Hot for Black Cock Ch. 02

When my husband Jim returned the next day I told him that Stacy had stayed over with me. He asked where she slept and I told him with me. "In my bed," he asked.

"Sure, we had a pajama party," I told him. I knew Jim had a thing for Stacy with her big tits and this would probably give him a stiffy. I know he wanted to run upstairs and sniff his side of the bed, but he didn't.

"Does that make you hot honey; I know you would like to have some fun with Stacy wouldn't you?" I asked.

"Don't give me that crap he said, besides I know you have the hots for Scott as well," he said.

"Well maybe we should do something about that," I questioned. Jim was silent but I knew the wheels were turning.

"Would you do it with another man," Jim asked.

"I don't know would you, I questioned back. "Well that doesn't matter, but I do know someone who would love to get his hands on you," Jim said. I was getting excited we never talked like this before.

"Who," I asked,

"Ahh never mind," He said.

"Don't do that, tell me something like that and don't finish" I pleaded.

" Well...Earl Wood from work," Jim said. I knew who Earl Wood was, he worked with Jim. We had met him and his wife Jody at some company functions. They were black.

My pussy juices were flowing like crazy. "How do you know?" I asked.

"I know" he replied.

"Again with the guessing games," I said .

"Just the comments he makes, he picks up you picture from my desk and make little if you want a well hung guy he would be your man," Jim said.

"You would never go for that...would you...ohhh I know you would probably want to put the squeeze on Jody ...wouldn't you?" I said. Before Jim replied I continued "Wouldn't that's be a little risky at work."

"Usually....but old Earl just got a transfer to the west coast, they leave in a few weeks, Jim said.

" are thinking about this," I asked.

"Not really just thinking about Stacy in my bed got me going," Jim said.

"So you say all that....and then nothing," I exclaimed.

"Sounds like you ....want to do you," Jim asked.

"Well it might be fun," I said. "Could you handle seeing me with a black man," I asked.

"I guess if you could see me with a black woman I guess I could see you," Jim replied. We both were silent for a while; you could tell we were both thinking hard.

"Earl's wife Ok with something like this," I asked.

"Earl tells me his wife knows Earl has a thing for white pussy and she indulges him...I guess..." Jim said.

"How do you know Jody would what to be with you?" I asked.

" I tell you Earl has been working this hard for quite a while....he tells me...Jody told him...that she finds me why shouldn't she have some fun if Earl was going to get his rocks off," Jim Finished.

"Sounds like you two have this all planned out.....I am game if you are.......I hear stories about black cocks...why not find out," I replied.

"OK I'll set it up...but there is no going freaking out..." Jim said.

"Just worry about your own Johnson mister.....I don't what you losing it as I suck Earl off, I said.

" sound into this," Jim replied.

So the next day I waited with abated breath to her from Jim, I didn't her from him so I called. He said it was all set and would elaborate when he came home. I was so excited I used my new vibrating dildo, black of course to get off. I figured I need to get use to larger objects penetrating my vagina.

When Jim got home, he said Earl was very excited to here of our interest in meeting Jody and him. He apparently called Jody and she approved. So the plan was they were to come over on Saturday for drinks, go out for dinner and return to our house for "desert"! Jim and I had great sex that night, I am sure we were both fantasizing about Saturday.

Saturday finally came; I wore a black dress, heels, black silk stocking, and black bra and panties. Jim wore a nice silk shirt and trousers. The door bell rang and Jim went to greet Jody and Earl. Jody looked pretty hot as well. She had a white dress that looks great against her dark skin; she had red heels and bright red lipstick. Earl dressed like Jim, he is tall about 6'2" average build.

We exchanged hugs and greetings. Jim went to fix so drinks and I e****ted them to the f****y room. "My don't you both look nice tonight." I said...

"Well thanks" Earl said, "You and Jim look nice as well." Jim returned with drinks and we sat and chatted for a while. We have a large leather sectional couch so we all sat somewhat close together.

We left for dinner, Earl drove, Jim and I rode in the back. We went to a nice restaurant which also features live music and dancing. We sat in a circular booth that was fairly private. I sat next to Jody in the middle, the two guys sat on the ends. "So," I asked Jody "Are you excited."

She replied, "Well yes...and you?"

