Jackie Likes Black or Does She?

After bring d**gged and fucked by Bo and Rod too with Bo’s bitch, Rose, Jackie went to Savannah, GA with two of her women friends from work. One of them, Lana, was a tall, skinny blond, completely smooth, shaved all over, including her pubic area. As a result her puffy, dark cuntlips and her oversized, hooded clit was clearly visible between her long legs when she was naked, and she spent a lot of time naked. She, Jackie’s other friend, Patricia, and Rod had gone out on his and Jackie’s boat several times for weekend stays on the river. Anchored in some secluded cove or beached at a hidden island they often sunbathed nude.

Just as often Jackie, Patricia and Lana played with each other while Rod watched, then fucked Jackie to relieve his raging erection after watching the three of them kiss, lick, suck each other’s breasts, nipples, navels, asses and pussies, finger each other and get off in several other interesting ways. While Rod was fucking Jackie on these nude outings Lana and Patricia watched the horny couple go at it and usually ended up having sex with each other again. Over and over, all weekend on these river trips the sex play was near continuous, the four stopping their wet work only to eat delicious meals, drink and Jackie’s women friends smoke dope, even do some lines of coke.

A favorite position for the three women was a cluster cunt-eating circle. They lay head to pussy, kissing and licking whichever quim was at a particular mouth, fondling breasts and kissing, licking, fingering pussies and assholes. Lana’s smooth, skinny, lanky body in sharp contrast to Jackie’s overweight, hairy bulk, and Patricia’s in-between size frame, shaved armpits, legs, and pubic hairs trimmed to a neat v pointing down toward her clit – the size of a little finger. Another favorite position was Jackie, legs spread wide, her hairy pussy pushed against either Pat or Lana’s splayed open twat and working the wet lips of their oozing quims together. When Jackie came, which she did often while cuntfucking with her girls, she let loose a spray of girl cum almost as if she was peeing on her partner.

As they became better friends, Rod was allowed or took the liberty, he was never sure which, to eat any of the three pussies. All three of the women kissed, licked and sucked his cock, balls, and furry butthole, but he only fucked Jackie during these hot sessions. Usually, after Rod shot his copious load of milky white, thick globs of cum into Jackie’s cunt, Pat and Lana would eat Jackie’s creampie eagerly. This always got Rod hard again, so the sex just went on and on all weekend on these trips.

Rod never quite figured out why, but the women also liked to pee on each other and have him pee on them. They usually engaged in this watersport after Jackie had sprayed one or the other of them with her girl juice that was so much like pee that it might as well have been. Another of their favorite times for the piss sport was after Rod had dumped his load on one or more of them, sometimes two, or all of them. They seemed to like having Jackie’s cum or Rod’s washed off their bodies with streams of yellow urine.

So when Jackie told Rod, after their crazy, d**g-induced fuck with Bo and Rose, that she wanted to go to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day with Pat and Lana, Rod agreed, as if he had a choice. He was working that weekend and he figured the women would just have a good time with each other.

After Jackie returned from three days in Savannah with her two friends Rod never asked her about the celebration trip until he got two serious shocks. First he learned a couple of months later Lana had missed two of her menstrual periods after the trip; she was pregnant. Then while Jackie was away on a trip to a seminar in Atlanta – she was a dental tech and went for training seminars from time to time, Rod picked up the mail from their PO Box. In the mail was a returned letter from Jackie to someone named, no k**ding, Willy Johnson. Rod broke his trust with Jackie and opened the undelivered letter. In the letter Jackie went on and on in very descriptive terms about what a great lover Willy was, how much she enjoyed meeting him in Savannah, and invited him to join her in Atlanta during the seminar. Jackie described in the letter how much she enjoyed Willy’s black cock, the contrast of his black skin against her white body, the way he fed his cock into her mouth and fucked her so good with it bringing her to multiple orgasms.

When Rod finished reading the letter he thought about how his ex-wife had betrayed him, after becoming addicted to cocaine and other d**gs, fucking anybody – man or woman, who knows what – a****ls maybe even – to get the d**gs and to enjoy sex under the influence of the various d**gs she was using. He knew Sherry had starred in porno movies with men and women, group fucks, and had contracted one or more STDs. He had seen pictures of Sherry in magazines with three cocks in her, others waiting their turn; Sherry’s mouth on strange cunts, and strange mouths on Sherry, big dildos and strap ons penetrating Sherry’s mouth, now ruined pussy, even her never given to him asshole.

