Summer sl**pover

They were giggling as usual. Maybe a little louder than usual, but nothing new.

My daughter Ashley and her three best friends were having their monthly sl**pover. They enjoyed the swimming pool during the day and the fact that Ashley had her own TV, video and a nice big bedroom at the far side of the house. I guess maybe also that Ashley's mother left us years ago, so they had only me to put up with.

“Hey, you guys, a little bit quieter please… the neighbours are going to complain!”

“Ok dad!”

I didn't even reach my study yet when they were as loud as ever. I shook my head and tried to get back to work. I looked at the dark window. My mind took me back to this afternoon. They were swimming; frolicking around in their very small bikinis. Amazing how beautiful and firm their young bodies are. They were all around s*******n years old, but already had enough of everything in the right places. I shook my head again. I shouldn't be thinking like that.

The noise from the room was now really getting out of hand, and I took a walking stick from the closet with the aim of pretending to give them a hiding. When I opened the door, I don't know who was more shocked. All of them were only wearing panties, and Loren and Gloria were kissing. An empty bottle lay on the floor. Michelle was being “fed” a drink by Ashley. A porn video was playing, and I could smell cigarette smoke.

“What the…” I started, but was silenced by four shouting girls scrambling to cover themselves. “Ashley, the study… in five. Preferably dressed.” I said in the sternest voice I could muster. I could not believe what I had seen. But there was a stirring in my loin. The last couple of years I have noticed how Ashley had grown, and loved watching her beautiful legs as she walked around the house, sometimes only in a t-shirt and panty. I was very comfortable with my own or anybody else's nudity, but never wanted to push her to tan topless or anything. Seeing the four of them topless gave me a hard-on, and I was surprised at myself. It had been years since I last saw Ashley nude or near nude. I always gave her enough privacy. She wasn't shy though, and would walk around in very skimpy clothes. Now I had seen her semi-nude with beautiful firm breasts and very, very sexy. The vision played in my mind.

She knocked on the open door, and came in looking at the ground.

“What I want to say, I would like to say to all four of you.” When they returned, I caught them by surprise. “Before you say anything, I would like to apologize.” They all looked up. This was not what they were expecting. That is exactly why I did it. I wanted to catch them off-guard. “Ashley, you know I have always respected your privacy, and would never enter your room without knocking. I wanted to pretend to give you a hiding… Thus ladies, I want to apologize for invading your privacy.” There was an awkward silence. “That being said, you are all in big trouble. You were drinking and smoking. You ignored my requests to behave and to top it all you were being… naughty. Watching i*****l movies…” I kept quiet for a moment, and then let the bomb drop. “I'll have to phone your parents in the morning.”

“Please Mr. Smith, you can't do that.” Michelle was a tall sexy thing, with long dark-brown hair, a great body, and beautiful breasts that I got a glimpse of before she could cover. She was a very outgoing person, and probably the leader of the pack.

“I can, and I have to. Your parents expect me to look after you and will hold me responsible if you do something foolish.”

“We will do anything, please just don't tell our parents!” Now she suddenly had a chorus.

“Please, please.”

I pondered the sorry looking bunch in front of me. I almost started laughing.

“Ok, I'll give you five minutes to think about what you are going to do to persuade me not to tell. And it better be good. I'm thinking along the lines of washing my car for a couple of months or repainting the garage. In other words: something substantial.”

Michelle knocked on the door this time. This was strange, Ashley was right at the back, almost hiding.

“Let's hear it...” I said.

They were all very uncomfortable as I sat back in my chair and looked at them.

“I, um, we were thinking of something a little different to washing the car.” I did not say a word; it just made them more uncomfortable. “We were thinking about something more personal.” With that, Michelle moved around the table and stood behind me. “I have been taking some massage lessons, and would gladly give you a massage.” With that, she started to massage my shoulders, and I must admit it felt good. I looked at the other three.

“So you think you can give me one massage and it's all over”

“I'll do as many as you want,” said Michelle.

“And what about the three of you”

“We will help her, she can teach us.” Loren was a petite girl with a model-like face and small perky breasts. Yeah, I saw them too.

“What if your massage isn't good enough?”

“It will be!” I could hear the indignation in Michelle's voice. “I'm so sure, you can test it first!”

