Hot for Black Cock Ch. 03

On Tuesday, my husband Jim went out of town for a few days, which is pretty typical, he would return on Friday. Tuesday evening the phone rang and I answered.

"Hello Melissa....this is are you?" Earl asked.

"Earl, Hi....I recognized your voice.....Jim's out of town," I replied.

"Yes, I know....that's why I am calling." Earl said. There was a long silence; I was somewhat shocked that Earl would call.... I could probably guess what he wanted but I did not respond.

"I just wanted to see how you enjoyed the other evening?" Earl asked.

"It was fine, both Jim and I had about you and Jody??" I asked, not wanting to sound too encouraging.

"Oh, both Jody and I loved a little...more than her...must be a man thing," Earl said.

Yeah, more like a horny bastard looking for strange sex, I thought to myself.

"Well, that's good...I suppose my husband Jim liked it more than he let on anyway.... your wife Jody is pretty hot," I said then--- wondering why I was encouraging him, what a dump ass I am at times.

"Well, we leave on Saturday.....and well, ....I wanted to ask if I could see you again before I leave," Earl came out with. "You know, just a little good bye ...send off."

"Earl....I don't think so....what we did the other night was a joint thing among all four of us....I am not looking to cheat on my husband," I said, thinking if only Earl knew..... "Let's just leave it at that...Thank you.


"You mean to tell me, you haven't thought about my black cock....and how much it filled your loins....I can't believe you wouldn't enjoy it again?!" Earl exclaimed.

" Well, , Earl to be honest....yes I have fantasized about your cock since then....and will probably continue to do so...but that doesn't change the answer is still no...OK," I returned, in a firm voice, even though was I was shaking all over.

Earl continued, "Come on babe.....I want to enjoy your white ass just one more time...I promise I won't bother you again....please...I know you want some more black cock inside you...."

"Earl...are you listening....I said NO and I mean NO....please don't call again OK....if I happen to change my mind I'll call YOU....but I wouldn't count on it...goodbye Earl," I finished.

"OK, I can respect that......but I know you'll be thinking about it and that's good....lonely nights without Jim will make you dream of ole Earl here...Good night, Melissa," Earl finished.

I hung up the phone, my chest was pounding, my knees were shaking, and I felt wetness in my panties. In a way, I wanted to grant his request, for selfish reasons of course, but this was all going too fast. The meeting with James and Jarrod, then Earl, not to mention making love to Stacy--- all within two weeks. I need some advice.

I called my girlfriend Stacy; she could tell I was a little nervous.

"What's up...everything Ok?" she asked.

"Yes....just need to talk to you.....get ready for a shocker?" I replied. I proceeded to tell Stacy about our evening 4WAY SWAP, with Earl and Jody.

"You little devils....sounds like you are having way too much fun...not fair at all..." she continued... "I had a talk with my husband Scott about a LITTLE WIFE SWITCH and he's pretty excited!!! ....I always knew he wanted your bod."

"That's cool," I said. "After our fling with Earl and Jody, and I discussed it that night....believe me, Jim wants to violate your hot little body as well."

"I have a bigger...more immediate problem....ready for this?" I asked.

"Sure ....what's going on?" Stacy asked. I proceeded to tell her about my call from Earl. "You dog,'re having all the fun...not fair at all" Stacy replied.

"I know..." I said. "One part of me wants some more black cock....and some part of me says this is way too much too fast....and I am really concerned about meeting Earl alone."

"Well, know I am here to help," she said laughing.

"Does he have a share? surprised me last time.....I have wanted some more black cock since our thing with the boys!!" Stacy continued.

"Melissa.....if you want this... go for it...if not sounds like you don't have to do anything.....sounds like you want my approval...." Stacy continued.

After a long silence I answered, "Stacy .....I love these big black dicks...just hope we aren't BOTH starting something we can't stop.... It is definitely fun.....soo....let's try it one more time...Ok...then I want the four of us to have some's kind of fun, watching your husband with another woman.....and I know it would make me hot ---- watching you and Jim, -- SWAP FUCKING IN THE SAME BED WITH US." I said.

"Ok Melissa.....can we shoot for Thursday night...Scott will be out of town as well, .....and only if Earl can bring a friend," Stacy responded.

"You're the best friend a girl could have Stacy....thanks for sharing this experience with pussy is a little moist about you?" I asked.

"Yes...girlfriend, you got my juices flowing again," She replied.

"Oh, by the way...I think I want to try the bedroom this time," I said coyly.

