Hansel & Gretel

Chapter 1

Once upon a time a scruffy woodcutter lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage he shared with his two c***dren, Hansel and Gretel. They were a humble little f****y and very unhappy. His new bride wasn't fond of k**s, especially 18 year old free-loading twins, and she was always on his case about getting rid of them. His k**s were unhappy because they only wanted to please their new mother, but she only seemed to hate them more. And the woodcutter was unhappy because his wife withheld her sexual favors until she got what she wanted. This had happened a few times already, but he'd always been able to satisfy her requests. But getting rid of his k**s...

The woodcutter was in bed, jacking his meat under the duck down covers when his young sexy wife came into the dimly lit bedroom, wearing nothing at all. His hand stopped and his cock immediately stood at attention. God, he needed to fuck her! It was going on three weeks now that she'd been denying him pleasure because of those damned k**s!

"Well, lover, like what you see?" she asked, stopping a few inches away from him to spread her glistening pussy for him. The aroma of her hit his nose like sharp wine. She pulled back the cover and, to his embarrassment, she saw what he'd been doing. A lascivious smile came to her mouth. "Why don't I...make it feel better?" she asked, bending down to take the meaty tool in her cool hand.

"Oh, baby, suck it!" he pleaded, feeling like his balls wanted to explode as she played with them, cupping and tugging. Then her mouth did come down and she took his cockhead in her mouth, sucking as if she'd done this many times before. Her tongue played along his piss hole and then licked away the precum that escaped it, telling her that he was more than ready for her.

"How much do you want to cum?"

"Badly, baby, badly!" the woodcutter answered her with a deep groan as she carried on sucking. "Don't stop."

But she did, at his words. "If I made you cum into my mouth, what would you do for me?" she asked between sucks, watching him with cold, calculating eyes as he writhed in pleasure.

"Almost anything, baby!" he cried out. "I need to cum! It's been too long!"

"Almost anything?" she asked in disgust, throwing the thick cock aside to watch him with hatred in her eyes. "What if I let you cum in my pussy?" She took his hand and f***ed his largest finger into the juicy honey in her cunt, fucking herself with it. "Don't you wish that was your cock inside me, pumping me hard and filling me with your sweet cum?" He groaned as if in pain, taking advantage to pleasure her with his hand. In turn, she took his cock in her hand and began jacking him off. She was driving him crazy.

"Those old brats are a nuisance and a drain on the little money you make. They're adults now. They should be out on their own. Come on, baby," she purred, "tell me what I want to hear."

"Baby, I can't...not the k**s...."

Angry by his continued stubbornness, she pulled his finger out of her and decided to up the stakes. She straddled him, his meat sliding effortlessly into her damp cunt chute. She began to ride him, fast and hard, an evil grin marring her features as she saw her husband's pleasure, groaning loudly each time she went down on him.

And just as the woodcutter was about to shoot his seaman into his wife, she got off him and stood by the bed, enjoying his tortured state, denying him the ultimate pleasure.

She leaned over and whispered in his ear, "So, lover, what will it be?"

"What do you want me to do?" he asked, resigned to his fate. He couldn't save his k**s. He was too desperate to cum and this bitch knew it.

"We'll take those brats deep into the woods and leave them there. Maybe some other f****y will take them in." She took her husband's flaming cock in her mouth and sucked to ease his anguish.

He wanted to fuck her mouth. "Okay. We'll get rid of the k**s."

Ahhh, the magic words. With a boisterous laugh, she mounted him again and rode him like she would a wild stallion.

The noise coming out of their parents' room was almost deafening.

Hansel was as horny as he was mad. He'd only been peeking through his parents' keyhole hoping to catch them going at it, but instead he overheard a most distressing plot to do away with him and his s****r. Regardless, that didn't stop Hansel from putting his hand down his pants to pleasure his meat as he watched and heard his stepmother have a screaming orgasm. His father quickly followed. And before long, Hansel's young seed spewed in his hand, making a mess of his rough trousers.

Gretel waited impatiently for her b*****r to come back to bed. She needed his warm body against her in order to fall asl**p. But with that racket going on next door, with people grunting and shouting and grunting some more, it would be a miracle if she fell asl**p tonight at all.

Hansel crept into the room, looking a little embarrassed. "What is it, b*****r? What's happening in there? Is someone being murdered?"

The young man slid into bed beside his s****r, noting that she had no shift on. She was completely naked. His young cock slowly began coming to life. Never had he felt this way before with her. He and Gretel had slept together for years and years. But after what he'd just witnessed next door...

Gretel cuddled up against his tense body and felt something jabbing sharply against her side. "Ouch!" What's in your pocket?"


"Jeez, I thought you stopped collecting junk years ago." She cuddled even closer and d****d her arm over his midsection, her ample breasts and hard nipples cushioning against him. She heard him swallow hard, as if he had a hard time breathing.

