Under Mr. Nolan's Bed

Chapter one

I'd seen a few Playboys and Hustlers and stuff like that—but I'd never seen anything like what Erica showed me in a box under her father's bed. It was really hardcore stuff, and it showed everything, all the minute details of flesh, up close and personal. I found myself utterly enthralled, in spite of my embarrassment with Erica right there. I couldn't seem to help my body's response.

We sat on the floor in silence, sifting through the slick, glossy pile of pages, flipping through each of them on our own, our breathing becoming faster and more shallow in the silence. Once in a while, she would nudge me and show me something of interest, and I would do the same, when the picture we were staring at was so intense it absolutely required sharing.

And then he came home early, and we scrambled to shove everything back in and under before running back to her room. Breathless and flushed, we both jumped when he opened the door and asked if we wanted pizza.

"Can Leah stay?" Erica asked and he smiled—Mr. Nolan had the best smile—and looked over at me where I was lying on my belly on the floor, flipping through a Teen Beat and swinging my feet, still in the knee-high stockings that our Catholic school uniform required. I hated them—the whole outfit, really—the way it made me feel twelve instead of eighteen was just humiliating. I usually changed the minute I got home, but Erica had convinced me to come straight to her place.

Mr. Nolan met my eyes and winked. "Sure, as long as her mom says it's ok."

Not much problem there. My mom thought Mr. Nolan was the best—a widowed father, raising Erica all by himself, and Catholic, too! She always started conversations about him with, "If it weren't for your father—" which I always cut off with a disgusted exclamation of, "Mom!"

Little did she know about all the ungodly pornography residing under Mr. Nolan's bed. Of course, until today, I hadn't known either. I found myself looking at the crotch of his trousers and wondered what he looked like when he jerked off to all the pictures in those magazines. The thought made my body respond immediately—my pussy, already wet from looking at all those pictures, pulsed between my thighs.

Mom said I could stay for pizza, and when Erica asked Mr. Nolan if I could sl**p over because we had to work on our senior group project, he readily agreed. Of course it was just an excuse, and we were up until well after midnight, doing more giggling than working. I still couldn't believe some of the images I had seen that afternoon. They were burned into my memory and I'd thought of little else since.

"So how long have you known about your dad's collection?" I asked, pulling one of Erica's t-shirts over my head to sl**p in as we were getting ready for bed.

She grinned at me, rolling over onto her belly on the bed. "A long time."

I raised my eyebrows. "Really?"

"Yup." Waggling her eyebrows, she shoved her books off the end of her bed and yawned.

"Doesn't it make you...?"

"Horny as hell?" she laughed. "Yeah. Duh! I usually take my vibrator with me... either that, or call Bobby afterward so he can come over and go down on me."

I stared at her. "So tell me the truth, then... have you and Bobby... you know..."

"No!" she made a face. "I'm still a virgin. Sheesh."

I slipped into the sl**ping back that Mr. Nolan had retrieved for me out of the hall closet, trying to reconcile Erica's belief that she was still a virgin with the fact that she and Bobby had clearly done far more than just kiss, which was, admittedly, about all that I had done. I just lived vicariously through Erica.

She turned off the light. "So which one was your favorite?"

The darkness made me feel bolder. "There was that one I showed you with the two girls and the one guy..."

"Ohhh yeah," she murmured. "Where he's on his back, licking one of them, and the other one is riding his cock?"

I flushed, even in the darkness, hearing her say the words. "Yeah..."

"I like the ones with two guys and a girl, too," she said. "Seeing her suck on a guy while she's getting fucked... I'd love to know what that's like."

I bit my lip, slipping my hand down over my panties in the darkness and cupping my mound. My pussy was aching, and it felt better when I touched it.

"I love seeing a girl get licked," she went on, her voice lower. "It just makes me remember... god, it feels soooo good..."

"Does it?" The crotch of my panties was damp and I rubbed my finger over my clit through the material, teasing. I couldn't imagine a soft, warm tongue between my legs. The thought both stunned and intrigued me.

"Oh my god, Leah," she purred. "You have no idea. I wish I had Bobby's tongue right now... right here on my clit..."

My breath caught, and in the darkness I could hear a faint wet sound. "Are you... Erica, are you...?"

"Go ahead," she whispered, and I heard that little wet sound speeding up. "You know you want to."

I did want to. Encouraged by the darkness, I slipped my hand under the elastic band of my panties, past the soft, dark hair, seeking the moist heat between my lips. Everything there was swollen and slick and my fingers moved easily, making the same faint, wet sound that I could hear coming from Erica's bed.

"Mmmmm yeah," she whispered. "God that's good... lick my pussy, baby."

I knew she was imagining it, and I imagined it, too, remembering the pictures—a blonde girl spreading herself open wide, his tongue poised right at her clit. Would it feel as good as my fingers? I wondered, as I rubbed myself in little circles. My nipples grew hard under the t-shirt, and the sl**ping bag soon became too warm.

"Doesn't it feel good?" Erica asked, and I made a little noise, not answering her, but pulling the sl**ping bag down a little, all flushed and hot. "Doesn't it make you want a big, hard cock right now? Ohhh I want to know what it feels like to be fucked..."

I moaned softly, hearing the wet noises grow louder from Erica's bed, and I couldn't help sliding my hand up under my t-shirt to play with my nipples. The sensation went straight down between my legs, moving my fingers faster over the hard bud of my clit.

"Ohhhh yeah, fuck me hard," she whispered, and all I could see when I closed my eyes was the close-up picture of a slick, fat cock poised at a soft, pink hole, waiting to be filled.

I slid my fingers down and plunged them into me, listening to Erica moaning on the bed and the soft squeak of the mattress and boxspring. My thighs were so taut they were trembling and I rocked in the darkness, my breath coming as fast as hers, my hand working hard between my legs, aching for release.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she cried, short little squeaks, and then a fast, whispered, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

I could hear her shuddering breath, the soft cries of her pleasure, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out as I came, too, my body quivering with my climax in the darkness.

We didn't talk as our breathing began to return to normal and our hearts stopped beating a mile a minute. I felt embarrassed, and I wondered if she did, too. My trembling thighs finally relaxed. Eventually, I could hear that she was sl**ping. Years of sl**povers made me familiar with the sound. Yet, I couldn't seem to drift off, and instead I rolled around in the sl**ping bag, trying to get comfortable on the floor.

Finally, I got up to go pee. The hall was dark, but I could see a faint light coming from underneath Erica's dad's door. The bathroom was next to his room and actually had two doors, one that you could access from the hallway, and another directly across that led to Mr. Nolan's room. I guess it was the builder's version of a semi-private bath.

I always felt funny peeing in that bathroom at night, knowing that Mr. Nolan was right on the other side of the door, but I never locked them, because they were the push-button kind of locks that made so much noise when you pressed them. I never even turned on the light. I guess I hated the thought of waking him up more than I feared getting walked in on.

Although it looked like he was still up—there was a faint glow from under the bathroom door, and as I stood there listening, I heard soft noises. The TV, of course. He probably fell asl**p with it on.

I lifted my t-shirt a little and pulled my panties down to my knees when I heard his voice, low but clear as could be: "Fuck her hard, yeahhhh!"

My eyes wide, I turned back toward the door, where that light flickered underneath. Did he have someone in there? Then I remembered the television, and something Erica had mentioned this afternoon about his video collection. We hadn't gotten into any of that before he came home, but I knew then that he must be watching something pornographic.

And masturbating. The thought made me tingle. My hand went to the bathroom doorknob, the silver handle cool against my flesh.

"Yeah, baby, that's it," he growled, making me press my ear to the doorjamb. I couldn't see anything at all through the crack in the door, but I was desperate to see. "Fuck that hot little cunt!"

His words made my knees weak and my mouth dry. As carefully as I could, I began to turn the handle. I knew the layout of his room almost as well as I knew my own—Erica and I had been best friends since first grade and I'd spent countless hours at her house. I knew that directly on the other side of the door was a little alcove with a closet, and that the alcove opened up into the larger space of his room, where his bed was kitty-corner from the bathroom.

I could see him. The door slipped open almost soundlessly, the latch only making the barest scr****g noise, the hinges not squeaking at all. I could see part of the bed, and across from that, the television sitting on the dresser. Mr. Nolan was facing away from me, stretched out naked on the bed. I couldn't see his face, but I could see his hand moving between his legs as he watched the scene on the television.

It was the television that drew my eyes first—two women, the dark-haired one on her back, the blonde between her legs with her fingers pistoning in and out of the other girl's pussy as she licked her. The camera was close up, showing her pink wetness, completely smooth. I stared, my fingers brushing the softness between my legs, wondering what it would feel like without hair.

Then the camera panned back to reveal a man behind the blonde, his cock pounding into her from behind. He was gripping her hips, squeezing and pulling them as he fucked her, driving into her and making her moan against the other woman's pussy. The sounds alone were enough to make me wet, if I hadn't been already—the slick slap of their bodies, the moans of the woman, the grunts of the guy behind them.

A sound from Mr. Nolan drew my attention to him again, and I saw that the hand between his legs had stopped, and he was squeezing his cockhead hard in his fist. I bit my lip, watching him slowly pull the skin down tight as he moved his hand toward the base, staring at the length of him. He wasn't as big as the guy on the screen—but almost! I was fascinated with the way he touched it, now pressing it up against his belly and rubbing it up toward his navel as he watched the threesome on the screen.

"Oooooh yeah," he moaned, taking it into his fist again as, on the TV, the three of them were rearranging themselves, the blonde lying on the bed, and the dark-haired woman lying on top of her, both of them on their back. The guy knelt between their legs, fucking first the girl on top, then the girl on the bottom, switching back and forth. Mr. Nolan's hand was pumping again, his hips bucking a little.

My fingers moved over the soft, wet hairs of my pussy, and in spite of the fact that I'd just recently had an orgasm, I started to rub my clit again, spreading my legs, my panties still caught at my knees as I pressed my eye to the crack in the door to see better. I'd forgotten all about having to pee—in fact, the pressure to go just increased the pleasure as I worked my clit in fast little circles.

The girls on the screen were kissing, their tongues meshing, as the guy between their legs fucked first one, then the other. Seeing his cock, so slick and wet as it came out, the head of it bright red as he slipped it up and down before sliding it back in again, was almost as good as watching Mr. Nolan's hand shuttling up and down the length of his shaft. I couldn't decide where to look, and my pussy was so wet I could feel it spreading to my thighs.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" the girls on screen begged. "No, me... me!" They were fighting over who got to feel his cock inside of them, and I wondered what it would be like to be fucked, to be pressed into, filled with that steady, rhythmic pounding of my flesh.