"Stop....just stop and make the call." She replied.

The next day I called Earl at work. "Earl....this is Melissa," I spoke softly.

"Hey what's up," Earl replied.

"Well, I have been thinking......" I stopped.

"Yes, Melissa, what have you been thinking.....maybe you need a little more black cock," Earl asked.

"Yes, Earl...that's correct....I want to be with you once more...but...there's a catch," I said.

"A catch.....what do you mean?" Earl inquired.

"Well, see I have this friend who I confide in and she wants to try a big cock as well, you need to bring along a friend.....just can have two white chicks in one night...that's the only way I'll agree," I demanded. "And it needs to be Thursday night."

"Hmmmm...does sound damn good....what's your friend like??" Earl asked.

"Earl...Stacy has dark hair about my height.... And has delicious 38DD tits....she's very for your trophy case, for sure," I replied.

"Well, you just may be in old football buddy of mine will be in town say good bye.....yea....I know Curtis would be up for this," Earl said.

"No dogs...Earl....we want a good looking, well- hung, black gentleman," I demanded.

"No worries.....Curtis will charm you right out of your panties...and if you think I am large ---wait till you see him... 6'3" very athletic," Earl responded.

"Thursday night it is 7 o'clock Ok?"

"Seven will be fine....see you then....oh the does the bedroom sound this time??" I said.

"Shit....girl, you're too much....Jimmy boy has a real gem for a wife," He replied.

I called Stacy and told her the news. Thursday was the next day. When Jim called home that evening I told him that Stacy was coming over again, because Scott was out of town. "We need to get together with them real soon.....if Stacy's going to be in my bed I want to be there with her too, some time," Jim said.

"Maybe this weekend Jimmy," I told him

It was now Thursday, I waited in anticipation all day. I talked to Stacy several times, I told her not to dress up as I had planned for us just to meet Earl and Curtis in fluffy bath robes, bra and panties underneath. I told Stacy how Earl licked my clit, with his head lying on my pubic bone. "Need to teach our guys that one!" I said.

We were all set; the door bell rang shortly after seven.

I greeted Earl at the door; he gave me a kiss and introduced Curtis. I took them into the f****y room where Stacy was waiting. I introduced her to Earl and Curtis.

Earl was right, Curtis was quite the man, very well built and his head was shaven clean. Hopefully his pubic area is the same I thought to myself. I told them I had robes for them in the spare bedroom upstairs and Stacy and I would meet them in the Master Bedroom.

"Treating us to the Master Bedroom,just where the two of us belong," Earl joked. As we climbed the stairs Earl was grabbing at my ass.

"Don't be too long.....we are ready to party," I said. They darted down the hall to the spare room, Stacy and I went into my bedroom.

"Holy shit," Stacy exclaimed. "Curtis is a big guy."

We waited on the edge of our king size bed; we also have two stuffed chairs in the room as well. Earl and Curtis entered wearing the robes, which were a little small. "Do you want to draw straws?" Earl said with a laugh.

"No," I said. "I thought you could enjoy Stacy's company first'll like what you find, under that robe...I promise."

"Fine!" Earl said as he sat on one of the chairs, he had already removed the tight robe; he had his silk boxers on.

"Stacy, please come over and talk with me."

Stacy immediately went over removed her robe and sat on Earl's lap.

"My... my......Curtis, look at this fine lady's body......maybe I'll save you a little," he said with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Curtis made his way over to the bed by me. He dropped his robe, to the floor, to reveal his rock solid body.

"My, aren't we the black Adonis ..... chiseled from stone!" I said as I rubbed my hands across his hairless chest. He pulled me from the edge of the bed and drew me to his body. He tilted my head and kissed me very softly...he sucked at my upper lip gently biting it; next he drove his tongue into my mouth.

I could feel my clit twitching already; we continued to kiss, as Curtis started to explore my body. He had a hand on each of my butt cheeks, his firm grip squeezed my flesh, and he pulled my naked, white, pulsing body even closer.

He removed my bra and tossed it to the side. Next my panties came off; I in turn pulled his boxers to his ankles revealing the biggest black dick I have seen yet. It was longer than any other COCK we had seen and thicker as well. "My, what we have here," I said as I started to stroke it.

His cock was not yet hard so I took it to my mouth; I was stroking it and taking as much as I could into my mouth. As his cock grew I could handle less and less of its length.

Within a few minutes I had Curtis fully erect. I had doubts that this cock would fit in any of my cavities. "Boy, you sure are big!" I said, taking a short break.