“Ok, but I make all the rules, and all of you have to comply. If one does not comply, then I start phoning. And this applies to all aspects of future visits and sl**povers.”

“Deal” Michelle sounded very confident, but I could sense that the others were not so enthusiastic.

Ashley now spoke for the first time. “What kind of rules?”

“Nothing the four of you are not used too.” I was playing with words, but my mind was racing.

As agreed, I went to my room, got into boxers, and lay on the bed. They knocked and entered. I lay face down, but could see the room in the dresser mirror.

“Alright then, let's see how good you are Michelle. Both in doing and in teaching.” There was a bit of scuffling, and then Michelle followed by the rest got onto the bed and started rubbing some oil in.

“Oh wait… the rules remember! You have to do this topless. All of you.”


“Don't start young lady… you were the ones who were topless earlier. If you were brave enough then, then be brave enough now!”

“I won't do it.”

“That's fine, I said, I'll start phoning in the morning.” There was an uncomfortable silence.

“I'll do it,” Michelle said. Silence.

“So will I” This was Gloria, an average girl with big boobs, probably D-cups.

“Ok, I'm in.,” said Loren.

In the mirror I could see them looking at Ashley, but she had her arms folded, and didn't seem like she would budge.

“You are going to get us all in big trouble, let alone ruin our sl**povers. We won't be permitted to come and swim here and all that just because you are shy” Michelle was now giving Ashley some lip. “Your dad already knows what happened tonight, but does he know about two weeks ago” Even in the mirror, I could see Ashley turn red and then pale.

“You wouldn't, you promised”, said Ashley.

“What happened two weeks ago” I enquired. Ashley's response was immediate:


Although curious, I was much more interested in getting them to take their tops off.

“Well, remember, all of you or I start phoning”

“But Dad, I can't go topless in front of you…”

“You did earlier!”

“Dad, you weren't supposed to look”

“I couldn't help it! Anyway, you have nothing to be ashamed of.” Then Michelle said:

“Your dad is right, you have nice boobs, and he has already seen them.” With that she took her t-shirt off and said to Ashley: “Do it, or I'll tell about two weeks ago”

They all removed their garments. They were in their panties only. I was in heaven. Looking in the mirror, I could see that both Michelle and Ashley's boobs were so firm that they didn't even bounce when the two of them moved. Amazing. With Michelle's guidance I received a reasonable massage, and was nursing a major hard-on. About a half an hour later, they were finished, and was about to turn in for the night.

“Before you go… that was a good massage, but we'll have to see how well you cope with the rest of the rules”

“What other rules?”

I had turned around, and although the other three were covering themselves, Michelle stood there facing me in a daring stance with her hands on her hips. Those breasts were magic! She knew I was looking, and seemed to like it.

“I told you that I would be making all the rules from now.”

“Ok, so what else” She was almost disrespectful, but I didn't mind, as long as I had that view.

“Breakfast in bed… served topless by the four of you.” Silence.

“Ok” Michelle decided for them. “Anything else”

“Yes” I chirped back. “From this moment on, all of you will always be at least topless when visiting at this house.”

“What do you mean at least topless?”

“You may wear less if you want to!” With that they turned and left the room, but I could hear serious discussions down the corridor. “And I will add rules when I see fit!” I shouted after them.

I was up early, and waited patiently. There were a lot of noises from downstairs, and then they came to my room. They were all topless, with Michelle carrying the tray. The others were covering their assets with hands and arms.

“Drop your hands. The idea is for you to be as relaxed with your nudity as you were last night.”

“But we were… a little tipsy last night” Ashley said, hiding behind Loren.

“Don't remind me” I said.

“But Dad, it is now daylight, and we are sober” I reached for the phone next to the bed.

Michelle handed the tray to Loren, took Ashley by the hand and pulled her forward, then held Ashley's hands behind her back. She pushed Ashley forward and right up to me. Ashley was squirming, but Michelle held tight. Ashley's beautiful breasts were now inches from my face, and I marvelled at the sight.

“Just perfect” I said aloud, realizing to late what I said.


