Flight Attendant - Lufthansa

Having just joined the Air f***e I couldn't wait to be stationed overseas at my new assignment. Germany. All I could imagine was flowing beer barrels and blondes as far as the eye could see. I had hit the jackpot. Not many men my age were given this opportunity to serve their country overseas. Having just turned twenty-five and being in the best shape of my life, I was eager to explore the world, and the women within it. I was about six feet tall, blond hair, blue eyes, and had a decent tan, having lived in Florida over the last ten years. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a person who would get picked for a Calvin Klein underwear commercial, I was not a bad looking guy. Just your average joe. As I was reliving events from basic training, I was awoken by a strange voice. Where was I? What's going on? Last call for boarding of Lufthansa flight 1224 from Atlanta to Frankfurt for the following passengers: Swift, Thornberry, Wainwright, and Cresswell. Please make your way to gate C5 for an on-time departure. I immediately awoke.

I had fallen asl**p in the Atlanta Airport in the USO lounge. Damn. I grabbed my backpack off the floor and darted for gate C5. As I arrived there were still six people getting their tickets scanned, at which I breathed a sigh of relief. Just made it, eh? smiled the Lufthansa gate agent as she scanned my ticket. Seat 36A, have a pleasant flight. Walking through the plane towards my seat, I could see that the flight was not even half full, so I had all three seats to myself. Things are already going great, I though to myself. I stored my back pack in the overhead bin and took a seat. It didn't take me long to daze off again into a gentle sl**p. Germany, here I come.

I awoke about two hours later because I smelled the smell of coffee. The stewardesses were serving drinks. I sat up and lowered my tray table. I scanned the galley way and my eyes stopped on the flight attendant making her way up my alley. She was about 5'6", medium blond hair, and a body fit for playboy. My dick immediately became hard. She was serving drinks to a young couple in row 34 two rows in front of me. My hard on was killing me. My dick was wedged at an awkward angle facing downwards between my underwear and my jeans, and it wanted to spring upwards to full attention. I decided that I had enough time and quickly, with my left hand, unbuttoned my jeans under my tray table, and grabbed my member. He was as hard as a diamond. I was about to pull him upwards to free him from his stuck position, when I heard a sweet voice say Good morning sir, would you like something to drink?

Crap! I had been caught. There was no way that she didn't see my hand down my pants. Ummm, could I have a coke, I stumbled as I was turning red with embarrassment. Sure, she replied back and started fumbling around her cart looking for a coke. Amazing, I though to myself, She never took her eyes off my face. Realizing this, I kept my left hand on my steel penis underneath the tray table and placed my right hand on the tray table in plain view so not to arouse suspicion.

As she bent over opening different trays searching for my coke, I scanned her hot little body up and down. She was wearing her Lufthansa uniform which consisted of a skirt that barely fell to the top of her knees, skin toned stockings which complemented her sexy toned legs, and a blouse with the top two button of her shirt unbuttoned, and a blue scarf around her neck. As I kept scanning her curves up and down, I could believe what my left hand was doing. I was jacking off under the seat tray involuntarily as she was pouring my coke. I tried to stop but all I could envision in my mind was me bending her over that tray table and plowing her for hours until she was covered in my cum. Let me know if you need anything else. My name is Andrea, she said in her sexy German-American accent, as she placed the coke on my tray table.

I snapped out of it, thanked her, and quickly grabbed the soda with my right hand and began sipping it, all the while still gently jacking my cock under the table. She hadn't noticed a thing. She was focused on her job at hand, and moved on to the girl sitting behind me. I could feel my balls ready to explode, so I stopped jacking off, placed my cock in the proper upright position, and pulled my hand out of my pants. œWow, that was fantastic, I thought as I wiped the pre-cum of my left hand with a napkin.

Having seen the front of her, I also wanted to see the back of her. Not wanting to make it obvious, I pretended to reach for my little bag of peanuts and accidentally let them slip off the table into the aisle way. I reached across the two chairs to retrieve the bag and took a quick look at Andreas perfectly shaped ass as she was serving customers behind me. Perfect curves and her uniform accentuated her ass very nicely. My mind flooded with images of Andrea naked on a bed made of purple satin sheets, ass in the air, hands tied behind her back, and my tongue so deep in her tight little pussy that she was screaming with pleasure every time I penetrated her with my tongue. I wanted to taste her pussy so bad. Fantasizing about eating Andrea's pussy as she was tied up in her bed kept my cock hard for at least half an hour after my fantasy. Sadly she disappeared into the rear of the plane and out of my sight.

