s****r in law

After my wife passed away at 40, my life really changed. I had always been successful in business but after 18 years of marriage I was lost when it came to dating or even finding a date. I started spending most of my time with my wives f****y (two s****rs families) and became a workaholic.

One night I went to a dating site and one thing left to another and I ended up pumping a load of cum all over the floor while reading sexy bios and looking at photos of nude and exposed women that generally looked like the women you would see next door. This went on for a while until one night I summoned up the courage to take a few clothed and unclothed photos, to conceal my id I didn’t include my face in the photo, and then joined a few sites and I waited to see what would happen. While taking the photos I became aroused and harder than I had been in years. I became the “Seeker of Passion”.

I got a few hits with women asking for more info about me, which was nice, funny and sometimes sexy. Some women started requesting photos of my erect penis and a few even asked if I would cum on a picture of them and then photo that and send it back to them. At first taking these erotic photos was awkward but I developed a system so the photos were relatively clear and I even used a mirror for some. One very sexy older lady asked for photos of precum and close-up shots of the head of my penis with me cumming … I never quite got the quality of shot I wanted but she seemed happy. It was strange to see a photo of my penis in different stages, somewhat erotic, but a great ego boost when many women would comment back and tell me that they wanted my penis in them and that they would love to feel my cum filling their pussies. I liked to read when women would send awesome pussy photos and tell me what I could do with my hard, thick, 8.5-inch long penis. I was amazed that almost every pussy out there was shaved. I soon learned that I enjoyed seeing at least some hair on the field, nice C cups (my late wife had B cups), smaller areolas and I also realized I needed more of a release that masturbating over the computer, photos and words on a screen.

I found myself looking at women differently and after over one year of being single again I felt some women were looking differently to and at me. I began to look at their eyes, say nice things and see their smile with simple complements like you look nice, asking a waitress how she was doing, complementing the cleaning lady on how lovely she looked. They seemed to glow …if I would have learned that earlier in life what a difference that would have made

I still spent a lot of time with my wives f****y and began to catch myself looking at her s****rs a little more closely and more sexually than I should. I also noticed that my complements didn’t go unanswered and how their smiles were different and the forms and curves of their bodies. Beth, her older s****r caught me looking at her chest when her shirt had opened some and I notices the beauty of the lace bra against her pail non-tanned breasts. She looked at me, smiled and followed my eyes to her cleavage and rather than give me a mean eye or fix her shirt she actually smiled and moved to give me a better view.

I tried not to look but I couldn’t stop glancing and later as I was leaving she whispered that she understood and that it was our secret … she then surprised me and asked if I like colored or white lace best. I turned red and said white …and she kept surprising me and said that she would keep that in mind for when my eyes wondered next.

That night as I drove home I couldn’t get the mental picture of her beautiful breasts and the view of her pink nipples through the lace that I had gotten earlier that night. I had my penis out and in my hand before I even got home. I stripped as I got out of the car and walked into the house only to find my answering machine light blinking. It was my wives younger s****r, Jenny, and her message said I had left my blazer and she would drop it off since she had to pass my house on her way home. I scurried to get dressed just in time to hear her pull up.

She was alone, her husband and two daughters had taken a separate car and she had wanted to see how I was doing anyway. She said I looked flush when I left and wanted to make sure I was well. We chatted a little and for the first time I felt a real attraction and sexual tension between us. I dismissed it as we spoke but began to notice that a few buttons of her shirt were undone and she was revealing more of her breasts than she had earlier at dinner. She went to my office to drop off my blazer as I fixed us some water and we sat in the kitchen a spoke of f****y and life. She seemed a little nervous but I thought is was just her catching me looking at her possible inappropriately. Her breasts were not as large as her s****rs but her bra pushed them up and highlighted their C size shape. As she would move I got great views of her non-lace bra and swear I could see her dark nipples were hard as part of the areola was exposed. I had to cross my legs to keep from announcing that my 8.5 pocket monster was at least partially awake. My wives nipples were more faint pink, where Jenny’s and Beth’ seemed darker or it was maybe just my imagination and me seeing things that I wanted to see or, more than that, longed to see. She told me that I had changed a lot since her s****r had passed and that I seemed so much more confident and sexy. We touched on dating but I told her not yet and she suggested that she could set me up when I was ready … After a longer embrace than normal, on both of our parts, I am sure she felt my erection and I am confident I felt her firm breasts and hard nipples, we kissed cheeks and she left after she gave me the cutest-sexiest smile I have ever seen … no, maybe it was just a s****r type of smile I told myself. I walked to her car where we had the public embrace and a small peck on the cheek and she left. On the way to her car I noticed the sexual aura and look of her 38-yearold body and her walk that I had never dome before.