He thought about just dumping this bitch, Jackie. After all, Rod reasoned, she is a fat, hairy slut. The only things she has going for her, he ticked off reasoning through their relationship, are 1) her insatiable horniness, 2) her wet cums, 3) her willingness to play lots of exciting sex games with him, like holding ice in her mouth and sucking him off onto the melting cubes, the cherry game at the kitchen bar stool, 4) her attraction to other men and women and freedom in letting Rod enjoy multiple partners in at least some plays.

As Rod thought through all this, imagining as he read the letter again, even at that moment Jackie was probably with Willy in Atlanta. They were probably sexing each other as much as they could on their stolen days together. Then Jackie was going to return again and pretend nothing had happened of concern to Rod, as she had after the now obvious to Rod wild trip to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day, when Lana got pregnant, Jackie met Willy. Rod even wondered if Lana’s baby would be white, black, or some other race – Asian, Hispanic, what? The girls had obviously taken some dicks of some shades, sizes and shapes in Savannah.

Finally Rod decided he would stay with Jackie, give her another chance to be honest with him in their open relationship, but teach her a lesson. After all he reasoned he had gone along willingly with he and Jackie – d**gged – with Bo and Rose, not just that one time but more, with others involved even. He had enjoyed Jackie and her two friends, Pat and Lana.

Now the lesson: When Jackie returned from Atlanta Rod picked her up at the airport. He noticed she looked a little ragged out, tired. He put her luggage in the trunk of his car and her in the passenger seat. They chatted about the trip as he drove them to the boat. He noticed she had no information packet, no materials from the “seminar.” He asked her about that. She told him she

had left the materials on the airplane in her haste to meet him, reached over and squeezed his cock in his pants. “I just can’t wait to get home and fuck you,” she said. “I am so horny.”
Yeah, right, Rod thought, so horny and so wellfucked for several days by Willy.

At the marina Rod helped Jackie out of the car and onto the boat, then told her he had to run to the convenience store. “My luggage?” she said. “I’ll be right back, baby, with your luggage,” Rod answered, kissing her on lips he was sure had been wrapped around a black cock, probably just a few hours ago, touching her twat which he was sure had been plowed by Willy very recently.

Rod took off to the convenience store. There he opened Jackie’s luggage looking for evidence of her infidelity. He found nothing, not even a sexy nightie, no condoms, no lube, nothing. Perplexed, but determined to teach her a lesson, he went back to the boat. Jackie was in the shower. She came out naked, toweling, sat down by him as he sat on the sofa. She started telling him about the seminar while cuddling with him, kissing him, fondling his cock; him returning the favors, massaging her breasts, but looking for telltale marks, pulling at her hairy armpits, rubbing her fat thighs, again looking for marks, finally fondling and fingering her pussy. He had three fingers up her, then four, rubbing her engorged clit with his thumb, then his fist to the wrist in her cunt. She started cumming, moaning and spraying his hand, arm with her hot juices.

“Let’s go to the bed and fuck, honey,” Jackie said. “I want your cock in me so bad.”

“Sure,” Rod said, “but first I need to show you something.”

“What, baby?” she said. “I am so fucking horny for your big cock.”

“This,” Rod said, reached to the end table and handed her the letter she had written to Willy.

Jackie unfolded the letter, glanced at it, and sitting there naked and fistfucked by her nude lover, a tear formed in the corner of one eye.

“I’m so sorry, baby,” she said, crying fully now. “I meant to, wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you would be mad at me, leave me, dump me. Oh, I’m so sorry.” She reached for Rod’s cock sticking up between his legs and stroked it.

He moved her hand away gently and said, just as gently, “There will be none of that Jackie until you have an AIDs test, are tested for other diseases. You have betrayed me, broken our trust, just like Sherry did. I will not touch you again until you have the tests, tell me all about Willy, the trip to Savannah, the so-called seminar in Atlanta, and pass another test.”

Her tears flowed freely now as Rod got off the sofa, walked away from her, went to the shower, washed his hand very carefully that had been up her cunt and jacked off, spilling his seed on the floor of the shower stall. When he came out of the shower Jackie had gone to bed, still sobbing. Rod slept on the sofa, afraid to be with her, lest he fuck her – he was sure – Willy-fucked, nasty cunt.

