Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 01

Chapter 1

It's often hard to believe some of the cuckold stories I've read are actually true, yet there were recent events that made me believe even the most far-fetched account of a husband giving up his horny wife for other men quite plausible.

My wife Susan, a very young-looking 45 and very sexy, has had her share of long stiff cock rammed between her spread legs and swollen cunt lips. She has never failed to milk the sperm from her partners and nine times out of 10, the hot jism is deposited deep within her hot, slick pussy. The other 10 per cent of times it slips down her throat to the content, smacking sound of her lips.

This past spring a local farm market hired eight Black men from Jamaica to help with crops. It was one of those Canadian federal government programs, and when the tall, lean labourers arrived in our small community there was no mistaking who they were. They had only the clothes on their backs, no luggage, and a desire to work.

I had heard of their arrival, and quite frankly gave it little thought except that I praised the local farmer -- a woman -- who was helping them.

Our son was the first to meet them and struck up a bit of a friendship and even visited them several times at the old farmhouse bought especially for their use. I was surprised to learn it was less than a kilometer away from where we lived.

Again I gave it little thought.

One afternoon while I was at work, Susan called me about something and in the course of the conversation said that one of the Jamaicans had shown up at the door with one of our dogs that had somehow gotten off her rope.

"He asked if the dog was ours," Susan explained. "I said it was and thanked him for bringing her back."

He stood on the verandah steps while Susan took our mutt inside.

"When I came back out he was still there. He asked if perhaps he could have a drink of water," Susan said.

It was a hot day and Susan didn't think twice about getting him a drink. When she brought it out he sat on the top step and drank it in slow sips. She asked him his name (William) and told him she was Susan. They talked for about 10 minutes and she thanked him again before he walked back out to the road and headed back towards his new home.

After that, William waved to Susan every time he passed, and a few times stopped to talk. Once he had one of his Jamaican friends with him and he introduced the other fellow as James.

A few weeks passed and our son returned home for a visit. He was with Susan in the yard when William walked by. Susan waved and William did a double take when he saw our son. He walked across the lawn and soon figured out the relationship between his two new friends - mother and son.

Susan, as usual was wearing a short, Indian cotton sundress and of course had absolutely nothing on under it.

The sun was hot so they retired to the verandah and Susan brought out drinks -- beer for William and our son, and a vodka cooler for herself. William stayed for about an hour and had a second beer. Susan had a second cooler. She mentioned that we were thinking of having a barbecue that Saturday afternoon if he was interested. "You could bring James along if you want," she said. "And you don't need to bring any food, we'll have plenty."

Our son decided to take one of the dogs for a walk down by the river, and Susan soon found herself alone with William on the secluded verandah contemplating whether or not she should fetch more drinks or make an excuse to nudge William to head for home.

"So," she said. "I've got to get back to work in the flower gardens. What about Saturday? Think you'll make it?"

William said he thought he could make it, and Susan, a little tipsy (she said) suddenly realized her legs were slightly spread and the way she was sitting she was sure William could see her bare cunt.

"He was trying not to be obvious about looking, but I'm sure he was," Susan said. "It was the funniest thing, as soon as I knew he was looking, I got really wet and my pussy actually started to tingle."

She suddenly made up her mind, stood up, and told William she had to get back to the flowers. She walked as far as the garden she was working on, and William said his goodbyes and went back out to the road.

"See you Saturday?" Susan shouted as he walked down the road. "I put on a good spread."

William waved, grinned, and said he hoped so.

It was a Tuesday when Susan made the barbecue invitation and on Thursday William walked by again, this time on his way back from the store with a few bags of groceries. Susan saw that he was limping a bit and asked him what was wrong with his leg.

It turned out his shoes were falling apart and his foot was blistered.

"Well, can't you get a new pair," she asked. He said he would but didn't have any way to get to a shoe store and he was trying to save more money to send home.

That was when Susan told him about a chain of popular second-hand clothing stores. There was one about 20 minutes away. When he said he still had no way of getting there, Susan hit on the idea of getting the car and taking him on a little shopping expedition. She would look for some shorts, a new sundress, and maybe a couple of short skirts. William said he'd look for shoes and some jeans.

