Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 04

Susan was in the kitchen pouring a mug of coffee, decked out in the white sundress of the day before, her pert body startlingly obvious through the shear material. Her eyes were red, she moved slowly, but had a secretive smile on her face that told plenty.

I poured a cup of the steaming brew and sat at the table across from her while she filled me in on the events I'd missed.

They had dosed off for several hours after I left the carriage house, waking eventually to the sound of rain on the roof (I slept through it). They were soon fucking for a fourth time and William blew another load deep into her. They lay there with his cock still inside her, neither of them saying a word. She used her experienced pussy muscles to squeeze him hard again but before they began fucking again decided to go inside where they made a snack and took it up to the bedroom.

There they talked for half an hour about William's hope that she would be willing to service all eight Black cocks for the next two or three months. She had agreed without hesitation and with hardly any limitations. Of course if we had company fucking wouldn't be possible, and when she was on her period, or if she became too sore to accommodate them. She agreed that occasional visits to the farmhouse might be necessary if we did have company.

She also had no problem going out on 'dates' with them one at a time. What that might involve, none of us really knew at the time although later I'll write about one evening when she and Jonah visited Halifax.

As she poured a second cup of coffee, her back turned towards where I was sitting, she casually asked if our agreement was still in effect. My cock was rock hard and all I wanted to do was ram it into her swollen cunt and splash a hot load of jism into her like William had no doubt done an hour earlier.

If the agreement stood, that wouldn't be possible.

I hesitated. She added milk to the coffee. "Well," she asked. "You're going to keep the agreement, right?"

I stubbed out a cigarette on a saucer, not even realizing I had lit one in the house. She sat down and as I looked up she caught me in her powerful gaze so I couldn't look away.

"Yes," I muttered. "It stands."

For some reason, knowing that eight Black men would have the freedom to do whatever they wanted to my wife for literally months and I wouldn't be allowed to so much as touch her, made my cock as hard as rock.

"Good," she smiled. "Just making sure."

The agreement, in effect for many years, was that if she was fucking somebody regularly she was off limits to me until the 'affair' was over. If a week went by that she and he didn't fuck, the agreement was over. The deal was in effect twice before - the first time for only a month, but the second time for almost a year. The agreement didn't cover the many one-nighters or numerous threesome arrangements. Just what she defined as serious 'affairs.'

Every morning Susan would supervise me as I jerked off, and after every fuck session with the guy, I would jerk off as well. The masturbation was to ensure I could control my urges to fuck her.

She sat down on a chair facing me around the corner of the table. The white dress fell between her legs but she spread her thighs slowly and began pulling the material up towards her belly.

"Wanna see," she asked mischieviously as the cloth almost reached her cunt. Already I saw the redness of her inner thighs and could easily picture what was to follow further up.

I swallowed and sort of murmured my assent and nodded at the same time. She became serious and lifted the dress up the rest of the way.

She had taken a shower before she came downstairs, but the evidence of the night before was obvious. Her pussy was swollen and red, her clit was still engourged and stood out, and her cunt lips were long and distended. Her entire pussy mound was red from the poundings it had taken. There were teeth marks and hickies on her inner thighs and lower belly.

She continued pulling the dress up until her hands were over her head and her tits were visible. Bite marks and red splotches covered her twin orbs and her nipples were hard and swollen.

"Imagine after a week," she said, referring to the condition of her body as she began lowering the dress. "Or after a month. I think you better start getting your hand in practice and we might as well bring a few pillows and blankets downstairs this afternoon. I don't expect you'll be sl**ping in the bedroom for the next three months."

I nodded agreement and asked when all this was going to start. Susan looked at her watched, considered.

"About six o'clock, so that's about seven and a half hours from now," she said. "I guess William is bringing one of the others over, you know, one of the two guys who couldn't make it yesterday. William thinks I'll be very pleased."

As she said the last words she spread her legs and let the thin white dress material fall between them. Her hand slid down and she cupped her swollen mound through the dress, gently caressing it and moaning.

Then she stopped and smiled broadly.

"This is going to be so much fun," she enthused. "I think maybe you should fuck me one more time before the agreement goes into effect."

I never heard sweeter words and she was pulling the dress up over her used body as I knelt between her legs.