“I'm talking about Michelle taking charge.” I was a salesman by nature, and thought on my feet. “Ok then, no more hiccups like this, I don't want to argue about every rule.” They turned to leave, but I called them back. “Do we have an agreement? No more arguments about rules!” They nodded in agreement.

After breakfast, I announced that I would be going to town, and asked if they needed anything. I promised to bring them something special. As I was about to leave, I saw them getting ready to swim and tan.

“You can swim and tan nude if you want to, I normally do, and nobody can see you.”

“I saw you!” Ashley dropped her head and turned bright red.


She was still red, and looked away. All her friends stared at her.

“It was when I was ill; I suppose you forgot that I was home…”

“We'll talk about that later young lady. Spying on people. Shame on you.”

“But it was not intentional”.

All morning the only thing I could think about was what happened. I knew it was wrong, but I was thinking of some plan to get more out of them. Michelle was super sexy, and Ashley's body was just as great if not better, but she was my daughter. But the thought of her seeing me, turned me on. I did my normal chores, and then stopped by a sex shop. I bought four identical yet differently colored vibrators. Then I bought a nice big dildo, lubricant and a very sexy and revealing outfit for each. I had them all separately gift-wrapped, and headed for the deli. I bought Ashley's favourite chocolates, and then bought a lot of spirit coolers, liqueur and some wine. I had plans!

When I arrived home, they were all tanning naked, and after enjoying the view for a couple of minutes, I made a noise to alert them to my presence. They covered their buts when I pretended to reach the kitchen. Seeing them naked, even from a distance, made me crazy. Damn, I was horny.

“Coming to join us?” Michelle asked as I brought a cool box with ice and drinks to the poolside. Ashley said:

“What is this? Now you are bringing us drinks?”

“Yes, you seem to enjoy it.”

I had my plans well worked out. After they all had some drinks, and started to relax, I casually took Ashley's chocolates from my bag. She absolutely loves them. When she saw what it was, she almost jumped up, realising just in time that she was nude.

“Dad, please bring me one, you know how much I love them.”

“Come fetch one… without your towel!”


Looking at Michelle I said:

“I thought we had this situation under control”

“We do.” Then Michelle said to Ashley:

“Get up and go get that chocolate”. Ashley just shook her head.

I was prepared for this, and picked up my cell phone.

“Wait!” Michelle said. “We agreed, and you are going to be sorry!”

“But he is my dad.”

“You saw him naked”.


“No buts… we'll all get up together to fetch chocolates”

Ashley was not convinced, and the salesman in me took over:

“Ash, you are a beautiful and sexy young lady, with absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You know I am not shy or offended by nudity, and I believe that you should be proud of the way you look.” There was a bit of a silence, and then Ashley surprised me by saying:

“Ok, but you too.” A chorus went up:

“Yeah, you too!”

“Deal!” I said.

They got up together, and I didn't know where to look first. I didn't want to stare, but it was impossible. Michelle was closest to me, and the least shy. She had a trimmed bush concealing her little pussy. With her dark hair, I could see almost nothing. Loren only had a landing strip, and I got a nice glimpse at her lips. Then Ashley got up and walked right up to me with the towel in front of her. She stopped inches from me, and when I looked up at her, she dropped the towel. I couldn't stop myself from looking down, and with me sitting and her standing; I had her totally bald pussy right in front of my face. It was beautiful.

“There, now you've seen me and you know my two-week old secret. I shave.” I didn't say a word, but got up and hugged her naked body.

“You're not mad?” she asked.

“Why would I be mad? I love a bald pussy!”

Michelle and Gloria had manoeuvred themselves behind me, and now started pulling at my swimming trunks.

“You too!” I didn't want to look away from Ashley. There was something in her eyes I had never seen before. When Loren joined the other two, Ashley chirped:

“Come-on dad, show them that monster” She turned red, and I said to her:

“Only if you promise not to call me dad when we are both naked…”

Michelle, Gloria, or both pulled my trunks down, and my semi-hard 8-inch dick sprung free. I knew that it was above average in thickness.

“Wow! I have never seen one that big.” This was Michelle's wisdom.

“That's because you have only seen school boys before” I was surprised at Ashley's remark. Michelle chirped back:

“Now suddenly you're the expert?”