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"About tonight....honey," she replied.

I laughed a little... "No I meant about you transfer."

"Oh that.....yes I am looking forward to moving out there.....what about know Earl here is revved up," Jody said.

"Oh," I said "Yes both Jim and I are looking forward to desert......Jim has had a hard on all week." Everyone laughed a bit, this kind of broke the ice and the conversation was starting to turn to the sexy side. A comment here and innuendo there, we were all feeling a little frisky.

"Like to dance...Jim," Jody asked.

"Sure," Jim replied.

"Just watch his two left feet," I said jokingly.

" Don't worry......I'll hold you real close....if our bodies are's tough to step on the other person," Jody said back. So Jim slips out of the booth and offer his hand to Jody. I slid out so Jody could exit. They head off to the dance floor and I got back in the booth.

I took my same position, but it wasn't but a couple of seconds Earl slide over next to me. H e sat vey close as the sides of our bodies were touching. He put his arm behind me so he could get closer. "You know I have had my eye on you for sometime...Mellisa," Earl whispered.

"I know Earl....Jim told me all about it.....its nice Jody indulges in your fantasies .....Like white pussy do you Earl," I asked.

With that Earl moved his other hand to my thigh, he slip his black hand under my dress and spread my legs. He began to rub against my pussy, his hand was large, and he slid my panties to the side and rubbed my clit.

"Shaved favorite," Earl whispered in my ear.

"Yes I like it when you go down on're not eating a hair pie," I said jokingly. "You black guys do eat pussy don't you?" I asked "Because I only do what is done to Ok with that...Earl?" I asked. With that Earl penetrated me with his middle finger.

" ever been with a black man....I think not.....allot don't like to go down on a woman....but I do, Earl whispered again as he put his tongue to my ear.

"Earl...there are things you shouldn't ask a lady.....especially about her sex life," I said. With that I put my hand on Earl lap, I grabbed his dick through his pants and could feel his member growing. I could tell he had a nice size cock...

I reached down and pulled Earl's hand from my cunt and whispered in his ear "Let's not get too excited here Earl'll get desert soon enough.....I hope you favorite flavor in vanilla," I asked... Earl brought his hand from under my dress, but proceeds to grab my breast.

"Vanilla is my favorite flavor...especially ....when it comes from the tits of white women," Earl whispered.

Jody and Jim returned to the table, Earl made little effort to conceal what he was doing. "Earl.....can't you lay your hands off....a least till we get to their house," Jody scolded.

" I watched the two of two of you on the dance floor...and it wasn't all dancing," Earl said. Earl slid back to his position but pulls me with him.

Jody and Jim slip in the other side of the booth. "Seems Earl here is ready for desert.....anyone else?' I asked. "I am ready for some chocolate," Jim replied. We all laughed and finished up our drinks and left.

On the ride back Jim pulled Jody into the back seat with him.

"Hey," I said "That's no fair....Earl here has to drive."

"Hey yourself....we know Earl already has a jump on us...we're just trying to catch up," Jim replied.

"And don't be spying on us back here," Jody said laughingly. As we drove I could her Jim and Jody kissing up a storm I could only imagine what his hands we doing.

We arrived home and we all quickly go into the house. Back in the f****y room I put some jazz on to create a little mood. The lights were low, but the room wasn't dark. Jim was getting some more we needed any more. I sat next to Earl and he quickly leaned over and started kissing me. Jody sat next to him but didn't say anything. I wonder how many times they had done this before.

Earl reaches up my skirt and pulled at my panties. I raised my hips so he could remove them. Next he pulled my blouse up over my head and undid my bra. By the time Jim came with the drinks I was totally nude next to Earl. "Not wasting any time...hey," Jim said jokingly.

"Don't worry baby, said Jody "Smooth and slow wins this race." With that she stood up and dropped her dress to the floor. Jim pulls down her panties and unhooked her bra. Jody had gorgeous tits, round, firm and erect nipples. She in turn unbuckled Jim pants and before you knew it they were both nude. Jim sat on the couch and pulled Jody on his lap.

