Janet & Debbie Have a Black Gangbang

Janet and Debbie were sitting home on a Saturday afternoon, just lounging around, naked as usual without any plans for that night. Suddenly, Janet had an idea. She asked Debbie if she would like to participate with her in a gangbang with just black men and maybe a black woman or two. Debbie told her that she had never fucked any black men or women and that the idea sounded wonderful and if that was what Janet wanted to do, she would love to do it with her and fuck her first black man.

Janet went to the phone, made a call and came happily bouncing into the living room where Debbie sat watching the TV. Janet went to Debbie and with her hands on her shoulder's, told her that it was all set up and around 8 pm that night and that Oscar and a few of his friends and a black woman would be there. Debbie ask how they knew where Janet lived and Janet told her that this was not the first time that Oscar had been to her house. She had entertained him many times before. Debbie looked at Janet and told her that she never stopped amazing her. She wished they had gotten together long before they did. She did not have near the experiences fucking that Janet did, but she was more than happy to have Janet teaching her. She loved her new lifestyle.

Janet looked into Debbie's eyes and told her that she too was so happy that they were together and if she had known that Debbie had those feeling for her, she would have ask her to go out with her long before she had. Janet ask Debbie why she had not made a move or given her any hint that she felt the way she did about her and Debbie told her that she were afraid that if she had done that, she would have scared her away. But once Janet had made the first move, that Debbie knew for sure that she loved Janet. Janet leaned over and kissed Debbie softly.

Debbie reached up and took both of Janet's hanging tits in her hand and began massaging them, Janet's nipple turning very hard and Debbie began softly pinching and flicking them with her finger and thumb. Janet moaned softly as Debbie let go of one of her tits and began massaging Janet's pussy with her hand and suddenly slipped two fingers in Janet's pussy and began finger fucking her. Janet's knees get weak and she mover around and lay on the couch. Debbie's fingers felt good in her pussy and Janet hoped that Debbie would eat her pussy too.

She was not disappointed. Debbie jammed her fingers into Janet's pussy as far as they would go, quickly pulled them out and covered Janet's pussy with her mouth! Debbie was licking and sucking Janet's pussy eagerly and Janet wanted to return it, so she grabbed Debbie by the tits and pulled on them until Debbie raised up and quickly mounted Janet, never taking her mouth off from Janet's pussy. Janet buried her head between Debbie's legs and began eating Debbie's hairy pussy. Janet and Debbie loved eating each other's pussies and the taste of each other's juices. Licking and eating each others pussies, it never did take long before each other exploded with an orgasm and sent their juices onto the others face. When their orgasms subsided, they got up and sat next to each other on the couch and Janet began telling Debbie what to expect when Oscar and his friends got there. Debbie got so hot that she had another orgasm, just listening to Janet telling her what to expect. They didn't have to do much to get ready for them, maybe fix their hair was about it. They both decided that they were not going to dress for them. No since in it anyway as they would be naked within a few minutes after they got there, so they decided to meet them naked as they usually were anyway.

As the day wore on, Debbie was getting hotter and hotter. She told Janet that it was getting hard waiting for her first black cock and Janet kept assuring Debbie that it was going to be worth the wait. Finally, there was a knock at the door and Debbie rushed to answer it. There they were! Debbie had an orgasm and the guys just looked at her, as she stood naked in front of them. One of them, Debbie assumed it was Oscar, said, "Hello, may we come in?" Debbie opened the door and let them in and Oscar introduced his self and ask where Janet was. Debbie told him that she was in the living room when Janet hollered, "Oscar babe, why don't you'se come on in here? Debbie, come here for a minute will you?"

Oscar told Janet "ok" and Debbie went into the living room and sat with Janet.

Janet told Debbie to hang on for a minute and see what happens. Oscar ask Janet if it were ok to come on in and Janet told him, "sure." Janet told Debbie to close her eyes for a few seconds. Oscar and his friends came in the living room and Janet whispered in Oscar's ear for them to get undressed. Oscar started taking his cloths of and the other's followed suit.

