The Gift

My wife, Sue, has quite often told me about her fantasy of being ****d by a black man. This was especially apparent when we would watch x-rated movies with well-hung black males and white females. She would cum almost immediately after watching these movies.

Our anniversary was a couple of weeks off and I still didn’t know what to get Sue for a gift. I worked out at the YMCA almost everyday. There was a black male there that I had become acquainted with. His name was Jason, and he was very pleasant to visit with. I also noticed in the shower that he was very well endowed. His 9” penis made my 5” one seem like a miniature. One day we both finished up working out about the same time and I asked if he would like to go get a beer. I was concocting an idea, but didn’t quite know how to approach it.

After a couple of beers at a nearby pub, the conversation turned to sex. I found out that Jason was single. I asked him how his love life was. He replied that it was tolerable, but he never could get enough it seemed. We began sharing some intimate conversations that one would not normally share. He told me about a married middle age woman he was fucking on the side. He said he really enjoyed older women, even though he didn’t know why. I shared with him my wife’s fantasy of being fucked by a black man. Then I thought this would be a good time to share my plan with him. I told him that our 30th anniversary was coming up in a couple of weeks and that I wanted to give Sue a gift she would never forget.

We proceeded to plan for the next couple of weeks, and finally the appointed night came. I had taken Sue out to eat for our anniversary, and given her a pair of earrings so she would at least have a gift to open. We arrived home around 8:00. I had given Jason a key so he would be there waiting for us. We no more than walked in the door and Jason appeared with a very real looking toy gun.

He said, “don’t make any silly moves and no one will get hurt”. “I had hoped I would finish robbing you before you got home but I guess that was too much to ask,” he said. “Tell you what I would like you to do,” he said, “ I want you both to strip. People aren’t a threat if they’re naked.”

I glanced at Sue whose eyes were agape, I’m not sure if it was terror or surprise. We both began to strip. When we both finally had our clothes off he motioned us into the bedroom. He told me to sit in a wooden chair beside the bed and he quickly pulled out some rope and tied my ankles to the legs of the chair and my hands behind the back. He then told Sue to pull back the covers on the bed, and lie down in the center of the bed on her back with her legs and arms spread. I couldn’t control my impulses and was dripping precum from the slit of my penis as I watch my lovely wife do as she was told. She seemed to be trembling, but I couldn’t tell if it was from fear or anticipation of what she presumed was about to happen. Sue pulled back the covers exposing the sheets, and lay down as told, too fearful not too. Her 36C breasts sagged to the sides slightly but for a 50 year old she looked damn good. Jason took some more rope from his pocket and tied her arms and legs to the feet of the bed. Sue lay spread-eagled on the bed exposed to anything that Jason wished to do to her. I noticed that her nipples were erect and stiff, and I could see some moisture around her pubic mound.

Jason proceeded to take off his clothes, meanwhile saying “ a person might as well enjoy himself, when the opportunity presents itself.” When he pulled off his white jockey shorts his full 9” penis came into view. It was semi erect already. Jason is very dark and his penis was an even blacker ebony. There was a slightly lighter brown where his foreskin partially covered his cockhead. Jason had set the gun on the side table and told Sue she had better do what he wanted. Sue meekly shook her head acknowledging the instructions. Jason climbed on the bed, his cock now erect. It was even larger erect, appearing to be about 10” long and about 4” in circumference. The very first thing he did was to begin running his hands over Sue’s entire body enjoying the feel of her soft white skin. He fondled her breasts and then bent to suck on her nipples. He then said, “ I’ve always wanted to have a white woman suck on my cock” as he moved up and straddled Sue’s face. “Do a good job bitch, or you know what will happen,” he said. I had a perfect view of the situation. Jason held his now erect and engorged cock and moved it around Sue’s face, leaving small streams of precum where it trailed. He finally rested it on her lips and I saw her open her mouth and lick his slit. Then she took the head into her mouth actually moving her head up to it, wanting it in her mouth. It was so large she had a hard time getting more than the head and a couple of inches of it into her wanton mouth, but it was obvious this was to her liking.

My cock too was completely erect, it was throbbing from watching the activities on the bed and precum was dripping from the slit profusely. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it though since my hands were completely restrained.

I could tell Jason was enjoying the cocksucking as his eyes were partially closed concentrating on my wife’s mouth that was wrapped around his cock. He finally pulled back though, and Sue made a motion back toward his cock, she didn’t want to let it go. Jason smiled and said, “I do believe you like this black cock bitch. Can I untie you and expect you to cooperate?”

Sue meekly shook her head yes and Jason immediately untied the ropes that restrained her. Jason pulled Sue around on the bed and arranged her so that I had a good view of their feet and sexual organs. He then positioned himself between her legs and spread them. I could see him move toward her pussy with his huge cock. Suddenly I heard Sue say, “Fuck me, fuck me hard.” Jason moved to slide his cock into her warm moist pussy. He slid in slowly letting her feel it’s enormous size. I heard Sue scream, “Oh my god, yes. Fuck me.” Then she suddenly convulsed and shuddered and I knew she was experiencing her first orgasm. She is multi-orgasmic so I knew she would experience many more. Jason continued to move his cock in and out of her pussy. It did not take long and I could see him orgasm as well and shove his cock into her to the hilt. She shuddered again and I knew she was experiencing another orgasm. Watching Jason shoot into my wife was just too much for me. I needed no more stimulation to cum. Suddenly I felt my own orgasm building and I shot cum about four feet onto the carpet and chair.

Jason pulled out of Sue and I could see his white cum oozing out of her pussy. Both appeared to be spent for the moment. Finally Jason stirred and arose and came over to the chair and untied me.

I walked over to Sue and climbed onto the bed. “Happy anniversary darling” I said to her as she moved to look at me. I kissed her passionately and I could feel my penis becoming erect again. “Jason is a friend from the Y that I work out with.” “We have been working on this for a couple of weeks.” “I wanted to give you something that you would never forget.” Sue smiled and returned my kiss.

Looking at Sue laid out with legs spread and nipples erect and cum leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy was just too erotic for me. My penis was erect and ready. I moved between her legs and shoved my throbbing cock into her cum filled pussy. I could feel Jason’s cum spurting out of her around my penis and this was an even greater turn on. Sue must have felt it also. She came after I had made about four or five strokes into her. This was the most massive orgasm I had ever seen her have. She shuddered and convulsed as never before. I came almost instantly after that and we both seemed to be satiated for the moment. We all rested for a few moments, and then took a break for drinks. Who knows what else might develop from this relationship
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