"What is it, b*****r?" she asked, exasperated, and then came to a sudden stop when she felt something quite foreign jabbing into her arm. "What is this?"

Hansel blushed, his teen cock almost the size of his father's, which was now as hard as stone at her touch. Her fingers came to explore the thick shaft in his trouser, which he'd refused to remove before getting into bed. They always slept in the nude together.

"My goodness, b*****r. When did you get so big?" Her innocent fingers played with the heated flesh, liking the way it jumped in her hand and the smooth texture and its thickness. She felt her nether region become damp and couldn't understand it. But she kept playing with the funny meaty pole in her hand. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Sorry, s*s, but I don't think you should—" He groaned and jackknifed under the covers at the same time, spewing his virgin seed into his s****r's hand.

"EEEuuuuu!" What is this?" she cried out in disgust, pulling her hand out from beneath the covers and bringing it to the candle light so that she could see the white goo in her palm. "I thought only pee came out of that thing!" She turned back to watch the look of pleasure and relief on her b*****r's face. "Did that feel nice?" she asked hesitantly.

"Oh, yeah. That felt great," he weezed out weakly, looking as if he was totally out of it.

Gretel wiped her soiled hand on her b*****r's pants. She was annoyed and getting strangely wetter in her secret place by the minute. "Well, gee, I'm soooo glad I was able to pleasure you. Too bad girls can't get the same in return," she huffed. Gretel moved away from her b*****r and turned her back to him, intending only to go to sl**p.

But that wasn't to be. Just as she closed her eyes, Hansel's hand snaked up and went in between her legs. His fingers found her hot, wet secret place. She groaned in surprise and opened her eyes, keeping very still and wondering what he was about to do. She didn't have long to wait. Those manly fingers began sliding along her slit to rub her sensitive little bud, spreading her juicy heat along the whole length of her hidden, hairy crack.

She was in heaven and let her b*****r know. She opened her legs to give him better access and he obliged, working his fingers slowly at first and then with frenzy against her tender pussy flesh until she buckled and cried out with pleasure as wave upon wave of hot desire washed over her. As he'd soiled her hand, so too did she leave his covered in a clear film of wet stickiness.

Gretel turned to face her b*****r and gave him a kiss as a thank you, but he opened his lips and her tongue went in to play with his. They kissed and kissed, caressing each other like never before.

Finally, Gretel lay back, satisfied and happy as her b*****r suckled on her rock hard nipple. "s*s, I've got to tell you something."

"Hmmm," she answered, not really listening. That tongue and those hands were making her large breasts grow bigger!

Hansel didn't want to give up the nipple in his mouth but he had to tell his s****r what he'd overheard. "She's won." He couldn't resist and sucked on the other for a moment before recounting what he'd heard and seen in their parents' room.

"But surely father wouldn't let that happen!" she cried out, outraged. "This is our home."

Hansel wanted to comfort his agitated s****r. His mouth slid down lower and lower, along her abdomen and into her pubic hair. She spread her legs without realizing it. And then his mouth found her secret place and he sipped at the nectar and licked at the crevices and sucked on the bud. She bit on her hand to stop from crying out, but it wouldn't have mattered because their stepmother's screams coming from the other room would have drowned hers out.

"Oh, b*****r dear, keep doing that! Ohhhh, put your tongue inside my little hole. Ohhh, that's sooo nice... Yes, suck me..." Before long she cummed right into his mouth. He greedily slurped up all her juice and then dove in between her legs for another lapping session.

"I only want to please you, s****r."

"Oh, but you do. It's not fair that you get nothing in return." Then she had an idea. Still wanting his mouth on her young pussy, she pushed him onto his back and positioned herself over him so that his long cock was pointing up at her face. "Keep sucking my little pussy, b*****r, while I pleasure your throbbing cock."

The tip disappeared into her mouth and she taught herself how to suck and lick it for his maximum pleasure. She even tried sliding the shaft into her mouth as far as it would go. She gagged a few times on it but then eventually mastered that reflex and ended up taking his veiny pole deep into her throat, much to his delight. Before long, he was humping her throat and cumming into her mouth, and she into his again.

Ahhh, sibling love was such a wonderful thing...

Chapter 2

The early dawn came too quickly. Hansel and Gretel had fallen asl**p, she with his cock in her mouth and he with his face buried in her fragrant pussy.

Their father calling them through the door brought them awake and scrambling out of a potentially embarrassing situation were the woodsman to come in and see them like this.

"Come on, k**s, we're going into the forest to cut some wood for the winter."