I looked at Mr. Nolan, who was pumping very fast now, the movement of his hand a flash up and down in the ghostly light from the TV. His soft moans sent shivers through me, making me rub my clit a little faster, matching his intensity. I couldn't help pulling my t-shirt up over my breasts and pressing my nipples against the door.

"I'm gonna cum!" It was the guy on screen, pulling his cock out of the blonde on the bottom and aiming it toward the dark-haired girl's shaved pussy. She was spreading it open for him as he began to cum, grunting and moaning and shoving his hips forward as huge, white-hot jets of fluid began spilling onto her mound.

I almost groaned out loud when Mr. Nolan grabbed the remote next to him, hitting the rewind button—I wanted to see the rest! Back the tape went, back to when they all first started rearranging themselves again. My fingers were slick with my juices now, and I wanted to shove two of them inside me, but I was afraid he might hear the noise, even with the TV on, so I just focused on my clit, the hot, wet sensation between my legs growing with every moment.

Mr. Nolan's hand was moving even faster, and I could hear his breath, the sound of it filling the room, panting with his effort. I looked from the screen to him and back again, the intensity of the experience pushing forward, upward, making me rub myself off even faster, my forehead pressed against the door frame, my nipples brushing there, too, hard and throbbing.

"Fuck, oh fuck, yeah, yeah," he moaned, his hand a blinding streak up and down his cock, his hips bucking on the bed, and I could hear the bedsprings, just like I had with Erica. On the screen, the guy was pumping hard into the blonde, growling and bucking, too, and I heard him say it again like some hot, delicious deja-vu: "I'm gonna cum!"

"Fuck yeah," Mr. Nolan groaned, his hips really pressing up hard now, his hand pumping. My pussy was on fire, and my fingers were taking me with him, so close, my breath matching his. "I'm gonna cum all over that pussy, baby!"

It all happened at once—the guy cumming on the screen again, the dark-haired girl spreading her smooth, shaved lips so he could aim his cock right there, right against her clit, shooting hot streams of white fluid onto her pussy. There was so much of it, wave after wave, dribbling over her fingers spreading her open, down the pink folds of her flesh.

And Mr. Nolan was cumming, too, his cock erupting over his hand again and again, a geyser of hot, white cum spilling down his fist and onto his belly. I couldn't take it—my swollen clit was throbbing, aching for relief, and I came, too, watching him thrust and grunt and spill even more cum as it slid down the length of his shaft, my pussy contracting so hard I wanted to scream, but I had to bite my lip to keep from making any sound at all as I shuddered and bucked against the doorframe.

My ears were ringing and my breath was coming so fast I could barely control it. Mr. Nolan was rubbing his softening cock against his belly and on screen, the blonde had wiggled out from under and was licking the cum off the dark-haired girl's pussy. Feeling guilty now, I shut the door as quietly as I could, making sure the latch didn't make that tell-tale "click" as it closed.

I sat on the toilet, breathless, my panties still at my knees, and peed, releasing a torrent over my swollen, throbbing pussy, and that felt good, too. The glow from under the bathroom door was still there, but the sound was gone, and I knew he must have muted the TV. It was quiet in his room. Suddenly it occurred to me that he would probably be coming to the bathroom to clean up!

I quickly grabbed some toilet paper to wipe myself, half standing, reaching around to flush, when the door opened and he came in. We froze in the flickering blue glow of the television, both of us exposed. He was completely naked, and I might as well have been, with my panties down and my shirt pulled up.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, and I saw his eyes on me, moving over me. "I didn't know you were in here!"

"I should have locked it," I apologized to the closing door. "I'm sorry, Mr. Nolan."

He was quiet and I wondered if he knew, or suspected, that I had been standing there watching him. "It's my fault, I should have knocked."

I flushed the toilet, quickly pulling my panties up and my t-shirt down and washing my hands fast at the sink before announcing, "I'm done!"

"Good night, Leah," he said as I opened the other bathroom door and stepped into the hallway.

"Good night, Mr. Nolan," I replied, swallowing hard as I made my way back to Erica's room.

She was still sl**ping, her breathing deep and even. I pressed my hot, red face into the cool, forgiving material of my pillow. Every time I closed my eyes, I remembered, and something in my belly tightened another notch. I heard the toilet flush and the sound of the bathroom door closing again and knew he was back in his room.

I felt so guilty, squeezing my thighs together and feeling that ache while I was thinking about my best friend's dad. I couldn't help it though, and I slid my hand down again, under my belly, cupping my swollen mound in the darkness and rocking, remembering. I couldn't stop thinking about him, and I wondered if he was thinking about me, too.

Chapter 2

I took a shower before the sun even came up, intent on going home as soon as possible, preferably before anyone woke up. I couldn't face them, I decided, as I got dressed in the bathroom. I had to wear my uniform, since I hadn't walked home to get a change of clothes the night before, but my panties were still damp, so I just shoved them into my skirt pocket and went without. I could have borrowed some of Erica's but I didn't want to wake her up.

I crept downstairs, going into the kitchen to get my backpack, and noticed the light over the stove was on. There was my backpack, on the floor by the door, right next to Mr. Nolan's briefcase.

"Where are you going, Leah?"

I jumped and squealed, my heart racing as I turned to find Mr. Nolan sitting at the kitchen table. He was in shadow, but his face appeared in the light as he leaned forward and smiled at me.

"I... couldn't sl**p," I said, putting my backpack down and feeling the burn in my cheeks. He knew what I looked like naked—and I'd seen him masturbating. Could it get any more embarrassing than this moment?

"Want some breakfast?" he asked, waving me toward a chair. "We've got lots of cereal. Just don't eat the last of the Cocoa Puffs, or Erica will have your head."

Pulling a chair out, I sat, looking at him in the dimness. He was acting like nothing had happened, but I could feel something between us that hadn't been there before.

I noticed he was dressed in a suit and tie. "Where are you going so early?"

"Work, unfortunately," he replied, taking a bite of a bagel and cream cheese that I hadn't noticed until that moment. "I'd rather not, but duty calls."

"That looks good," I remarked, and my stomach growled. I wasn't used to being up so early. "Work on a Saturday?"

"Tax season," he explained. "Accountants always work weekends in April."

"Well, that sucks," I replied, watching him take another bite of bagel.

He chuckled, wiping cream cheese off the corner of his mouth with a napkin. "Yes. It sucks. To say the least. Do you want some of this?"

I shrugged, my stomach growling again. "Maybe just a bite? I don't have cooties."

"Here." He held it out to me, watching as I tore off a piece with my teeth and licked cream cheese off my lips. I felt self-conscious around him, like I wanted to check my hair or smooth my skirt, and I had never felt that way around Mr. Nolan before. His smile was warm and he took another bite, saying through a mouthful, "I'm not worried about catching cooties."

"So how'd your project go last night?" he asked. I flushed at the mention of the night before and was glad that the kitchen wasn't well-lit.

"Okay." I shrugged, and took another bite of the bagel when he offered it to me and hugged my knee up to rest my chin on it. I did it without even thinking, before I remembered that I wasn't wearing panties. When I saw where his eyes were, my face filled immediately with heat.

"You were up late," he said, his voice a little lower, his eyes not moving. I was paralyzed, frozen in place, and the look on his face, caught somewhere between uneasiness and lust, made it even worse.

"So were you," I replied softly and I didn't look away when his eyes lifted to meet mine.

He cleared his throat and reached over and touched the corner of my mouth with a napkin, where I was stretching to reach with my tongue, to get a bit of cream cheese. "Sounded like a lot of giggling going on in there and not a lot of working."

I smiled, slowly lowering my leg and smoothing my green and blue plaid skirt. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that he was watching me. "Yeah, well... you know how we are."

"Yep," he nodded, popping the last of the bagel into his mouth. "As a matter of fact, I do."

The kitchen was lighter now—the sun was coming up. Behind us, Erica stumbled in, her short blonde hair a frazzled cloud around her face as she rubbed at her eyes and frowned.

"What are you two doing up at this ungodly hour?" she mumbled, groping along the counter toward the coffeemaker and flipping it on. My mother would have killed me before letting me drink coffee, but Mr. Nolan wasn't like that.

"I'm going to work, darlin'." He stood, taking his plate to the sink and kissing her cheek on the way by. "You two be good. Don't trash the house. And no boys."

He said this last in a mock-stern voice, only he wasn't really k**ding.

"We'll be good," I piped up, seeing Erica roll her eyes and stick her tongue out at his back. He smiled at me and his eyes smiled, too. For a moment, just a brief second, they flickered down to the hem of my skirt and my whole body felt filled with heat.

"Bye, Mr. Nolan!" I called as he grabbed his briefcase.

Erica made a face at me as she heard the door close behind him. "Be good?!"

"We're always good," I replied with a smile, watching her pour Cocoa Puffs.

She snorted, grabbing the milk out of the fridge. "Well, then, let's go upstairs and get up to some good."

"Erica!" I said with a laugh. "More like 'no good.'"

She took a bite of cereal and crunched noisily. "Don't you want to see the videos?"

I blushed, remembering catching Mr. Nolan watching one of those videos last night, but of course, I couldn't tell her that.

"Ahhhh sugar and caffeine," she said, pulling a mug out of the cupboard. "Breakfast of champions—are you hungry?"

"No," I replied, not telling her about the bagel I'd shared with her father, either.

"Well, let's go then." She grabbed her Cocoa Puffs and her coffee and headed out of the kitchen. "I want to show you something."

"Another something?" I asked, following her up the stairs to her room.

She put her coffee on the night table and curled up on the bed, finishing her cereal as she directed me. "Open my underwear drawer."

I opened the top drawer of her dresser, and it reminded me that I wasn't wearing any panties. I grabbed a plain white pair. "Hey, can I borrow these?"

"Sure," she replied, drinking the now-chocolate milk out of her bowl. "Look at the back of the drawer for a leopard print."

I tugged the panties on and then straightened my skirt, looking at the back of her drawer for something that looked like a leopard print, finding it under a bunch of her bras. I grabbed it, surprised by the sudden weight in my hand—this wasn't underwear!

"What in the heck?" I asked, feeling something long and hard under the material.

