A wonderful experience

When I was 20 years I was a wonderful thing happened as I remember all my life.

With my best friend Dani and friend, we agreed that we are going to our dull and went around the city a bit. This was a great opportunity for me to be dressed as a woman and such a walk around town for all to see. From what I can remember is I enjoy women's clothes and the role of women. Although I had all the things women I asked a friend if I could borrow her things and be with her disguise, that would not be too suspicious that I'm a transvestite since time immemorial.
Dani and I have come to friend Suzi where I've been waiting for things for my transformation into a woman. Very beautiful lacy black panties, black lace bra, black stockings, bright red sleeve, jeans mini skirt, black leather jacket with a female waist and beautiful boots with medium heel knee. Super she chose. Since we were all nudists and between us there was no embarrassment, I strip down naked in front of them.
I shave the whole body so my body and skin looks very feminine. I wear lacy panties, then bras. As a very experienced I also wear stockings, nylon glides beautifully on my smooth legs. The friends got me a little teasing and k**ding, but I noticed that me Dani looks like I never seen before. I think I found that my legs are long and very beautiful in nylon. Then came the even sleeve and mini skirt. A friend of mine has done a fantastic make-up and because I had long hair, I was like a real girl. The frends were unable amazed how great the watch which I loved. Shoe boots that I have my beautiful legs just make it more long and feminine. Dani was wearing jeans, shirt, leather jacket and high boots and look very rock. Suzi has been wearing a clown suit. I still wear a jacket and then we went into the city.
We parked our car near the center. When I stepped out of the car and felt the gentle breeze that I went up on my legs, under my skirt up ass it was a blissful feeling for me. Legs in pantyhose on which I was stroking the air brought me to a pleasant excitement. So great, I felt that I wanted to last forever. I thought that this is the best what happened to me that day but I was wrong.
We went to the city center, Dani told me to hold him by the hand as we're boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm flattered. Before church we stopped because we were at pictures Suzi. Took pictures of us when we stand together then said to be a joke hug and kiss. We were so immediately. Put me in his arms and kissed me. I'm really follow nicely, even when stretched Dani language and he shoved in my mouth. I felt that my panties in a few moves and also felt Dani's dick, which was not completely soft. Apparently he enjoyed himself.
We walked around the town, I enjoyed the view of passers-by, especially those who have turned to me. As if caressing me their views on the whole body. Given me the occasional hug around his waist, arm and he has repeatedly slipped on my ass and I'm deliriously enjoyed my female appearance.
When we both walked around town for about an hour, we turned to the bar in one drink. We sat, talking and drinking booze. I noticed that some men just me greedily watching most of all I liked that I was always watching my friend Dani. Suzi met his friends and has decided to remain in the company while we were with Dani slowly headed for the car. I have kept him by the hand and we were a beautiful couple.
When we drove back home, Daniel constantly looked to me, and my feet and then said, "How beautiful you are Maxi as a woman, beautiful sexy legs you have. What is the feeling of nylon on yours legs. " "Thank you for the compliment, very enjoy when my legs hugging nylon" I told him. Hand me started caressing her legs and ants as we go throughout the body. When I was Dani so teased me hand to my crotch and felt his hardness through the pants. "You see Maxi what you did to me, my cock wants you," he said. Because I knew it was home alone I told him, "Take me to your house." As soon as he was for it.
In it we went straight to his room where we immediately hugged and started kissing passionately. Our languages are intertwined and each other we are pushing deep into our mouth. By sliding the palms of my shakin 'them asses and push me to him that we both felt the hardness of our cock, .. mmm. One hand went under my skirt and my ass stroking and squeezing through pantyhose and underwear. We were both very irritated.
With the head I would go down to his crotch and I began to open zone, then zip him pants and pull them down. Then I undressed in his underwear in front of me and all the exciting pulse his gorgeous cock. He was medium thick, darker with a nice head and a long well over 20 cm. With tongue I licked it a few times, and then head across the length .. mmm. Dani groaned with pleasure, and even more so when I hugged the head of his dick with my mouth. Quite a few times I suck, it licked his cock and I push still deeper into the throat. "I can not stand more Maxi, I want to fuck you" said Dani. He took off his pants and underwear down, and went for a condom and oil. While I'm undressed skirt pantyhoses and panties, and settle down on the bed. Dani has put on a condom on his hard dick is greased with oil and also put a little oil to me that I oiled my asshole hole. He knelt between my legs which I gave him on his shoulders and set the head on my dick hole. "Gently push me dear and extend" I told him. I felt how his cock spreading my ring and my ass the next time I had the head of his dick in ass. It's a little hurt, my penis is easing a little, but I wanted it so much that I'm Dani pulled towards me. He is with the shoulders pushed my legs to my chest, my ass is lifted and it is his cock slid deep into my need ass. Ohh how I was filled with his cock that penetrated through the inner ring of my anus and it was the whole length inside me ... mmmmmmm.
Our son mouth and tongue languages are intertwined in a terrible kiss while Dani began to shake his hips and fuck me gently. I felt how the menu slides when it is pulled back and again deep inside the end. I no longer feel pain just superb sense of charge in my ass, his cock and kisses have contributed to the fact that my cock became hard again until the end .. mmmmm. "Fucckkkk mee .. fuuccckkk my hot asssss ... fuucckkk meee with your harddd cockkk" I told him. His movements became faster and stronger and we worked off charge my feelings inside. Loading me to the end .. and out again until the end of me. wonderfuuullllllll ....... how well I was fucking we were all wet.
"Let's I ride you now," I tell him. Pulls his dick and hauled back on when I get to it, I grab his cock and you literally Load up my end of hole. A few moments so stay erect dick and squeeze him with my ass muscles and I jerking my hard cock. Such pleasure that I am crazy .. mmmm. I leaned forward again and we kissed passionately, Dani has his legs propped up with me and started wild banging. My ass shone from his rapid and deep fucking. I knew that soon we both had an orgasm because they were too powerful pleasures to long delayed. The feeling of my cock sliding shakin 'them asses and strong I could not keep charging so much I was so horrny, I lifted a few times jerked off my cock and started squirt sperm belly Dani. AAhhhhhhh .... Buttocks muscles are released shrank and the delight of my orgasm and this has led to orgasm Dani, who is crazy and drove me wincing and tremble in delight incredible orgasm .. Uuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff .. amazinggggggggggg ...
I leaned to him that we kissed, our bodies were trembling from lust and his dick is still a pulse in my ass. So we stayed a few moments and then I channeled with him and lying. I was in heaven ... mmmmm.
"Super Sex Dani, I enjoyed the crazy" I said. I saw that he enjoyed and it very much. Slowly I came to him after a fantastic sex. I turned around to Dani and again we started kissing. I knew that I re fucking .. mmmm.
We were lovers for quite some time and we've always enjoyed maximum.


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1 year ago
yes sounds like alot of funn heheheh
1 year ago
nice story