As soon as they were all naked and stood in front of Debbie and her, Janet told Debbie to open her eyes. Debbie opened her eyes and in front of her were 5 huge, black cocks and one black pussy. Fuck, she had never seen anything like it. Those guys cocks were huge, they were fucking monsters. Big, so big. And black. She wilted right there, her eyes looked like they were glazed over and she fainted. Janet got some water and splashed some on Debbie's face to bring her back. The guys were amazed. Here was a white slut and she had gotten that hot just at the sight of their cocks. They knew that Debbie was going to be good. Debbie reached out and took one of the guy's cocks in her hand. Fuck, she thought, her hand didn't come close to making it all the way around.

It was so thick! His cock felt so hard and hot in her hand. Debbie hadn't noticed the black woman with them, but as soon as Marsha came up to her and shoved a big black tit in her face, Debbie took the nipple in her mouth and began sucking it as her hand began stroking the cock she held. Oscar picked Janet up and laid her gently on the floor, spread her legs and went straight for her pussy. His black tongue working its wonders on Janet's pussy, when another of the guys got down on his knees and aimed his black cock right for Janet's mouth. Janet took his cock in her hand and put it up to her lips and swallowed as much of it as she could, taking almost 8 inches before she felt it hit the back of her throat, then began sucking it, running her tongue over it as she brought her mouth back up to the tip of his cock before lunging her mouth back down onto it.

The guy began long, smooth strokes in and out of Janet's mouth, mouth fucking Janet as Oscar was eating her pussy. Damn, they were good. Debbie, in the mean time, was still licking the woman's tits, going from one nipple to the other, still stroking the black guys cock, when another of the black guys moved forward and stuck his huge, black cock in Debbie's face, with his hand, aimed it directly for Debbie's mouth. Debbie opened her mouth when she seen it coming and the guy slid it in as Debbie's mouth stretched as it was being shoved in her mouth. Debbie was amazed at how much cock she had in her mouth and gagged when it hit the back of her throat.

The guy stopped shoving and withdrew just a little. Debbie took her free hand and grabbed his cock and began stroking it while it was laying in her mouth. Fuck, she was turned on. Seeing and sucking the black woman's big tits, stroking one of the biggest, blackest cocks she had ever seen and her mouth full of black cock. Debbie then seen Janet on the floor, Oscar eating her pussy and getting mouth fucked by a monster size black cock, watching that big black cock sliding in and out of Janet's delicious, hungry, hot mouth, she let go of the guys cock she had in her hand, reached around, grabbed him by his ass cheek and began pushing him forward until his cock hit the back of her throat, then pushing him backwards. He soon got the idea and began mouth fucking Debbie with smooth, slow strokes.

His cock was wonderful in her mouth. Debbie had let the woman's nipple escape from her mouth, but had her hand on one of them, massaging it, kneading and squeezing the soft flesh. The sound and smell of sex filled the room. Janet and Debbie both slurping cock. The black woman knelt on the floor in front of Debbie, pulled her legs open and drove her head right into Debbie's pussy. Debbie moaned when Marsha's mouth hit her pussy, but with her mouth full of cock, moan was all she could do. Marsha's tongue began licking Debbie's pussy.

Debbie was so wet that her juices had soaked her legs and Marsha's face. Janet happened to notice that one of the black guys had his cock in his hand, jacking off, She took the cock out of her mouth long mouth long enough to tell him to come over here and let her jack him off. Janet took the cock she had been sucking into her mouth, took the other guys cock in her hand and began jacking him off. Everyone was doing something then. Janet getting her pussy eaten, stroking a cock and getting mouth fucked by another huge black cock. Debbie, getting her pussy eaten by Marsha, stroking a cock and she too getting mouth fucked by a monster black cock!

The only thing missing was something in Marsha's pussy, when Debbie thought of the dildo Janet and her fucked with. Debbie took her mouth of the guys cock she was sucking and told Marsha to go into their bedroom and in the top drawer was the dildo and if she wanted something in her pussy, get it and she would fill Marsha's pussy with if. Debbie took the guys cock back in her mouth and began sucking it, when Marsha took her mouth off if Debbie's pussy, got up, went into their bedroom, and came back out with the dildo in her hand. Marsha walked up in front of Debbie, put the dildo up to her pussy and slowly began shoving it up her black pussy until she had all 12 inches in her pussy, got back on the floor and drove her mouth straight back onto Debbie's pussy.