Their stepmother was there to see them off. She went to her husband and gave him a long, deep kiss, running her hands against his crotch, which was already rock hard and ready to fuck her. "Save that for me, baby," she whispered to him with a devilish laugh. "I'll enjoy sliding that sausage into my buns later," she tempted him further with the delightful promise of sodomizing her. "Just don't come back with those brats."

The woodman knew what he had to do to please his wife. With his ax in tow, he led the k**s deeper and deeper into the woods where neither c***d had ever ventured. All the while, Hansel used the pebbles he'd gathered last night and left a trail as they went along.

The woodcutter, his heart breaking at what he had to do, mumbled some lame excuse about needing to relieve himself behind a bush. He sprinted for home and into his wife's waiting ass.

Meanwhile, Hansel and Gretel were getting chilled the longer they waited for their father to return. But he didn't. They comforted each other with a hug, holding each other until the moon came up.

Gretel was frightened of the night sounds around them. "Don't worry, dear s****r, let me take your mind off this place." And so he parted her legs and knelt between them to lick and suck on those fleshy crevices he now knew so well. It worked like magic. While the wildlife around them called out in the dead of the night, b*****r and s****r took comfort and refuge in each other's newly found desires. She loved his cock and her mouth couldn't get enough of it. They pleasured each other for hours like this, until finally they were too tired to have any more orgasms.

"Oh, b*****r, what'll we do?" Gretel lamented, rubbing her b*****r's flaccid cock lovingly.

He only chuckled, seeming to have no care in the world.

"What's so funny? We're about to die out here and all you find that amusing?" She yanked on his cock in anger, and his mirth turned into desire.

"Suck on my ball, s****r, and I'll tell you why I'm not too worried about our situation."

More than ready to humor him, she dived in between his legs and took his hairy wrinkly balls into her mouth, sucking on them as she would on a peach pit.

"I left a trail of white pebbles for us to find our way back again. I see one right now as the moonlight is reflecting off them."

She leaned over and gave her b*****r a deep kiss full of excitement. "Why didn't you tell me that earlier, you jerk!"

"Would we have had that marathon lapping session between each others legs had I told you?"

She laughed, shaking her head in amused consternation. "Probably. I've grown a liking for the taste of that thing." She still refused to call it by its name, always referring to it as that thing.

It didn't take them long to get back to the cottage in the moonlight. They didn't even need to creep back into their rooms because their parents were at it again tonight—the noise of grunts and screams of pleasure coming out of their room was enough to wake the dead.

The next morning a scream of outrage rang through the cottage when Gerta walked into the room she expected to be empty and instead found the two brats sl**ping together in their bed. Ready to have it out with her husband, she locked her stepk**s in the room for the rest of the day, all the while raging at her husband and belittling him as a man. And then she'd tease him by fucking until he was just about to cum, only to jump off him, laughing at his discomfort.

"I ask you to do a simple little thing, you motherfucker. Can't you do that? Can't I trust you to do anything?!" That went on all day.

Hansel and Gretel stayed put, hearing everything going on between their parents. Twice their stepmother came by with bread and water, but then she'd lock them back up again, dashing their hopes of freedom.

At dawn, the woodcutter took his k**s out into the forest. Gretel knew what was about to happen and she wracked her brain to try to convince her papa not to do it. And then she thought of a way...

"Pappa," Gretel stopped her father, "I'm getting tired. Can we stop and rest?"

"Of course, my precious," the woodsman said.

"Hansel, be a good b*****r and pick us some berries from those shrubs we passed back there."

Hansel was about to refuse but he changed his mind at the look she was giving him. The sly girl was up to something...

Alone with her father, Gretel saw that he'd perched himself on a tree stump. She didn't really know what she was doing, but she was willing to give anything a try. She went up to him and was about to sit on his lap when she changed her mind and straddled him instead. He was taken aback and sat stock still. She could feel his thick cock through the rough trousers he wore as it pushed into her crotch.

"What are you doing?" her father asked through gritted teeth, obviously trying to keep himself in control but looking shell shocked by her forwardness.

"Just what I've always done, daddy. You always let me sit on your lap."

Beads of sweat broke out on his brow. "When you were ten, yes. Now you're nearly a woman."

"Yes, nearly... Can you show me what it takes to become a real woman, daddy?" she asked innocently, shy and ignorant, although her body responded to his hardness by grinding against him.

She saw his eyes cloud over and his body tense in rebellion at what was happening as she continued grinding her virgin crotch against his hefty bulge. "What are you doing to your weak father, daughter? Are you trying to kill me?"

"I'm just being a dutiful daughter. I only want to please you. To pleasure you..."

With those words came her inspiration. She got off his lap—she caught his mingled sigh of relief and regret. But that regret quickly turned into a full-blown hard-on as his daughter knelt between his legs and proceeded to take his huge meaty cock out of his pants.

"Please, daddy, let me do this for you. I love you," she said the words just as her mouth opened to take his wide girth into her mouth.

