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It was a Thursday night and my best friends girlfriends b*****r was leaving back to San Francisco. We kicked it a few nights before and got pissed d***k. But that was when I got the suspicion that my best friends girls b*****r was gay by the way he talked and walked let's just call him Jimmy. At first I was a little scethy about kicking it with a gay guy because I always had a feeling that I would be ****d by gay men because of the way I treated gay people. That all went out the window the moment I seen 2 gallons of vodka in the car.
We decided to take jimmy downtown to view the city as we got d***k at a public park. I was be on sober after about 6 screw drivers. At this point I began to start falling over and loosing myself. My best friend had picked me up and threw me in the back seat of his car while he went back out and drank with friends who had joined us at the park.
Sitting in the back seat passed the fuck out I was slowly slipping in and out of this world. But I can remember the back seat passanger door opening and then closeing not knowing who or what was happening. I knocked out without any consent of anyone being in the car with me. I can feel someone touching and pokeing at me but it felt like I couldn't say anything or stop whoever it was from fucking awith me. I can feel a hand rubbing my inner thigh and knee. I then feel like someone is trying to loosen my belt. I try my best to respond and open my eyes but my head was spinning so fast I couldn't even try to escape if my life depended on it. I manage to tell w:ho it wwas when I heard him say I'm going to suck ur dick so hard boy!!. Sure enough by the tone of his voice it was jimmy.
Jimmy is a tall six foot two guy in his mid 20s with long hair and mid tone brown skin. You could tell he was a fag. He also weighs about 250lbs in his muscle body. It was his hand that I can feel touching me as I'm pissed d***k and starting to loose vision. I can feel his unzippin my pants and try to get pass my basket ball shorts. I then knock out.
My head is slumped over my left shoulder as I can feel a warm sensation on my cock. I know what's going on but I just can't find the strength to move any part of my body. Jimmy had his hand rubbing my cock up and down trying his best to get my dick hard with a torture hand job. For some reason I can only feel my dick starting to get hard as he started to take my 8 inch cock and move it in a circular motion. I wanted to punch this nigga in the face but I was so d***k. It felt like he was doin this for hours as I knock out and come to.
I can now feel the car moving as my best friend and his girl hopped in the car. Jimmys hand still rubbing my dick as the music is blasting and my limp body slouched on the door of the car. Jimmy had my dick d***k hard and I couldn't help it I was horny off this niggas gay hands. I was thinking to myself I'm going to beat this nigga up when I'm sober. But fuck his hand job really got me aroused. As jimmy is stokein my cock I feel the tingly sensation moving up my dick as I'm about to nut. Then all of a sudden the car has stopped and we are parked outside of bar. Jimmy quickly pulled his hand out my pants and pretends nothins happening. I hear my boi say we about to get our last shots in here at the bar. They all had decided to leave my d***k ass in the car while they go in wich was fine with me as long as jimmy went too. I kept saying that in my head. TO BE CONTINUED!!!
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