"My vibrator." She grinned, drinking her coffee in huge gulps. "Ahhhh god, I love caffeine."

"Should I even ask where you got it?" I asked, sitting on the bed and handing it over to her.

"Present from Bobby," she said, opening the pouch and pulling out a bright pink phallic-shaped thing. "Feel." She pressed it to the inside of my elbow. It was cold, but made of some soft, gel-like material.

"Now... imagine this..." Her eyes met mine as she turned a knob on the bottom, bringing the whole thing to life and it began to vibrate. "Right against your clit..."

I pulled my arm away like I'd been burned, still looking at it. "What... what does it feel like?"

"Wanna go find out?" She grinned, turning it off and hopping off the bed. "Come on, let's go check out those videos."

We went through the bathroom into Mr. Nolan's room, and it reminded me of the night before. I stood in the doorway, my whole body tingling with the memory, staring at the bed where I'd watched him stroke his cock. Erica was pulling another box out from under the bed that resided next to the one full of magazines that we had sifted through the day before.

"This one's my favorite," she said, going over to the VCR. "Hey, there's something in here..."

I edged toward the bed where she had tossed the hot pink vibrator, watching her eject the tape. I knew what was in there—I'd seen part of it the night before.

"Looks like Daddy was getting busy last night," she said with a snort, putting the tape aside and sliding the other one in. "Remind me to put that back when we're done."

"Done...?" I inquired, sitting on the edge of the bed. I was in the very spot that Mr. Nolan had been last night.

"Don't you want to play?" Erica pouted at me as the FBI warning flashed on the TV screen. The movie was starting.

I shrugged, swallowing and glancing at the television. There was a girl lying on a bed reading a magazine as a young man came into her bedroom and started talking to her.

"Ugh, I hate the dialogue," Erica groaned, grabbing the remote and fast forwarding. "Let's get to the good stuff."

She sat on the bed next to me, pulling her t-shirt over her knees. "Here we go..."

I felt shy and embarrassed, watching the couple kiss and take each other's clothes off on the screen. Still, I couldn't stop watching. The girl was tiny and dark-haired, like me, slim hips and long legs, but full-breasted, her nipples the same light brown as mine. She was shaved between her legs, though, like the other girl in the movie.

"Mmmmmm isn't that hot?" Erica murmured, watching as the dark-haired girl knelt in front of the guy and took his cock into her mouth. "I love doing that."

I tore my eyes away from the screen to look at her. "You do that?"

She nodded. "Bobby absolutely loves it—he begs me to do it!"

I watched, fascinated, as the girl took more and more of his thick length into her mouth, her eyes turned up to him. She really looked like she was enjoying it.

"Don't you choke?" I asked, feeling that gentle pulse beginning between my legs.

Erica smiled. "Guys kind of like that. Makes them believe their cocks are huge. Here, let me show you."

She grabbed the vibrator, holding it up in front of her. "Like this... see how she played with it first... ran her tongue around the head..." I watched her demonstration, her tongue flicking around the pink tip. "Then you take it into your mouth..." Half of the shaft disappeared between her lips and I gasped.

"Well, you can't do that your first try," she admitted, wiping it off on her shirt and giving me a glimpse of her panties. "Here, you do it..."

"No," I said, embarrassed, putting it back on the bed.

She sighed. "You don't have to be shy. We're both girls."

The girl on the screen was still working the guy's cock between her lips, but now she was cupping his balls, rolling them in her hands, and he was moaning like he really liked it a lot. The sound of his pleasure made my pussy throb with a sweet, dull ache.

"Tell you what," Erica said, hopping off the bed. "I'm going to take a shower. You stay here and... do whatever you want."

I ignored her wink, but as soon as the bathroom door closed, I settled back onto the pillow to watch. The girl still had the guy's cock in her mouth, but he was sitting now, reaching down to cup her breast and pull at her nipple. She was using her hand, I noticed, at the base, so her mouth only went down on him about halfway.

Reaching for the vibrator, I held it up, tilting it back and forth. It was bigger than Mr. Nolan's cock, I decided, and I found myself wondering how much of it I could take into my mouth. I touched it to my lips, making my mouth an "O" like the girl on the screen and sliding it slowly in. The gel it was made of tasted funny, but I pushed it as far in as I could before I felt like I was going to gag, marking the spot with my finger and pulling it back out. Halfway. Not too bad.

On the tape, the girl was on the bed now, her knees spread wide and pulled back so he could lay between them and lick her. Now I knew why it was Erica's favorite. He was pushing his fingers deep inside of her while he licked, the camera getting a close-up view of his tongue moving back and forth over her clit. My pussy ached as I listened to her moan and I wanted to touch myself.

I could hear the shower still running and I pulled my skirt up and my panties aside, heading straight for my clit. I was surprised at how wet I was already—I had felt more apprehensive than aroused with Erica here, or at least, I thought I had. My body had different ideas. My pussy was swollen and slick and my fingers moved in easy circles around my clit.

"Lick it, yeah, faster!" the girl on screen moaned, playing with her own nipples as his tongue moved back and forth between her lips. I wondered again what that would feel like, someone's mouth between my legs. The girl panted and moaned and rocked and really made it look like it felt incredible and I found myself imagining Mr. Nolan down there between my legs and flushed at the thought.

I couldn't help remembering him laying right here, in this very spot, doing this very thing—masturbating while he watched those girls being fucked on TV. The memory of him rewinding to just the right spot and timing his cumming with the guy on the screen made me feel warm and tingly all over, and I found myself wanting to see that scene again. That's the scene I wanted to cum to.

I hopped off the bed, stopping the tape and putting in the one Mr. Nolan had been watching last night. It was cued up to right after that scene, and I realized he must have turned it off at that point. Using the remote, I rewound it, finding that scene again—the two women lying on their backs, stacked one on top of the other, the guy between their legs like a k** in a candy store, trying to decide which pussy to fuck first.

It wasn't really the scene—although it was exciting, seeing the girls spread open for him, watching his slick cock pull out and press in again—it was knowing that, for some reason, this was the scene that Mr. Nolan found exciting, this was the scene that pushed him over that edge. Knowing that was what pushed me over. I wanted to cum at that same point, to some way relive the night before.

I could hear the shower still running, but I knew she wouldn't be much longer. My fingers rubbed faster, watching the guy on the screen, his cock slipping up and down between their lips, first one, then the other. They were begging him again, "Fuck me... no, me!" fighting over that hard cock.

The vibrator was resting against my hip and I glanced down at it, curious. Would it get me there faster? I wondered. Already the guy on screen was pumping hard into the blonde on the bottom and the girls were kissing, sucking each other's tongues. I heard the shower go off and I grabbed the vibrator, turning the knob on the bottom and making it hum.

Pulling my panties aside, I pressed the head of it against my clit. It was so intense that I pulled it away immediately, gasping out loud. My whole body buzzed with the sensation and, unable to resist, I nudged my panties aside again and found my clit with the vibrating pink head.

"Oh god," I whispered, watching the scene on the TV through half-closed eyes, being carried away by the glorious sensation between my thighs. I'd never felt anything so good. My nipples hardened the minute I touched the vibrator to my pussy and I used my other hand to rub them through my blouse, moaning softly as the feeling between my legs increased even more.

On the screen, the guy was thrusting hard into the blonde, grunting and straining with the effort, and all I could think about was Mr. Nolan stroking his cock right here in this very spot, his body wracked with pleasure as he rewound this scene, right to this very moment. There it was—the guy pulled his cock out, groaning, "I'm gonna cum!" and aimed it right for the dark-haired girl's smooth lips.

"Oh me, too," I moaned, the tingle between my legs full to bursting as I watched him shoot his cum between her spread-open lips. I closed my eyes, then, the image of Mr. Nolan shooting his cum filling my head, and then changing, morphing into the fantasy of him kneeling between my legs, pressing the head of his cock to my clit, just where I was rubbing the vibrator.

"Cum all over me, Mr. Nolan," I whispered, imagining his cum, thick and creamy, streaming hot, rhythmic blasts right against my pussy. I couldn't hold back anymore, and the vibrator buzzing between my legs pressed me over the edge. Moaning and rocking, my whole body went with the sensation, the delicious tightening and release happening again and again as I rubbed myself with the head of the cock.

"Mmmmm, I bet that felt good." Erica's voice was right next to my ear and I gasped, flinging the vibrator onto the bed and pulling my skirt down. She was kneeling next to me, wrapped in a towel, her hair wet.

How long had she been there? I wondered. Had she heard what I said!? I couldn't tell—her eyes were veiled, but she looked different, somehow, and was definitely looking at me in a way I'd never seen before.

"You changed the tape, huh?" she remarked, walking over and ejecting it, putting the other one back in.

"I... just..." Still breathless, I struggled to find words, feeling hot and flushed with both excitement and embarrassment. "Didn't want you to forget to put that one... back in..."

"Ohhhhh yeah," Erica breathed as she hit 'play' and moved toward the bed. It was still at the scene where the guy was licking the little dark-haired girl's pussy. "This is my favorite part."

She picked up the vibrator, still buzzing and wet with my juices, and lifted it to her mouth. I stared as she licked the head that had been pressed against my clit just moments ago.

"Have you ever tasted your own pussy?" she asked, crawling up next to me on the bed.

I shook my head as she stretched out next to me on a pillow and opened her legs, the towel parting to reveal the soft blonde fuzz there.

"You should try it," she whispered, moaning as she slid the head of the vibrator up and down between her lips. "God, look at how good he does that... watch his tongue... back and forth like that... right on her clit..."

I nodded, but I wasn't looking at the screen, I was watching her, the toy moving up and down her slit and then focusing right on her clit as she rubbed it, like his tongue, back and forth. Her eyes were on the TV and I could watch her without her really paying attention. She spread her legs wider, the towel opening up to her navel, and I could see her working the buzzing vibrator between her legs.

"Did you put it inside?" Erica asked, not looking towards me as she licked her lips, her eyes glued to the screen. I didn't answer her, but I watched as she slid the pink head down between her lips and my whole body flushed as it started to disappear between them. She was putting it inside of her!

"I bet a real cock would feel even better," she whispered as she moved the shaft in and out of her pussy. I could see it pressing past the pink folds of her flesh and coming out wet with every stroke. "God, I want to be fucked."

On the screen, the girl was up on her knees, reaching around to open herself up, waiting to be filled. The guy's cock was straight-up hard as he rubbed it up and down her slit.