The woodsman was in temporary shock and could do nothing but watch his cockhead disappear into his sweet daughter's mouth. She kept sucking and sucking, making him lose all reason and throw caution to the wind. His hips thrust forward, jamming his cock into her mouth. She was taken off guard but quickly recovered, opening up her throat as she'd learnt with her b*****r, to accommodate this flesh that was soon pounding at her throat. He was like a man possessed by the devil, pounding and pounding at his daughter's young bow-shaped mouth, plunging his cock deeper and deeper into her wet air tunnel.

Gretel was getting the thrill of her life—her daddy was fucking her throat! He was larger and thicker than Hansel, and he was heavenly!

The a****ls of the forest seemed to be as excited as she was, their noises seemed amplified to deafening proportions. Her father's grunts and groans joined in the feral chorus.

She welcomed his orgasm and his globs and globs of white cum into her belly. He soon became soft, but she didn't want to part with his thing. She licked the length, sucking loving on the tip and the balls. How she loved this magnificent tool that had given her life. Now it would give her pleasure!

But her pleasure was short-lived. Her father seemed to come out of his trance somewhere in between her cockhead licking and hairy ball sucking. He pushed her away as if she had plague and then he ran back into the woods, leaving behind his c***dren once again.

Moments later, Hansel came up to her carrying some juicy red strawberries. Where's dad?" He took a closer look at his s****r. "What's that on your mouth? Did you bring some cream from home for these?"

Embarrassed, she turned away. "Shut up. He's gone."

"Gone? I leave you for a few minutes..."

They sat on the stump together, eating the strawberries, both deep in thought.

"So, Einstein," Gretel said to her b*****r, "how do we get out of this one?"

"Don't worry, s*s. I saved up all that bread our stepmother kept feeding us. See," he pointed out yonder, "I've left a trail for us to follow."

"I don't see anything," Gretel contradicted. "Are you sure it's there?"

"Of course it's there...somewhere." They went to find the trail but there was no sign of the bread. And then from up a tall tree, there came a laughing screech from the darkness of the leaves.

Gretel turned to her b*****r. "You idiot! Our trail's in the belly of that fat bird!"

They were f***ed to spend the night outdoors. This time, however, Gretel refused Hansel access to her pussy as punishment for his oversight.

By morning they decided to wander the forests in the hopes of coming across someone who would help them. Hour after hour passed. They were now truly lost. They walked and walked until they came upon a strange looking cottage in the glade. Gretel went up to it and took a sniff of the house only because it smelled like...pastry. She broke off a piece of plaster and took a hesitant bite. Sure enough, it was chocolate. Hansel broke off another piece and tasted gingerbread and icing.

"Ohhhh, this is heavenly," Gretel cooed, after days of eating nothing but bread.

"I wonder who lives here?" And just as Hansel asked, the door opened and out stepped an old hag.

Gretel backed away closer to her b*****r as the old woman's beady little black eyes studied them both.

"Well, well, are you lost?" asked the hag.

"Yes," said Hansel. "We're also very hungry and in need of some shelter until we can figure out how to get back home."

The stooped, wrinkled hag stepped aside with an evil little smile, licking her lips as the young meat walked past her. Ahhh, she couldn't have asked for a finer pair of sex slaves! Yes, that's what she'd do with them. If they'd been fatter, she'd cook them and eat them for supper. But seeing as they were too attractive to turn into a meal, she'd turn them into "dessert" instead. Already her old musty cunt was getting wet at the thought of being pleasured by their little mouths. And the young man seemed strapping and well hung. Ahhhh, it had been so long since she'd had a real cock. Broom handles and root vegetables just didn't cut it!

Chapter 3

"Come, come, c***dren, I have some strew on the stove. And how about a nice chocolate cake for dessert?"

Both Hansel and Gretel smiled and told their host just how nice that sounded, especially when their stomachs were growling so loudly. Maybe they were just imagining that uneasy feeling that made them a little wary of this woman.

For the rest of the day and well into the night, the twins ate and drank, and then ate some more. Gretel felt herself getting more and more lightheaded after drinking the dark red wine. Finally, she couldn't contain her yawns any longer.

"Oh, poor dear, you'll be wantin' a bed just about now," the old hag sympathized, and then led them both to a small room with a small bed already made up for them. "I hope you don't mind sharing."

Hansel and Gretel exchanged knowing looks and almost laughed aloud. After the woman left them, they got naked and slid under the covers, cuddling but too tired to do anything more. They were just glad to have a comfortable bed and full bellies.

Gretel was having a delicious dream that Hansel was between her legs, sucking on her little bud and licking her glistening pussy. She groaned in her sl**p, slowly coming awake, to realize that there was someone between her legs. "Ooohhhh, Hansel," she groaned half asl**p, "we shouldn't do this right now. The old hag might not approve."