Suddenly, the guys cock Debbie was sucking, exploded, a stream of cum shooting from his cock into Debbie's mouth. He pulled his cock from Debbie's mouth before she could do anything and started shooting his cum all over Debbie's face. Gob after gob hitting Debbie in the face. So much cum squirting from the guys cock, Debbie trying to lick as much of it up as she could, but there was so much of it that it began running off Debbie's chin, down onto her tits and some onto Marsha's hair. Debbie wanted his cum in her belly, not on her face.

She put her mouth onto the head of his cock and let it lay there, still squirting small streams of cum. Debbie waited until her mouth was almost full and swallowed her first mouthful of black cum. It was delicious and she wanted more! Debbie thought that the black guys cum tasted better than white cum and decided to ask Janet some time when she thought of it. She took the guy whose cock she had in her mouth, balls in her hand and gave them a squeeze and that made him shoot a huge stream of cum into her mouth.

Suddenly, Janet screamed, "fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming Oscar, I'm gonna cum all over your face, eat my pussy, ohhhh, eat my pussy, fuck, here I cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh fuck, I'm cumming babe, I'm cumming" and wrapped her legs around Oscar's head and pulled his mouth tightly to her pussy as her juices began gushing out of her pussy. Before she could move, the guys cock she was sucking, gave a big twitch and it shot a huge stream of cum straight down Janet's throat. She didn't even have a chance to taste it. Gob after gob shot into Janet's mouth and she swallowed every drop. The black guy was amazed that Janet could swallow so much cum.

No one had paid any attention, but Maria, Janet's daughter in law had come over, entered the house and came into the living room when she heard all the noise coming from there. Maria stopped in her tracks when she seen all the fucking and sucking going on. She looked at the huge black socks that Debbie and Janet were getting and immediately got horny. Maria stuck her hand in her shorts and began massaging her pussy, when one of the black guys noticed her, pulled his cock out of Debbie's hand and went over to Maria and ask her if he could help her. Maria grabbed his big cock and began stroking it. The black guy started undressing Maria, lifting her t shirt over her arms, Maria let go of his cock long enough for her t shirt to slide over her arms, then took the black cock in her hand again. Maria had huge tits, 38DD's and the bra she wore hardly contained them.

They were ready to spill out of it and they barley hid her nipples, which were rock hard by then and the black guys eyes got wide when he unhooked Maria's bra and let her tits spring loose. He immediately took one of her nipples and began sucking on it. Maria let out a small moan as the guy went for Maria's shorts, undone them and began tugging them down, taking Maria's panties with them. Maria's pussy came into view and the guy was surprised at how hairy Maria's pussy was. Maria stepped out of her shorts and stood there naked, jacking the guy off when the black guy yelled to everyone to look at Maria's hairy pussy.

Everyone looked at them and Janet took the cock she was sucking out of her mouth and told Maria that she was glad that she had came over and to cum on in and join the fun. Debbie told Maria that she would love to eat her pussy too and she had been looking forward to when she could taste her pussy for the first time. Maria was so horny by then that she began sliding down onto the floor, pushing her tits over the black guys cock and letting him tit fuck her for a few seconds before scooting down and in one smooth motion, took the black cock straight into her mouth and began sucking his cock right there in front of everyone! Fuck, Maria was horny and didn't care who was watching her suck his black cock. Everyone watched for a minute as the huge black cock slide in and out of Maria's white mouth.

The black cock sliding in and out of Maria's white mouth turning them all on even more. Marsha pulled her tit from Debbie's mouth, went over to where Maria was kneeing on the floor, got under Maria and pulled her pussy down to her face and began eating and licking Maria's very hairy pussy, while Maria was sucking her black friends cock. Maria couldn't take anymore and a huge orgasm went through her.

