Heat Wave part 2

In our previous contribution (heat wave) we explained how that gem had been caught sun bathing in the garden nude and how that I had spotted our naughty neighbour spying on her. What also happened that day was that I discovered our 60 yr old neighbour had a huge cock after I saw him wanking it on the other side of the fence watching me after I had just used a big black dildo on my girlfriend and brought her to orgasm girlfriend as she was lying there in the nude catching the sun. Well after this things really started to heat up in the bedroom between us as I would tell gem how that Ted (our neighbour) was watching her and how that his cock was massive and she wanted that big cock up her pussy. We had many great sessions like this and it was one of our main fantasies. She always wanted to know how big it was what he was doing whilst he watched her and did I think that he was up for it. All of this was fantasies up to this point but a couple of weeks back we decided to have a weekend away in a lovely little cottage with a sauna Jacuzzi and little pool. It promised to be a great weekend away and gem started to buy some new lingerie for the break. The next day after booking we discovered that it was based on three sharing and it would now cost more than first thought. After much talking it over we decided that we would have to cancel and loose the deposit as we had no body else to come with us at that short notice. There is one person who we could try I said 'whose that said gem. Ted! What do you think - well I needn’t have worried that she might be annoyed because gem just grinned and said yeah sure if you really want him on our dirty weekend then ask him down. Well I am sure that with you there this weekend he will jump at the chance to go. When asked the next day ted said he was very keen and said that he was looking forward to getting down there with us. The weekend arrived and all of us got down to the cabin really keen to sample all of the facilities on offer. Gem and I had the master bedroom whilst Ted had the guest room. After the drive down we were all knackered so we decided to crack open a bottle of wine and an got into the Jacuzzi well after a few glasses we were all merry and having a great time me especially as gemmas big boobs were right under the water and I kept getting a cheeky feel of them and getting a look at her bum every time she got up out of the Jacuzzi to turn the bubbles on or get more wine. I knew Ted had been looking at gem all evening in that Jacuzzi and not once had he raised out of the water so I knew he probably had a hard on from watching her and with the warmth of the water helping him as well. Ted then asked why it was that I and gem had invited him down. Well we told Ted that we needed a third person to make it affordable and we both knew that he would enjoy the break away. Plus said gem in a slurred voice ‘I wanted to see how big that cock of yours is ‘. Well after she said this I was mortified oh my god gem where did that come from said Ted laughing out loud? Well this put gem on the spot and more home truths came out ‘Owen said that he knows you have a big cock from the time you watched me sunbathing! Ted’s face went crimson and he just stammered out how did you know about that? Well it’s a good size said Ted and we all had a laugh at Ted’s modesty. That night when I and gem went to bed she was very horny before we even got into bed and practically dragged me into the room. we made love then after a while I could sense that she wanted to have her favourite fantasy played out so I whispered in her ear ‘Ted’s fucking you right now with that huge cock of his gem’ instantly she was soaking and quickly parted her legs wide groaning in my ear go on Ted fuck me! Scr****g my back and saying come on fill it up fuck me good both of us hoping that Ted was listening and wishing it was him fucking her. I knew at this point she wanted Ted badly so we talked and decided that tomorrow she should try and seduce Ted. Well the next day I was up first closely followed by Ted who was in a very good mood after the previous night’s revelations and the pair of us sat at the breakfast bar and sipped a coffee each. After a short while gem came downstairs and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She was wearing a see through nightie and micro thong underneath absolutely nothing left to the imagination and I could see Ted ogling her young body her big 34 f cup boobs swaying as she walked down to us. morning and she grinned over and said‘ I forgot my pyjamas hope you don’t mind lads ‘ not at all said Ted you look stunning the day was spent with gem wearing that nightie and me and Ted complimenting her and taking lots of pictures of the cottage and each other. I made sure that Ted and her were in lots of pictures together and once in a while they would hug each other or cuddle on the sofa. We were having a great time and Ted suddenly walked upstairs I have a little surprise for you guys would you like it now. ‘Yes please!’ said gem and Ted went into his room to get it. As he came back down he had a huge grin here you are gem something that I know you will use. In teds hand was a box with a picture on the side of an ebony doc Johnson realistic dildo 8 inches long this was the same one but bigger as she had in the garden that afternoon and we all realised the moment he held it out for her to take. ‘Thank you Ted!’ she said and went bright red ’it looks slightly bigger than the one I have now’. Perhaps its time you got used to a bigger one he said and a dirty grin appeared on his face. We all decided to go out side to the pool that afternoon and gem dashed up stairs to get changed leaving the toy on the sofa. She came downstairs in a bikini that was about a size too small her boobs popping out of the top I knew she had better ones but this one was bedroom wear really and totally indecent she came strutting over to the pool and dragged a lounger over to the waters edge Ted and I were swimming and joking about when me and Ted got out she asked us to rub some sun cream into her back as she leant forward Ted then undone her bra and lifted it off he started with the cream rubbing her back as I sat in front of her rubbing her boobs after a couple off minutes of this and several applications of cream to either side I noticed gems nipples were rock hard and a little damp patch on her knickers. Here you are Ted would you do the front now and I jumped up and went into the house to get a drink. I knew Ted would spot her nipples and she would give herself away again so I watched from the window for a moment and saw her lean back put both feet onto the floor and stretch her back invitingly allowing him access to her chest. He massaged her boobs roughly and by the time he had finished he was rubbing her stomach brushing the insides of her legs and pussy. I decided that teds gift was going to be made use off so I brought it down to the lounger and instantly gem saw it and giggled ‘what’s that for’ she said I thought you might like to show Ted how much you like his present gem and handed her the toy. Ted then reached out and took it here Owen why don’t you get the video camera and me and gem will get this thing working well I sprinted in and grabbed my video camera and ran back out I must have been quick because gem was lying on her back with Ted on the lounger next to her they were kissing and Ted was rubbing her pussy through her knickers. As I sat down at her feet I zoomed the camera all over her and got some really good close ups of her boobs and pussy she was covered in sweat and looked extremely hyped up sexually. Ted then got the knickers and slipped them straight off and went back to rubbing her pussy. I grabbed both ankles and put both her feet up onto the lounger just like the day she had done the time in our garden Ted was loving that he now had full access to her hot swollen pussy and it was leaking everywhere the lounger seat was soaked in juice and teds fingers were making really rude squelching noises in that pussy Ted then grabbed the rubber cock and started to penetrate her with it. Get in close Owen he said and I zoomed in and was shocked when I saw her pussy gobble up the 8 inch cock easily her face contorted with pleasure. A natural said Ted he then withdrew it and brought it to his mouth licking it then he put it back to the pussy opening and pushed it back in with a loud slurp it was so horny seeing my girlfriend being fucked with this huge black dildo by this horny guy. All of a sudden gem came very loudly Ted telling her that she was a slut and to keep those legs apart only made her come harder. the toys balls and teds hand were covered in pussy juice and Ted was not able to remove it until about a minute later the orgasm that gripped that cock was that strong.
Gem afterwards was very shy and ran upstairs to get cleaned up me and Ted then went to the front room to watch her performance.
To be continued gemma xxx

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