And then Gretel got the biggest fright of her life when a head came up from between her legs, wrinkled and smeared with pussy juice, smiling like a Cheshire cat. "Oh, but the old hag approves," came the old woman's gravely voice as beady eyes met Gretel's frightened ones. Belated, Gretel realized that she was tied up to the bed and couldn't move. She cried out to Hansel but he too was incapacitated beside her.

The old woman laughed. "It's no use struggling! You belong to me now. And I can do anything I want with you," she said, looking at Gretel. The hag's meaning was crystal clear to the twins. "Since I sucked your pussy, you can repay the favor."

The hag got up, naked, short, stout, wrinkled and chubby, and climbed up on the bed again, but this time over Gretel's face. She lowered herself down and Gretel had no choice but to take a big breath and open her mouth to the musty sliminess of the bitch's slit. The young girl almost gagged on the smell, the hag's overgrown bush brushing against her rosy cheeks like sandpaper.

The old hag was enjoying the tongue but something was missing. Ahhh, yes, Hansel's cock... What a lovely specimen. She wanted to taste it. Without a word, she turned around on Gretel's face until she was facing the girl's feet. Right beside her lay her b*****r, naked and tied up with a gag in his mouth. The hag bent over and reached out for the boy's long meaty tool. Then, while his s****r sucked her off, she took Hansel's cock tip into her mouth, sucking on it with great pleasure.

In no time the hag was feeling tremendous pleasure that was about to escalate into an orgasm at any minute. She moaned on the cock in her mouth, using her hands to play with it and sucking so hard on it that she wanted to suck his cum right out of his balls.

Gretel was repulsed with the stale slit and furry bush that her mouth was f***ed to pleasure. Hansel, too, was trying to keep down his disgust at having the old gappy-toothed hag giving him a blowjob...and he was actually enjoying it! It wasn't long before his cock shot out its load of cum right into the old woman's mouth. And meanwhile, the old hag, swallowing up the boy's white hot cum as if it were her last drink before dying, felt her cunt vibrate under the girl's sucking and licking until she too finally cummed, right into the girl's mouth.

Poor Gretel, only she hadn't been fully pleasured.

The hag, exhausted but feeling a little charitable, decided to untie Gretel. "But don't think to escape, my pretty!" she warned, brandishing an old pistol along with a little sac of gunpowder.

Gretel shivered as she got up, full of rage and unsatisfied desire.

The hag motioned her over to Hansel. "I want to see you fuck your b*****r's cock. I want his delicious cum to shoot up into your little belly. I want to see his thick meat pleasure you."

As disgusted as she was with the indignity she'd just suffered, eating out this old hag, she had to give the old woman a few points for generosity. Except that right then an image of her father came to mind, reminding her of those little lectures he used to give her to stay pure until her wedding night. "But I'm a virgin."

The stooped hag roared with laughter at that. "A virgin? That's even better! I think I'll save you as a treat for tomorrow. I'm too tired to really enjoy you—but I will, with pleasure," she said, giving Gretel the slow lascivious once-over with her eyes. Then she turned to Hansel and untied him, keeping the pistol aimed at him as a reminder to not try any funny business. "I really did have my little old heart set on some more cum. Make yourself hard, my boy. I want to see your cum shoot out of that loaded pistol you've got," she ordered, chuckling as she waved her own weapon at him.

Hansel was nervous. Sure, he'd done masturbated thousands of times before, but not in front of anyone. Seeing that his life and that of his s****r's could be in jeopardy, he closed his eyes and grabbed at his meat. As the women watched, Hansel began to massage and pull on his cock as he did late at night under the bed sheets. Only now, instead of watching his sl**ping s****r as he would have done, he pictured some of the pretty prim and proper girls from the village naked, and that seemed to do the trick. Soon, he began to moan and shudder as his orgasm was on its way.

As the hag watched the young man whack himself off, her boney fingers went to Gretel young glistening pussy and she began to slide them along the slit, making Gretel shiver with pleasure against her will. She took the small clit and rolled it between her fingers, then gave it a good rub to make the young woman spill more of her pussy juice.

Hansel was almost ready to cum...he could feel it and his rabid moaning gave him away. And the shriveled crone wanted to take advantage of it. "Put that tasty cockhead into your s****r's pussy—but just the head, not the whole cock. I want her little virgin canal for myself tomorrow. But for now, I still want that cum. Come on, get between her legs," she ordered Hansel, who'd been f***ed to open his eyes and remember where he was.

He looked over to Gretel and saw her writhing with pleasure as the old woman's hand continued its exploration of her pink crevice.

"But..." Hansel tried to protest.