Oscar went back to eating Janet's delicious pussy and Janet never had taken her mouth off the guys cock she had been sucking, went back to their thing and Debbie, still with the guys cock in her mouth, didn't realize it yet, but the guys cock she had been stroking, moved in front of her and aimed his monster, hard, black cock right at Debbie's pussy, suddenly he grabbed Debbie's ankles, pulled her legs farther apart, raised Debbie's legs a little higher and slammed his cock to the hilt into Debbie's soaking pussy! Debbie, with her mouth full of black cock, couldn't even scream as the huge cock parted her pussy lips and buried its self farther than any cock ever had before in her pussy.

Debbie knew that her white pussy was full of black cock and she could feel the black guys balls on her ass. It felt like a fucking baseball bat was in her cunt and she reached to her belly, pressed on it and could actually feel the black guys cock inside her. But Debbie could not get over the wonderful feeling that the cock was giving her. She wanted to be fucked by the monster cock that was filling her white pussy. She wanted it! The guys cock Debbie was sucking, suddenly pulled it out of her mouth and quickly moved up to and behind Maria, his cock lubricated with Debbie's saliva and his precum, spread Maria's ass cheeks, put the head of his cock against Maria's asshole and shoved.

The head of his cock popped into Maria's asshole and he slowly push in until his black cock was fully into Maria's white asshole and Maria never flinched or missed a beat. Debbie reached for her black lover and pulled him down onto her. Debbie's pussy filled with the biggest cock she ever had and a black one, her legs pointing toward the ceiling began getting the fucking she had only before been able to dream about. Debbie lay there, taking every bit of black cock, her head rolling from side to side, she had locked her legs around the black guys back, matching him stroke for stroke as he pounded Debbie with his cock.

Marsha got up from eating Maria's pussy, he face covered with Maria's juices, looked at Debbie getting fucked, her eyes were closed and she was moaning. Marsha got up walked over to Debbie, straddled Debbie's face with her pussy and lowered her black cunt over Debbie's face. Without even opening her eyes, Debbie knew it was Marsha, her pussy had a different odor to it, a very nice odor and Debbie knew that Janet was on the floor getting her pussy eaten and had a mouthful of black cock and that Maria was on her knee's sucking a black cock and had another black cock fucking her in her asshole, so it had to be Marsha. Such a sweet tasting pussy!

Debbie immediately began eating Marsha's pussy, licking and sucking as much as she could. Marsha was face fucking Debbie, raising and lowering her pussy onto Debbie's face. Debbie was finally eating her first black pussy and she loved it. Debbie noticed Janet getting up and looked over at her. Janet got on her hands and knees and Oscar came up behind Janet, aimed his cock for Janet's pussy and rammed it home. Janet grunted as Oscar's huge cock split her pussy and drove its way deep into her belly.

Oscar began fucking Janet from the rear, doggy style and Janet's tits were flopping back and forth wildly as Janet took Oscar's cock. Janet reached to her pussy with one hand and began massaging it and letting Oscar's cock slide along her fingernail, when Oscar let out a scream and shot a tremendous load of cum far up in Janet's belly. Janet's pussy clung to Oscar's cock, sucking more and more cum from it. Her pussy flowing with her and Oscar's juices!

As soon as Janet was sure that her pussy had milked every drop of cum from Oscar's cock, she let his cock fall out of her pussy, turned around and took Oscar's semi hard cock completely in her mouth and began sucking her cock. Janet pulled her mouth off Oscar's cock and began licking his entire cock clean of their juices and moved to his balls, taking first one in her mouth and then the other, cleaning them both off. Janet licked Oscar's cock all the way up to the head of his cock and slowly lowered her mouth over Oscar's cock and began giving him a smooth, slow blowjob.

Maria in the meantime, had gotten the black guy's cock she had been sucking, to lay down on the floor and without taking the black cock out of her asshole, lowered herself and the black guy whose cock was buried in her asshole, onto the black guy laying on the floor, moved her pussy in position over the guys cock and lowered herself onto his cock. Maria's pussy and asshole were filled with black cock and she could feel them, just a fine wall between her pussy and asshole separating the two cocks and they were fucking Maria in unison.