It was all planned out and the next day, dressed in hardly anything, she drove me to work and went back to pick up William. That evening I heard the story of their shopping adventure.

William was amazed at the piles and piles of clothing in large bins. He even talked of sending some home to Jamaica for his mother, b*****rs, and s****rs. The prices were so low he couldn't believe it. He quickly picked out a pair of good work shoes, some T-shirts, and two pairs of jeans.

Susan had a basket and picked out a bunch of shorts, skirts, dresses, and a few nice tops.

Finally, with William tired of looking and now following her around, she headed for the dressing room to try the stuff on. After she donned each garment, she opened the door and asked William what he thought. He'd nod and grin if he liked it or shake his head and frown if he didn't.

She saved the best for last. It was a white Indian cotton sundress with long, thin straps on the shoulders to show lots of cleavage, and was pretty much see-through. She opened the dressing room door a crack, and when she was sure nobody else was around, stepped out and showed William.

"He almost fell over," Susan said. "He backed up slightly, hit one of the bins and sat down in a big pile of underwear."

On his face was first a look of awe and then his mouth broke into a broad grin, his eyes gleamed and he slowly nodded his head.

"That's the one," he said in his thick Jamaican accent. "That's the one mon, that you wear to the barbecue."

He had considerable trouble standing up without showing his swollen cock, but Susan noticed how it lay down the length of his thigh and although he didn't notice, she actually gasped at the size the bulge hinted at.

She was actually trembling as she pulled the dress over her head back in the dressing room, and in spite of the heat noticed her nipples were erect and her pussy was tingling and her swollen clit pulsating. She took a few deep breaths, put her little dress back on, and opened the door.

William was still smiling and followed her to the checkout. Susan, carrying the large basket, hit against one of the bins and as the basket got stuck, she came up short and William bumped into her.

It was only for a second that his crotch was pressed against her bottom, but Susan thought it was a bit longer than it needed to be and William's hands came up around her waist as he lurched to a stop.

She got the basket away from the bin and they went to pay for the clothes.

On the drive back William was rooting through his clothes and marvelling at his finds for only a few dollars. When he finished he opened the bag with Susan's clothes, pulling them out one by one until he found the sheer, cotton dress. "She look mighty fine in this," he grinned, as if talking to himself. "Mighty fine indeed."

Susan gave him a questioning look and he laughed.

"You look very fine if I do say so myself," William said. "Never did I see such a fine looking woman as when I see you in this dress. You will wear it sometime? Just so I can see you in it again?"

Susan didn't know if he meant sometime that day or just some time. She said she'd wear it, but didn't say when.

"That be very good," William said, nodding.

When they approached our small town, she told William she could make the small detour and drop him off at his house. It was a slow farm day between busy periods and William and his friends had the day off. When she pulled up to the house, several other men were sitting outside in the shade, stripped down to shorts with muscles bulging on their long, athletic frames. Susan judged them to range in age from 20 to 35 and their jet black skin glistened with sweat as they smoked cigarettes and sipped what turned out to be juice.

"Come and meet my friends," William said as he climbed out of the car. "James, bring Susan a drink mon, and be quick mon. She dying of thirst."

Susan had no plans of getting out, but James was already on his way into the house and the other tall, dark men were smiling and several were making their way to the car. She got out and James arrived with the juice as William introduced her to the grinning, polite farm workers.

She took the drink and accepted a cigarette from a young well-built boy named Jonah who was trying not to stare at my wife's scantily clad, very sexy body.

Everyone was talking and asking William questions about the clothes he was showing them and all seemed to agree they would go shopping at the same store that Saturday.
"And Susan has bought something she said she will wear," William grinned mischiviously. He dashed to the car and returned with the bag containing the white dress. He pulled the thin material from the other clothes and held it up for his friends to see. Then he held it in front of Susan as if to show them what it might look like when she was wearing it.

"Try it on," William urged. "My friends would not believe what I saw."

Susan hemmed and hawed, but finally ducked into the house (it was spotlessly clean and tidy), to the bathroom, and put the revealing dress on, and as usual was not wearing panties or bra. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew she was soaked. It took considerable willpower not to finger herself.

