Black Anniversary Surprise

My wife Lola and I were having a night out at a nice
restaurant for our anniversary. The conversation came
around to how our lives had lost some of its
spontaneity and what we could do about it. She was
looking very hot in a tight dress that showcased her
beautiful tits and shapely ass. I brought out a box and
gave it to her. When she opened it, there was a string
of perfectly matched pearls. She looked stunned, and I
helped her put them on and we kissed. The conversation
then continued as to adding spark back to our lives.

A short time later, she excused herself to go to the
ladies room to freshen up. I watched with pride and
lust as she walked away. I noticed that as she
approached the restrooms, there were two young black
men there, one was on the phone. As she walked by, one
of them said something to her. She turned and looked at
him and said something in return and continued on into
the ladies room. When she came out, he again said
something to her and stepped in front of her, blocking
her way.

He moved towards her and she instinctively backed up,
finding herself in a corner that was shielded from most
of the other patrons. He moved in close to her and
leaned forward and kissed her neck. I could tell her
breathing was becoming rapid by the rising and falling
of her breasts. When she didn't make a move to leave,
he slid his hand up her thigh until it disappeared
under her dress. It was obvious that he had reached her
pussy by her reaction, and that I could see her legs
moving apart to give him better access.

By the movement of his arm, I could tell that he had
his fingers buried in my wife's pussy, and she was
enjoying every second of it! He lowered his head and
sucked on one of her nipples through the flimsy
material of the dress. As she approached her orgasm,
her hips started moving, fucking his hand and he kissed
her, shoving his tongue into her mouth. As he did she
came and nearly sank to the floor.

When she had recovered, she straightened her dress and
kissed him once more and returned to our table. I was
convinced that she didn't know I had witnessed her
giving herself to this strange black man in public, so
I decided not to say anything. She sat down and said,
"Now where were we, honey?"

We stayed there for about another hour and she said she
was going back to the ladies room again. As she passed
the man who had used her so blatantly, she said
something to him, and he went outside. She stepped into
the restroom, and immediately came out and stepped
quickly outside. I waited a short time and then paid
the check and quietly went into the parking lot. At
first, I didn't see her, but then I heard noises coming
from the far end.

I slowly made my way in that direction and when I got
close enough to see, I was stunned! There were 4 or 5
black men standing close together and there was my
lovely wife, on her knees, sucking first one large
black cock, then another, while the men talked about
how lucky they were to find such a nasty slut. Lola
stood up after sucking each one of them and they
removed her clothes, except for her high heels, and the
pearls I had just given her for our anniversary.

They laid her down on the open bed of a pick-up that
was there and she spread her legs wide saying, "Come
on, fuck me, fill my married white pussy with your
beautiful black cocks. Fuck me hard, make me cum!"

One of the men stepped between her open legs and
started rubbing the large head of his cock up and down
over her pussy, making her moan. He lined it up with
the opening to my wife's body, and slammed it into her
up to his balls in one stroke, causing Lola to have her
second climax of the night. Then rest of the men
watched, stroking their cocks as he slammed into her
over and over again. She was moaning and telling him to
fuck her harder, which he did.

He fucked her for several minutes until he came with a
grunt, filling her pussy with his sticky cum. He asked
her if she was worried about getting pregnant, and she
told him that she had been fixed, so she could have all
the black cum they wanted to give her. He pulled out
and I saw his sperm leaking out of her body. She was
quickly filled with another black cock and fucked
savagely until she was once again filled with more

After all of the men had fucked my sweet wife, the
first man turned her around and placed her face down on
the bed of the truck. He rubbed his cock around her cum
filled pussy, lubricating it. He placed the head of his
cock at the entrance to her virgin ass, and slowly
impaled her with his cock. She was shaking and having
one continuous orgasm as he slowly fucked her ass. He
continued to slide his black cock in and out of her ass
for over 15 minutes as the other men stroked their

As he approached his climax, he reached around and
pinched her swollen clit between his fingers, causing
her to explode in a massive orgasm. At the same time,
he filled her ass with his cum, and the other men
stoked their cocks, cumming on her back, ass, hair and
face. When they were done, they helped her clean up and
get dressed. They asked for her phone number, and she
gave them her cell phone number, saying that she would
love to have them use her again, that she loved being a
slut for them.

I slipped away and went back to the door of the
restaurant and made it look like I was just coming out
when she returned. I asked where she had gone, and she
said she went to get some air as she wasn't feeling

We got in the car, and I said, "Are you sure you didn't
go outside to get some young black cock?"

She looked shocked. She lowered her head and said she
was sorry. I told her that if she wanted to be a slut
and fuck black men, that it was OK with me, as long as
we did it together, and she didn't sneak around. She
asked if I was telling the truth, and I assured her I
was. She unzipped my pants and started stroking my
cock. I pushed her head down and she took my cock in
her mouth and sucked it until I filled her mouth with
my cum.

She swallowed it all and said, "I guess we are not so
boring, after all. Did you like watching them use my
pussy? Did it make you hot when they came inside me?"

I told her that I had never seen anything so hot
before, and that she had never looked more beautiful as
when she spread her legs, offering herself to her black
lovers. We agreed that she should continue to give
herself to black men as often as she wants, as long as
I get to watch and fuck her swollen pussy when they are
finished with her.
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