From that point forward, I couldn't help but think about fucking her tightness over and over again. I wanted to hear her scream my name as I was ramming my dick into her. I wanted to feel her moistness on my cock. I wanted her to feel the warmth of my seed spilling into her. I wanted her to taste me and I taste her. Two hours had gone by and I knew that they were soon going to start the dinner service. I had to engage in conversation with her somehow. But how? I decided to play up the Soldier story. Everyone might hate the war the US is engaged in, but everyone loves a Soldier. Sure enough, shortly after I decided on the last minute details of my story I would tell Andrea, I could smell spaghetti. I looked back, and saw her and her colleague push the food cart down the aisle towards the front of the plane. She was looking sexy as always. I imagined her pussy lips gently rubbing together with every step she took towards the front of the plane.

Steak or Chicken, Sir, she asked with her all so sexy German accent. I'll have the Fillet Mignon, by which of course mean your sweet little pussy. In fact, go ahead and marinate it with that little bottle of red wine in your service cart and pour it all over your pussy, is what I wanted to say. Chicken please, is what I actually stuttered. It was now or never. I had to strike up a conversation with her to get my Andrea Fix. Just hearing her sexy voice would fill my spank bank fantasies for weeks to come.

As she sat the chicken tray down on my table I decided to make my move. Ooh, looks just like the chicken they serve in the Air f***e, is what I reluctantly spat out. I couldn't help but think to myself that I sounded like a complete idiot. Looks just like chicken? That was the best line I could come up with? The Air f***e? she said out loud with a warm tone of energy in her voice, Some of my best friends are in the Air f***e. I live next to an Air f***e base in Germany. I couldn't believe it, I had found my opening. We talked for about two minutes about where I was from and what I was going to Germany for, etc. As she was talking, I was fixated on her lips. She wore a pink lipstick that glistened every time she opened her mouth. I immediately began fantasying about shoving her head all the way down on my cock to see how far down I could get a pink lipstick print. I wanted my cum to splash on her lips so bad I could envision it as if it were happening now. Well, I've got to keep serving menus to the other passengers; maybe we'll talk more about Germany and the Air f***e later. Sounds good, I replied and started eating.

It wasn't until Andrea came back down the aisle forty five minutes later to collect up the trays that she slipped me a note as she reached for my tray. Meet me in 20 minutes in the rear of the meal cabin, read the note. My heart skipped a beat, as my dick immediate sprang back to full attention. About twenty minutes later, a announcement came over the loudspeaker: Ladies and Gentlemen, we will now be dimming the cabin lights for a few hours. Feel free to turn on your individual reading light if you so desire. And with that, the lights in the cabin came to a low dim. I knew this was my clue to make my move to the rear of the cabin. As I approached the rear cabin I saw two figure in low light who were pouring orange juice from a larger container into smaller serving cups. Dan, shouted Andrea with a smile, glad you could make it. This is my friend Samantha. Do you want to help us fill these orange juice cups juice? , sure, no problem, I said, Is it as easy as it sounds, or is there a special trick to it? No silly, it's just as easy as it sounds, replied Andrea in a flitacious tone. Ok, you two have fun filling the remaining cups, said Samantha, I'm going to take these to first class and take care of some issues up front.

Here we were, just the two of us filling orange juice into cups, making small talk about the Air f***e and Germany, and which internet provider to get, and how to find a house, etc. I honestly tried to listen to everything she was saying, but all I could think about was eating her pussy until she orgasmed. I decided to make my move.

As she was facing away from me filling drinks, I approached her from behind and placed both hand on her hips, and started to kiss her neck. I could tell she was startled at first, but didn't react hostily, so I continued. I pulled both our bodies together, but she was still facing away from me with her hands on the counter in front of her, her neck and back arched back towards me. I firmly grabbed both her breasts as I continued caressing her neck. Her ass was now rubbing against my hard cock as we both were dry humping each other in rhythm. She reached one hand behind herself and started to caress my dick through my pants. He was hard as he could get. Knowing she was totally into it now, I unzipped my pants and let my dick escape into the open. At the same time, I grabbed her hair and gently f***ed her to turn around and get on her knees in front of my cock. She was all too eager to comply and got on her knees and instantly inhaled my cock. Although I was only six inches in length, she couldn't take the whole thing.

After four to five minutes of one of the best blow jobs I've had, I've felt my balls about to explode. As I neared my orgasm, I reached behind her head and f***ed her to take my entire dick's length. She started gagging and at the same time I could feel cum shooting into her mouth. Since I had her pinned down with her mouth over my cock, she was f***ed to swallow my entire load. Spurt after spurt shot directly down her throat. I could feel her trying to pull free, but I just jammed her head into my dick harder. As my cock stopped spurting cum down her throat and I realized that she hasn't had a breath of air in over thirty seconds and was near passing out, I released her from my strong hold and she fell limp onto the ground. She immediately got up and I thought I was in the biggest trouble I've ever been in.

