True Blue Ch. 3

Rocky was in a state of shock. He paid off on the bet and I chuckled to myself as he tried to rationalize his wife's behavior. "I still can't believe Leesa jacked that fat fuck off," he said. "I know she would never have done that except I think she was confused by the phone call and all. Besides, I think she was probably impressed by the size of Willy's cock," he added, then went on, "I just can't believe she jacked him off. I know she would never have put his cock in her mouth willingly. He f***ed her to do that, did you see that," he asked?

"Ya, I saw that." I replied. "I mean she is more than satisfied with the old Rockster, so I know she don't need to be doing anything like that, except she got all confused what with my phone call and all. I guess I made a mistake trying to call her when I did. But hey, I mean I wanted to win that bet you know." Rocky had repeated himself several times. I figured he was trying to convince himself as much as me.

Willy and I had been beside ourselves. Especially Willy. He was jumping around and high fiving me and telling me how he had showed that arrogant asshole Rocky. Both of us were quite pleased with winning the bet. I had cut Willy in on a little of the bet since he was still in tight financial shape.

I figured we could drag this on for a while since Rocky was still in a state of denial over his true blue wife's extra cirrucular activity. I clued Willy in on what I wanted him to try during his next massage.

"You really think we should do it again", Willy asked incredulously? "Why the fuck not." I replied. "Whoa shit man, she is some fine lookin woman" Willy said as he rubbed his crotch. "Besides, I added, I don't think there is a whole lot good old Rocky can say or do about this since I have his name the original bet agreement. Not to mention the video I have of all you and Leesa have done." Willy was jumping around like a teenager. "Hot damn man, lets do it then," he exclaimed.

I had waited until Willy's next regular visit before I hit Rocky up to pay off on the bet. He and I were in his living room and I assumed lovely Leesa was conducting legitimate massage business in her studio at the other end of the house. Rocky had been doing most of the talking like I said. He had gone over the whole scenario a dozen times and as I said was trying to rationalize his wife's behavior over and over.

Finally I interrupted Rocky and mentioned we should probably head down to his office and the two way mirror. "Why, he asked, you won the bet." "I know that, I replied, but Willy is due in for his regular appointment before long."

The look on Rocky's face was one of utter disbelief. "Ya but, hey this is not supposed to go on. I mean you won the bet what the hell is going on here." Rocky stammered.

"Well, you tell Willy then. I mean he is all excited because he finally got a sexy white girl to suck his black cock. Hell, I did'nt have the heart to tell him he could not do it again," I explained.

"You mean he does not know about the bet" Rocky asked.

"I don't know if I mentioned that or not, but I am not going to be the one to tell that big son of a bitch that he can't have any more fun with your wife. Hell, all he talked about is how hot Leesa is and how much he is looking forward to more of the same." I said.

"You gotta help me stop this man," Rocky said over and over as we made our way to the office adjoining Leesa's massage studio. I assured Rocky I would do my best, but added we had to be careful how we intervened lest Willy get pissed.

I knew Rocky was afraid of Willy. Hell, anyone in their right mind would have been. I mean Willy is fat and all, but Willy is also very big and he would not be a push over. I had to laugh to myself as we silently entered the office and took the picture down to reveal the two way mirror. Everything was working exactly as I and Willy had figured it would. And I knew full well that good old Rocky was learning a valuable lesson in humility.

Rocky was wringing his hand together as he and I watched Leesa finish up with a middle aged gentleman. He looked like a Roman with the sheet covering him as he headed toward the dressing room to dress after his massage.

I began to set up my tripod and camera and Rocky looked at me in disbelief. "What the fuck are you doing," he whispered urgently. "Shhhhhhh, I cautioned Rocky, Leesa will hear". I went about setting up the camera and was finishing up as Willy entered.

"Boy oh boy, I am ready for this today." Willy said as he walked boldly in and moved toward the dressing room. Leesa started to visibly fidgit and finally spoke. "Listen, ahh about the last time, I think things got a little carried away and like I said, I don't do things like that normally and,,,," Before she could finish Willy passed by her and entered the dressing room. From inside he yelled out, "I am really looking ta get relaxed today I am beat". Willy was completely ignoring Leesa's attempts to regain control of her situation.

Leesa was completely flustered. She stood outside the dressing room pacing nervously as Willy went on and on about how he was looking forward to a good massage today. If I have not said it before, I will say it now, Leesa is one hot looking girl. Like I said, her tits are small, but her ass and legs more than make up for her smallish tits. She was dressed as usual in a lightweight workout suit. Today it was light blue in color and the top zipped all the way up and the pants looked like they had an elastic waist. It fit Leesa perfect and I could see the muscles in her nice ass clench as she paced back and forth. She is at least 5'6 or maybe 5'7" tall and she has moderately long dark brown hair, very white teeth and nice lips.

Suddenly the dressing room door flew open and out walks Willy without a stitch on and this time he did not even bother to bring the sheet with him. His huge black cock appeared to be growing as he headed toward the massage table. He was obviously anticipating what was coming.