For three months Rod did not fuck Jackie. He let her suck him off in her mouth or masturbate him. She masturbated herself. Rod even bought her a dildo – a big, black one, 12” long, 6” around. She would not even look at it again after the first time he presented it to her. Meanwhile Lana became obviously with c***d, five or more months pregnant. Lana brought a young Navy seaman and introduced him as the father of the c***d she was carrying. Just turned 20, to Lana’s 30-something, approaching 40, he was a handsome, white sailor. Jackie told Rod the full story of the girls’ trip to Savannah, how she intended to stay faithful, but Lana and Pat, Jackie too, got d***k their second day in Savannah. Three men – Lana’s now fiancee and soon to be father of her c***d, Ted, a Filipino cook from the carrier, USS Oriskany, and Willy – came with the women to their motel room “just to watch the inebriated women eat each others’ pussies.”

Crying again, Jackie told Rod how Ted, the Filipino, Marquez – Mark, Americanized, and Willy had watched them, shared joints with them, given Lana and Pat some coke; Jackie even tried a little too as they continued drinking, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Buzzed on the smoke, the coke and the beer and whiskey, Jackie said she woke up at midmorning in bed with Willy. Ted was with Lana, and Mark with Pat. She staggered to the bathroom she said with the taste of stale ginga and cum in her mouth, thin, clear cum running out of her cunt, dried cumstains on her face, tits, stomach and thighs. She peed, showered and returned to the bed to sl**p some more, hungover. The noises she had made in the shower, the shuffling of the bed had awakened the other five – Willy, Ted, Lana, Mark and Pat.

Lana had rolled to Ted went down on his cock to suck him. They moved into a 69, then Ted was soon up on her fucking her, pounding her cunt hard, bouncing his balls against her buttcheeks as he slammed his rod into her and filled her with another load of his babymaking juice. Mark had likewise eaten his cum out of Pat’s squishy hole, then fucked her royally in doggy fashion. Meanwhile, she said, Willy patiently played with her cunt, fondled her, fingered her, rolled her clit between his black thumb and forefinger, made her cum her hot spray. Spread her legs, put his head between her fat thighs and eaten her pussy until she came again. Then he had fucked her mouth and pussy, making her cum three more times. Lana and Pat fucked Ted and Mark for the next two days, Jackie told Rod, but I held off Willy, feeling so guilty about betraying you. Just before we left I let him fuck me again, Jackie reported, and he was just like he was the first time, slow, gentle, so good with his black fingers, his thick lips on my pussy, his cock in me, lovingly. I couldn’t help it, Rod, she finished her story. He was so sweet. I was so d***k most of the time. I was so excited by the contrast in our skin colors, our textures, him so black, smooth, muscular, me so white, hairy, and crying profusely now, so damn ugly fat, the rolls, the cellulite, but he didn’t seem to care. He just seemed to love me so, but I knew it was just a temporary thing. I would come back to you, but after all, you asshole, she said bitterly, what the fuck do you care? You let that nasty biker and his whore slut use me, you have messed around with both Lana and Pat.

“Fuck you,” she hissed. “No baby,” she said, crying again, “I am so sorry. I know how much I have hurt you. After what Sherry did to you. Why don’t you just kick my sorry, fat, hairy, black cock fucking ass out?”

“Jackie, I am not going to kick you out,” Rod said, “but now it is time for your lesson. It seems you don’t have AIDs or any other STD, you have passed those tests. You have told me the story

about Savannah, and I don’t even want to hear about Atlanta, whether you fucked Willy again or not. Now you must pass the next test.”

“What is that, Rod?” Jackie asked.

“I’m going to find out how much you really love black cock, if you will ever be satisfied with my 7.5”x5” white pecker again,” Rod answered her. “You get some of your slut clothes, your sexiest outfits and get in the right frame of mind to be fucked, lots. That is your test, basically,” Rod said, being very clinical, precise, plotting again. Beginning to be very domineering. “Be ready to use every trick you have ever learned to get a man off, your pussy squeezing, ice holding, fruit up you cunt stuffing, riding, being ridden, flopping your tits in their faces, being titfucked, mouthfucked, cuntfucked, maybe even assfucked.”

“Rod I’ve never had a cock in my ass,” Jackie said demurely, a tear forming in the corner of an eye again. “You are not going to fuck my ass are you?” she asked.

“No, Jackie,” Rod answered. “I’m not going to fuck you at all, but you are going to get fucked royally. I am getting plenty from Lana, love it while she is so pregnant, Pat, and Rose. Bo is even fucking me in the ass from time to time. Do you really think all I have been doing for these past several months is jacking off?"