“Don't argue ladies, we are here to enjoy the day.” With that, I turned and jumped in the pool. My hard-on was becoming uncomfortable. Loren and Ashley join me in the pool, and we splashed and played a little. My hard-on relaxed, and I got out.

“Pete, bring me my towel please.” It sounded so wrong yet so great to hear my daughter call me by my name.

“Only if I may help you dry.” I knew I was pushing my luck, but was delighted when she answered without any hesitation:

“I would love that!” I took my time, and enjoyed touching her all-over. I was really pushing my luck now and even dried over her pussy, looking for her reaction. All I got was the same strange look from earlier and a smile.

“Your turn” she said, and pushed me back onto the patio. She didn't even attempt to dry anywhere but my dick. It was hard in seconds.

“Look at that” Michelle almost shouted as she looked up from where she and Gloria were drying Loren. All three of them now joined Ashley, and I felt like a show horse being inspected.

“May I touch it Mr. Smith” Michelle being bold again.

“Sure, but when we are naked, I'm not Mr Smith…” Before Michelle had a chance, Ashley put her hand on my dick and said:

“Me first”. I was in heaven. My daughter had her hand on my raging hard-on, and three of her friends were awaiting a turn! They made turns to touch, play look and joke about it, but I was not complaining.

The drinks were flowing freely, and soon Gloria and Loren were kissing again. Ashley and Michele were sitting on either side of me and took turns playing with my dick and balls. Until now, Gloria and Loren had been the two kissing. Then Michelle leaned forward over me and kissed Ashley. Just a little kiss.

“That's just to say sorry about earlier” Ashley looked at her, then at me and then took Michelle's head in her hands and KISSED her. I could not believe it. Right there above me. Michelle still had her hands on my dick, but they were not moving. She was returning the kiss. I took the opportunity to put my hands on their backs, and started rubbing. The kiss was long, and when they broke it off Ashley said,

“That is how you are supposed to say sorry!”

I didn't take my hands off their backs, and slowly worked my way toward their chests. I touched Michelle's breast first. She didn't seem to mind. That gave me courage to touch Ashley. She didn't move, but I got that strange look again. It was the four most perfect breasts any man could hope to touch in one day. Firm, beautiful and responsive.

“You need to apologise to me too for spying on me while supposedly ill” Ashley looked at me and said:

“I can't kiss you dad!”

“I'm Pete; your dad is not here right now.” She hesitated for a second, and then bent down to kiss me. She sat back, and I looked up at her and Michelle. Then I pulled her down again and kissed her deeply. She responded in a way I have never experienced before. It was magic. When we broke off, we had a stunned audience.

“That is how you are supposed to say sorry!” I returned her words to her.

We went inside after that, because the sun was getting lower in the west and I still had many plans. They had forgotten about their gifts, and when they got inside, they were surprised to see gifts all over the kitchen table. They wanted to rip it open, but I stopped them.

“Those gifts are from an adult sex shop. You may open them, but on condition that you wear them in front of me or use them in front of me.”

“Deal!” Ashley loved surprises, and ripped open her garment first. At first glance, it looked like a normal lingerie piece, but closer inspection revealed that it had no crotch, leaving her pussy totally exposed. This prompted the others to open their similar gifts. They were more apprehensive about the little boxes.

What are these?”

“Gifts!” I smiled. I knew curiosity would get the better of them. Ashley opened hers first, and blushed.

“Dad, uh Pete, I can't use this…” Michelle chirped:

“Yeah, she is still a virgin!”

I didn't say a word. I was proud of Ashley, but in a way felt sorry for her. Obviously, it was an issue with the others.

Realising what their gifts were, they were not so keen to open them anymore.

“All for one and one for all” was my remark. Michelle opened hers, followed by the others. I said:

“Ash, you can at least play with yours a bit…”

The four of them sort of looked around, and then Ashley suggested:

“Let's go to Pete's room. The bed is big enough.”

I closed the blinds, and it was rather dark in the room. Then I lit a few scented candles, and that created the right atmosphere. They requested a few minutes alone, and I took the opportunity to fix drinks. I returned to the room to find the four of them playing, kissing and fondling and Loren had her vibrator buried in her pussy. Unbelievable! I expected Gloria or Michelle to be able to take the whole vibrator, but Loren with her petite body? I had an instant hard-on. They took their drinks, and asked what the other gift was. I remarked that it was for two of them, with the same rules as earlier applying. They were apprehensive. I wasn't worried. Booze and curiosity would win.