"Yeah baby, you had ole Earl, but now you're going to get the real deal...maybe I'll even fuck your tight white ass...what do you think?" He said laughing.

"Oh, No not that...please!" I was begging.

Looking over at Stacy and Earl I could see them progressing as well. Stacy and Earl were both nude, Stacy was on the floor in front of the chair; she had her tits wrapped around Earl's cock. Earl was enjoying her 38DD's, I could tell. She was able to fuck his cock with her tits and suck his head at the same time.

" I show you a good time or what," Earl called out.

"You got it, b*****r...but I am the one who was supposed to get you a going away gift...not the other way around," laughing out loud.

"Well, good buddy....let's just say you owe me....nothing like some nice white pussy to share with my black b*****r," Earl was laughing as well.

"These ladies are they ever going to go back to fucking white cock....I figure the only way to cure them is a good ass fucking...then maybe they won't want any more black cock....besides, I don't want any other b*****rs enjoying this shit," Earl said.

This was my fear --- these two guys could get a little rough without my husband around. Surprising Stacy said, "You fuck my pussy first....then maybe we'll see about my ass big pussy might just squeeze the cum right out of your big black cock."

I couldn't believe how boldly Stacy was behaving, but maybe we both needed to be.

Curtis and I jumped onto the bed. We embraced and he continued to kiss me. His hands were all over the map, first my ass, then my tits and finally fingers to my pussy. He inserted two fingers, with the palm of his hand facing upward. He began to bend the two fingers toward the palm of his hand, as if he was beckoning me to cum. He was hitting my G spot and I could feel a climax coming. "Oh yea...right there...oh yea...don't stop," I was panting.

He started to suck on my tits. He then moved his head into position just like Earl; His tongue flickered away at my clit as his fingers brought me to an orgasm. My pussy was nice and wet from my own cum. Curtis positioned me doggie style. His large cock was in the crack of my ass. He used his hands to spread my ass as he moved his dick from my clit to my asshole. Afraid he was going to jam his huge cock into my ass, I started to tense up.

"Don't worry baby...I am just teasing you," he said. "I want to fuck your pussy ...maybe my cum will slick up that other orifice." With that, his head penetrated my clit, with a few strokes his massive cock was buried deep into my pussy!!

As Curtis was fucking my brains out, there was other motion on the bed.

Earl and Stacy jumped onto the other side. "The chair is a little too small...mind if we join you," Stacy asked.

"No...ohh bed can handle four," I panted.

Earl positioned Stacy doggie style as well, so our two heads were on the pillows while our hot, white pink pussies were both being pounded from behind. FUCKING, SIDE BY SIDE!

Stacy started to cum -------- "Fuck oh fuck...Earl--- fuck me harder."

So Earl obliged and pumped a little harder. Stacy's tits were swinging like a broken gate.

--- the guys traded places, Stacy and I now lay face to face and the guys were kneeling at our back sides. Earl lifted my leg and slipped his cock into me. Curtis was doing the same.

"Oh, man this dick is big!!" said Stacy.

Curtis f***ed his way into her wet pussy.

Earl was feeling my tits and I turned my head so we could kiss. "Baby...I knew you needed more of my cock...just accept the fact that you love the black cock." Earl said.

"You're right Earl, we both love the black cock....fuck me hard!!" I said.

Meanwhile I could see Stacy's pussy being filled with Curtis' cock. Our bellies were almost touching. We kissed, girl to girl, to the surprise of our black studs.

"Look Earl...these bitches go both we hit the jackpot tonight!" said Curtis.

Both men began to tense up and they shot their loads deep into our waiting pussies. Which was OK I did not feel like another sperm bath tonight.

Cum was oozing out of both of us. Earl used some of it to loosen up my ass. I felt his finger penetrate my rectum. I was so stretched out his finger felt like nothing. "See baby...your ass can handle it. Curtis was doing the same to Stacy.

The guys stopped to catch their breath. Stacy and I used the opportunity to go to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I grabbed a tube of K-Y jelly. "Stacy...looks like these guys are dead set to fuck our asses" I said. "Here bend over...let me loosen you up," I said.

I took out a dildo I have, then I lubed it up and jammed it into her ass. "Better this way than going it dry..." I said.

"Ouch...let me return the favor," Stacy said. With that she did the same for me, but jammed it a little harder.

"Maybe...these guys are right," Stacy said. "Let's fuck our husbands' white dicks next time."