"Yeah, fuck me," Erica murmured, and she was fucking herself deep and hard, the pink shaft disappearing almost to the hilt. I was fascinated, watching it disappear into her pussy, remembering how good that humming felt between my legs. My own pussy was responding again, tingling with feeling, and I slipped my hand under my skirt as I watched her, shoving my panties aside to get to my clit.

"Oh that's so good," she whispered, her hips rocking on the bed, the towel parting as she twisted and rolled, falling off completely. I'd seen Erica naked a hundred times, but not like this, never like this. Her pink nipples were pursed and hard, her breasts swaying as she thrust the dildo deep inside of her. She reached up to play with one, pinching and tugging and biting her lip, her eyes half-closing in her pleasure.

My pussy was swollen and the pair of Erica's panties that I had put on was soaked, and still I couldn't stop touching myself, rubbing faster and faster as my eyes flicked from the screen to her, watching her fucking herself and imagining how good it must feel. She moaned louder, her hand moving between her legs, and she grabbed the remote off the bed, hitting the 'fast forward' button.

"Watch this part," she whispered to me, not looking away from the TV as she hit the 'play' button a moment later. I glanced at the screen, where the guy was pounding the dark-haired girl from behind. The girl was moaning, matching Erica's noises, and the guy was groaning, too, as he slammed into her again and again. I could hear a tightness in his voice, something tense and waiting to be let go.

Erica had slipped the wet shaft out of her pussy and was rubbing the pink head over her clit, whimpering and moaning as she played with her nipples. I had an urge to lick one, and the thought made me feel faint, but I rubbed myself faster, my breath matching hers, both of us gasping and panting. The guy on the screen pulled out of the pussy that he was fucking so hard, grunting and groaning with pleasure as he started to cum.

"Ohhhhhh I'm cumming," Erica cried, the bed shaking with her orgasm, her body trembling as she rubbed herself with the vibrator, her eyes never leaving the screen where the guy was pumping his cock in his fist, shooting his cum in long, hot jets up over the raised ass of the girl. It fell in thick strands, some pooling in her lower back, most of it beginning to drip down the crack of her ass toward her pussy.

Seeing it dribble down her asshole, a slow river of cum beginning to part the pink folds of her pussy, was too much for me. I came, too, biting my lip to keep from crying out as my body trembled with my climax, jerking and bucking with it, my thigh brushing against the soft skin of Erica's leg, the sensation making my orgasm even more intense.

Erica had turned off the vibrator and was stroking her belly and thighs with her hands, her eyes still-half closed. I grabbed the remote and stopped the movie, the sight now almost a visual assault, too intense in the wake of my climax.

"You were right," Erica murmured, looking at me. "You told my dad we'd be good—but that wasn't just good... it was fucking fantastic."

I stood up, pulling my skirt down. "Listen, I should get home and change."

She frowned, leaning up on her elbows. "You wanna hang out later?"

"Call me," I said, turning so she didn't see how red my face was getting as I headed toward the door.

The images I'd seen over the last twenty-four hours—the magazines, the movies, Mr. Nolan masturbating, Erica playing with her vibrator—flashed through my head as I walked home. I knew that I could never unimagine them—and the scariest thing was that I found that I didn't really want to.

Chapter 3

"Bless me father, for I have sinned..."

Those were the words I was dreading. I couldn't say them. Mass was extra long today, and every word sounded like a pronouncement that I was going to hell. The girls crowded around outside the confessional, talking in small groups and snapping their gum. We were supposed to be standing in a quiet line saying the Rosary, but s****r Abby had taken someone to see Mother Superior and we were momentarily without supervision.

"I can't do this," I whispered to Erica. She was sitting against the wall, her knees up, with a copy of one of the Gossip Girls tucked into her geography book. I could see her panties—which wasn't unusual, in an all-girls school where we were required to wear skirts, we often got careless—but it made me remember yesterday in the worst way.

"Do what?" she murmured, not looking up from her book.

I nudged her hip with one of my Mary Jane's, hissing: "Confession!"

She looked up then, puzzled. "Why not? Swearing, lustful thoughts, self-flagellation, blah blah blah, thirty Hail Mary's and ten Our Father's later, and you're all set. What's the big deal?"

I stared at her, blinking and speechless.

"Well fine," she said, standing and brushing off the back of her skirt. "Then let's make like Casper."

"Cutting class?" I groaned. "Adding yet another sin to my growing list? Not helping!"

"Okay." She shrugged. "So you're ready to go in there and tell Father Michael about our little porn-watching session yesterday?"

"Shhhh!" I put my hand over her mouth, looking over at the group of girls closest to us to see if they'd heard anything. "You're evil!"

"Perfect timing," she said, glancing around. "s****r Abby's gone, and I know I'm not up for one of s****r Helen's usual lectures on the Church's revisionist history—I don't care what they say, Jesus was clearly a Jew."

The confessional door opened behind us and I sighed as another girl went in. I couldn't—I just couldn't. It wasn't just that we had looked at the magazines and watched the movies, or even that we'd masturbated together. That was bad enough, but sitting in the dark and telling Father Michael the thoughts I was having about Mr. Nolan!? No way... the prospect made me feel weak with dread.

"Okay," I agreed, grabbing Erica's arm. "Let's do it."

"Leah!" It was Erica's turn to sound shocked. "Seriously?"

I nodded, grabbing my backpack off the floor, saying loudly, "Let's go to the bathroom."

Erica snickered as we left the church proper and went into the breezeway. "Good cover."

"I'm no expert," I agreed. "So how do we get out without being seen, Houdini?"

"Follow me," she said, and I did, down the corridor and through a door.

"Where are we?"

"Storage room," she answered, making her way through a maze of shelves with all sorts of vestments, candles and candle lighters, and statues.

The whole nativity scene was stacked into a corner, the baby Jesus wrapped in a shroud in the manger. The oddest thing was the hundreds of boxes full of heavenly host. I stared at them as we passed, looked at the stamped sides: Cavanagh Communion Hosts 1 1/8", marked either with "white" or "wheat" flavor.

Erica grinned back at me when she saw me looking at the boxes. "Do you think Christ was white or wheat?"

"You are so going to hell," I replied, but couldn't help grinning, too. We were nearing a door at the back of the room and she pulled it open, heading down a dark flight of stairs.

"Where are we?" I asked, feeling my way down, holding onto the railing.

"Church basement, now," she replied, waiting for me at the bottom. "Bobby meets me here sometimes."

"Oh my God!" I gasped, mentally adding my taking the Lord's name in vain to my list of sins for the week. It was a small trespass, considering. "He'd be shot on sight if they found him!"

"No one finds him," she assured me as I followed her through the dark basement. There were small windows near the top of the concrete walls that let in a little, shadowy light.

Around the corner, Erica pulled open another door and waved me through.

"What is this?" There were cots all along each side of the long, narrow walls of the room we stepped into.

"Old storm cellar-slash-bomb shelter, I think," she replied, starting up the ladder to our left and pressing on the door above her head. "Either that, or this is where they do all the experiments on the really bad k**s."

I snorted, following her up the ladder and waiting as she pressed at the door. We were in our uniforms, of course, and I could see right up her skirt from this angle and the flash of white panties made me remember yesterday.

"They leave this open?" I asked, wincing at the brightness as she finally heaved the door open with a little grunt of effort.

"Bobby broke the lock."

I shook my head, incredulous, as she gave me a hand up and swung the door shut again. We were standing just outside the brick wall that surrounded the entire school, making it like some prison fortress. The storm cellar was a slanted thing made of long planks and painted brown to blend in with the brick.

"And we're home free," she said, grabbing my hand and swinging it. "Let's go to my house and do something we'll have to confess later."

"I'm boycotting confession," I replied, glancing over my shoulder as if someone might be watching us.

"Come on, there are yummy rewards for being bad," she said, squeezing my fingers. "We don't even have to miss the first fifteen minutes of General Hospital today!"

She had a point. We made good use of that last hour that we should have been in school, stopping by the corner store and picking up two Hershey's, a bag of chips, and two Mountain Dews and then curled up on Erica's sofa and pigged out while we watched the entire episode of GH without interruption. It was a real treat.

Erica flipped the TV off and stretched, her blouse pulling out of the waistband of her skirt, revealing her tummy. "Whatcha wanna do now?"

"We should do homework," I answered, my head filled with the memory of watching her play with her vibrator. I tried to push the thought away, but I couldn't when she sat cross-legged in her skirt, her panties clearly visible underneath.

"Now, what kind of fun would that be?" She rolled her eyes. "If you're gonna skip school, you gotta make it worth it!"

"Well... you should show me more of your dad's collection." I couldn't believe it was me who mentioned it first. I'd sworn I wasn't going to even think about it, let alone ask about it.

She grinned. "Now we're talking. Come on."

We left our wrappers and empty bottles strewn all over the sofa and headed upstairs. My pussy was already pulsing in anticipation.

"What about your dad?" The clock on Mr. Nolan's night table read 4:05 p.m. and the workday ended at five.

"Late night, tax season," she explained, reaching under the bed and pulling out both boxes. "Here we are, a veritable smorgasbord of porn for your viewing pleasure."

"Where do you think he got all this?" I asked, opening one of the boxes and sifting through magazines with names like Pleasure, Private, Ero, and Club s*******n. They were definitely not names I'd heard before, but the pictures were graphic and shocking—and unbelievably arousing.

"I think they're all foreign," Erica said, opening the video box. "At least, the magazines are. He probably ordered them."

"Do you get stuff in the mail in plain brown wrappers?" I asked, opening up to a page to find a woman kneeling in front of a man, her lips wrapped around his cock. Just the sight of it made my pussy contract.

"Yep, all the time," she replied, pulling a tape out and popping it in. She flopped down on the bed with the remote. "Come on, I want you to see this one."

Abandoning the magazine, I crawled up next to her as she fast forwarded through the credits, settling myself on a pillow as the two girls on screen sat out in their backyard in bikinis and talked about their boyfriends and how unsatisfied they were with their sex lives.

"I thought you didn't like the dialogue," I said, glancing at Erica.

"It doesn't last long," she replied, and I noticed that she had her hand up under her skirt and my belly clenched, imagining what she was doing under there.

I wanted to touch myself, too, but in the light of day, I just couldn't seem to bring myself to do it. On the screen, the girls were sitting up, their knees touching, and I stared as one leaned forward and kissed the other.