After she left, I immediately went to my computer and pulled up a site to find a letter or photo to masturbate to but the thought of my two, now former, s****r-in-laws was all I needed to fill a washcloth with streams and streams of cum and I am sure that my neighbors herd my moans. I slept like a baby!

A few days had passed and I, as usual, spoke to my s****r-in-laws and nieces regularly. Beth was going out of town and I was going to watch the girls and they would stay at my place, When she dropped them off she came in and we went through schedules and as she was leaving Beth asked me if I thought about what she whispered to me a few back. I said yes but I try not to, and then she said what a shame! She leaned over and whispered to me .. navy blue lace and matching panties. I whispered that we never mentioned panties and she looked at me, smiled and bent over to pick up something her daughter had dropped deliberately giving me a view of her beautiful ass covered in blue panties. She left and I was there with my two nieces ..I am glad they wanted to play so I could keep the thoughts of their mom out of my head.

I watched her girls, my nieces, for the next two days in the evenings and at night after work while she was gone on business so I stayed busy and totally behaved myself. I couldn’t imagine the horror of them walking in on me as I masterbated. Her youngest daughter surprised me one morning by joining me in the shower and I was horrified. She looked and me, looked at my penis and said, in all innocence, that her daddy had a penis but his was smaller. She then looked at her crotch, looked me in the eye again and told me she had a vagina and when she was older she would have hair just like her mom! That was the quickest I have ever finished a shower and got dressed in my life. Innocence is so beautiful.

When Beth came to pick them up the girls told their mom about school and our evenings of homework and games while she was gone. As we walked to the car I mentioned Myra’s visit to my shower and apologized but I didn’t know what to do. She looked at me, smiled and said she often did that at home and she apologized for not warning me. As we embraced she whispered in my ear, black lace thong and a white lace bra then smiled and drove away with everyone waving good-bye.

Two days later I was talking to Beth on the phone, just general chatter, and she mentioned Myra’s visit to my shower. I was devastated and started to apologize when I she told me that Myrna told her that uncle Jack’ s penis is bigger than daddy’s and that his stomach is smaller. I was silenced … no idea what to say. Beth broke the silence and said, I do keep it trimmed and its white and white transparent satin today, no real bra support since she was just wearing a tee and shorts and then said talk to you later. My first good hard-on in a week went to waste as I creamed the floor in the den thinking of that mental photo.

The following day was the first time I wore the jacked I had worn to Beth’s house since she Jenny hung it up for me when she brought it over after dinner. When I reached in the pocket I pulled out a note that Jenn had placed there when she brought it home to me. It said look in your bottom desk drawer and go from there. After work I rushed home and opened the envelope in the bottom drawer that she had placed when she dropped of my jacket. There was a note instructing me to go to one of the websites I had often visited and search for bilime. She said it was our secret and that I needed to call her. When she answered it was normal until I told her I was following the instructions on the note. It got quiet and she said she would call me back after the girls went to be but don’t do anything else.

She called me back at 9:30 pm and she sounded different, I asked if all was ok and she was silent. She then gave me a password to log into the site and told me she would disown me if I breathed a word of this. She said it stood for b*****r-in-law in me. I was silent and my heart started pounding. She said that she secretly had a crush on me for a while but since I was married to her s****r she couldn’t act on it … but not that was not an issue now. She said she tried to come over to get the note back because she was chickening out but she forgot I had Beth’s girls and almost got caught. I was shocked. Once there I saw the most beautiful photos of my nude s****r-in-law. She told me to go to her private gallery and there I say photos of me, nude and clothed .. she said she recognized my build and figured it out one night when she was at the pool looking at my body.

Well I was hard as a rock just looking at the photos and the photo of her neatly trimmed hairy crotch, beautiful ass and nice C breasts. She asked me how it felt, I said kinky, strange but still a little weird. She said that she was so turned on she would have to call me back tomorrow night and to check my inbox on the site when I returned home from work the next day. The next day was a blur and when I got home there were a few photographs waiting for me. One photo was of my s-i-l squatting over an enlarged photo of my penis with her finger buried in her pussy. My heart hit the floor, when the phone rang. It was Jenny, she sounded rushed and just said open your third garage so I can pull in a no one sees the car ….

After I hung up with Jenny, my heart racing the phone rang again and it was Beth. I tried to chat normal, as normal as I could having just seen what I did and knowing Jenny was one her way over. I was still on the phone with Beth when Jenny arrived and I motioned for Jenny to be quiet as she walked in and pushed the button to shut the garage. Beth finally wrapped up the conversation as I looked over at Jenny, such a beautiful site in a London fog coat and cute pumps, hair wet and a nervous look. Beth’s last words were black lace and black satin with a lace front and then she said have a good night.