"Do I have to use this?" she asked with a maniacal glare, and pointed the pistol at Gretel's head even as her other hand remained at the girl's throbbing wet pussy.

Hansel, knowing when he was beaten, continued to beat his meat as he crawled over to Gretel and got in between her legs. He was functioning in a haze of desire and disgust, but lust was winning. He didn't even flinch when the hag took his cock and guided it herself into his s****r's tight pussy hole.

"Don't go in any deeper. I want her cherry. But keep jacking off, my boy. I want your delicious cum inside her virgin cunt. That's it, just like that..."

Hansel was on the edge. It was a bit tricky to keep his cockhead inside Gretel while he whacked off, but her walls contracted around him and kept him in there. Before long, he grunted and began to whack of with super speed until he suddenly tensed and then cried out as a river of his hot cum shot up into his s****r's tender pussy.

Their demented captor only watched with glee, smiling her gappy smile and licking her lips with something akin to hunger. And maybe she was hungry...for cum...because as soon as Hansel was finished expelling his seed, she pulled his cockhead out of Gretel and pushed him aside so that she could dive in between the girl's supple legs and lap away at the cum-filled pussy.

Gretel hated herself for feeling so horny. This disgusting hag's tongue made her hot and wet, and at the moment it was working overtime on her slit. She felt the old woman's unnaturally long tongue slither into her little pussy, lapping up as much of Hansel's cum as she could. Within minutes Gretel was cumming again, this time into the hag's mouth, Gretel's cum mingled with that of her b*****r's being swallowed up by their evil host.

When the old crone got all she was going to get out of Gretel, she sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smiling like a satisfied c***d.

"There's one more thing I have to do," she informed the twins, but then turned to Hansel and straddled his cock with her own withered, wrinkled musty cunt. Young and horny, his cock was more than ready for a ride, and that's exactly what the old hag gave him. She rode him like a woman possessed, grunting and groaning with pleasure as her orgasm slowly built up until it finally exploded.

Hansel, even as revolted as he was by the old hag's passion contorted face, quickly gave himself up to his own orgasm in her filthy old cunt, spewing the last of his man seed into her.

With all the activity and excitement, the old woman fell asl**p soon after, but not before tying up her young captives again. Fortunately, this respite gave the twins the chance to whisper to each other an escape plan for tomorrow...

The next day, everything was working out perfectly. The twins were untied and allowed to go into the kitchen while the hag, wearing her pistol, prepared a delicious loaf of bread. After it had risen, she was just about to put the loaf into the huge, wood fueled oven when Gretel came to the woman and distracted her with a long kiss on the old woman's mouth. Taken aback that the pretty girl would kiss her willingly, the hag let her guard down.

And that's all the time the k**s needed. Gretel slipped that sac of gunpowder she'd swiped into the hag's robe pocket and slipping her tongue into the woman's mouth at the same time. Hansel came up behind them like a panther, quiet and predatory.

Gretel broke the kiss, smiled and waved at the woman, who looked back in puzzlement.

And then, with one mighty heave, the twins pushed the old perverted hag into the old over, loaf and all, shutting the iron door behind her.

"Let's get out of here before she blows!" Gretel called out to her b*****r.

They ran out of the house, hand in hand, and headed out of the clearing to take cover behind a rock pile a ways away. Then an almighty boom split the quiet morning air as the old hag's house exploded into smithereens. The k**s whooped and hugged each other as their success and safety.

It was some time before they ventured back cautiously to the decimated house. Not much had survived the blast.

Chapter 4

Out of the dying embers, Gretel looked out into the forest and saw the one person she thought she'd never see. "Papa!" she cried out with delight, leaving Hansel behind to run to her father. He took her in his arms and hugged the breath out of her. "Am I glad to see you!"

"Me too! Will you forgive me? I love you, my little darling."

"I love you too, papa. There's nothing to forgive. Let's just forget."

"But you're wrong, my little love. I can't forget." The tension was back in him as he said those very serious words to her, and she knew that he was remembering the blowjob she'd given him. "I've been such a stupid fool," he said gravely and rather mysteriously.

She had to make him feel better. "No, papa. You're not!"

Hansel came up to them, interrupting their lovefest. "Dad, where's mama? Won't she be mad that you're here?"

The woodsman looked to his son. "I've gotten rid of her."

Both k**s paused, their breaths catching audibly at his words and their implication. Their father heard it and rushed to reassure them. "No, I didn't kill the cocksucking bitch." His explosive reference to his wife startled his k**s. "I just...sold her to a band of roving gypsies. She's going to be in their circus act."

"So what's been going on here?" the woodsman demanded, taking his daughter's hand and leading her into the shell of the burnt out cottage. Hansel followed closely behind.

The k**s told their father about the old hag who'd duped them and then threatened them with every intention of turn them into her sex slave.