One cock going in her pussy, one cock going out of her asshole! Debbie was still getting fucked and eating black pussy! Debbie suddenly wanted a black cock in her pussy, another in her asshole and another in her mouth! She took her mouth off Marsha's pussy long enough to tell the black guy fucking her just what she wanted. He looked at his friends and called two of them over. The guy, who had his cock buried in Maria's ass, pulled it out and came over.

Debbie and the black guy that was fucking her, rolled over together, not letting his cock slip out of her pussy and the black guy underneath her, told Debbie to raise her ass up just far enough so that his cock didn't come out of her pussy, so his friend could stick his cock in her white asshole. Debbie did just that. She raised her ass just high enough so that his cock stayed in her pussy. The guy in back of her moved so that his cock was at the entrance to Debbie's asshole and began shoving. Debbie's asshole was tight and there was a lot of resistance, but the head of his cock popped into Debbie's asshole. Fuck it hurt! Debbie ask him to stop and let her asshole get used to it

Debbie was sure that the guys giant cock and tore her asshole wide open, but after a minute, her asshole had become accustomed to the cock in it and she told the guy to go ahead and shove it all the way in her asshole and the guy did just that. With one lunge, his cock hit home. It was in Debbie's asshole up to his balls. Debbie screamed as his cock bore its way in her ass!

The guy lay still again. Only the thin membrane separating his cock in Debbie's pussy from his friends cock. Debbie needed one more cock for her mouth and she got it. One of the guys had been jacking off on the love seat to all the fucking and sucking going on around him and the guys told him to come over and stick his cock in Debbie's warm, waiting mouth. Here it came! Very soon Debbie was gong to get her wish. Suddenly his cock was at her lips, she opened her mouth and it was instantly filled with cock. Debbie had done it finally.

Filled every one of her holes with a cock. Janet seen Debbie with all that cock in her and told Debbie, "to go girl, fuck them, suck that cock, that she looked beautiful, her white skin covered with black skin. Fuck them baby, show then how a white woman fucks black men. Take them all baby and ask for more, fuck'em baby, fuck'em" and continued fucking Oscar. Debbie nearly fainted with pleasure! She had never felt anything so wonderful in her life! When she and Janet were alone, she was going to show Janet just how much she appreciated asking her out the night it had all come together! But for now, Debbie wanted cock and lots of cock! Debbie was lost in lust. She never noticed that everyone else had stopped fucking or sucking and were exhausted, laying around the floor watching her with the three guys! The four of them were putting on a show of shows!

Cock in, cock out, cock in, cock out. Debbie felt like the best part of a sandwich, only better, she had a cock in her mouth! She noticed suddenly that the rest of them were clapping and cheering them on, so she put everything it to it she could. One of the guys said them was going to cum and the other two told him to hang on for a minute and they would all cum together. Debbie wanted them all to cum as close to once as they could too, she wanted to feel three cock shooting cum into her.

The guys all slowed down when one of them yelled, "fuck, I can't hold it back anymore, this cunt is good, let her have it, unggggh, her I cum, get ready for this load bitch, cus here it cums." Before the others could answer, Debbie felt all three of them shooting gobs of cum into her pussy, her asshole and her mouth all at the same time. That was when Debbie passed out! The next thing she knew, she was laying on the couch, one arm hanging over the edge along with one leg, the other arm across her belly and her other leg on the back of the couch. It was dark and quiet and she knew that she had been fucked good! She wondered where the other's had gone.

She got up from the couch, fuck, every party of her ached, but she made her way to the bedroom. There on the bed, sound asl**p were Janet and Maria, lying in each other's arms. Debbie silently climbed in bed, next to Maria, took one of Maria's tits in her hand and put the other hand top Maria's pussy, rubbed it a few times, stuck two fingers in Maria's pussy and fell asl**p herself!
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I luv gangbang stories!!!
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fun romp
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very good
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I love it. :)
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Very Good