Fearing she would scream **** or kick me in the balls, I was surprised when she looked me in the eyes, got back on her knees, and inhaled my limp cock once again trying to bring it back to life. Since I've had enough of the blow job, I figured I'd return the favor. I grabbed her by her hair and got her off of her knees back onto her feet. I faced her away from me and bent her over the service counter. I got on my knees and slowly lifted her skirt while at the same time tearing apart her panty hose. She wasn't wearing any underwear which gave me a perfect view of her shaved pussy. It was the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen. It looked so tight and wet. From the wetness I could tell that she had cummed as she was giving me a blow job earlier. I moved closer and inhaled a whiff of her pussy scent through my nostrils. She smelt like heaven. I eagerly dug my face into her pussy and started eating her out. She started to spasm immediately.

I placed both hands on her ass and spread her cheeks to get a better position to penetrate her deeper. In and out and round and round I went until she reached behind her and tried pushing my head away because apparently it felt too much. But I wouldn't budge. I grabbed both her hands and held them high above her back so she was f***ed to accept my tongue on her clit and in her pussy. I could tell by her loud panting that she was close to cumming, and sure enough, ten seconds later her body went into convulsions and I greedily licked the sweet juice from her pussy as orgasm after orgasm hit her body. Best dessert I could have asked for!

Seeing her orgasm put a bolt of energy into my dick, and I didn't want to disappoint my number one fan. I got up and positioned my dick at the entrance of her love hole. I could tell that she sensed what was about to happen and tried to stop me, but I was having none of it. I placed one hand on her hips and one hand onto her blond hair, and drove my dick all the way inside of her until my entire dick disappeared inside her. Wow was she tight. Like a vice grip grabbing my dick. I didn't move for a couple of seconds to allow her to adjust to the new feeling of my dick ripping through her pussy. When I sensed her opening up for me to accommodate my dick, I slowly began to pump her. I slowly released my grip on her hair and placed both hands on her ass, kneading her ass cheeks with my fingers as my cock gently fucked her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying it when she started to push her ass back onto me as I pushed my cock into her. We were in perfect rhythm.

She arched her head back and we kissed passionately as my new flight attendant friend and I were beginning our friendship off on the right foot. As my balls tightened I could feel that I was close to orgasm. I picked up the pace and started fucking her like a rabbit. I suddenly felt her pussy tighten and she stiffened up and let out a load moan. She was having another orgasm. I had read in a magazine the previous week that if you cut a girls air supply off during orgasm, it enhances her orgasm experience, so I figured why not give it a try now.
As she was stiff in front of me moaning from the waves of orgasm hitting her body, I placed my left arm around her neck and started to choke her.

She immediately started panicking and started to push my hand away from her throat but I was determined to make her orgasm hard. As she was struggling in front of me, I couldn't take it anymore and shot my seed deep inside of her tight little German pussy. This set her over the edge and she started turning slight blue due to the lack of oxygen, but at the same time I could feel her pussy tightening around my dick again in another frenzy of orgasms. This lasted for about another thirty seconds until I felt her pussy ease up on my cock, at which time I eased my arm away from her air canal. She gasped a deep breath and leaned onto the counter as she was desperately taking in breaths of air.

Between breaths she quietly blurted Wow, I must have had six orgasms on that last one. One better than the rest. We were both satisfied. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and watched my cum run down her legs. I don't think she cared at this point. We made some more small talk, shoved our tongues down each other's throats for a couple more minutes, and parted ways.

As I sat back in my seat the images of what just happened still clouded my mind. With my dick growing hard again, I fell into a soothing sl**p. I was awoken what must have been two hours later, by a weird sensation. I opened my eyes, and realized what it was. Andrea had taken the empty seat next to me, had managed to unbutton my jeans, and was fondling my balls. My eyes flew wide open. Is this really happening to me, I began pondering as I looked around the plane, or is this just a dream. I quickly received my answer as I looked into Andreas beautiful, sexy eyes, and realized that this was really happening. Good morning, sexy Air f***e man, she said in a sexy, almost dreamy voice.

And with that, she leaned over, and pushed her tongue into my mouth, locking our lips into a tight seal, all the way stroking my balls and cock. I figured I'd return the favor and reached under her skirt and found her ripped panty hose with my fingers, and slid two fingers into her pussy. She started quietly moaning and stroking my cock faster and harder. The feeling of her smooth hands wrapped around my dick felt magical. I couldn' take it anymore and broke our kiss. Suck my dick Andrea, I demanded of her. She was all to happy to comply and lowered herself onto my cock. Before she took it into her mouth, she looked back up at me and whispered f***e my head all the way down, and don't let me up no matter what until you cum down my throat. She didn't have to tell me twice, and with that, I got a firm grip on the back of her head, and pushed it as hard as I could onto my cock. About three quarters of the way down I could feel that she couldn't take anymore, but I didn'™t care. I wiggled her head a bit back and forth, and pushed with my entire might.