“Oh, Rod,” Jackie said, “I am so sorry about Willy. We were doing so well.”

“Yes we were,” Rod agreed, “and we will again, baby, after you pass the test, if you want us to after that.”

Jackie packed her sexy clothes in an overnight bag. Rod checked it and added, a gross of varied condoms – lubricated, tipped, unlubricated, plain, different colors – the big, black dildo, a vibrator that looked like it would need to be kickstarted it was so big, rope, handcuffs, ballgag, ben-wa balls – big ones, buttplugs of varying sizes – lengths and girths, and a blindfold. Ready for the test, Rod rented a nearby motel room. On the appointed night he took Jackie from the boat to the motel, and ordered her to do a bubble bath, perfume herself, then dress in what she considered her sexiest outfit. She did as he said, showered, paying special attention to her cunt and ass, splashed on Poison perfume. Then she picked a short top that covered her massive tits that could be seen, especially her dark aerola through the diaphanous material, but revealed her hairy armpits and rotund belly, matching but crotchless panties in a thong design where the butt floss string fit concealed by her fat ass crack. The hairs of her pussy fringed the opening in the thin, see-through panties, where her thick cuntlips and big clit were visible.

When she came out of the bathroom Rod said, “You look and smell great Jackie, just right for the part. Now lay on the bed on your back, put the ben-wa balls in your twat, all of them, deep, push them in deeper with the black dildo, shove this buttplug – the smallest one around but longest one - up your ass, and start doing yourself with the vibrator. Considerately he tossed her a container of lubricant. Jackie continued to follow his instructions. She fed the big, shiny, metal ben-wa balls into her cunt, one after the other until only the string hung out. She had lubed them

first, then she lubed the big, black dildo and eased it into her hairy quim, fitting it against the balls and pushing them deeper up into her. She adjusted that equipment so one of the balls and the head of the dildo was right on her G-spot, she moaned and came, squirting her juices as always.

“Good girl,” Rob praised her. “Good that you are cumming already but don’t run out. You will be wanting to cum lots before this test is over.”

“Ummmnh,” Jackie moaned.

Rod helped her by working the buttplug, lubed liberally, up her ass. He f***ed the slick point past her rosette, opening it, driving the plug beyond her anal spinchter until the rubber toy was buried in her and held tight, clamped by her clenching ass ring. She picked up the big vibrator, turned it on, and eased it slowly, carefully against her hooded clit. As the machine hummed on her, her little man in the boat protruded out of its sheath. She came again, wetting the bed covers.

“You seem almost ready now, baby,” Rod said. “Now a few restraints.” He roped her ankles, her legs spread wide, to the foot of the bed. He put a rope across her neck, underneath her fat jowls, so she could move, but not get up. He put the handcuffs on her wrists, her hands in front of her so she could work the vibrator and anything else that might be presented to her this night. He strapped the ballgag over her ruby red mouth.

“You are ready now, sweetheart, for the test,” Rod declared. Jackie moaned again, her passion this time muffled by the big ball strapped into her mouth. She squirted several more shots of her special girl cum in anticipation.

Rod went to the motel door and opened it. Raising her head as much as she could Jackie watched pregnant Lana, Ted, Mark and Patricia come into the room, undress and approach her. Lana and Patricia went down on Jackie. They kissed, licked and sucked her titties, pulling on her nipples hard with their mouths, stretching them out, letting them snap back. They felt her body, kissed, licked and tongued her navel, massaged her pussylips stretched around the ben-wa balls and the big, black dildo. They pulled at the tufts of hair under her arms, munched her carpet – the black fur of her pussy, the triangle above her cunt. Ted and Mark, not to be left out, rubbed the heads of their cocks, oozing pre-cum on Jackie’s face. They swabbed her puffy jowls with their leaking juice, slick, slimy, smelling of manhood, smeared it over her eyelids when she closed her eyes. Jackie moaned again, and came, again and again, and again, as her fuck friends, her Savannah mates used her for their pleasure and hers. Jerking his cock Ted came on Jackie’s face. Mark followed with his own hot load. Cum, thick, white globs oozed on her forehead, over her cheeks, lips around the ballgag, and on her neck, in her hair.