"Oh come on," I said. "Who knows, maybe Jim and Scott want to fuck us up the ass on Saturday."

"Saturday??" Stacy questioned.

"Yes girl...let's give our guys a good time...OK?" I replied.

"Come on let's go back and see what the guys are up to," I continued. With that, I went back out to the bedroom, Earl and Curtis where still in the bed, they were stroking their own dicks keeping them semi hard.

"You girls ready for some more?" Earl questioned.

I replied, "Yes...we are both looking forward to an ass fucking...keep in mind this is new to you have to take it slow and one show at a time OK?" I asked,

"I'll take Curtis for my own, nice black and white FUCK, and then Earl you can have Stacy, for your black and white FUCK."

"Ok---!!" Curtis said. "Let's come over to the ottoman and will be easier that way."

I obeyed and kneeled by the ottoman. My knees were on the floor and my ass was in plain sight for everyone to watch us fucking.

"," said Curtis "the other way."

I pulled the ottoman away from the chair and assumed the position. Curtis got behind me; his dick was against my ass. He used his fingers to loosen me up. Slowly he put his thick cock into my ass, a little at a burned at first, but as I relaxed he was able to fully penetrate me. He began to stroke in and out. After a while there was no pain just pleasure!!

"Fuck...Stacy, this feels incredible...fuck my ass Curtis. Please!!" I said.

Curtis continued to stroke his cock in and out of my ass. He used his hand to spread my butt cheeks so he could drive his cock deeper into me. My knees were getting carpet burn as he drove the ottoman across the floor, with me aboard.

I could feel another orgasm coming. "Oh shit ...I am coming again...oh fuck...please don't stop," I said.

Curtis withdrew his dick, he was still hard. He used a moist wash cloth to clean his cock.

"Ok ...Stacy your turn...but we are going to do something about a little DP," Curtis asked.

"DP?" both Stacy and I echoed.

"Yea baby, DP...double penetration....I'll lie on the chair and ottoman cock fucks your pussy....and Earl will fuck your ass at the same time...just think--- two big black cocks at once, I know you can handle'll thank us later," Curtis said.

"Are you fucking crazy?? way," Stacy pleaded.

"Comon over here...come to your black lover, and do as I say...we'll go real slow and we can stop if you ask nicely...but after fucking you already I can tell you won't be asking us to stop."

"Well, OK...but only if you promise to stop...right? Stacy questioned.

Earl said, "No worries.....relax... you can do this."

With that Stacy walked over, straddled Curtis.....and lowered herself slowly DOWN.... onto Curtis' stiff BLACK COCK rod. Stacy bounced up and down a few times to get Curtis all the way inside her cunt, her big tits jiggled with her movements. Curtis sucked on her tits.

Earl approached and started to rub his cock in the crack of her ass. He spread her ass cheeks, to expose her asshole. He took his dick in one hand and began to work it past her sphincter muscle. Once the head was in, he gently penetrated her. He would advance a few inches then withdrew.

"Oh fuck...oh ass hurts...ummm...shit....a little slower please," Stacy pleaded. "Ohooo...ohooo...there that's can go deeper now," She said.

"You feel my dick in there b*****r," Earl asked.

"Yeah man I can feel your hog fucking this white ass," Curtis replied.

" Just remember,'ll remember your first DP...just like your first kiss...and to will always remember Curtis and me, your black lovers," Earl exclaimed.

" Yes...Master Earl....I will always remember my first double penetration,by two fine black cocks, fuck me good, make me cum," Stacy panted.

Earl picked up the pace and slammed his cock into her ass.

Stacy started to scream, "Oh fuck...oh fuck...I'M coming!"

Earl withdrew and Stacy climbed off, from Curtis. Her ass was shiny with their combined love juices and sweat. She staggered over to the bed and collapsed.

I could sense that the night was coming to an end, Stacy was done for sure, but our black cocks were still hard. So I mounted Curtis and did my best to bring him to a climax.
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4 months ago
No doubt about it ! Those 2 marries white Slutwives are hooked on big black cocks now !! Next time their CuckHubbies left town they had them a black cock party with a house full of black.cocks for their first married white whores airtight WhoreBang party !!!!!!!! Black cock seed all over those white tits,asses,kunts,hair,face and only way theyre allowed to clean up is with their tongues licking each other !!!!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
excuse me while I wank thinking of this
4 years ago
damn we need 2 make a story together lol but i really like your stories very hot
4 years ago
4 years ago
GREAT STORY....what else can I say..!!