'm feeling a bit over-stimulated down there, but I think my husband deserves a big thank you," she purred as she unzipped him and took his familiar hardness into her wet lips.

Robert began to lightly kiss her inner thigh while she kissed his hard cock. "I bet you are, but I'll be gentle with you- I promise," he whispered as he gently started to kiss her stretched opening. His soft tongue was soothing as he lovingly licked her very wet pussy. She began to move her hips and groan in response as they finished satisfying each other laying side-by-side in a relaxed sixty-nine. They then collapsed into each others arms as they quickly drifted off to sl**p- they had another big day of work around the yard tomorrow and were both exhausted!

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