Leering lustfully Lana removed the ballgag from Jackie’s mouth, unstrapped it, then knelt a leg on each side of Jackie’s head, and squatted, bringing her smooth-shaved cunny right to Jackie’s lips, her pregnant belly over Jackie’s face. “Eat my cunt,” Lana said. “Stick your tongue up there, taste and kiss my baby in me with your lips.” Jackie ate Lana’s distended pussy, malformed by the baby she was carrying until Lana came all over Jackie’s face, adding her girl cum to that of her man, Ted, and Mark, Pat’s new lover. Then Pat sat on Jackie’s face so Jackie could eat her out too, make her ooze her sweet juices into Jackie’s mouth.

Ted, Mark and Rod were not idle in the meanwhile. Ted worked the big, black dildo in Jackie’s twat. Mark removed the first butt plug and replaced it with another, a fatter one, but shorter, stretching Jackie’s asshole wider. Rod stuck his cock, raging hard, between Pat’s oily quim and Jackie’s lips. He rode it back and forth, sliding it, wet with his pre-cum, Jackie’s saliva and Pat’s girl juice. Jackie came three more times, moaning and spurting.

The quintet moved away from Jackie. Rod went back to the motel room door and opened it again. Jackie raised her girl juiced, cum globbed face again, and gasped as she saw three tall, well-muscled, black men enter the room. She kept her head up, watching them as they undressed. She gasped and moaned again as the men pulled their pants and shorts off, one was not wearing underwear, their big cocks, almost fully erect sprang up jutting out, presenting themselves to Jackie.

“Y’all want us to fuck this cunt?” one of the men asked, stroking his growing cock. “She look nasty, got cum and stuff all over her.”

“Yes, fuck her, use her, as you want,” Rod said. Then he put the blindfold over Jackie’s eyes.

“I want her pretty, ruby red, full-lipped mouf,”one of them said. Jackie now did not know which one, blindfolded, but she felt the head of a cock on her lips, a big, fat head, a mushroom crown, she smelled his man musk, tasted his smegma, as he peeled the skin back off his uncut cock, and Jackie took the head between her lips. She had just barely run her tongue around it, when he pushed half his length over her tongue to the back of her throat. He just held it there at first, then started fucking her face, as she sucked on his knob and the shaft moving in her mouth.

“Get this shit out of her pussy,” one of the other black men commanded. Jackie felt the dildo slide out of her cunt, the ben-wa balls being pulled out, the head of a cock moving up and down over her cuntlips, then sliding up her twat.

“Oh, God, oh God, oh,” she moaned. “Damn, so big, you are tearing me.”

“I ain’t tearing you yet slut, but I will if you can’t take this cock natural,” a black voice husked. His cock went deeper into Jackie. She moaned and came again, flooding the massive tool in her, and he shoved it all the way to her womb, wetted by her juices. He pulled back dragging her distended lips over his penile invader. He pushed forward, driving her cuntlips along with his cock as it pressed into her. His scruffy pubic hairs mashed against her now unhooded clit. Jackie came again. She came four times as he pounded her pussy until shooting a load up in her; all the while her ass plugged by the toy. He climbed off Jackie, peeled off the full condom and emptied it on her belly.

Meanwhile the other man fucked her mouth. She sucked his cock when he moved slow, but just let him face fuck her when he moved fast. As the cock came in her cunt, the one in her mouth filled her with globs of cum, shot after shot, five in all. Jackie swallowed, but cum bubbled out the corners of her mouth and ran down the cheeks of her face.

The third man just jacked his cock at her face as his buddies fucked her mouth and pussy. After his buddies came, he fucked her mouth for a while, then mounted her and rammed his cock up her cunt. He rode her hard and came in her, as she came again. He emptied his condom also onto her belly.

Rod removed Jackie’s blindfold once more. Then he went back to the motel room door, letting out the men who had just fucked her, and admitting five more men, big, black men, again. They stripped, came right to Jackie. The one who seemed to be a leader said, “If you wants us to fuck this you gonna have to take that thing out of her butt. She don’t have enough holes for five of us with that thing in her. Even then, not.”

Rod replaced the blindfold on Jackie and took the plug out of her ass. He removed the restraining ropes, rolled her over onto her hands, still handcuffed, and knees, in a total dog position. He re-tied a rope around the back of her neck, a bit loosely though, another one across her back, yet another one over the calves of her legs. Then he removed the handcuffs.

Jackie felt a man move under her, position his fat, long cock at her cunt and enter her pussy. Another one fed his cock into her mouth. The third and fourth put their cocks in her lilly-white, soft hands.