The remaining inches slid down her throat and I could hear her make gagging sounds as she was struggling to breathe. I was afraid that the noise she was making gasping for air might wake up the passengers around me, so I quickly scanned the area, and saw that the cabin lights where still dim and that all the passengers in my immediate vicinity were still fast asl**p. Andrea began fondling my balls harder and faster as she was struggling for air. After a minute and a half I realized that her struggle was slowing, so I pulled her head off my cock. She gasped in a monster breath of air as her own saliva was running out of her mouth in thick strings. I love it, do it again, she said as she looked up at me with teary eyes. You don't have to tell me twice, I said as I f***ed her head back down onto my cock.

This time I didn't even give her an option to stop at her gag reflex, but instead jammed her head in one fast solid motion all the way down to my balls. She didn't even struggle as my dick passed her gag reflex. She was adjusting well to my cock in such a short amount of time. With one hand, I grabbed the base of her hair near her neck, and f***ed her up and down on my dick. Naturally it didn't take me long to cum and I shot my semen deep into her throat, but didn't want to waste all of it where I couldn't see it.

So after the second spurt I pulled her head off my cock and squirted the rest of my warm cum all over her face. She hungrily tried catching most of it in her mouth, but I made sure to get most of it all over her face. As the last of my cum lay on her face, she grabbed my hard dick and started licking the cum off of it. She did such a great job down there that I felt like I had just taken a shower. Clean as a whistle.

We locked lips again and I could taste my own cock and cum in her mouth, but I didn't care! I had found my soul mate. Not wanting to be the only one with an orgasm, I continued fingering her pussy with my two fingers. Her position was awkward, so I instructed her to lay down across the three seats with her legs spread and over mine. She complied and I started playing with her pussy. She was already dripping wet from giving me that blowjob so I knew it was only a matter of time before she came. Always wanting to take it to the next step, I started inserting a third finger into her tight pussy, and then a fourth. That was all she could handle. Her pussy was too tight.

As my four fingers were ramming in and out of her, she grabbed my wrist and assisted me in penetrating her. She wanted me deeper I could tell by her trying to f***e my entire hand deeply inside of her. Wanting to satisfy her needs, I added my fifth finger to the equation and tried pushing my entire hand inside of her. No way. She wouldn't budge. She was tighter than the security around Fort Knox. Even Andrea tried to assist me by pulling my entire wrist into her but that didn't work either as she was putting immense pressure on my wrists. I tried wiggling my hand into her, and I gained another few millimeters, but still my hand was not inside of her. Hold on Dan, let me try this. I will push myself off this arm rest behind me into your fist, while you ram your fist forward into my pussy at the same time. That should work, she said. That being said, she lifted her ass off the seat and prepared to launch her entire body into my fist. Three, two, one, she counted down.

On one she pushed her entire body forward onto my fist and her pussy swallowed my hand all the way up to my wrist. I could tell that she was in pain from the expression on her face, so I just enjoyed the feeling of her warm pussy all around my hand. It was a magical feeling. Warm, tight, and wet. Just like a pussy is supposed to feel like. The expression on her face had since turned into a naughty start fucking me with your big hand expression, so I began pulling my hand in and out of her. Slowly at first, and then faster as I saw that she was enjoying it. It came to the point where I was able to take my entire hand back out of her and push it back in effortlessly. Wow, I was in heaven. How many girls would let a guy fist them on an airplane?

I was now ramming into her at record speeds and I could tell that she was close to cumming, so I picked up the speed even more and started pinching her nipples with my free hand through her uniform. Suddenly her pussy tightened around my wrist and it became very difficult for me to take deep plunges in and out of her. She was having an orgasm. With my last strength, I pulled my hand out of her pussy and jammed it back in as hard and deep as it possible could go. I was in her almost up to my elbow. At this point her eyes had rolled to the back of her head and her sweet pussy juice was flowing down my elbow. I let my hand rest inside her for about another five minutes until her tight pussy became relaxed enough to release my hand. I pulled my hand out of her and motioned for her to lick her pussy's cum off my hand and wrist. She was all too happy to comply.

All the sudden the cabin lights came back on, and we knew that we only had seconds before all the passengers would start waking up, so Andrea quickly planted a nice wet one on my cheek and disappeared down the aisle.
The rest of the flight was uneventful, and we landed in Frankfurt. As I was deplaning the aircraft, Andrea stood upfront by the cockpit saying goodbye to the passengers. I could see my cum stains all over her uniform, but I hoped no one else noticed. As it came my turn to get of the airplane, Andrea gave me a short Goodbye Sir, thank you for flying Lufthansa, and handed me a note. I opened the note on my way out of the airport and found her face book and email address information inside. I couldn't help but smile. We were going to make quite the team.

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