Then I said:

“It is time for another rule”. Loren didn't even hear me. She had a date with her vibrator. The other three looked at me, but didn't seem worried.

“Michelle has been the most co-operative of the lot. I think she should be allowed to make a rule of her own.”

“Yes!” she shouted.

“Ok, but only one rule,” I said.

“I want Gloria and Loren to open the other gift!” Loren looked up from her trans-like state. Gloria slowly took the gift and handed it to Loren. They sat on the bed facing each other with this parcel between them.

“It won't bite you!” I said. They slowly opened it and Michelle had a look of anticipation on her young face. When they had the 14” dildo out, they all marvelled at it, but when ordered by Michelle to get on with it, Loren and Gloria were a little less enthusiastic.

“It's too big,” exclaimed Gloria.

“Bullshit” said Michelle. “Look at Pete; that is big!”

“But this is too long”

“You don't have to take the whole thing”

After a little convincing and a lot of lubrication, they had the dildo between them. Inch by inch they played with it until there was just a little bit visible in the middle. This meant that they each had about six-inches inside them. I couldn't believe that such young girls could accommodate that much. The sight was unbelievable. Two beautiful young bodies on their backs, with a dildo between them. Their legs were wide open and their young pussies spread and stretched. In the last 24 hours, I had seen more pussy up close than in years.

“Get more in there!” said Michelle.

“I can't” said Gloria. “Why don't you do it big mouth?”

I wouldn't mind seeing that either I thought to myself. Michelle's dark pubes were effective at hiding her pussy. Gloria didn't wait for an answer, but carefully slid out of her end. Loren obviously loved having something inside her, and she patiently waited. Through all of this, Ashley stood next to me transfixed.

Michelle slowly manoeuvred into place, and soon had six inches in her. It was an incredible sight. A long but relatively thin dildo was stretching her pussy. For the first time I could see her lips. I decided that her bush needed to go. I wanted to see her bald. However, for the time, I was being entertained by the amazing sight in front of me. Michelle was pushing harder than Gloria did previously, and Loren was squirming with delight. I could not believe that such a petite little body could accommodate half of a f******n-inch dildo. They pushed harder at each other until their pussy lips were touching! For the most part, Loren had her eyes closed, but when she had her orgasm, she shouted, and when she opened her eyes, they were like that of an a****l. A bewildered, primitive lust.

“You like that don't you?” Asked Ashley. She was looking at my hard-on, and then moved to stand behind me, reaching around and stroking my dick. I was in heaven.

“I also want to make a rule!” said Gloria.

“Me too” said Ashley.

“Ok, one rule each” was my response. Gloria was first.

“Ashley has been inactive the whole time. My rule is that she does a 69 on Pete!” I was surprised when no complaint was forthcoming from Ashley. The others all agreed. I lay down on the bed with my rock-hard dick poking the air. Ashley slowly moved next to me, and then lifted her leg over my face. I could not believe it. Here was the object of my dreams an inch above my face. She was beautiful. I could smell her. It was incredible. Her bald pussy was spread wide open and so close that I could touch it with my tongue. However, before I did, I was overwhelmed by a different sensation. Her breath was warm on my dick! I almost lost it. Then she touched my dick with her tongue, circling the tip. I felt like shouting. Then she stopped and asked:

“Do you mind, Pete?”

I didn't answer her, but simply touched her labia with my tongue. She quivered, and then went back to licking my dick head. She didn't even try to get it in her mouth, but started licking up and down the length of my dick. Her slight musty taste drove me crazy. Her tongue made me crazy. I think I was about to go crazy. I don't know how long we were like that. It wasn't long enough. Using my tongue, I played with her clit. Ashley's legs started to tremble. Then she started shouting and sat up. I almost suffocated as she ground her virgin pussy into my face, but I wasn't going to complain. Then she came. Her whole body shook; she shouted and clawed at my legs. I have never seen anybody come like that. Apparently, the other girls haven't seen anything like it either, because when Ashley fell off me, we had three stunned faces looking at us. There was a little bit of a silence.

