Jack's Christmas Present

Jack's Christmas Present
(i****t - mother/son, mother/daughters, b*****r/s****r, s****rs, lesbian, oral, anal, first, teen, group (FFfm))

Christmas time in the first few years since Virginia's divorce had been fairly difficult. Her husband had ran off with a younger woman leaving Virginia to raise their three c***dren. That had been in 1992. It was now 2002 and Virginia had managed to fully get over the absence of her other half. She barely thought about him now.
When her husband had gone Virginia's son, Jack, was only four years old and quite a handful, charging around like most k**s that age with his Star Wars toys. Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or whatever is was that was in fashion in 1992 for the percentage of the population that were knee-high. Luckily Jack had two older s****rs who were only too happy to look after their little b*****r.
The s****rs were named Chloe and Gemma. They were a quite different to each other in terms of demeanour.
Chloe was the younger one, and though she wasn't any more rebellious than most teenagers, she nonetheless got to be a handful for her teachers and was hauled off to the principals office more than once or twice, usually for swearing, smoking or in once case - to the embarrassment of everyone but Chloe - for showing her tits to a group of younger boys in an empty classroom one lunchtime. The Principal had assumed the exhibitionist pupil had done it for some sort of rewards, like cigarettes or money from the boys, but Chloe, aged fifteen at the time, had insisted she'd done it for free. "To see the delight in their little eyes," she'd giggled, before being given detention for a week. Her teachers were glad when she finally graduated, with surprisingly good results, and she managed to settle into a steady secretarial position for a large I.T. company. Last year she'd delivered a bit of a bombshell when she'd confessed to her mother that she was a lesbian. Luckily Virigina did not dissaprove or anything, so after getting over the initial surprise (Chloe had gone through a lot of boyfriends during High School) she'd accepted it and offered her daughter support. Not that Chloe needed it. She was a confident young lady who rarely cared what other people thought.
Gemma was three years younger than her s****r but actually seemed more mature. She was level-headed and sensible. Not a complete kill-joy, of course, and she did get into trouble once or twice, usually after being lead on by the wrong crowd (meaning Chloe, usually). Gemma was generally a well-behaved girl and, despite the differences in temperament, very close to her s****r. In turn they were both very fond of their little b*****r, Jack bringing out the latent maternal instinct in his big s****rs.

December 23rd
Virginia knocked on the door to the bedroom her two daughter's had shared since they were k**s.
"Come in," came Chloe's solemn voice. Her mother opened the door.
"You feeling okay honey?" Virginia asked her eldest daughter.
"Yeah, fine," Chloe shrugged. She was twenty-one, dark-haired and slim, looking very pretty even just sitting and sulking as she did now.
"Well, just say if you need anything."
"Okay mom."
"Dinner will be about twenty minutes."
Virginia closed the door and went downstairs. Just a couple of days ago Chloe had been dumped. She'd been going out with a rather nice student girl for a few months but the girl, a student, had confessed that she was in fact bisexual and, furthmore, gave Chloe the boot for a guy! Her zany behaviour and laid back attitude meant most people thought Chloe was immune to depression, but it wasn't the case as she now spent her second day just sitting in her bedroom.
Virginia's house, in a quiet suburban street on the edge of town, was fairly sizable but only had three bedrooms; one for Virginia, one for Jack and one for Chloe and Gemma to share. Both still lived at home simply because Chloe's workplace was only half-a-mile away and Gemma's High School even closer. It was simply easier to stick around the f****y home for now.
As she went into the kitchen to tend to dinner, Virginia found herself wondering about her daughter's lesbianism. Virginia had only been with her husband until their divorce, and since then had just had a couple of minor affairs with men in passing. When Chloe had admitted her sexuality Virginia often found herself imaging the girl having sex with other girls. At first she thought it was just curiosity but more and more she'd found herself turned on by the idea. Maybe she was secretly bisexual, she thought. She'd often found herself appreciating girl's bodies - their firm tits, arses, legs - as a man would do. She knew she still wanted a man the most, a nice youthful stud to fuck her, but more and more Virginia couldn't help but find herself attracted to girls. To her shock the other month it occured to her that it was primarily her daughter she'd been eying up. Not just Chloe either, but Gemma. Both were very pretty young women and Virginia was, for now, able to just pass it off as harmless appreciation of the girl's evident beauty, whilst hiding from herself the simple desire she had to fuck Chloe, and her s****r! Long ago, when she was in her late teens, Virginia had screwed a girl at a d***ken party. The other girl had regretted it the next day, but Virginia had thought it had been fun. However she didn't seek out any similar relationships. She distracted herself from her latent bisexual/i****tuous desires by concluding that she just needed a man.
Virginia was feeling horny all the time recently, but still did not now how to just go out and get laid without bothering with all the wining and dining nonsense. It shouldn't be difficult she thought as she stood at the cooker, checking the boiling pan of potatoes. A mirror hung nearby and she glanced at herself. Virginia was fifty years old but could pass for forty thanks to the way she took care of herself. She had a tanned and smooth complexion with big blue eyes and short, golden-blonde hair. Virgina's smile was warm and engaging and her five-foot-six frame slender. Virginia was not vain, but she enjoyed working out at gyms, eating healthily and indulging in some expensive beauty treatments, keeping herself very attractive simply for her own enjoyment.
She decided that she would go out, sometime in the New Year, and get herself a man.
"Hi mom," Gemma said as she strolled into the kitchen.
"Hiya Gemma, how was swimming?"
"Fine," the girl shrugged, dumping her bag on the ground. She was dressed casually - jeans and a pink jumper - her hair still damp from her swimming practise.
"Dinner will be ready soon," her mother said, "Chloe's still sulking in the bedroom."
"I'm afraid so. Could you try and cheer her up? I don't know what you could do though."
"Take her to a bar, get her d***k and set her up with another hot chick?" suggested Gemma, only half-jokingly.
"Well," Virgina laughed, "try just to talk to her first. Tell her to cheer up, plenty more fish in the sea, her girlfriend wasn't worth wasting time with...you know. The usual crap."
"Okay," grinned Gemma, and she headed on out the room.
Virginia looked at the girl as she walked away, her eyes fixed on the girl's arse. She didn't try to hide the fact from herself that she was feeling super-horny and felt like going to bed with anyone - male or female. Gemma and Chloe being her daughters seemingly made it more arousing to fantasize, briefly, about how they'd look naked. Sometimes Virginia imagined the girls having sex with each other, but only when she approached climax during her frequent bouts of masturbation. Laying in bed, in the dark, frigging her clit and moaning softly, Virgina's restrictions on her fantasies were lost and she'd imagine her daughters eating out each other's pussies, fisting each other. At the height of orgasm, morality and inhibitions have no hold on fantasies, and the middle-aged blonde would find herself thinking of her son Jack, now f******n, naked and fucking his young cock into her cunt and humping her until he'd shot his load into...Virginia shook her head. These thoughts didn't really disturb her but they certainly nagged her conscience.
She sighed, made sure one last time that dinner was all going to plan in it's preperation, then wandered off to the living room.