Jenny walked up to me, we embraced and I had the most passionate kiss of my life. Wow. After a while she backed away letting the London fog fall to the floor and she stood there is white lace almost transparent. I could clearly see her beautiful breasts, dark nipples and the thick dark hair of her bush between her legs. She turned around and walked to my bed room and I followed the most beautiful and sexy ass I have ever seen. Once in the bed room she stripped me completely nude and our tongues dances together as she began to massage my ever growing penis. I began to remove her bra and first my hands and them my mouth feasted on those beautiful breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and stood out like nothing I had ever seen. She moaned as I rolled her nipples with my fingers and tongue. We slowly stumbled to the bed where I promptly removed her panties and worked my way down kissing as much of her beauty as I could. I had never tasted a woman but instinct led the way and she soon was moaning louder than I had ever herd a woman and when her body began to shake I knew that I had achieved a great goal. She came in waves filling my mouth and drenching the bed.

She pulled me up and even with her abundance of sweet cum all over my face and mouth we passionately kisses as she guided my oozing member into her beautiful wet puffy pussy. We both moaned as I began to move inside of her. She was very tight even after two c***dren and She later told me that her husband was about the same length but not near as thick. I began to work it in but knew it was to much for me to last and with her also feeling the enevadable, dug her heals in my ass sending my penis into her until I hit bottom and as we both moaned I emptied stream after stream of cum deep into her. I could feel her vagina pulsing and I continued to involuntary spill my seed.

After the most intense orgasm of my life, and she told me the first orgasm she had ever had during intercourse, we just held, kissed and cuddle until she got me up again and straddle me. I could feel the head of my penis rubbing her womb as she moved on me and after a long slow loving session with her on top I unloaded another load of cum. Not near as much as the first time but I felt like my all of my insides were being emptied into her beautiful body. Afterwards we fell asl**p in each others arms only to wake to the sound of her phone alarm a few hours later. It was too dangerous for her to spend all night, she had told her husband she was going to a girls night out so she had to leave. After a shower and some great hugs and kisses she left and I passed out happier than I have ever been.

The next morning Jenny called me as I drove to work and she had just dropped the girls at school. She told me that her panties were still wet and my cum will still coming out of her and that there was a wet spot on the seat as proof .. we both laughed and she said she knew where she could get more . So did I ..and she did! Give me feedback as this is my first shot at this .. helps when it is real!

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6 months ago
great story ,good job,I'd do her to how about the other sister,did you make some time for her as well,you know how sisters and women talk.
1 year ago
Second time I've read this story. Still like it as much as my first reading. My comments apply now just the same. It does appear the brother-in-law enjoys living dangerously, playing the two ladies rather risky and vulnerable to exposure. He should make up his mind and make a decision!!!
2 years ago
There is sufficient suspense in this story that several additional segments (Parts or Chapters) could easily evolve; the theme/plot is unique and quiet dramatic so developing further segments could easily be accomplished.

Jenny offers the best opportunity to develope further, married several children, younger than her sister, willing to take risks and more attractive. Beth seems more mature, single mother (I believe) with several children, more conservative. Good situations for both sisters to be impregnated. My choice would be for him to hone in on Jenny after she figures out how to get her husband out of the picture (all legal of course).
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow what a story i would love to have sisters in law like these thanks hope yopu write the next chapter
3 years ago
keep it going
3 years ago
Great story...love the pace of the story and the details. Keep sending them
3 years ago
my last ex never left me alone with any of her sisters & i never 1 of them. great story lucky guy
3 years ago
wonderful story I enjoyed reading it very much
I look forward to when both sisters arrive at the same time.
I think the sisters have been talking.... hehehe
great story well done
3 years ago
bloody brilliant.....
3 years ago
Great story, easy to read and it is well written. Hope to read more. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Wonderfull story maverick, Wish I could be in your shoes. I am I have two beautiful sil's also and one has a huge ass and the other bid cans at times I can't stop looking. what was the site you sil was signed up on? and same if possible.
3 years ago
very enjoyable .. looking forwardto the next part
3 years ago
great story keep them coming!
3 years ago
great story and great writing. Can't wait to read the next installment!
3 years ago
not bad a good get back on the horse type story
just one thing did you never go down on your wife? 5/10
3 years ago
Very nice.. Waiting to hear how things went with the other sister as she has been teasing you with the panty/bra colors
3 years ago
Very sexy! Love it and sounds like you both did too.. MMMMMM
3 years ago
excellent story
3 years ago
It's a good story. Very honest. You might want to put in some actual dialogue, especially during sex and sexual thoughts too! Waiting for more....
3 years ago
Great reading and well written!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great! Keep going this can get even better..