“I want too see all these bitches that always tease me about being a virgin take that thick thing of yours. Loren first.” stated Ashley.

“I can't do that. It is i*****l. They're too young.”

“Loren has been fucking for years, you should realise that by the way she enjoys things in her pussy. I think she needs your thick dick” Hearing Ashley talk like that was a little bit shocking, but I liked it. I wasn't going to argue any further, but was unsure about Loren's reaction. Ashley said to Loren:

“On all fours. I want to see it. That's my rule.” Loren turned around as though she was a robot following a command. I didn't want to be accused of ****.

“Are you ok with it Loren?” She just nodded and reached for the lubricant. After some careful teasing, I managed to get about half my dick into her. She was so tight! I was afraid of hurting her, so I took it slow. She was passive at first, but after a while, she started pushing back at me. Her breathing was heavier now, and I got about six inches into her.

“I want to turn around!” she shouted. I withdrew slowly and let her lay on her back. That beautiful model-like face was in ecstasy. I was glad to see her enjoying it.

“Fuck me hard,” she said. I didn't need any more encouragement.

She was so petite, that I could not even kiss her while my dick was close to her pussy. She only reached my chest. I entered her slowly. She was incredibly tight. Soon I was back up to six inches, and slowly fucking her. Just the though of me fucking my daughter's s*******n-year old friend was mind-blowing. The fact that my daughter was actively encouraging it was amazing. Loren was like an a****l. She grabbed my waist and pulled me closer.

“I want the whole thing!” she shouted. I started pushing harder. She shouted with every thrust, but kept on pulling me deeper. I lost my control, and thrust as hard as I could. She shouted at the top of her voice, her eyes were wild, but she did not let go of me; still pulling. I knew she was hurting, I could see it in her eyes, but she wanted more. I was in as deep as I could go; she had eight very thick inches in her. The tears were coming from her eyes, but still she pulled closer.

She had my eight-incher buried in her and wanted more! After the hard trust, I held still for a moment to let her relax. I started moving, and she yelled. But she held my waist and pulled me back in.

“Fuck me with all you've got!” I pounded her small body and very tight pussy as hard as I could. She shouted every time I pushed. I could sense that she was nearing orgasm. I thought she was going to pass out. The a****l in her that I had seen earlier clawed at my back. She climaxed and shouted so loud that I was sure the neighbours would hear. Then she collapsed and I slowly withdrew.

“Wow” said Ashley. “Your turn Michelle”.

But I wanted Michelle alone, and devised a quick plan.

“No, Michelle's bush needs to go first!” Ashley and Loren took her to the bathroom, and I lay back on the bed. Without a word, Gloria climbed on top of me and guided my dick to her pussy. Another s*******n year old girl fucking me! She had huge but firm breasts, and I played with them as she slowly started to ride me. Soon she had about six inches in her, but seemed content with that. Her breathing was becoming faster, and she climaxed just as the other three came out of the bathroom.

“You bitch,” said Ashley. “I wanted to see”.

“Go and shave her too, then I'll fuck her again.” I said. This left me alone with the sexy little Michelle. I lay her on her back and immediately went down to her bald pussy. It was so beautiful. I licked all around it and then buried my tongue in her. She tasted so good. She went wild. Soon she was nearing an orgasm, and I stopped. Some lubrication on my dick, and I moved closer. She was so tight. I didn't think my dick-head would fit! But a little bit of playing, and I had about four inches in her. It was magic. So tight. The other three returned, and Ashley immediately said:

“Deeper. The bitch can take more than that” No complains were forthcoming from Michelle, so I pushed harder. I could see immediately that she was uncomfortable.

“It's too big,” said Michelle.

“Bullshit! Push it in Pete,” said Ashley. I didn't push deeper, but started going faster, and this seemed to satisfy Ashley. Michelle had a massive orgasm.