Eighteen year old Gemma was blonde like her mother. Her hair was long, sweeping down almost to her waist like a shimmering golden waterfall. Her face was very delicate and sharp, her eyes big and blue. Thanks to her love of swimming Gemma was in good shape, very slender, her tits pert and cute, her arse firm and shapely atop her lovely legs.
The teenager went upstairs and went into the room she shared with her s****r. Their beds were on opposite sides of the room, each with their own wardrobe and cupboards but with a single dressing table against the wall in the middle, adorned with all sorts of toiletries and beauty products that they mostly just shared between them.
Sitting on her bed, flicking through a magazine, Chloe looked up as her s****r entered.
"Hi there sulky face," Gemma said, "What's happening?"
"Nothing," sighed Chloe, slinging the magazine to the floor and laying on her back, emitting a long sigh. She looked a bit different to her s****r. She had the same features - the sharp nose, nice smile and blue eyes - but her hair was dark brown and cut short, almost boyishly. She was medium height, like her mother and s****r, and slim, but her tits were significantly bigger. Currently she wore tight jeans and a white, low-cut top that showed off her impressive cleavage. Gemma had to acknowledge that Chloe was very pretty and knew that she'd get herself a new girlfriend soon enough.
"Still depressed?" Gemme needlessly asked, sitting on the edge of the bed and patting her s****r's thigh in a friendly way.
"Just feeling rejected," shrugged Chloe, "This is one of those Sum Up Your Life moments that usually occurs when I'm pissed. Here I am, twenty-one and single once again, still living at home...don't get me wrong, I like it here. It doesn't just save rent, it's also nice having you, mom and Jack around. But still, I can't help but feel I'm stuttering a bit in getting off the ground in this life."
"Well, you're bound to feel like that at the moment. We'll have a good Christmas, as a f****y, and next week it'll be 2003 and time to move on in life. You'll soon forget that girl."
"That bitch who dumped me, God, what a waste of time. She just dropped me, just like that."
"Well, she obviously wasn't worth it then. Not if she was a bitch, as you just described her."
"Yeah, but she was hot! You didn't see her really did you?"
"She was tall and blonde. Like you. She was really pretty."
"Like me again," laughed Gemma.
"Yeah," Chloe smiled, looking up at her s****r, who's hand was still resting on her thigh. "Gemma?"
"Yes s*s?"
"Have you ever done it with a woman?"
"Done what?"
"You know...had sex. Have you ever fucked another woman?"
"Huh? Er...no."
"Just wondered."
There was a strange silence.
"Yes Chloe?"
Chloe sat up.
"Shall we do it?" she smirked.
"What? Here? Us two? What if someone catches us?"
"Aaah," smiled Chloe, cryptically, "So you're only reservation is getting caught huh?"
"Mum would freak, she's only downstairs."
"But you'd fuck me if there was no chance of getting caught?"
"Well..." pondered Gemma, "I...guess. I've always been curious, especially when I've seen you walking hand in hand with your girlfriends, or when I've sneakily read some of your lesbian fiction..."
"I wondered who'd been going through them," Chloe laughed, referring to her erotic novels that sometimes went missing and reappeared again a few days later, "I thought it was Jack!"
"Yeah well, like I said, I was curious. So er...what, you want to have sex? With me?"
"If you want. I mean, I'm just on the rebound here. I need sex, just a nice screw with a lovely, sexy young lady. You fit that description. Come on, just try it, once."
"I must confess," Gemma blushed, "that sometimes when you masturbate at night, I'm not really asl**p. I can hear you."
"I thought you might be awake sometimes," Chloe said, reaching out and lightly stroking her young s****r's pert tits through her jumper, "People breath differently when they're asl**p and when they're awake. Frigging my clit, I could sense that you might be awake and I'd wonder whether you'd tell me off or something. I thought it might gross you out."
"It didn't gross me out," Gemma said, leaning in to her s****r a bit closer, "It was quite nice actually, listening to you play with yourself, when you'd start sighing deeply when you came. Sometimes I felt blowing my cover and frigging myself too."
"Mutual masturbation," Chloe said, her breath warm on her s****r's face, "Let's try some now eh?"