“Oh God no,” Jackie screamed around the cock in her mouth, as the fifth man rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack. The man at her face stuffed her mouth with his cock to keep her from complaining. A fat knob pressed against Jackie’s anus, lube, even more, spilled on her anal ring, and on the cock held fast against her back entrance. A gentle shove, a push; “Aaaaaaah,” Jackie screamed again around the cock in her mouth. Her butt was penetrated, a fat cock was going up her ass, past her spinchter, deeper, further into her.

“Oooooooooooooooh,” she moaned.

Finally seated in her full length, all 12 inches of it, Jackie felt his balls against her, another cock way up her cunt, filling her pussy, the bottom pressing against her clit, a third cock fully in her mouth, one in each of her hands.

“Fuck me, fuck me, phk, oh, phk, mnnnh, me,” she begged around the cock in her mouth as the big, black man plundered her pussy, the one in her ass moved in unison with him, and she stroked the cocks in her hands. The men fucked her until they came, filling their rubbers with wads of cum in her cunt, deep in her bowels, and squirting in her mouth. Those three men pulled their big dicks out of her, coated white with their juices as she came three more times from them fucking her. The men from her hands mounted her fore and aft, one in her mouth, the other in her twat. They rocked Jackie back and forth until they shot their loads too, and she came two more times.

Totally unrestrained now, Jackie rolled to her back, her legs spread wide, cum all over her face, hair, her belly, and butt cheeks. Rod went to the door again as the five men were ready to leave after washing off their slick cocks and putting on their clothes. Jackie raised her head to look at the door where all these black men who had already fucked her had entered. She gasped as she

saw a line of black men extending out into the motel parking lot. She was not done yet; the test was not over yet.

Before the sun came up Jackie had sucked, was fucked in the mouth, drilled in her cunt, and rammed up her ass by 30 black men, all with huge cocks – long, the shortest 9” and thick, at least 4” around up to 6.” The last one to fuck her was just past a boy, 18 years old. His cock was 9x4,
stayed hard as he came in her mouth, pussy and ass, in her ass twice. All arranged by Rod, her lover, and he had watched and videotaped all of it. Then Bo and Rose pulled up on their motorcycle. Rose cleaned Jackie from her cum-frosted hair to her slimy cunt, fat inner thighs, sucked Jackie’s asshole, and Jackie kept cumming.

Bo fucked Rod up the ass after Rod sucked Bo’s cock, ate Rose’s pussy as he was being fucked. Jackie just lay exhausted on the bed in puddles of cum on the sheets and watched Rod get fucked in the butt by Bo, then Rod fucked Rose in her cunt and ass, came in Rose’s mouth.

Now locals cannot get a room at the motel anymore; a new rule, something about an anti-prostitution law. As it had turned out, Rod had made, left the motel with Jackie walking painfully, her jaw aching, cunt so sensitive, ass raw, with $5000. He had charged $20 to fuck Jackie’s mouth or for her to suck you off, $50 to fuck her cunt, $100 for her ass, and whatever the men were willing to pay to go around the world with her – dick her mouth, pussy and ass.

Jackie felt sore all over as she showered at the motel before Rod took her back to the boat. Her whole body ached, nipples tingled, pussy burned, asshole gaped a bit open still and raw at the touch of the cleansing water, throat even sore from having so many long, thick dicks rammed in her all night long.. She checked her plump body for visible marks, and thankfully there were none.

Had she learned her lesson being fucked by all these black men, doing it for free with her lady friends – Pat and Lana, with Bo and Rose, and some friends they had brought along to watch so later they could feel comfortable fucking Jackie and Rod? Jackie did tell Rod he had it all wrong. “All black men don’t have huge cocks,” she said. “you stupid bastard, like those you had use me last night. The reason I fell for Willy was not the size of his cock, but the fact that I was d***k, partying, and he was such a gentle lover. I have no interest in ever fucking Willy or any black man again. He really treated me badly in Atlanta, brought a black slut with him and mostly just wanted to watch us having sex with each other.”

Jackie never knew Rod had whored her out, had charged money for all the black dicks in her that night. He was kind enough to spend all the money she had earned on her. He bought her new clothes, shoes, took her out for nice dinners with her earned cash.
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love the smegma reference!!
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WOW !! great story..rough though..Hey but still a great story. Well done
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interestingly weird