"Oh my God," I whispered, watching their tongues tangle together. The redhead reached out to slip her hand under the bikini top of the blonde as they kissed. "Erica, what are they doing?"

"It gets better," she murmured, her eyes on the screen. I could see her hand moving under her skirt and I squeezed my thighs together, feeling a hot throb between my legs.

The girls on the screen were naked in no time, kissing and rubbing up against each other on one of the lounge chairs. The blonde was licking the redhead's fat, pink nipples, making her moan and touch her own pussy. Glancing over at Erica and seeing that she wasn't paying attention to me, I slid my hand down, moving my skirt aside so I could cup my mound—just to ease the ache a little bit.

"Watch," Erica whispered, and the movement under her skirt was faster, now, as the television revealed a scene to me I never thought I'd believe was arousing—but it was. The blonde was between the redhead's legs, spreading her pussy lips open with her fingers, and beginning to lick her there. She had a sparse triangle of red hair between her legs that glistened in the sun with her juices.

"Isn't that hot?" Erica asked, and I watched as her other hand snuck up under her blouse, moving over her breast.

I nodded, but didn't say anything, feeling my pussy through my damp panties and aching to touch my clit. The redhead was moaning loudly, playing with her own nipples as the blonde licked and sucked at her pussy. I closed my eyes, feeling that hot tingle between my legs, but I couldn't escape it—the wet sounds and moaning from the television were too compelling.

"Does it really feel that good?" I gulped, pushing my panties aside. I couldn't help it, my pussy was so swollen and wet and aching to be touched.

"Oh, Leah, you have no idea." Erica's breath was coming faster, her skirt was pulled up, and I could see her hand working underneath her panties. "I wish I had a tongue right now..."

The redhead was moaning, "Don't stop, don't stop!" and the blonde licked faster, pumping her fingers in and out. Tentatively, I slid a finger into my pussy as I watched, rubbing my clit with my thumb. It felt so good I could barely stand it—but I couldn't stop. The girl on screen was cumming, her body shaking with it, her eyes closed and head thrown back.

"They take turns," Erica whispered as she started pulling her panties down. She opened her knees wide as she touched herself, her fingers making wet noises, and I watched them dip down inside of her.

Sure enough, on screen, the blonde was lying down now, and the redhead was between her legs. The hair between the blonde's legs was like Erica's, sparse and curly and light and her pussy was a deep, dark pink, her lips fat and swollen.

"Oh god, that feels so good," Erica murmured, and I couldn't help watching her rock with it, her eyes closing as she bit her lip.

My hand moved even faster over my pussy, seeing her shirt riding up, her nipple peeking over where she had her bra pulled down. I had that urge again to lick it as I leaned up on my elbow and watched her, but this time I didn't stop myself. Leaning in, I feathered a kiss on the tip and heard her gasp, her eyes flying open.

"I'm sorry," I apologized, my belly clenching, seeing the shock on her face.

She moaned. "Do it again.... oh, please..."

The longing in her voice made me lean back in, this time with my tongue, licking her nipple. She moaned again, whispering, "Ohhh yes," and arched her back. Her nipples were pink and hardened like little pebbles. I licked back and forth, around and around, watching the pleasure on her face.

"Oh Leah," she gasped, her fingers making a wet squelch as she fucked her pussy with them. I latched onto her nipple, sucking it into my mouth, the ache between my legs growing like a fever, making me crazy. "Oh make me cum, I'm gonna cum!"

And she was, shuddering and trembling and arching, her hand shoved deep between her legs, my tongue working her nipple for all I was worth. I wanted to cum, too, but didn't, pressing my whole hand over my mound as she climaxed, just holding the feeling there between my thighs. Watching her orgasm was powerful, stunning, and knowing I had a part in it was even more exciting.

"Oh my god," she murmured, her hand resting on her belly now, wet with her juices. "That felt soooo good."

"It looked like it," I replied softly and she met my eyes, smiling.

"Want me to make you feel good, too?" she asked, leaning up on her elbow and pressing me flat on the bed. "It's only fair we take turns."

I hesitated, shaking my head, but she was pulling my blouse up, my bra down, and had her mouth on my breast before I could say anything at all. Her tongue was like liquid fire over my nipple, and her hand sought the other one, too, rubbing it hard through my bra.

"Erica!" I gasped, looking down to see her mouth working as she sucked my nipple in deep. "Oh, god!"

I had to touch myself. I had to, I didn't have a choice. The feeling between my legs was too great, too much to ignore. I struggled my panties down, and she helped me, too, tugging them past my knees and putting her hand on my thigh as I began to rub my clit in fast circles. Her tongue made the same pattern over my nipple, sending shockwaves through my body, right down between my legs.

When I felt her fingers parting me, I gasped, my eyes flying open. I started to protest until she slid them inside, working them in and out as I rubbed myself. It felt too good for me to say no. I could hear the two girls on the TV, moaning and crying out, but I couldn't open my eyes to watch. I was too distracted by Erica's mouth and hand.

"Do you really want to know what a tongue feels like?" she whispered against my breast. I met her eyes, and saw how hungry she was and wondered if I looked that way, too, when I was watching her. "I'll do it to you... do you want me to?"

I groaned, contemplating just what exactly was a mortal sin, as the heat between my thighs went from blazing to white-hot at the thought.

I shook my head, but the word that came out of my mouth was, "Yes!"

Before I knew what was happening, she was between my legs, and the sensation of her tongue moving between my lips was like nothing I had imagined. It was beyond pleasure, really. There weren't words for how good it felt when her soft, eager tongue found my clit and started licking there.

"Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph," I moaned, my head going back, letting myself go completely, I knew I couldn't stop it if I tried. Her fingers moved in and out of my wetness and she lapped and sucked at my clit, making soft wet sounds between my legs. She made an encouraging noise in her throat, reaching her other hand up under my blouse to tug at my nipple, increasing the sensation more than I thought was possible.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" I cried, arching and twisting against her. It felt so good, I never wanted it to end. My pussy was throbbing under her mouth, and I knew I couldn't hold back, even as much as I wanted to. She was going to make me cum, her tongue moving fast, back and forth over my clit, her fingers keeping the same rhythm, urging me on.

"Erica!" I gasped, wanting to somehow give her a warning, or to express to her how good it felt, how incredible it was, but all that I could manage was, "Now!"

My whole body shuddered and thrust against her as I came, and her tongue moved even faster, the vibration of her moaning against my pussy making my climax even more intense. It went on and on, my pussy contracting around her fingers, drawing them in deeper, my clit fluttering against her lapping tongue. When the tremors began to subside, she rested her cheek against my thigh, her hair tickling me there.

I couldn't open my eyes, too overwhelmed with feeling—and shame. How could I have let her do that? In the wake of the sensation, rational thought finally returned. She was moving up next to me, her breath warm against my cheek, and there was a musky kind of smell on her breath that I knew was from having her face buried between my thighs.

"Didn't it feel good?" she asked, pressing the length of her body against mine.

I nodded, not opening my eyes. Good wasn't the word for it. I swallowed hard, still a little breathless, and that's when I felt her lips touching mine. They were soft, warm, and wet. Her whole face was wet—her cheeks, her chin. My eyes flew open when her tongue touched mine, and the taste in her mouth was tangy and strange.

"You taste good," she whispered, breaking the kiss and looking at me. Her eyes searched mine, hungry, pleading. "Can it be my turn now?"

I bit my lip, feeling something tighten in my belly.

"Please?" She rolled off me, pulling up her skirt and spreading her lips. Her pussy glistened, and her finger nudged her clit, showing me. "Just right here. Just lick it a little."

Shaky, I sat up and knelt between her legs, looking down at her. She looked almost shy, like she was afraid I would say no, and that decided me. I stretched out between her thighs, spreading them wider to make room for me, the skin there so soft it was shocking against my palms.

"Here," she said again, her finger pointing to the small, hooded nub of flesh.

I took a deep breath and touched my tongue to it, moving just the tip back and forth as she spread herself wide. The taste wasn't much different from what I'd tasted in her mouth. The smell was kind of musky, and her curly blonde hairs tickled my nose a little.

"Oh Leah," she moaned, arching, pressing up against my tongue. "Yes, yes, like that!"

The sounds she made were encouraging and I moved my tongue faster, sinking deeper into her flesh. She moaned louder, rolling her hips, encouraging me to do circles, and I licked her that way, my tongue flat, moving around and around. Her breath came faster, and she moved her hands up to her breasts, pulling on her nipples as I licked her.

Her swollen pussy lips swallowed mine now that she wasn't spreading herself open, and I had to really move in, now, to keep on her clit, my nose pressed against the soft hairs of her mound. Between my own saliva and her juices, I felt like I was drowning, and all I could do was swallow as I tried to keep up that same, fast rhythm against her clit.

"That's it," she whispered, looking down at me, her eyes just slits. "You're doing it... oh god, Leah, you're gonna make me cum again."

The power in those words was incredible and my own pussy contracted, aching, as she started to climax, and I could feel the quiver of her against my lapping tongue as she moaned and rocked against my mouth. Her hands pulled at me then, and I moved from between her legs, coming to lay next to her on the bed.

"Mmmmmm..." Her hands were moving over her thighs like they had after her orgasm the day before, just petting herself lightly. She looked over at me and smiled. "Doesn't it feel good to be bad?"

I touched my lips, still wet with her juices, and nodded. I had to admit—it really did.

Chapter 4

Being bad was a slippery slope. I found myself slipping, and I couldn't seem to stop it. I sat between my parents at mass on Sunday and tried not to listen. Instead I counted the word "sin." Forty-seven sins. Father Michael said the word "sin" forty-seven times, and the one time he was practically yelling from the altar: "How tender is our flesh! How hard our hearts! How much more aware are we of suffering than of sin!" and it made my heart leap to my throat.

But there I was, skipping school again on a Friday, sitting in Erica's room, listening to music and drinking one of the beers that Bobby had brought with him while I watched them slow dance. I was feeling just how tender my flesh really was, how vulnerable and aching. Just seeing their bodies touching, swaying together, made me long for something that I knew was a sin.

And I just couldn't deny it anymore. It was all I thought about, no matter what I was doing—standing in the shower, sitting in class, eating dinner—I couldn't stop thinking about seeing Mr. Nolan lying on his bed with his hand wrapped around his cock.