I had to re-do Gloria as instructed, but I was not complaining. Her pussy was now bald, and I prefer it that way. Ashley told us to do it doggy style, and then crawled in under us. She started to lick by balls while I was fucking her friend! This was too much. I looked over my shoulder to see Michelle's face buried between Ash's legs. I could hold out no longer. I blew my load deep into Gloria. She came almost at the same time, and then Ashley put her hands on my hips, pulling me out. When I popped out of Gloria, Ashley licked at her pussy, licking my cum that was dripping from her. I thought I would relax a little, but Michelle almost tackled me, pushing me down on my back and immediately started to lick at my dick. The next thing I saw was Loren's beautiful pussy right above my face, and I started to lick. She ground her great tasting s*******n-year-old pussy into my face. Then Michelle moved up. I had regained my hard-on, and she was positioning herself on it. She slowly worked herself down on my dick, and leaned forward to kiss Loren who was still trying her best to suffocate me. Michelle's pussy was extremely tight, and she had been the one least capable of accommodating my dick. But now she was in control, and more relaxed. I could feel her taking more and more.

The rest of the evening continued as a massive fuck-fest. Every time I believed that I was now spent, and unable to continue, the girls would do something to revive me. Eventually we all fell asl**p.

Sunday morning I made them breakfast, and carried it all up to the bedroom before waking them. I was naked, and felt comfortable with it. I woke the girls, and we all sat there on the bed eating. There was a strange vibe. Everybody was nude, and everybody was comfortable, but still there was something in the air.

Michelle spoke for all when she said:

“I don't feel like going home now.”

“Yeah” was the chorus.

My brain was in top gear.

“What are your plans for the holidays” I asked.

“Nothing much”

“Same here.”

“Me too”.

“I haven't discussed this with Ash, but why don't we all go to the mountain” I asked looking at Ashley. Her face lit up

“Yes! That would be great” The others were unsure, and Michelle asked:

“What's in the mountain?” Ashley answered:

“We have a log home on the lake, with a boat and everything. It's beautiful.”

“And private!” I added

“If you want, I'll speak to your parents. I'll explain that Ashley doesn't want to go and be all alone”

The mood changed after that, and everybody seemed content. Out of nowhere, Loren suddenly said:

“Ash, I don't know how to tell you this, but I don't want to see any of the school boys anymore.” Ashley had a puzzled look on her face, and Loren continued:

“I want your permission to come visit Pete when I… uh, need to fuck!” I could not believe that she was so blunt. Ashley looked at me, then smiled and said:

“I hope Pete can keep it up. Pardon the pun!” Michelle; always the leader, said:

“I think we will all be visiting much more, if that's ok”

“Ladies, you are always welcome!” I said, already becoming uncomfortable with my growing dick. Just the idea that I will be able to fuck them again was getting my dick to respond.

“Look at that, he really likes the idea!” Ashley was pointing at my hardening dick.

Before their parents picked them up during the course of the morning, we all had sex again. Loren managed to get the whole thing in her without a shout this time! Ashley was a little bit withdrawn, and I was worried about her.

After lunch, I lay next to the swimming pool and Ashley joined me. She was nude, and seemed very comfortable with the idea. I made small talk, but I knew she had something on her mind.

“This is much better…being able to tan nude”

“Yes” she said.

Are you ok?” I asked.

“I'm fine.” When the sun was getting lower, we went inside and sat down on the couch as usual. We were nude, but apart from that, this was our usual routine after her friends left. “Did you enjoy the weekend” I asked.

“Sure” she said. We ate dinner and watched TV, but she was quiet. I could take it no longer, and said to her:

“Is it because I had sex with them or because they want to come back again?” She looked up and said:

“No it's not that at all. I like you fucking them. I'll tell you tonight.”

Now I was really worried. Something is bothering her, but what I decided to leave at that for time being. At around nine I said that I was retiring for the night, and she said she would see me in a couple of minutes.

I was in bed when she entered the room. We had been naked the whole day, but now she was wearing a t-shirt and panties.

“Can I sl**p here tonight?” she asked. The last time she slept in my bed was many years ago during a thunderstorm, but I said:

“Of course… but I sl**p naked.”

“So do I.” she said, turning around and taking her clothes off. She was so beautiful. Perfect breasts, bald pussy, perfect body…just perfect.

When she got in, I was lying on my back, and she curled up next to me, and immediately put her hand on my dick. It was hard in seconds. She slowly stroked my dick. I waited for her to talk first.

