Maverick gets two for one

One day after school my junior year, I was hanging out with my friend Emily.
She's a very pretty girl with probably the bluest eyes anyone has ever seen and just stand out. We had talked before and almost went out, but in the end nothing came of it. She has a nice body though not great, but she did have some nice 34 C tits and she likes to wear low cut tops. She's very nieve and will fall for almost anything. Her ass is very plump and fat. She has shoulder length light brown hair and a very cute, bubbley personality. At times, she could get a bit annoying, luckily on this day she was not being very annoying.

We were just sitting in her living room watching tv and talking about our day when her friend Jessica came in. Jessica was a girl who was never hot throughout her life and then all of a sudden one summer she was beyond belief hot. She had probably one of the best asses I've ever seen. Like Vida Guerra caliber ass. If you don't know who that is google image search her. Her ass was big and quite firm from being a soccer player her whole life. No matter what she wore you could see her plump ass sticking out. Also, she has an amazing body that is like a models body, very tight and strong. You could tell she worked very hard everyday to keep that body. She was a good girl and never had much sexual activity. She had only made out with one person in her life, her current boyfriend. Luckily, he did not come with her on this day. She had been going out with him for awhile and wanted to take their relationship to another level.

"So Emily...uh...How do I let him know I'm ready for more?" Jess asked.

"It's pretty simple, guys can easily made horny. Just get close to him whisper in his ear, kiss him passionately, and rub his leg, high up on his thigh and he'll know." Emily replied.

"But, I don't know. I think it'd be wierd."

"How 'bout I demonstrate on Maverick here, so you can get a feel for it."

"Don't I have a say in this? Who am I k**ding, I would love to be your demonstration." I said.

Jess giggled, I'm guessing because she thought I was quite eager for this demonstration. Emily got real close to me and started rubbing my thigh, up and down, so close to my cock. My cock began to tingle and get stiff in my pants already. As she began to whisper in my ear, laying her head on my shoulder and then began kissing my neck. Then she threw one of her legs over mine and started making out with me. I could feel her tits getting hard underneath her top. This made my cock grow even bigger and harder and I think she could feel it. Her breathing got deeper and deeper as she was obviously getting hornier. She slid her hand to the base of my cock and began stroking it a little bit, so that Jessica couldn't see it.

"Wow! That's turning me on. I think that'll work just fine." Jessica said starting Emily.

"Oh. Yeah. I got a little carried away. Sorry." Emily said while giving me a I-want-you-now look.

Jessica stayed and was hanging out with us and I thought nothing else was going to happen because I would probably have to leave before Jessica did. I got up and went to the bathroom. When i came back, I was startled by a question.

"Will you let me teach Jessica how to give a blow job? Because she's never given one." Emily asked.

"Uh...That's fine with me, but what do i have to do with it?" I asked stupidly.
"Well I need you to demonstrate on again, ya know?"

I smiled and gladly said "Of course." They were giggling a lot as they began teasing me to get me hard. Emily had stripped down to her bra, but still had her pants on and Jessica just had on a wife beater, no bra, and a thong. Emily was squeezing her tits in my face and rubbing Jessica up and down though you could tell Jessica was a little uncomfortable being a goodie girl. For the first time, I got to see Jessica's ass with only a thong on and my cock was completely hard. It was the most perfect ass I have ever seen. It was so smooth and round and looked so firm.

"Dang, you must like her ass, Mav." Emily said as she started grabbing and slapping Jessica's perfect ass.

Emily got on her knees and slid my pants down, revealing my 7 inch pole and it smacked her in the face. Emily smiled as she seemed like she loved to have a cock in her face. Jessica, having never seen a guy's penis before, her mouth just dropped open shocked at the size of it. Emily wrapped her small hands around my cock and began to stroke it slowly and put the head into her mouth. She began sucking slowly and started to pick up the pace a little bit. It felt so good having her warm, moist mouth wrapped around my shaft. Jessica just started almost paralyzed watching Emily's head bounce up and down on my cock. Jessica sat down next to me and watched very closely and I noticed that her pussy was getting wet just watching Emily blow me. So, I stuck my hand between her legs and played with the lips of her pussy just teasing her. Emily began to deep throat my cock and you could hear the sound of her gagging on my thick cock. Jessica just stared, taking in every detail, as she began to moan to my fingers sliding into her pussy.

Emily backed off and told Jessica to give it a shot. Jessica leaned over me and began by licking the tip of my cock and it felt so good. She licked from the very bottom of my cock to the tip of the head as pre-cum oozed onto her tongue. She smiled, obviously liking the taste, and began to suck though she was obviously a first timer. She was trying so hard to do everything that Emily told her too. I reached down and grabbed Jessica's perfect ass and it felt just as amazing as it looked. Man I grabbed a handful and just kept re-gripping it. Meanwhile, Emily hoped up next to me and started kissing me, so i slid one hand between her legs and the other onto her big breasts. She and Jessica began swapping turns at sucking my dick and having me play with their private parts. It was amazing how good they both made me feel. And finally, I felt my cock began to feel a pressure to cum.

Emily and Jessica sat down in front of me as I stood and I shot cum all over their face and naked bodies. Then they both made sure every last drop was sucked out of my dick. Then they began to lick it off of each other and ended up making out with cum still between their lips.

Jessica got up and got dressed and said she had to go to soccer practice, smiled at me and said we should do this again. Emily smiled and I got another blow job before I left and I hoped there'd be more to come

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3 years ago
wow that was hot but you never ate them