Your Wife Gets Some Big Black Cock

Your meetings finish early and you decide to make your way straight home. You feel a little guilty as you have been to see me that afternoon. When you arrive in the driveway, there is a car in the drive you don't recognize. You enter the hallway slowly and close the door behind you quietly. Something in the back of your mind tells you it's not quite right and you wander to the door of the dining room where you can hear voices. As you get closer to the door you hear your wife's voice talking to a man.

You peer around the door to see that she is sitting on the dining room table. Her legs sprawled apart and one leg is on the arm of one chair and on leg on the arm of another chair. Beneath her is a very fit, sexy, good looking black guy in his mid twenties and he is on his knees giving your wife a good amount of cunnilingus.

You're a bit taken a back and resist the urge to say anything, you just never thought you wife enjoyed sex, let alone sex with a horny black man with a big cock. As you watch him licking her clit, sliding his tongue in her cunt and slipping his fingers into her arse hole at the same time you just can't believe that your cock is getting hard watching them.

You notice that his boiler suit is on the chair and realize he is from the heating firm you called out to service your boiler last week, you didn't realize that servicing your wife was part of the deal!

Anyhow, you start to pull out your cock and wank yourself gently while you watch. She is so horny and calling him 'Tony' and grabbing his head and forcing her cunt further into his mouth. You look down his body and see he has a huge big cock and it's dripping with sticky cum for your wife.

You can't wait to see what happens next and 'Tony' stands up, your wife tells him to fuck her with her dildo. And you don't know if you're more shocked that she is begging him to fuck her or that she appears to own a big black vibrator!

He takes the vibrator and slides it in slowly and gently fucks her sopping wet pussy ( which is now soaking the tabletop), she completely loves it, she is moaning and begging for more.

She starts to nibble the tip of his cock with her lips and then gobbles it up deep in her mouth. He pushes his cock in and out for her and she loves it. At the same time he continues to reach down and fuck her throbbing, swollen wet pussy with the vibrator. He leans forwards, still standing he licks her clitty and it looks so good that you think you might just cum before they do!

She starts to scream that she is going to cum, and says that her husband never makes her cum like that. Well now know that now you know how she likes it, you will be servicing her yourself in future.

She sucked his cock so willingly and he walks around the front and pulls the dilo out, then he rubs the tip of his cock on her clitty and she screams with pleasure.

He slides his cock inside her and gives her a good hard fucking and rubs her clitty at the same time. Then she insists that he 'does her like a bitch' bent over the table. He gives your wife a right hard time and she loves it. He slides his fingers in and out of her arsehole and with the other hand rubs her clit.

He pulls his cock out of her throbbing cunt and slips it easily into her arse, she loves it and you can't wait to give her one yourself as you watch. He is riding her for ages and before long you see them both sweating with pleasure and as he pulls his cock in and out you see her pussy foaming white with pleasure as he alternates fucking her arse with fucking her cunt.

He tells her that he is going to cum inside her arsehole and fill her up with his cream. She screams in pleasure and cums hard for him. You cum at the same time and feel completely exhausted especially after having had a good work out from me as well! And now of course, you're quite relieved that you and your wife are evens on the shagging other people front!

You tip toe away, get back in your car and wait down the road for a few minutes. You see Tony pass in his car and return to the house as if nothing happened. Your wife isn't even flustered but looks a little flushed and she is in a very good mood. Later that night you go to bed with her thinking that she won't be horny. You were wrong, she takes your cock in her mouth and you give her a very dirty fuck that night. You think that maybe, just maybe you will buy her a dildo. . . . .
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4 years ago
my wife likes a cucumber.
Nice story
4 years ago
nice xxx
4 years ago
very good.... tell us more ! what happens next ?