She went back outside, shading her eyes against the harsh sun as the five or six black men smiled, made hand gestures to each other, and spoke in thick and unintelligble accents as she made a few turns for them, and then stopped in the middle of the loose semi-circle they had formed.

And that was all that happened. They told her she looked stunning, she was gorgeous, had the body of a teenager, and "your husband he is a lucky mon."

She knew that her bullet-like nipples were clearly visible, and that her trimmed pussy may as well have been uncovered for all the dress hit it. And her clit was swollen and throbbing as all eyes assessed the white body that was in front of them.

"I was so horny knowing that they were all thinking about sliding their cocks into me," Susan said that night. "They were all getting bulges and as I saw their cocks begin to stiffen under their shorts I almost came when I realized they were getting hard in order to f***e their cocks inside my body. And my body was responding by lubricating the very hole they wanted to use."

She said it was something completely beyond her control and if it hadn't been for James spotting the farmer's truck coming down the road, she was certain she would have been gangbanged all afternoon.

"Must be work this afternoon," William sighed as the truck rattled up the driveway. "Damn!"

Susan slid into the car without the farmer seeing what she was wearing and waved as she put it in gear and started to drive off when William hollered after her. "We all be comin' to your barbecue. Is that all right?"

That night Susan was as horny as I've ever seen her. She told me the story as I ate her wet, dripping cunt to orgasm time after time until she finally pulled me up and I slid easily inside her.

She came in seconds as I slammed into her. And two or three times more in the next 20 minutes until I couldn't stop from shooting an enormous load of cum into her. The sheets were soaked with pussy juice and my cum as it began to leak out of her loose, gaping pussy.

She was still horny and when I got my breath back she sucked me hard and I fucked her again, this time for a good hour and marvelled as she came time after time to my pistoning six-inch cock.

"I just realized something," I said later as she lay naked, legs spread, and cunt ouzing globs of cum down the crack of her ass. She didn't respond. "Tomorrow's Saturday and we have a bunch of well-hung Black men arriving for a barbecue. We don't have a barbecue. We threw it out when we moved here."

I put "Buy Barbecue" on my Saturday morning to-do list.

I knew full well what was going to happen the next evening. I'd seen Susan fucked by other men many, many times and she regularly met her boyfriends for fuck sessions at motels or their apartments. But it had always been two guys at the most -- me and one other. And White.
This was going to be different.

These were a group of well-hung Black men who wouldn't be happy with one session. After that they would show up at the house individually while I was at work and Susan would suck them, spread her legs for them, draw their long Black cocks into her hot, wet cunt, and allow them to pump in and out of her engorged orifice until they spurted jets of hot jism inside her body.

They might cum in her white body a couple of times, thank her, finish their drink, and trapse off to the farmhouse. The next day a different one would show up, and another one the day after. Or maybe even two a day.

I got rock hard thinking about it, and a little nervous as well.

I left her lying there, spread open like a whore, cum dripping from her greedy cunt. A cunt I knew would soon be receiving Black cock daily for the next three months -- starting the next day. She was half asl**p and her hand strayed down to that swollen mound and gently stroked her still-swollen clit. A moan escaped and her fingers kept rubbing.

I wouldn't have believed how accurate my predictions were. The events of the next day paved the way for about three months of pure lust and debauchery that continued almost daily morning, noon and night. Susan's swollen pussy was so loose from constant use by those mammoth Black rods, and there wasn't a time she wasn't dripping globs of sperm-laden jism.

There was only one week, when my s****r and k**s visited, that the raw sex acts of all descriptions abated somewhat. But even then Susan found excuses to duck out and visit the farmhouse where she was virtually a gangbang captive for several hours or more.

And while my predictions were accurate, there were some unanticipated surprises as well. But I'll get to them and you will be amazed. It was the barbecue that started it all, and it is one of the most memorable nights I ever remember.
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Great story. Where is chapter 2?
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now that is a plus 10 story !!!
2 years ago
wow!!!! hot story,took me over an hour to read it.i not even sure how many times i came.i had on my sweat suit,now i'm naked and soaked,i rubbed so hard and squirted at the end just fantasizing about sneaking over there house.we live on a farm and i always wear short shorts,and old dresses when we have day labors come over.i love getting them hard.and sucked off alot of them.most of them are to find a crew of young black ones
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