"Good riddance to her," the woodsman said, saluting the oven in which she'd perished.

"And good riddance to the wicked stepmother," Hansel piped in with a laugh at his joke.

The woodsman nodded, but his eyes were only for his delectable daughter. "Ohh, what a fool I've been," he lamented once again.

"But papa, why?" Gretel asked, watching with surprise when he took her hand and twirled her slowly as if she were a ballerina.

"Why, my daughter? Because I never had to marry that bitch. I could have had everything I ever needed with you."

He stopped twirling her. She couldn't take her eyes away from his. His hands reached for her, only to tear the thin cotton shift she wore completely from her body. He tore away her underwear, too, so that she had to step out of the tattered mess that fell to her ankles.

She stood completely naked before her father and b*****r's lecherous eyes, noting the bulges in both their pants. "Papa, I don't understand," she whimpered, feeling scared yet aroused by him and what he implied.

"I realized it when I got home yesterday, after you'd sucked my cock dry in these very woods. You're all I need. Part your little pussy for daddy, baby. Let me see what I've been missing all these years."

She did as instructed, with Hansel watching and trying to contain his hardon without success.

The woodsman knelt before her and sniffed at the hair muff that hid his daughter's precious treasure from him. His tongue flicked out and he began licking at her already glistening pussy. She cried out, loving the feel of his face between her legs. "Oh, papa..."

"Has anyone sampled your innocence?" he asked, a sudden anger coming into his voice.

"Only Hansel, papa, and only with his tongue," she assured her father, glancing over to her b*****r who was now rubbing his bulge through his pants. He smiled wanly at his s****r and father.

"Son, come and suck on her tits. I'm sure she'll like that." Hansel didn't need a second invitation. He came over and sucked on the hard nipples on her heavy orbs. The woodsman, meanwhile, went back to eating his daughter's scented pussy. He was an expert and knew exactly what to do to make her cum into his mouth. "You taste so sweet, my dear daughter, so sweet. But now there's one important thing I must do for you."

The woodsman stood up and Gretel looked at him questioningly. "You asked me what you needed to do to become a real woman. Bend over against that table." He looked at his son who had long ago pulled out his cock and was now massaging it. "Pay attention, son. This is a lesson you'll never forget."

Gretel went to the table, the only thing spared by the fire, and leaned on top of it. "Like this, daddy?" she asked, only wanting to please, parting her legs.

"That's a good girl. Now spread your ass with your hands so that your b*****r can get a better view." He turned to his son. "You see how her virgin pussy glistens with her cum juice? She ready for a man. She's ready for a cock. She's ready for me."

He pulled his rock hard dick out of his pants and approached Gretel with barely contained glee. Finally he was going to have his daughter!

Gretel felt her father right behind her, taking his time. She wondered what he was going to do. Despite having discovered the little pleasures with her b*****r, she was still very sheltered about sex.

And then she felt it, his thick cockhead at the entrance of her tight little pussy hole, the one that Hansel often stuck his tongue through. He couldn't possibly mean to...

With one swift thrust, the woodsman shoved his stiff cock deep into his little girl's tight pussy, breaking through her virginal wall. She gasped and cried out, but quickly accommodated his size and sspeed as he began to thrust rough and hard into her, bringing her untold pleasure that she'd never experienced before.

She cried out and moaned and even screamed a few times. Now she understood the noises that had come out of her parents room. She felt the same way.

"Do you like that, my little bitch?"

"Yes, papa. Fuck me with your cock, papa. Pound my pussy. Ohhhh, that's sooo good, daddy. Fuck me....fuck me...fuck me...' she chanted over and over.

The woodsman obliged his willing daughter. He tore into her, thrusting deeper and deeper each time.

"Bark for me, bitch, bark for me!"

She barked and barked as he groaned, pumping at her young tender pussy. "Ruff, ruff, daddy, I'm your bitch to do with as you like. Ruff, ruff, papa...Fuck me harder with that glorious cock... It gave me life, now it gives me pleasure..."

He loved this! And he was about to blow his rocks. "Your cunt belongs to me now, doesn't it, bitch! Do you like it doggy-style? Bark, bitch!"

And she did, barking her pleasure for what he was doing to her. And then he lunged one final time, lodging himself deep into her pussy so that only his large sagging ball hung out. He cummed so hard and so thoroughly that this seed washed her insides like a high powered hose.

As for Gretal, her body was wracked by the largest orgasm she'd ever had. Her pussy sucked at the cock pumping its white sauce into her, and she was groaning as if in a delirium, begging her father to never stop.

He finally pulled out of her stretched pussy, gobs of seamen flowing out of her hole. He stood her up and turned her in his arms. His mouth caught her nipple, biting and sucking hard, and then moved to the other. And then his mouth took hers in the most adult kiss she'd ever shared. Hansel could definitely take some lessons from his father!