"Five minutes is all you can have though," she said. "Just fuck me and cum."

She stood up, brushing me away and headed for the livingroom where she lay back and spread, waited for me to drop my jeans, and helped me slide my stiff cock into her cunt.

She didn't have to put a time limit on it. I came in about two minutes and the instant she sensed the last spert had been shot, she gently pushed me off.

"There. I hope that does for the next 90 days or so," she said as she stood in the doorway, cum dripping out of her. "As of now I'm off limits. You can watch if they let you, but no touching."

She didn't dress right away - just walked around dripping sperm and smiling. That afternoon she did shower, slipped on a really short sundress, and sat outside reading.

I cooked supper and we had hardly cleared the table when William arrived with Mike, a big, muscular Black man with no smile, and a look that would break rocks.

The newcomer gave my wife the once-over, nodded, and informed everyone that he would go first.

William winked at me, Susan was dumbfounded, and Mike took Susan by the arm and propelled her in front of him towards the stairs. I started to follow but William shook his head and held out his hand in a halting gesture.

"No mon, not with Michael," he said. "He likes his privacy. He's big and rough and he'll fuck her hard for all he's worth but he won't really hurt her, mon. No bruises except maybe from his cock."

I still hesitate but William gave me a look that convinced me and he suggested we wash the dishes and clean up from supper.

We no sooner had the sink full when I heard Susan exclaim loudly. Then a few more yells followed by some muffled noises, like he put his hand over her mouth or pushed her face into a pillow.

We heard the bed creaking and more muffled cries, then nothing for a few minutes, then she was moaning and yelping alternately as the bed sounded like it was going to come apart.

William calmly washed dishes and explained that Mike was very well hung and it didn't matter if a woman could take it all, she would anyway. It wasn't so much that his Black cock was long (it was about 10 inches) but thick.

"Thicker than a beer bottle, mon," William said. "You better be findin' another woman if he decides to fuck her ass."

We finished the dishes, made coffee, drank it and smoked, poured more coffee and had more cigarettes. After more than an hour the noises subsided for a few minutes and William reflected that he must have cum in her.

The silence last about 15 minutes and then the noise began again though less intense. For half an hour the bed creaked, the moans echoed down the stairs, and Mike's grunts punctuated particularly satisfying thrusts for the big Black stud fucking my wife.

Finally there was silence again and after a few minutes Mike rumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen, the ghost of a smile on his stern face.

"She'll do mon," he said gruffly. "A real white whore if I ever saw one mon."

With that he strode across the room and out the door without even glancing in my direction.

William caught my eye and smile, flashing his white teeth.

"I'll go take a look," he said, although I knew he would do more than look.

He went for the stairs and I was right behind him. At the top he stopped and caught me by the shoulder.

"Susan told me of the agreement, mon," he said, a note of warning in his voice and an edge of steel in his eyes. "She's not yours anymore, mon."

I nodded dumbly and we went to the bedroom where Susan was laid out where he'd left her. Her gaping cunt was stretched beyond comprehension, but what was so unbelieveable was the amount of cum inside it (I could actually see way up inside her) and the cupful that was soaking into the sheets. Her thighs were smeared with jism and her mound was covered with globs of the sperm-laden goo.

She appeared to be asl**p and as we got closer I saw more hickies on her neck, red splotches on her tits and belly, and when William coaxed her onto her side, I saw her ass was red with slaps of Mike's big hands.

She opened her eyes and smiled.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced," she said with awe. "I didn't know it could be like that. Honest, I never dreamed it could be so good."

Now her hands were between her legs and her fingers stroked through the cum and deep into her. I didn't know if she was trying to f***e a Black man's cum deeper into her or coat her fingers so she could lick it off.

Eventually her fingers pulled out and dripped cum on her belly and tits as she raised them to her lips.

I was mesmerized and it wasn't until she said "go ahead" that I snapped out of it and tried to figure out what she meant.

"You have your cock in your hand," she said to me. "Go ahead and jerk off."

I was amazed to find she was right. I was actually stroking my cock and didn't even remember getting it out.

And William was naked and hard and crawling between her legs, slipping his massive rod in with ease. And I jerked off as he greedily took her and pumped his potent seed into her white body.