But it wasn't just watching him that night that had me spinning, it was also the way he smiled at me the next day, the way he reached out and touched the corner of my mouth with the napkin when he shared his bagel, the dark look in his eyes when they fell between my legs that morning. Watching Erica and Bobby, the way they nuzzled each other and kissed, I had a startling revelation, and I knew then that I was really in trouble—I was falling for my best friend's dad.

I finished the last of my beer, seeing Bobby's hand slip under Erica's shirt, and stood, hanging onto the edge of the night table when the room tilted sideways and my head started buzzing. I'd only had two other beers in my whole life, and this afternoon, watching Erica and Bobby together, I'd had four.

"I'm gonna leave you two alone," I murmured, seeing their tongues twining together, Erica's leg wrapping around Bobby's calf as he moved his hand under her shirt, the other edging her skirt up so high I could see her panties as he squeezed the flesh of her ass in his hand. "Let you guys have the bed."

They broke off kissing and Erica looked at me. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." I inched past them toward the door.

"You don't have to." Bobby's his eyes swept toward the hem of my skirt. "Why don't you stay... and play?"

My eyes met Erica's and I knew she'd told him about us, I just knew it from the way she bit her lip and looked away so fast. My face burned, my chest tightened, and I shook my head.

"Three's a crowd," I insisted, opening her door and not looking back at them as I shut it behind me.

I stood in the hallway, leaning back against the wall because I was having that dizzy, buzzing feeling in my head, still. They were whispering, and I heard the bedsprings and knew they were making out. I don't know how long I was there, but it was a while, standing and contemplating Mr. Nolan's bedroom door. It wasn't until I heard Erica moan and say, "Oooh yeah, lick it!" that I made up my mind.

I'd never been in his room all by myself. It felt like I was walking into a secret, and the anticipation in my tummy was tight and tingly. I laid down on his bed, telling myself that I was just a little d***k, dizzy still, but I turned on my belly and buried my face in his pillow, smelling his lingering scent and remembering him. There was nothing I could do but think about it—how his cock had swollen in his hand, how fast he pumped it, the words he used ("Fuck that hot little cunt!") that made my face burn and my pussy wet.

Sliding off the bed to the floor, I reached underneath and slid out the box. Inside there were hundreds, thousands of images, all graphic, colorful and compelling. Even just in the short time that we'd been exploring the collection under Mr. Nolan's bed, I found myself less aroused by the photos than I did by the videos. It seemed like some sort of progression—the more I saw, the more I wanted.

I looked longingly at the television, but I didn't want to disturb Erica and Bobby or draw too much attention to myself, so I leaned back against the bed, pulling my skirt up and settling down with one of the magazines called Private. The first couple pictures were girls together, licking and touching each other, and I couldn't help but remember Erica's tongue between my legs.

Slipping my hand under my panties, I parted my lips, rubbing my finger over my clit. Erica was getting her pussy licked right now, I thought, and I wished I had a tongue, too. My hand felt good, moving back and forth in the wetness, but just one experience of feeling a mouth between my legs had made me a little unsatisfied with just my fingers. I balanced the magazine in my lap, flipping the pages and rubbing myself.

There was a girl dressed in a plaid skirt and blouse that reminded me of our uniforms who was sitting at a desk, teasing her teacher by opening her legs and showing him that she didn't have any panties. In the next picture, he was using his pointer to smack her bottom, and seeing her bent over the desk, her legs spread, and the way he squeezed his cock in his hand like that made me gasp and rub a little faster.

It was too hard to turn the pages like this, I decided, and I stood, pulling my panties off and lying on my stomach on the bed with the magazine in front of me. I reached under my belly to find my clit, flipping pages with my other hand. Now she had his cock in her mouth, and it was clear that he was ordering her to suck it. There was a whole series of those, showing her tongue rolling around the tip and his cock pressed deep into her mouth with his hand grabbing her head and a close-up of the cockhead against her pink, outstretched tongue.

My fingers made wet noises as I rubbed myself, teasing my clit as I turned the pages. In the next picture, she was lying on his big desk with her legs pulled back as he licked her and I whimpered, aching to feel a tongue. Erica's mouth had felt so good between my legs and I closed my eyes for a moment, resting my cheek on the bed as I remembered, arching my back and raising my bottom in the air. I slipped my fingers into my pussy, using my thumb to tease my clit and rocked against my hand.

The memory of Erica licking me changed into the fantasy of Mr. Nolan between my legs. What would it feel like to have his tongue there? I wondered. What about his cock? I moaned, feeling flushed and hot as I squirmed on the bed, my nipples hard underneath me, and I wanted to touch them. I rolled over onto my back, pulling my shirt up and my bra down, exposing my breasts.

I imagined his mouth sucking my nipples as I tugged on them, lost in the fantasy of him kneeling between my legs and licking my breasts and he stroked his hard cock against my pussy. I fingered myself faster, slipping two in, and working hard to get yet another finger into my flesh. Would a cock stretch me open like that? Would he fuck me hard and fast and long, and groan and grunt on top of me like the guys in the movies?

I moaned, trying to be quiet, picturing him between my legs, telling me how much he wanted me, how desperate he was to fuck me. Would I let him? My heart was racing, my breath coming in short gasps as I fingered myself, and I knew I would, I knew I wanted him to.

"Yes," I whispered, arching my back and pressing toward the imaginary man between my thighs. "Oh yes, fuck me, Mr. Nolan. Put that big, hard cock in my wet little cunt!"

Just whispering the words, hearing them out loud, was beyond exciting. I whimpered and squirmed and fucked myself faster. I wanted it, I wanted him, and I was lost in the sensation.


I gasped, my eyes flying open to see Mr. Nolan standing in the doorway. He shut the door behind him, his face a mask of shock and something else I didn't quite recognize.

"Oh my god," I whispered, pulling my wet hand away and snapping my legs closed as I pulled my blouse down to cover my exposed breasts. The thought of what he'd seen wasn't nearly as shameful to me as the thought that he might have heard me fantasizing about him, calling his name! My heart was pounding and I could feel my face burning as I sat on the edge of the bed. "Mr. Nolan, I..."

What? What could I possibly say? He had caught me masturbating on his bed—what kind of apologies could I make? I just wanted to run and hide. He was still carrying his briefcase and he set it down and walked toward me, his eyes sweeping over the box pulled out from under the bed, the magazine on the bedspread, and back to me.

"I—" he started, looking almost as shocked as I felt, like he didn't know what to say either. "I came home early to—"

He didn't finish his sentence and I noticed he was staring at my hand, still wet with my juices. His eyes fell to the floor, and he stepped back, realizing that he was standing on my discarded pair of panties.

"I'm sorry," I apologized, looking down at my hands and wiping them on my skirt. "I shouldn't... I was..."

He took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair. "Listen... it's ok..."

I glanced up at him and saw him struggling, his face working, the words trying to come out. "These are... these are adult things that you're looking at. These kinds of images... they're not for young people. Sex isn't about this... well... these, what you're looking at, these are just about sex. This isn't what love is about... Oh, hell. What a mess."

He closed his eyes and put a hand over them, shaking his head.

"It's ok," I said, wanting to make him feel better somehow. My own embarrassment was starting to fade as I sensed his. "I know... I just... I'd never seen anything like these before..."

Looking down at me, he nodded. "I imagine you haven't."

"They made me feel... funny..." I explained, blushing. "Down there.... and I couldn't help touching myself."

"It's normal," he said, and I saw him swallow. "Those feelings are all normal. These pictures... all they're meant to do is to arouse you. To make you feel... funny... like that."

"Is that what you do with them?" I asked, meeting his eyes, feeling bolder as I remembered how he had touched himself.

"Like I said..." He cleared his throat, grabbing the magazine off the bed and tossing it into the box. Closing the lid, he kicked it back under the bed. "These are... adult things..."

My fear and shame faded almost immediately at his words. "I'm an adult."

He smiled, shaking his head. "You think you are."

My jaw tight, my anger making me bold, I leaned back on the bed and opened my legs, showing him what he had only seen a glimpse of that morning in the kitchen. "Do I still look like a little girl to you?"

He stared, his face going first white and then red. "Leah... no..."

Sitting next to me on the bed, he pulled me to sitting and took my hand. It was the same hand that had been pressed against my pussy just minutes ago. "There's a lot more to sex than this... it's really complicated... and I'm sorry that you found these, that you were exposed to this... that's my fault..."

I rolled my eyes at the lecture, at him trying so hard, and I slid my hand out of his to squeeze his thigh. I wanted to bridge the gap between us that he seemed intent on keeping. "I saw you, Mr. Nolan."

His jaw dropped and he looked at me, incredulous. "Saw... me?"

"The night you came into the bathroom... do you remember that?"

Glancing at him, I saw him nod, his face pale again.

"I watched you," I admitted, my voice almost a whisper. "Touching yourself."

"Oh Christ," he whispered, closing his eyes.

"I can't stop thinking about it," I confessed. "Seeing you stroke yourself while you watched that man on the screen... fuck those two girls..."

His eyes met mine, and I could see the shock in them at my language, but there was something else, too, that wasn't just shock. I'd seen it before, in the kitchen when he'd looked up my skirt, and a moment ago, too, when he'd walked in and caught me masturbating.

"I can't stop thinking about you," I whispered, moving my hand up his thigh, high enough to feel that he was hard. I was encouraged by that, and the alcohol made me feel more free, like I'd d***k some liquid courage.

"Leah... I know this kind of thing can be confusing..." He took my hand and put it in my lap with a shaky sigh.

"I'm not confused," I insisted, sliding down to the floor and kneeling between his legs. He was shaking his head, but I wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing my cheek against his crotch and nuzzling there.

"Oh hell," he whispered, and I felt his hand moving in my hair, the lightest of touches.

"Please..." I murmured, turning my face, so my mouth was moving over the hard length of him against his trousers. "I want to..."

I had him unzipped quickly, and I reached in to find him, looking up into his eyes. He was dazed, startled, even a little horrified, but there was something underneath that, and whatever it was kept him from stopping me. He didn't say no as I freed his cock and took it into my hand.

Remembering how he had touched himself, I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started moving it up and down the length. His eyes closed for a moment and he moaned when I pulled all the skin up toward the tip. He was getting lost in the pleasure and sensation as I stroked him, wrapping my other hand around it, too.

He jumped when I leaned in and kissed the tip. "Whoa, wait..."