Rocky had glued himself to the mirror and was looking intently at what was going on in the next room, then at me then back at what was going on and then back at me. He was obviously in a serious quandry about what to do to stop what was happening. I was busy getting Willy's grand entrance on tape and I ignored Rocky's mute plea for me to help him stop this activity. Actually I did not acknowledge that I had noticed his worried looks toward me.

Willy had jumped up on the table with his big cock flipping up and hitting him on his stomach and then smacking down and slapping against his thighs and finally hanging over the edge of the table between his wide spread legs.

"What side do ya want ta start on today" Willy asked as he nonchalantly reached down beneath his fat belly and scratched his enormous black balls. This latter action caused his big cock to bounce all over the place. This movement of his big black cock was not lost on Leesa. I noticed her wide eyes following Willy's cock bouncing movements.

"Listen, like I was saying, I want to apoligize about the last time, Leesa began, I am afraid things got a little out of control and I want to make sure you understand that I do not normally do those types of,,,,," Before she could finish, Willy said, "Hell, don't worry none about that, I just want you to get on with my massage today cause I am really beat like I said and I need a good massage. How bout you start on my front today." Willy scooted back up on the table and laid back on his back. His huge black cock flopped over his one thigh and nearly reached the table top.

Leesa had been nervously wringing her hands together and finally her shoulders slumped as if in resignation and she reached for her oils.

Leesa began her massage. I was surprised in a way that she had not bothered mentioning the sheet she had normally insisted on. I figured she had decided to try and get this over with as quickly as possible and get Willy on his way.

Leesa worked her way around Willy without one time touching his huge black cock. Even though during her massage Willy's cock had grown considerably but was far from fully erect.

Finally Leesa told Willy to please roll over on his stomach. "I can't roll over yet cause you ain't done this part yet", Willy said as he reached down and grabbed his cock around its base began flapping it from one thigh to the other.

"Now listen to me, Leesa began, I have tried to tell you that the last time was a mistake and I should never have allowed the session to get that carried away". All the time Leesa was trying to explain to Willy that she was not going to repeat jacking his cock off again, Willy was wagging his black cock around and slowly sliding his hand up and down it jacking it off himself. As his cock began to get harder, Leesa began to stutter more and was having trouble finding the words to say.

Finally Willy interrupted Leesa. "Listen, if ya starts now, it won't take dat long and I will be done, its as simple as that. I don't know what all the fuss is about, it makes me relax."

Just then, the cell phone on Leesa's hip rang. Leesa jumped and quickly grabbed her phone. "Hello," Leesa answered.

Rocky turned to me in shock as I spoke. "Hey Leesa, how ya doing. Your old man and I are here at the lumber yard you got a minute to talk?" I signaled to Rocky to sit still and made a gesture like I had everything under control. He did not know to look at me or look at Leesa as I spoke. I gestured to Rocky that I would get the situation under control. I think he thought I was trying to do just that. In fact, by my saying her husband was with me I had effectively removed any possibility of his stepping next door and interrupting Willy's moves.

"Well, I am with a client, but I suppose I can talk for a moment." Leesa stammered. No sooner had Leesa said this than Willy grabbed her free hand and pulled it to his cock just like the last time. She struggled at first, looking sternly at Willy as she did so. He held her hand firmly and using his he began moving her hand up and down his cock juat like the last time. Finally I saw her roll her eyes and I noticed her fingers close on Willy's black cock.

Willy guided her hand up and down his cock for a while and when he was convinced she had resigned herself to jacking him off he removed his hand from hers. She continued on her own jacking his huge cock up and down.

I started asking Leesa questions about paint colors and such for a garden shed I was building, telling her that I had convinced Rocky to build one for her as well.

Rocky looked like his head was on a swivel. He would look at me then at his wife jacking Willy's cock then at me then at Willy. Leesa sounded confused on the phone. "I don't think we have room for a garden shed," she said. "Oh sure you do," I replied as I began to describe the size and all the attributes of this building to her.

Leesa had a perplexed and somewhat nervous look on her face as she watched Willy's cock continue to grow in her hand. His precum began pouring from his cock again and the more Leesa jacked him the shinier his cock became.

Then without Leesa expecting it, Willy reached over and in one motion unzipped her top. She nearly dropped the phone as she released his cock and clutched at her top to hold it closed. Willy grabbed her hand and pulled it back to his dripping cock. This time Leesa struggled more, but Willy suceeded in getting her hand back to his cock.

I quickly asked Leesa some question requiring a response from her so her attention was diverted. I don't remember what I asked her but she stuttered to respond. Her top hung open and I could see her white bra. Her tits were really small. Willy was coaxing her to start jacking him off again and finally she started.

"Look, I really have to go now" Leesa interrupted my continuing description of this garden shed. "Well just a minute, let me catch up to Rocky he wants to ask you about the garden shed too." Before she could respond, I handed to phone to Rocky.

I chuckled to myself as Rocky tried to talk normally. "Ahhh, hi honey ahhhh, Rocky began. We don't want to bother you if your with a customer he added. Are you about done we could call back."