Susan, fucked to orgasm countless times already, was soon crying with pleasure as William's sizable tool worked on her slick and slippery hole. In half an hour I counted five climaxes before the big Black cock spewed into her. When she recovered and became aware of her surroundings once more, she saw me and asked in annoyance if I'd washed the dishes. I nodded and she said I was supposed to take the dogs for a walk down the trail.

"They need the exercise," she said. "You're supposed to do it once a day. Or one of us is and as you can see, I'm a little busy. I'd say to walk all three, one at a time, it's gonna take you almost a couple of hours."

I nodded as I zippered up my jeans.

"And don't forget, you said you'd fix that chair. That shouldn't take more than an hour out in the Carriage House. I'll come take a look when you're done - say in three hours."

William was smiling the whole time, lying half on his side with his long Black cock still half inside my wife's cunt. Susan saw his amusement and gave him a quick grin before turning back to me and asking me to put a pot of coffee on.

I shuffled down stairs and got the coffee going, found the leash and hooked up the first dog. By the time I had walked them all two hours was just about up and after a coffee and s smoke, I took the broken chair out to the shop.

The whole time I could picture what was happening up in our bedroom and I knew it was happening time after time. They had stopped for coffee, but other than that I doubt if there was more than a moment or two his cock wasn't inside one of her holes.

It had been far longer than three hours when Susan pushed open the door, poked her head in, and asked how I was doing.

"Just about done," I said, wiping glue from my hands. "I had to take it apart a couple of times."

"Your mind not on your work," she asked with a laugh.

"How about you? Are you done for a while," I asked. "I was just thinking of coming back in for a coffee."

She slid her body around the door so I could see most of her sexy form. She was d****d in a short bathrobe but in the dim light where she stood I couldn't see much, but I caught a look of indecision on her face.

"Well, I suppose we could put on another pot," she said. "I'll see if William wants to come down or if he's in bed for the night."

I gulped at that remark. I had sort of wondered if he was staying and I had my answer. I'd be sl**ping downstairs and she was making sure I knew it.

I put the chair up on the workbench, threw some tools on a shelf, and turned out the lights. Susan was already gone so I made my way back to the kitchen door alone.

She was putting on the coffee and asked me to go check on William.

"See if he wants coffee or if there's anything he needs," she said offhand is if my serving her Black lover was a ordinary as sliced bread. "See if he wants you to run a bath for us now. We were thinking of taking one later."

William was half asl**p with just a corner of sheet over his mid-section. The rest of the bed clothes were a tangle on the floor and the bottom sheet was taken right off the bed and lay in a damp heap in the clothes hamper.

"You want coffee or a bath," I asked, almost rudely.

He opened an eye and his lips curled into a smile showing white teeth.

"Hey mon, yeh. Start the bath and bring us up coffee mon," he said. "Me and her is gonna clean up a bit. Susan said you'd find some clean sheets and stuff to make up the bed again. Said you'd love to do it."

Back down in the kitchen the coffee was ready so I filled two cups while Susan sat, legs spread, at the table waiting. The bathrobe had dropped open and her swollen, red pussy with distended lips and engorged clit was prominent and purposely (I suspected) pointed in my direction. She idly ran her fingers down through the swollen lips, spreading her cunt briefly, and innocently lifting her fingers to her tongue and licking them.

"Ummmmm!" she murmured as her tongue lapped at her juicy fingers. "That's real man cum."

She slowly sauntered to the stairs and I followed her up with the coffee, catching glimpses of her popular pussy. I had started the water for their bath and after setting the coffee on a small book shelf that served as a night stand, I went to the bathroom and checked the water.

When I looked out, Susan and William were sitting up with their backs and heads on pillows against the headboard drinking their coffee. She said Indian style with widely splayed cunt and William had his long legs stretched out and semi-limp cock hanging over his left leg.

"William doesn't have quite enough sugar, Hon, can you fix it," Susan asked. "And make sure the water is still warm. We'll be in in about five minutes."

Her rope was fully open and her tits hung firmly, jutting out between the two sides of the garment. Her nipples were hard and they were still red blotches and teeth marks from previous sessions.