Remembering my practice with Erica's vibrator, and not wanting him to make me stop, I slipped my mouth down onto him, taking just about half until I couldn't take any more. He tasted different than I expected, a little acrid at first, the skin soft, but the flesh hard under my tongue. He moaned, looking down as I came back up on his cock, licking around the head.

"Leah, you need to stop. We can't... where is Erica?" he asked, as if, in his shock, this had just occurred to him.

"In her bedroom... with Bobby," I replied, my hand still moving up and down on him. I was fascinated with the way the skin moved over the hardness underneath.

His eyes widened, and something flashed there—anger? I slipped my mouth down around him again, wanting to distract him, not wanting him to think about it.

"Does it feel good?" I asked as I came up on him again, running my tongue around and around like Erica had shown me.

I saw him struggling, wrestling with something inside of himself, and I wanted to win out. I knelt up between his thighs, pulling my shirt up and exposing my breasts, wiggling between his legs.

"Isn't it funny...?" I whispered. "Doing this just makes me want to touch myself."

He groaned, watching as I pulled my skirt up, rubbing my pussy as I slid back down to kiss and lick the head of his cock.

"Please," he murmured as I took him in again, halfway, making him wet with my saliva. "Oh Leah, my god..."

I had seen enough in the movies we'd watched already to know what to do. I worked my head up and down, faster and faster, never taking my eyes off his face. I could see that struggle start to dissipate as I sucked him. Something else took over and he started to thrust against me, and I knew it was all right when his hand moved into my hair and he started pressing me down even further on his cock.

I made little noises around his shaft, still rubbing myself, pressing my fingers deep inside of me. My jaw was starting to ache, but I didn't care, I kept on sucking him, hungry and eager, wanting to make him feel good.

"Yes, yes," he whispered, watching me through half-closed eyes. "Suck it, baby... god, that's so good!"

His words encouraged me and I used my other hand around the base, stroking as I sucked, making him buck and jerk under my hands. His breath was coming faster and faster, and I could feel the tension in his thighs.

"Ohhh fuck," he groaned, pressing my head down so far I nearly choked on his length, working his cockhead back into my throat. "You're gonna make me cum!"

I whimpered, looking up at him, not sucking him so much anymore as he was fucking my mouth, using my lips and tongue and the soft wetness to seek his release. The intensity of it was too much, and I shivered, my fingers plunging in and out of my pussy as I started to cum, my orgasm shaking my whole body as he grabbed my head and shoved it down against his crotch.

He made a low growling noise as I felt the first blast against the roof of my mouth. It came in waves, flooding my tongue, hot and acrid and I didn't know what to do with it, so I started to swallow, the taste burning my throat and making my eyes water as he continued to pump into my mouth. I kept his cock there, sucking gently as he shuddered against me, swallowing the last of him and pressing my whole hand over my throbbing mound, my orgasm slowly subsiding.

"Oh god," he murmured, opening his eyes and looking down at me. That look was back again and he frowned. "I'm sorry... we shouldn't..."

"Leah?" It was Erica's voice, and I heard her bedroom door open.

My eyes wide, I stood, grabbing my panties off the floor and running into the bathroom. I saw a last glimpse of Mr. Nolan's shocked, stunned face before I shut the door.

"I'm in the bathroom!" I called, hurrying to straighten my bra and blouse, tucking it into my skirt and slipping my panties back on. I flushed the toilet and ran the water fast, as if I had actually gone, and then opened the door.

She was standing in the hallway and I hissed, "Your dad's home! We need to get Bobby out of here!"

"Oh shit!" She motioned to Bobby to grab the beer. We rushed around, grabbing empties and hurrying downstairs and outside as quietly as we could.

"He's going to kill me," Erica moaned as we ran around the side of the house. "Oh my god, I'm so dead."

"I don't think so," I panted, breathless. She gave me a funny look and I shrugged.

I didn't think Mr. Nolan was going to say anything at all to her about it. In fact, I was almost positive he wouldn't.

Chapter 5

"Whoa, where are you going?" Erica exclaimed, smearing nail polish on my hand when Mr. Nolan came around the corner into the kitchen.

"Erica!" I protested, grabbing a Q-Tip and dipping it into the nail polish remover, swabbing at the red stripe on my finger. "Watch what you're doing."

"That's a godawful smell!" Mr. Nolan made a face, grabbing his coat off the back of my chair. His hand brushed my shoulder and I shivered, looking back at him.

"Wow," I breathed, my eyes wide. He was dressed in black jeans and a light blue button-down shirt. I'd seen him in a suit, and in casual clothes, but never dressed quite like this. He'd even gotten a haircut, and the cologne he was wearing was making me dizzy. "You smell fantastic."

He smiled, but didn't meet my eyes. It had been like that since that day in his room—he avoided me and would barely even look at me, although I had tried a couple times to talk to him.

"Thanks," he said, shrugging on his coat. "Erica, I'm going out."

"Yeah, I gathered that," she replied, still staring. "But where?"

He cleared his throat, shifting from foot to foot. "On a date."

"Wow." Erica raised her eyebrows. "About time."

I couldn't say anything. My heart was beating too hard in my throat.

"You girls be good," he said, looking at me then. I swallowed hard and dropped my eyes to the floor.

"So who is this girl?" Erica asked, cocking her head at him.

"Woman," he corrected, straightening the collar of his jacket and glancing at me. My stomach was clenched and aching. "Someone from work."

"And how long have you known her?" Erica pressed on, and I began rubbing furiously at the red nail polish spot on my skin.

"Long enough," he replied, giving her a smile. "No third degrees, alright?

"Well, she must be pretty special," Erica said with a frown, dipping the drying nail polish brush back into the bottle. "I can count on one hand the number of dates you've gone on since mom died."

"She's... just a girl," he replied, grabbing his keys off the rack on the wall. "Woman," he corrected himself, clearing his throat again. "And we're meeting for drinks. Very casual kind of date."

"Well, you look great, Mr. Nolan," I said, holding my hand out as Erica started painting my nails again. I knew my heart was in my eyes, and something moved over his face when he looked at me, something pained and it made me want to cry.

"Thanks, Leah," he said. "I won't be too late. You girls be good." He said it again, with an emphasis on good. "I mean it."

"We will," Erica assured him. "We've got chick flicks, microwave popcorn and nail polish—we're set for the night."

He laughed, reaching over and brushing Erica's hair out of her eyes. "You two are something else."

I tilted my face up to look at him as he passed, wanting him to touch me, too, but knowing he wouldn't.

"Well how about that," Erica said as the front door closed behind him. "My dad, on a date."

"He's still a man," I said, watching her hand tremble slightly as she moved the brush toward my nails. "I imagine he misses... women..."

Erica nodded, turning my hand a little for a better angle. "It's been five years... I guess it's about time."

In spite of her words, she didn't look any happier about the prospect of her dad going on a date than I did, and while we went through the motions, watching The s****rhood of the Traveling Pants, eating popcorn and getting our newly-painted nails all buttery, both of our thoughts were elsewhere.

It wasn't until I was tucked into the sl**ping bag on the floor and Erica had turned out the light that one of us mentioned it again.

"I wish my mom was here," Erica said with a sigh.

I nodded, feeling tears prick my eyes, but didn't say anything. Mrs. Nolan had been like my second mom. I couldn't remember much about that time, except that Erica missed a lot of school, and the few times I was allowed over that year, I remembered Mrs. Nolan wearing a scarf on her head, her face gaunt, but her smile and her voice were always the same.

"I guess this is how life goes on," she whispered in the dark. I moved out of my sl**ping bag and crept up into the bed, lying next to her. I couldn't imagine losing my mother—I couldn't for a minute know what it must feel like. I just knew I wanted to comfort her.

She sniffed and pulled my arm over her as she turned toward the wall. We fell asl**p that way, her first—her breathing going from those soft little hitches to a deep, even cadence—and then me, drifting off to the rise and fall of her back against my chest.

I woke up twice that night. The first time, I heard voices. Erica was sl**ping soundly, snoring a little, and I slipped my arm out from under hers and eased off the bed. When I opened her door, I could hear the voices more clearly. It was Mr. Nolan and a woman.

I should have closed the door and gone back to sl**p, but I didn't. They were downstairs, so I crept onto the landing until I could see where they were sitting side-by-side and kissing on the couch. All of their clothes were on, but the woman had her leg up over his, and her skirt was riding high up her thigh. Mr. Nolan's hand was there, pressing it up further.

"Oh, wait," the blonde murmured, breaking their kiss. Mr. Nolan's mouth traveled down her neck, his hand moving further up her thigh. "Rob, wait, wait..."

He stopped then, his breath coming so fast I could hear it from where I was sitting, peeking through the railing.

"I... think I should go home," she said, extracting her leg from his and smoothing her skirt. "I like you, but maybe we should... go a little slower."

He sighed and nodded as she picked up her purse. "Are you sure you're ok to drive home?"

"I'm fine," she replied, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "I had a good time."

"Me, too," he agreed, standing and helping her up. I slipped further up the stairs as they started toward the door. "I'll call you."

"You better," she purred, and I couldn't see them anymore, but I could tell they were kissing. I went quietly back to Erica's room with a tight, burning ball in the pit of my stomach. I climbed back into the sl**ping bag and hugged my pillow. I thought I wouldn't be able to sl**p, but I drifted off before I even heard him come upstairs for the night.

The second time I woke up, I had to pee. I didn't know what time it was, but I stumbled to the bathroom, still half-asl**p. I pulled my panties down and sat, rubbing at my eyes, and I was about to flush when I noticed that flickering light under Mr. Nolan's door again.

I knew I shouldn't, but I eased the door open, seeing him stretched out on his bed, his cock in his hand while the television revealed a close-up view of some guy's cock being sucked. That hot tingly feeling started between my legs as I watched, remembering Mr. Nolan's hand in my hair as he shoved himself to the back of my throat like the guy on the screen.

I peeked through the growing gap in the door, letting it swing half open as Mr. Nolan's hand shuttled up and down the length of his shaft. He stopped with a groan to squeeze the tip for a moment before resuming again. My palm cupped the hot, damp crotch of my panties and I took a tentative step into the room, the soft carpet a pleasant shock to my bare feet after the cold tile of the bathroom floor.

Edging past the closet, I heard his breathing now, fast and labored, his fist pumping hard. He couldn't see me and he didn't hear me, creeping up beside him, just like I hadn't heard Erica that day. He was too focused on his pleasure, watching the scene on the television. My fingers moved my panties aside, searching the soft heat of my pussy to find my clit and rub it as I crept closer still.