As soon as Leesa said "hi sweety" Willy knew Rocky was on the phone. With that, he sat upright and jumped down behind Leesa. Before she realized what he was doing Willy had grabbed her pants and pulled them quickly down to her ankles. Leesa shouted "Ohhhhh" into the phone having been completely surprized by how fast Willy had moved.

Rocky nearly screamed into the phone, "whats going on,,, is everything ok?" Willy was pushing Leesa forward over the massage table as he pulled her panties off at the same time. "Leesa, are you alright?" Rocky yelled. Finally Leesa, realizing she had to say something told Rocky she had dropped her bottle of oil. Rocky's eyes were the size of hubcaps as he watched his wife being held over the massage table before his eyes. "Are you OK," Rocky repeated.

Finally Leesa answered "Yes, yes, I am fine." Leesa was bent over the table only a few feet in front of Rocky and I and we were watching all that was going on from the side. Rocky could not find another word to say as he and I watched Willy lining his huge cock up behind Leesa's lovely ass getting ready to shove it in her cunt. Leesa had one arm stretched out in front of her trying to push herself upright, and the other was holding the phone to her ear.

Willy was rubbing his black cock up and down along Leesa's cunt spreading his precum all over to make his entry as easy as possible. Finally he pushed the big head of his cock against the opening to Leesa's cunt and we could both see the head penetrate her cunt.

Leesa's head was turned toward Rocky and I behind the two way mirror and we could see the look on her face. Her eyes were huge as she felt Willy's huge black cock begin to enter her pussy.

Rocky had gone silent and his mouth was hanging wide open in disbelief. I quickly grabbed the phone. "Say Leesa, have you ever thought about a green house for vegetables in the winter," I quickly asked. There was a long pause. "Hello, Leesa are you there?"

Finally she answered. "Yes, I am here." I repeated my question as I watched Willy slide his cock deeper into her cunt. Again there was silence. "Well, have you," I aksed again.

"Uhhhhnnn, no I have not th-thought about that before" Leesa finally responded. Willy now had at least 6 to 8 inches of his huge black cock in her cunt. He began pumping his fat black ass back and forth driving his cock deeper on each thrust. "Well, do you like tomatos in the middle of winter" I asked? I could hear Leesa breathing heavily into the phone as Willy drove his cock deeper on each thrust. "You know this garden shed would be an excellent hot house too," I added. I could hear Leesa grunting each time Willy shoved his cock deeper into her cunt.

Leesa finally said, "uhh,,uhhh, uhh, yes I suppose tomato's in the winter would be ni-ni-nice". Each time Willy drove his cock into her she would stutter. Finally we could see Willy had his entire cock buried deep in Leesa and he began to pump rapidly into her. Everytime Leesa tried to answer my questions I could understand less and less of what she was saying. I kept asking, "are you OK?" Her response would be "Fi-fi-fi-fine", in a groaning kind of way.

Rocky had gone catatonic beside me and was staring with his mouth agape at his hot wife getting fucked rapidly by a fat black guy. I noticed Willy's cock was dripping when he would pull it out which indicated to me that true blue Leesa was getting off on this.

Rocky's ass was going like a jack hammer as his balls bounced off Leesa's pussy each time he thrust cock in her cunt. I could see Leesa begin to clutch at the table with her free hand and both Rocky and I heard her orgasm approach. I waited until I knew she was about to climax and I asked her if she liked bell peppers?

Her response was "Yes, yes yes yes yes," as she screamed into the phone. A short while after Leesa cum, I saw Willy jam his ass forward and his ass clenched then he pulled back and jammed his cock in again and his ass again clenched. He was pumping his cum into Leesa.

Then suddenly Willy reached down and pinched the base of his cock and pulled it out. He quickly ran around the table and pulled Leesa across the table as he went. With her now hanging off the other end of the table, he clutched her by her hair and raised her head up and pushed his dripping black cock into her mouth. He then pushed it in and continued jacking off the remainder of his load in her mouth.

I saw her swallow a couple of times and finally Willy pulled his cock back out of her mouth and let her head drop back down. Through all this, she still had the phone held to her ear so I am sure Rocky was able to hear everything perfectly.

I zoomed in with the camera on both ends of the lovely Leesa. From her cunt came a generous amount of Willy's cum. On her lower lip was still more of Willy's cum. Then Willy pulled Leesa back to the center of the table and rolled her over. She had her eyes closed and seemed to have a somewhat contented look on her face.

Willy reached over and pushed Leesa's bra up and off her tits. I was right, Leesa has huge nipples and both of them were absolutely rock hard. Willy climbed up and gave Leesa a massage with his limp but still huge cock on her tits and nipples. As surprizing as it was, her nipples got even harder. With her on her back, they appeared to be almost the same size as her tits. Willy then slid forward and wiped his cock back and forth across Leesa's lips. Her eyes slowly opened and I saw her tongue come out and lick at his cock a couple of times.

He got off the table and moved to get dressed. "Are you ok honey" finally Rocky asked? After a pause, Leesa answered, "Yes, I am fine, and I think a garden shed would be nice."

"I will be home soon" Rocky said.

I bundled up my camera and equipment and left at about the same time Willy dropped the money on Leesa's pussy.

"See ya next week" he said as he walked out.
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