Little Cock

Michelle had been content with her husband's four and a half inch cock until she had gone to a Doe's party at the Foxes' Den, a male stripper club, for her friend who was about to be married.

It was at the Foxes' Den that Michelle saw her first black cock.

The male dancer was as black as the Ace of Spades, a giant of a man with the physic of a weight lifter. As he removed his loincloth Michelle beheld her first length of prime blacksnake!

His cock must have been at least ten inches long, and he was only semi-erect! Michelle had never suspected such monsters existed outside of folklore after having to have contented herself with her husband's meager four and a half inches all these years.

When the dancer had finished his routine he offered to allow ladies in the audience to come on stage and have a closer look at his weapon.

Half-in-the-bag Michelle clamored up onto the stage with two other girls. After a brief scuffle Michelle had the prize in her hand.

All the attention had brought the cock to its full potential and Michelle marveled at the weight and size of it. Without regard for the audience she took it into her mouth.

Loud cheers rang through the room as she attempted to stuff as much cock into her mouth as she could.

God he was big, it was like putting the business end of a baseball bat into her mouth. Michelle knew she could not suck him off as much as she would like to, after all they were in public.

With her appetite whetted she returned home to her husband's pathetic wiener.

Michelle attempted to satisfy her awakened sexuality with her husband's little dick but it was useless. After having such a big cock in her mouth however briefly she knew her husband would never be able to satisfy her.

The Foxes' Den was reluctant to give her the big black bull's number but when she convinced them she wanted to hire him for an event they give in. Tyrone had agreed to serve her friends' drinks at her party for a hundred dollars an hour.

Michelle invited the girls who had attended the Foxes' Den the night she had taken the black cock into her mouth as well as a few of her other friends who she believed were unaware of such monstrous cocks. She also made the bold move of asking her husband to attend so he could see what she was missing.

Forty-year-old Fred Elliot was surprised to see the gaggle of wives show up at his door on the night of the big event. He recognized a few of them as his neighbors' wives and a couple from their Bridge Club. He could see the women were all excited and looking forward to a night of fun.

Tyrone showed up on schedule, before any of the guests had arrived. Michelle had shown him through to their bedroom where he could prepare for his fans.

Fred had been impressed with Tyrone's stature, as he had never seen such a mountain of a black man up close. His muscular arms were well defined and his ebony skin glistened on his shaven head. Fred mused what woman could accommodate such a man?

The room was a din of chatter when Tyrone made his entrance. Fred sat inconspicuously in the corner observing the activities.

Tyrone was wearing only a scarlet loincloth, barely sufficient to conceal his manhood. As he walked Fred got glimpses of what lay beneath and could not believe his eyes.

Could the black man's cock possibly be as big as it appeared to be? Surely not, cocks that big were only attached to horses!

Tyrone was a hit and Fred saw hands slipping under his loincloth as he served the ladies their drinks. Gradually the loincloth began to rise as his tent pole grew in length.

At some point the loincloth vanished and Fred saw his wife holding Tyrone's huge erection in her small white hands. While Fred watched astonished Michelle took the enormous black bulbous head into her mouth. The huge black member passed over her lips and slid along her extended tongue. His wife was sucking the black bull's cock!

Michelle slurped on Tyrone's cock amidst the cheers of her fellow cougars. Soon she was joined by a clash of other females wanting some of the action.

Not to be outdone by the other cocksucking women Fred watched while his wife lowered her jeans and panties. With her back to Tyrone she bent over presenting her bare ass to him to use. Fred could not believe his eyes as ten-inches of black cock disappeared between his wife's legs.

Tyrone held his wife by her naked hips and slid her on and off his cock like he was fucking an old rubber boot.

Michelle was moaning in ecstasy and Fred saw a look in his wife's eyes he had never seen before. She was going to cum with the black cock in her!

Fred realized the joy he had been denying his wife of over all these years. Being a wise man her knew if he continued to deny her of her new found bliss he would loose her. That he did not want to happen so he decided to permit her to have large cock lovers hoping she would not become emotionally attached to these Mandingos. Fred could not imagine his wife falling in love with a black man but be satisfied with their cocks.

The thought of a black man filling his wife's pussy with black baby batter excited Fred, his wife being a white slut for well hung home boys.

Michelle was overjoyed that night as Fred dipped his dinky into her stretched pussy. Fred had told her how much he had enjoyed watching Tyrone fucking her and how he wanted her to take other black lovers. Michelle's husband was giving her a license to fuck black men!