The movie's volume was soft, but audible, the moans and slaps of flesh clear as the guy knelt between the blonde's legs, aiming himself towards her pink center. I watched for a moment as he pulled out, slick and hard, and slid back in again with a moan. Mr. Nolan moaned, too, his eyes closing tight as he squeezed his cockhead again with a hiss.

Sliding my panties down over my hips, I left them on the floor, moving to stand beside Mr. Nolan's bed, my heart pounding, the heat and tingling between my legs too incredible to ignore. I didn't say anything, but he sensed me there, I think, because he startled even before he opened his eyes and saw me.

"Leah!" His instinct was to cover himself, but he was laying on the made bed, and his fingers futilely grasped the top of the comforter caught underneath his weight.

"It's okay," I whispered, spreading my lips open, showing him in the dim, changing light from the television.

"No," he said, shaking his head, but I saw that his erection hadn't waned at all. In fact, it seemed to swell as I parted my pussy and looked down at him, his eyes staying glued between my legs.

I slid a finger inside, then another, seeing his face change, caught between pleasure and pain. Then his hand moved between his legs to squeeze his cock, and I smiled.

"I'm not a little girl anymore," I insisted, reaching for the edge of my t-shirt with wet fingers and peeling it off, pulling it over my head and letting it drop to the floor.

"Oh Leah," he breathed, his eyes inching their way up my narrow waist, over the soft swell of my breasts, to meet mine.

"Am I pretty?" I asked, biting my lip and running my fingertips over my belly, circling my hardening nipples.

He groaned, his response hoarse. "Yes."

"Do you want me?" My fingers trailed between my legs and I opened myself for him again.

"Yes." His eyes closed against it, but I was still there when he opened them a moment later, my fingers working my clit in little circles.

"It feels good," I whispered, rubbing it faster. "Touching it right here."

"Yes." He nodded, licking his lips and watching. His hand was moving on his cock again.

I moaned, reaching my other hand up to tug at my nipple, closing my eyes for a moment as I touched myself. It felt so good, too good to stop, and the minute I got lost in the darkness, I heard everything more clearly—the movie in the background, the soft sounds of lust, Mr. Nolan's hand moving up and down his shaft and the wet sound of my fingers between my lips.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Mr. Nolan reaching for me, his fingers outstretched towards my pussy, but not touching. My heart skipped and my pussy clenched and I pressed forward so his fingers brushed my pubic hair.

"Feels good when someone rubs it for me," I said, sliding my fingers out from between my lips and nudging my mound toward his hand. He shook his head, swallowing, but he found me, making me gasp when his fingers sank into my flesh, exploring the soft, smooth walls inside.

"Yessss," I moaned when his big thumb moved over my clit, back and forth, his fingers stretching me open.

The hand moving on his cock had slowed as he concentrated between my legs, making me rock and whimper against his hand. When I leaned over to touch him, grasping the shaft and rubbing the tip with my thumb, he gasped, his fingers pressing up into me hard. I wanted to make him feel good, too, and I pulled my long, dark hair out of the way as I leaned over to kiss the tip of his cock.

"Oh Leah," he groaned as I twisted my body, trying to take him into my mouth from this angle. I could only get the tip in, sucking hard, making him jump. Frustrated, I put a knee on the bed, looking for a better position.

"Come here," he said, his hand slipping out of my wetness, making me cry out, wanting his fingers back.

He was pulling me, his hands on my hips, making me straddle his chest. I could reach his cock easily like this, and my mouth slipped over the head, exploring it with my tongue. He made a low noise, grabbing my ass in his hands and pulling me back.

"Oh god!" I cried when his mouth moved between my legs, his tongue searching, hungry, between my lips. I tried to hold myself up, away from him a little, worried that he couldn't breathe, but he wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled me in tight.

Groaning against my pussy, he started to lick and suck at me like he couldn't get enough, no rhyme or reason to it, just pure lust on the tip of his tongue. I gasped and rocked, my fingers squeezing his cock, my mouth just over the head, liking the smooth, spongy feeling of it between my lips.

His fingers found me again, spreading me open, plunging inside. I twisted and bucked on top of him, feeling him suck my clit into his mouth, the sensation beyond heaven. I moaned, licking and sucking around that ridge of flesh at the tip of him—the better his tongue made me feel, the faster I pumped his cock into my mouth.

"Mr. Nolan," I whispered, my hand stopping on him, tightening, feeling my pussy beginning to contract. "Oh that's it!"

He groaned, sucking and licking at my pussy as I came, spreading me wide as I flooded him with my juices. The sensation made me gasp and arch and squirm against his face, not caring anymore if he could breathe, just riding the wave of my climax.

When it was over, I rested my cheek against his thigh, panting and breathless, awkward now in this position. I struggled to climb off him and he helped me so that I was lying next to him on the bed, his face near mine. I realized that I had never even kissed him, but that didn't last long, because he was pulling my mouth to his, his tongue searching for mine.

I couldn't breathe, he was kissing me so hard, pulling me so I was stretched out on top of him now, his hands everywhere at once. It went on for a long time like that, kissing and touching, our mouths exploring, but all the while I was extremely aware of his hard cock trapped between our slick bellies.

When he dipped his head down to capture one of my nipples, I moaned, arching, my fingers gripping his hair. His tongue made circles, his hands cupping my breasts, and then we were rolling, him on top of me, his arms holding his weight off as he sucked and tongued my nipples. It was making me crazy with longing, and I could feel his cock lower, now, resting between my legs.

"Please," I moaned, reaching down to touch him. He was throbbing in my hand, like steel heat. I rubbed him over my pussy, and the sensation made me shiver and rub faster. He groaned, kissing me, his tongue plunging deep into my mouth.

"Whoa," he whispered, breaking our kiss, as I spread my legs wide and pressed the head of his cock against my pussy, right there, the place where I knew he could slide inside.

"Please," I said again, rocking my hips, squeezing my pussy around just the head of his cock.

"Are you sure?" His eyes met mine in the dimness.

I nodded, my hands running down over his back and my legs wrapping around his waist, trying to pull him into me.

"Okay," he murmured, taking my hands and putting them above my head. He grasped my wrists in one hand, pinning them there. Puzzled, I looked up at him, feeling the shift of his cockhead between my lips.

"This is your first time." It wasn't a question—he said it like he knew, and I nodded.

"This... may hurt a little," he explained, shifting forward as he said it, and I gasped, his cock enormous as it pressed its way into my flesh. "Only at first..."

"Ohhhh!" I cried, feeling something stretch and burn between my legs, and I struggled under him, but he kept his hold on my wrists, murmuring something into my ear to calm me.

"It's okay," he whispered, kissing my cheek, but he didn't stop, pressing forward more and more, filling me with such an intense pressure I could barely stand it.

"Wait, oh god," I cried, squirming under him, looking for a way out, until he was buried all the way inside of me, resting there, both of us panting with the effort. "Mr. Nolan, please!"

"It's okay," he whispered again, letting my hands go, and I grasped his upper arms, the fullness between my legs so incredible I thought I would die. "Touch yourself, Leah. Show me, like you did before."

Whimpering, I reached my hand down between us, unable to believe that I could feel good there again with him stretching me open so wide, but my pussy was wet, and I found my clit, rubbing it a little.

"That's it," he encouraged, beginning to move between my legs. He was making circles with his hips as I rubbed myself. "Rub it faster, baby."

I did, that tingle beginning again, spreading through my pelvis and my belly, like a slow heat. He was moving slowly in and out, now, short, easy strokes, his eyes on my face.

"It feels good," I murmured, looking up at him, and he smiled, sinking deeper next time, pulling out further. I let my fingers explore, touching the place where he was going into me with wonder and awe. He was inside of me!

"God, Leah!" He was moving, faster, deeper. "You're so tight..."

"Does it feel good?" I asked, watching his face change, seeing the pleasure there.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, pumping harder.

Over his shoulder, I could see the movie still going, the two people on the screen a reflection of what we were doing on the bed, but I didn't need to watch. Mr. Nolan was fucking me, his cock slipping in and out of my pussy, making the bedsprings squeak and the headboard bounce against the wall, but we were both oblivious to it, lost.

"More," I whispered into his ear, arching up to meet him. My fingers on my clit and the feeling of being filled all at once was taking me to places I couldn't have imagined.

He pounded me against the bed, grunting with the effort of every thrust. His breath was hot over my face and I kissed him, sucking his tongue like he had mine, making him moan and press into me deep.

"Leah," he groaned, breaking our kiss, and I felt something in my body respond to his intensity, finally letting go.

I trembled beneath him, my eyes closing, rubbing fast and hard and taking myself right over the edge. My pussy began to flutter around the hard length of him, and I'd never felt anything so good as cumming with a hard cock buried inside of me.

"Oh god," he moaned as my muscles contracted around him, drawing him in deeper, and I gasped and whimpered when he pulled out of me, kneeling up between my legs and grabbing my hand.

"Take it," he insisted, and I did, grasping the slick shaft and tugging on him.

He moaned, jerking in my hand, and began to cum, too. I watched, breathless, as he shot a hot stream of cum over my belly, then another, not as far, the white fluid falling onto the dark triangle between my legs. He gripped my thighs, his face twisted in pleasure as wave after wave of his cum erupted through my fist and onto my pussy.

Collapsing onto me, he kissed me again, cradling me in his arms and rolling so that we were pressed together, side by side, our bellies sticky and slick with sweat and cum.

"Are you okay?" he asked, touching my cheek, stroking my hair.

I nodded, snuggling closer to him, not knowing how to tell him that I'd never felt so okay in my whole life.

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10 months ago
Beautifully written and very hot!
1 year ago
best story I ever readf
1 year ago
Good story!
2 years ago
great story. so vivid. chapter 2 and does Erica see them and want to join in on at least Leah?
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The best I have read. Please add more chapters you made us get to know those Girls so well!
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Oh fuck, that was hot! I loved that. I jacked off during tha last half and shot cum in the crotch of my panties. I love feeling my soaked panties against my balls. Thanks! It is rare for a story to turn me on that much! Tris
3 years ago
vere good next time wait for me
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excellent story, great details, we need more of good old Mr. Nolan and Leah
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Really good story - well written, great details... and very steamy. xox
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Ditto on all previous comments! Excellent.
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WOW! Very good story, very descriptive.
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mmmm so hot good story really sexy mmmm
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Holy shit that's HOT!