I got up and undid Earl's pants and wiggled them off. He unbuttoned his shirt; I pull his silk boxers to his ankles and threw them aside. I got on my knees in front of Earl and started to stoke his cock. Earl was uncircumcised, something I didn't expect. I pull the skin back and forth over the head of his cock. I took his cock into my mouth and stoked away. Earl got hard pretty fast. His cock was thicker than our other black friends but not as long.

Jody and Jim were still kissing; Jim had his one hand between her legs fingering her pussy and the other on her tits. They changed positions and Jody got down between Jim's legs and starting sucking his cock. Don't get me wrong my husband has a nice size cock 6.5" and fairly thick, nothing to be ashamed of but no match for Earl's manhood.

"OK, Earl," I said, "It's your turn, if you want to fuck this white pussy you have to eat it first." With that I lay on the sofa next to Earl spreading my legs and began to finger my own pussy.

"I like when you talk dirty," Earl said. With that he slid off the couch and laid his head across my pubic bone. His ear was against my torso, he could watch his wife sucking off my husband. He used his one hand to spread my clit, he began to flicker his tongue up and down massaging the hood of my vigina. His tongue went back and forth, I never felt anything like it before, and he used his other hand to insert two fingers into me. He was massaging my G spot and I started to buck.

Jody positioned herself on the couch with her face looking right at her husband eating my pussy. Jim climbed behind her and entered her from the rear. He began to stroke his cock in and out of her hot black pussy. " going to fuck that cunt or just eat it," Jody asked.

Earl raised his head and said, "Don't worry girl.....she's about to get the ride of her life" Earl Replied.

With that Earl got up and sat back on the couch. He sat about two feet from where his wife's head was. " Comon Melissa.....time for me to fill that pussy with this big black cock" Earl said. I positioned myself with my ass to Earl's chest and had my feet on either side of Earl. Earl held my waist and slowly lowered me onto his rod. I used my fingers to spread my pussy. I was flexing at the knees and started to slide up and down on Earl's lance. He helped by picking me up and slamming me back down. Each thrust went deeper in to my hot box. I used my finger to massage the hood of my clit. I looked over at Jim who was looking straight at me.

"Having fun honey" he said.

"Bet you ass I am" I panted "looks like your enjoy Jody's pussy as well."

"Fuck" Jim said "She's so hot."

I started to cum and my juice was flowing down Earl's shaft onto his balls. "Fuck me....fuck me..Earl....just fuck the shit our of me, I screamed.

Jody exclaimed, " Oh yeah...oh yeah....I am coming too."

"Time for these two cunts to swallow our loads...don't you think Jimmy boy" Earl said. With that I got off Earl and Jim stood up as well. They stood next to each other and Jody and I knelt down in front of them. We began to suck their cocks. Earl took his own tool and stoked it like a mad man, dumping his load into my waiting mouth. My mouth quickly filled and I had to pull back from his cock. The rest of his load went on the face and tits.

Jim's ass tightened and he shot his load as well. His white cum showed up well against her dark skin. Jody and I rubbed each others tits, rubbing the cum into our skin. Earl and Jody left shortly after.

In bed Jim and I had fantastic sex that night, I am sure we were fantasizing what had happened that night. "Why don't you fuck me doggie style?" I asked.

"Why don't you talk dirt to me.....why don't you straddle me like you did Earl?" Jim replied.

"I guess we both learned allot about each other tonight honey.....did you enjoy it.....would you want to do it again?" I asked.

"Well I certainly enjoyed I am sure you did....I don't think I would want to do it again...with them that is...they are moving anyway," Jim replied.

"Another black couple.....or maybe someone we already know," I questioned.

"It was fun to have an interracial fling....maybe again sometime; I don't have someone in mind?" Jim asked.

"Well to be honest...before you brought up Earl....I had been thinking about Stacy and Bart....I know you like Stacy....and I could be with Bart," I said.

"You and Stacy talked about your little pajama party?" Jim asked. "Well we didn't actually wear pajama's that night.....and yes she is definitely up for it.....she was going to approach Bart....but I haven't heard back," I replied. "

So no PJ's.....Stacy was right here nude....your going to get be excited again," Jim whispered as he fondled my tits.

"Enough for one night Jimmy boy ....let's sl** can dream about it...or relive tonight....just don't poke me with you hard cock in the middle of the night....good night dear," I finished.

"Good Night Babe....and thank you," Jim finished.
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