"Now, my dear c***d, you are a woman—my woman."

The words thrilled her.

The woodsman looked over to his Hansel. "Son, find some whipped cream."

While he did without question, the woodsman held out his slimy cock for his daughter to clean with her mouth. She did, gladly, bringing it back to life as she did.

"Is my little bitch ready for another round of pussy fucking?" he asked as she slid his meat into her throat and then back out again.

She shivered with anticipation. "Yes, daddy. Anything you say."

Hansel came back with the whipped cream. His eyes were glued to his s****r servicing their father with her mouth. "Here you go, dad."

The woodsman shook his head. "That's not for me. Cover you cock with it."

Hansel was curious but did as he was told.

"As I turned your s****r into a woman, so too will you become a man."

The woodsman took his solid cock out of her mouth, much to her disappointment, but not for long.

Her father settled on the charred floor, on his back, his dick standing at attention ready for action. "Come on, honey, sit on your daddy's cock."

She was still soppy and stretched from his last fuck. Now she straddled over him and slowly, with his help, eased herself onto his solid veiny shaft. With a sigh of pleasure she felt it slide in until she was sitting on him, his beautiful flesh deep inside her.

"Watch the rhythm, son," the woodsman instructed as he showed his daughter how to ride him. She quickly got the hang of it, which gave her a sense of greater power and pleasure.

As she continued to ride her father's cock, he motioned to his son. "Come here and put some cream on your fingers then run it along her ass crack. Shove some into her hole. I've had her pussy's virginity, you can have her ass, eliminating your virginity in the process."

Hansel was eager to try out what his father had done with his new bride, but he'd been too shy to ask his s****r to do it. Now he was glad he hadn't. This was a much better way of doing it.

"Fuck her ass doggy-style, like I showed you earlier. Go ahead, place your cock tip at the entrance," he instructed, having stopped Gretel's ride so that now she stood prostate, the tip of his dick just inside of her so that his son could have better access to his s****r's smooth little ass.

As his father had done, Hansel broke through her tight sphincter with one might thrust of his lubricated cock. Gretel cried out in surprise at the pain and then the sweet feeling of fullness as her father continued thrusting, which Hansel quickly got the hang of and followed.

Father and son fucked the young girl sandwiched between them, her virginal tender pussy hole and ass hole taking them in despite their size. She only wanted to please...and get pleasured, and she was definitely getting that!

"Ohhh, Hansel, shove that cock in deeper...fuck my ass...that's it, dear b*****r, fuck me with that big cock you've got..."

Both men fucked her hard, all three grunting and groaning as pleasure upon pleasure washed over them all. "My little honey pot," the woodsman cooed, "your dirty cunt is still so tight and so eager for my meat."

"Oh, daddy, my filthy little cunt craves your cock. Oh, don't stop fucking my pussy, daddy, don't stop! I crave your cum...cum in me!"

Hansel was too consumed with pleasure he was getting from her ass to join in the verbal exchanges, but it did contribute to push him over the edge. Before he knew it, he was crying out as his cum was shooting out of his dick and into his s****r's bowels.

The woodsman heard his son's pleasure and it pushed him into his orgasm. For a second time he shot his manseed into his daughter sweet virgin womb.

Gretel was in heaven! Two large cocks, impaling her pussy and ass as they both washed her insides with their manly cum... She screamed out, startling some birds in the tree over head, as she vibrated on top of her father and b*****r, her holes sucking their peckers dry as she had her own gut-wrenching orgasm.

"You're such a good little girl, giving your daddy so much pleasure with your body," the woodsman cooed and brought her head down so that he could kiss her deeply.

"I'm yours, papa. My pussy's yours. My ass is yours. My mouth is yours."

"That's what I want to hear, babydoll. Hansel, get your dick out of your s****r. It's getting dark and we'd better make our way back."

Gretel felt so empty once the cocks had left her body. Oh, well, as soon as they got home...

Almost belatedly, Hansel remembered about the pot of money. "Father, this is for you. Now you don't have to cut wood. We can hire people to do it for us."

The woodsman took the gold with a smile. He was rich in money and love—who could ask for anything more?

"Now we can be a happy f****y again. We have everything we need in each other. Gretel, you're a good obedient girl. That will not go unrewarded. And Hansel, you're a good strong young man. That will also not go unrewarded. We will take pleasure from this money during the day, and you and I will take pleasure from Gretel's body at night." He turned to his daughter. "What do you say, Gretel?"

"Whatever you say, daddy," she responded obediently, knowing full well that she'd get just as much pleasure out of fucking her papa and b*****r as they'd have out of fucking her. Ohhh, she couldn't wait to get back to the cottage!

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awesome " & thats the rest of the story "
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Erotic take on an old classic!