“Pete, I don't want to be the only virgin in the group anymore.” She stated, and suddenly everything made sense.

“That's understandable,” I said. “I even felt the pressure you got from the others.”

“They just don't understand, I have somebody in mind, and don't just want to do it with anybody.”

“Ash, you are truly a beautiful, sexy lady, and I am very proud of you for being so adult about this. You are open-minded enough to play like today and yet you made a decision and stuck to it. I am so proud of you. All I ask is that you choose carefully. Guys will tell you anything to get what they want.” She didn't say a word, but just cuddled up and increased the intensity of stroking my dick. All through our little chat, she had been stroking my dick, and it was wonderful.

“Pete, what do you really think of my body? Please be honest.”

“Honey, you are perfect. I mean it. Perfect boobs, stunning firm body, beautiful legs, and the most precious pussy I have ever tasted!” Without a word, she turned around and sat herself down on my face.

“Eat me!” she demanded. I was only too happy to oblige. She went down on me as well and even took my head in her mouth. She was stroking wildly as well, and I knew I would not last long. I lifted her a little, and said:

“You better stop, I'm going to blow!” She stopped, and I assumed she didn't want it in her mouth. She ground her musky pussy into my face and as I licked her clit, she came. She moaned and sat quivering for a couple of seconds. Then she got off me, and immediately started kissing me. I was still on my back, and she lifted her leg over me, kissing all the time. Without any warning, she sat down on my dick whilst guiding it into her! She was super-lubricated due to her climax, and the head slipped in.

“Ash! What are you doing?”

“What I have wanted to do since I was twelve!” She looked at me with the same strange look I've been getting all weekend and said:

“You are the person I've been waiting for. I didn't know how to approach you, but this weekend provided the opportunity.” All the time I was acutely aware of her warm pussy around my dick-head. She was so incredibly tight. There was a silence and then she asked:

“Will you do it?” Her beautiful begging face, her wonderful body above me and her warm pussy around my dick prompted me to say:

“I would be honoured… if you are sure about this.”

She didn't answer, but rolled over, taking me with her. What a sight! My beautiful daughter naked on her back, with her legs spread and waiting for me to take her virginity!

I applied lots of lubricant, and slowly pushed at her womanhood. Again, the head slipped in. She closed her eyes, and I started pushing in a little. Then out and in a little deeper. Soon I felt resistance. She was so tight! I stopped going deeper, and got her to relax with the little that was in. She opened her eyes and said:

“Do it!” I pushed hard and broke through. She didn't make a noise, but tears came from her eyes. I kissed her and started to move in and out. Soon she started responding, and then started moving her hips in time with my thrusts. I was only in about five inches, because she was so tight I though I was going to tear her apart. I had to hold back a couple of times, because the whole idea, the actual physical act and the mind-fuck was pushing me over the edge.

“Ash, I want to cum deep inside you!”

“Yes, yes I want that too”

That was it; I knew I would not last much longer. When we came (yes we climaxed together), I could not control my thrust, and pushed in to the limit. She shouted, cried; bit me all at the same time. When we collapsed, I apologised, but she said:

“There is one way to make this up to me! By the time we have our next sl**pover; I want to show those bitches that I can take that whole monster of yours!”

“You mean you want them to know that we are sexually involved” I asked.

“Of course, but only when they are here and they see it! Until then you fuck them silly and I just watch.”

“Are you sure you still want me to be with them”

“Pete, if it is ok with you, I want us to be lovers from now on. I want you to fuck whomever you want, but we stay together! What do you think?”

“You are so special, Ash. Shall we start with you exercises?” She laughed and guided my dick into her slightly bl**died pussy. I think I fucked her five times before she went to school the next day.

She moved into my room that night, and we have been lovers ever since. Her friends come by to “swim” two or three times a week, and we all looked forward to the holiday!

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Wow, that's got to be the hottest story I've ever read, fantastic, and very well written, thanks.
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Soooo erotic-and so well written! It is so hard to write a story with so many participants while keeping the story clear and cogent-you did this masterfully! Absolutely one of the best stories that I have read on this site! Hope that there are more to follow! Now excuse me as I have quite a mess to clean up!
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very awesome story. Please write more
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