doctors secretary fucked

I just wented to my doctor for a check because i was a little bit sick. well the doctor has checked me and after that i went to the corridor i haved to piss so i wented to the toilet. i pissed and i haved to think about selena gomez well however my penis was stiff and somehow the secretary haved to piss too! i did not shut the door and the secretary came in . She was a beautyful granny i think she was 40 - 45 . Well however she came in she saw my penis and was just like ,,wtf?'' she wanted to go but i shut the door and was saying : we are alone ! she was smile and wanted to open the door! and i was say again we are alone! she was taking my cock and wanted to jerk him fast so she can go fast but i was taking him and opened her pants! she was wet! :) so i put him in! i fucked her hard and she liked it! i fucked her over the toilet harder and harder she cried : ohh yes , yes ohhhhhh,yes! the problem was she jerked him long so i came very fast i jerked in her beautyful red hair! but i was so horny!! she sit on the toiled and i licked her pussy until i could fuck her again . Then the other receptionist came in the secretary said : join in ! so she took off her clothes she was a big chubby women mmmhmmm..... i fucked her anal and was playing with the secretary's boobs! the receptionist only wanted it anal! thenthe secretary says i want to ride your hard cock so i lay down the receptionist leaned over me so i could fuck her BIG very BIG tits! the secretary was so horny she was freakin ' out on my cock but i said i want to fuck the receptionist so she laid down on the ground i climed on the big chubby woman and stuck my penis in her pussy so i was riding her! :D i fucked and fucked her until i realized i'm going to cum i stood up and the too girls was kneeing under me i was cumming such a BIG load in their facees and in their hair ! i opened the door and wanted to go home and the women says to me : until next time ;D this was the best day of my life!
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