Fred watched while the other women took their turn familiarizing themselves with what they considered a biological miracle. Tyrone's big black cock went from mouth to mouth, occasionally spurting a huge load of his jism over some lucky lady's face. His neighbors started baring their breasts in hopes of having the divine black cock touch them, boldly offering their nipples to be anointed. Fred had never imagined these normally conservative women could behave so shamelessly, they were wives and mothers, members of the Home and School and adherents of the church he attended.

After all had left Fred told his wife that he realized he had denied her of the joy of a large cock over the years and wanted to make it up to her. He explained he did not have the resources to pay for a black stud to fulfill her needs but was willing to help her find a source for black cocks willing to fuck her for their pleasure.

Michelle was overjoyed with her husband's acceptance of her fetish and okay to go outside their marriage to satisfy the need he could not.

Michelle had heard of a local club where white women looking to be picked up by black studs frequented. Fred was all in favor of her making an investigative outing to this possible supply of what she most wanted.

Fred laid out the outfit for his wife to wear on her fishing trip. He did not want his wife to look like mutton dressed as lamb but he wanted her trashy enough to send an unmistakable signal she was there to get fucked.

Michelle went to Soul City unaccompanied knowing a single woman had a better chance of being hit on than one with a friend. She wore the black mini-skirt Fred had laid out for her with the knee-high black spike heel boots, sheer black thigh-high stockings and tight red cashmere pullover accenting her full bust.

The dimly light club was disappointingly empty when Michelle entered, a few regulars hanging out at the bars chatting up a solitary black female. All eyes turned to check out the new arrival as Michelle strolled over to a table on the darkest corner of the room.

The black bar tender came to her table and took her order returning to the bar.

Michelle scanned the possibilities. The guys were all considerably younger than her, early twenties to possibly thirties. There were four of them, three light-skinned and one as dark as midnight. They were all concentrating their attention towards the slender black slut seated in their midst. Michelle thought she probably was a prostitute.

The bartender returned with Michelle's scotch on the rocks and asked if she would like company? He told her the lads at the bar would like to join her.

Her outfit had worked, Michelle smiled in their direction and raised her glass approvingly.

Hastily the four bucks joined Michelle at her table to find out if she was looking for black cock.

"What, all four of you?" she grinned in anticipation.

Fred was enthralled when he saw the taxi pull up and his wife get out with not one but four black bucks. He knew he was in for a good night watching his wife getting pounded into the mattress by not one but four bulls.

Fred eagerly greeted the strangers assuring them he was looking forward to seeing them servicing his wife's need for black cocks. Hurriedly he showed them through to their bedroom.

Michelle had d***k enough liquor to remove any inhibitions she may have had and began to put on an impromptu strip-show for her guests. First she pulled the red sweater off over her head revealing her well-filled red bra. As they watched she reached behind her back and released the clasp allowing the tension to pop loose and she pulled the bra forward letting her creamy white mounds to tumble out into view. Her delicate pink rosette nipples measured three-inches in diameter.

Her hands went to the waist of her short skirt and loosening the button she allowed it to fall to the floor around her ankles.

She now stood proudly before her lovers naked except for her garter-belt, stockings and high boots. She wore no panties and her freshly-shaven pussy was begging for black cock.

"Who wants to be first?" she challenged her partners who were standing watching her undress while stroking their cocks.

Fred's cock was as hard as any of them in anticipation of seeing his wife fucked by four horny black bastards.

Michelle threw herself across the bed, legs wide open, from her knees down hanging over the edge of the mattress.

From their vantage point Fred and the black guys could see the pink tissue peaking out from between her labia. A delicate curtain of flesh circled the tunnel into her womanhood. Fred knew it was about to be filled by a thick black monster.

One of the lighter skin guys approached her first holding his beautiful hard erection in his hand. Fred watched intently as the smooth mushroom head parted her open wormhole and begin to slither in. Michelle's eyes widened as she was stretched.

Michelle had never realized how good a cock could feel inside of her; her cunt was like a balloon expanding to accommodate whatever it was subjected to. She groaned a groan of elation as the monstrous black cock disappeared inside of her.

Fred had never seen his wife in the throes of such ecstasy as she was with black cock in her. He was resolved that his wife would be blackcock fucked by as many black bulls as they could meet. Never again would be have to settle for his little wee-wee!
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