I did their bidding and had to run back down for a lighter and ashtray. Then they made sure I had laid out towels, washcloths, soap, and shampoo before they went in and closed the bathroom door.

"You should probably head down stairs for the night Hon," she said. "I don't think there's anything else we need, but if there is we'll call."

I'm guessing she rode him for 20 minutes and maybe sucked him for a while. I finally heard them open the door close to half an hour after I went down stairs.

"Sorry Hon," Susan called down. "Could you clean up the tub and the floor? We're heading to bed. Oh, and when you're down, don't forget to set an alarm for 6:30 a.m. You'll have to get some breakfast ready for William and then drive him to work. The alarm clock's just outside the bedroom door."

I did as I was told. They hadn't even pulled the plug and it only took a quick glance to see strands of cum floating in the water. And the floor was soaked - from splashing I guessed. The whole time I cleaned up, I could hear muffled talking and giggling from the bedroom.

I took the clock, set it, and tried to sl**p. It was past midnight and I was so horny I knew I'd cum with just a few strokes of my hand. I grabbed some Kleenex and jerked off. But it did little good. I imagined what had happened the day before, and that night and began jerking off again. Finally I relieved myself sufficiently and fell into a fitful sl**p filled with visions of giant Black cocks and Susan spread for them. In one sequence, she was on her hands and knees with a giant cock sliding deep into her. Behind the big Black man fucking her was a line of similar men stretching back as far as the eye could see. A bucket was placed between her legs to catch whatever dripped out of her - and it was half full of white jism.

Another scene had her on her back with another line of men waiting their turns. Her face was a study in a****l lust as cock after cock brought her to climax in an almost continuous string of orgasms.

Finally the scene faded and was replaced with a flash of William's grinning face. The next thing I knew I was listening to a weather forecast and the sun was up.

I did breakfast, took it up and had to wake them and watch as they untangled their legs and moved their groins apart. William's limp Black cock slipped out of her gaping hole. They sat up and accepted the tray of food.

Half an hour later William was dressed and we were heading out the door. Susan was still in bed but before I left she explained that two of the other guys would be dropping by in the afternoon.

"Just so you know, I'll be a bit busy when you get home so you might think about getting some supper ready," Susan said. "Dinner for four, but I expect you'll want to eat out in the carriage house."

Work did take my mind off things, but by mid-afternoon I knew that back at home my wife was no doubt locked in a humping embrace with a Black stranger. By 4 p.m. I was ready to get up and head home. By 5 p.m. I left the office.

That evening was pretty much a repeat of the night before. This time it was James and Jonah and they had apparently spent a few hours double-teaming before I got home. I served supper at 6 p.m. and by the time I finished my supper and came back inside James and Susan were upstairs and Jonah was sprawled in my armchair watching TV.

Neither of them had to work the next day so both stayed at our place, and I could only guess that Susan spent the night between them in our room. I didn't bother with breakfast because I knew they'd sl**p in.

It was the same with work that day - by lunchtime I was picturing what was happening at home. Turns out they got up, ate, watched some TV and then took turns with her until I got home.

That's how the week continued. I can remember who was there on what day or who stayed the night and who didn't. I know Thursday night nobody stayed over past 1 a.m. and Susan said I could sl**p with her as long as I didn't touch her. That night she lay spread and naked describing all the things done to her and all the things she had done with those Black cocks. I jerked off three times laying there listening to her and watching her play with her cunt.

Finally, after I was spent, she dropped a bombshell.

"I'm spending the weekend at the farm house, Hon," she said. "Some of the guys work in the daytime but there'll be plenty of Black cocks most of the time. William is renting a digital video camera and James, apparently, is pretty good with electronic equipment and computers. They think it will be a hoot."

My cock was rock-hard again but she gave me a quick smile, leaned over, and click off the lamp.

I don't know what happened at the farm house that weekend. Hours and hours of video was recorded and from what I've heard it is 'amazing' porn that has made its way in edited form to several porn companies. Susan won't tell me what companies and she claims she doesn't have any copies of the five full-length tapes that eventually came out of that weekend.

When she arrived home Monday afternoon, she went right to bed and slept until Eugene arrived at about 7 p.m.
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Great story. What a whore!