She clamped her lips to Gemma's and they kissed, tentatively at first the hotly. Their tongues squirmed into each other's mouths and they lost themselves, frenching away whilst stroking each other's bodies, hands roving over chests, shoulders and thighs.
"Let's lock the door," Gemma said, getting up and sliding the small bolt on the door. She turned and saw Chloe hurridly undressing, whipping off her jeans, her pink panties then her top. Off came her bra and finally the twenty-one year old beauty was just wearing her ankle-length white socks.
"You really do look hot s*s," Gemma said, genuinly.
"I bet you do too," Chloe said, "We've seen each other naked before but there's a difference between seeing someone strip before bed and seeing them strip prior to fucking! Take off your clothes. Come on, we've got about quarter-of-an-hour until dinner.
Gemma tugged off her jumper, flinging it to the floor, Her bra came off next, her breasts petite but shapely, topped by stiff little nipples. Then she removed her jeans, showing off her beautiful long legs. Finally she removed her panties and clambered onto the bed, kneeling opposite her s****r.
They got back to kissing each other and groping at each other's tits. Gemma just loved the feeling of her s****r's breasts, two large mounds of firm flesh, the nipples stiff and prominent. Likewise Chloe enjoyed her s****r's pert titties, but was soon moving down, her hands roving over Gemma's flat belly and then along her thighs. She took her lips from Gemma's.
"Lay back," she said. Gemma did so, parting her legs. Her cunt was a neat pink slit, framed with neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair. Chloe gently stroked her s****r's cunt-lips, rubbing the clit and enjoying the look of pleasure on Gemma's face. The younger girl was no virgin but clearly no man had ever masturbated her with such skill and tenderness. Licking her lips, Chloe bent down and began to lick at her s****r's cunt, running her tongue up and down whilst still frigging the clit. Gemma was lost in ecstasy, gripping the duvet and tossing her head from side to side. This was pure heaven, she thought. Her s****r began working her tongue into her cunt, pushing it up into her and making the juices flow.
Shortly, Gemma began to blush, approaching her climax. She held her s****r's head in her hands, running her hands through her short dark hair, hoping that the girl would not stop. She didn't. Chloe was skilled at this and soon gave her s****r a long, drawn-out orgasm. Gemma almost forgot they were not alone in the house and she began moaning and grunting with lust, so to silence her Chloe quickly moved up and kissed her, pushing her tongue into her s****r's throat whilst frigging her clit to draw out the orgasm.
"That was fantastic," Gemma finally concluded, "I've never cum like that!"
"Do it to me now," Chloe said, laying back and spreading her legs. Gemma was only too eager to return the favour. The eighteen year old girl knelt before Chloe, lightly frigging the young woman's clit, simply doing what she did to herself when she masturbated. She made sure to work on the clit as well as pushing a couple of fingers into the hot cunt, which was furrier than Gemma's, a thick bush of brown pubes around the pubic mound. Eventually Gemma got down and started eating her s****r's cunt. She could only work on instinct here, doing simply what she thought was right, and luckily it was. Her tongue worked into Chloe's cunt whilst her fingers frigged the clit, her older s****r soon softly panting with pleasure. After a few moments she climaxed, pulling on her nipples and groaning with pleasure. Gemma raised her head from between Chloe's legs.
"Was that good?" she asked.
Chloe replied by simply kissing her s****r hard on the mouth.
"Superb," she said with a grin, "Want me to lick you out again?"
"It's almost time for dinner I think. We'd better go down."
"We've got time," Chloe insisted.
Just then there was a knock on the door.
"Shit," Gemma said, quietly, zooming off the bed and hurridly dressing.
"Who is it?" Chloe asked, likewise putting on her clothes quickly.
"It's your beloved b*****r," Jack smirked from outside, "Dinner's ready."
He then left, his footsteps dissapearing down the hallway and down the stairs. The two half-naked s****rs sighed with relief. Then they continued dressing at a more leisurely pace, checked they didn't look to dishevelled, then finally went out the room.

They sat round and had a nice f****y meal together. Virginia was glad that her f****y, despite the lack of father-figure, remained close together. They all got along well too, which was nice.
Admittedly Jack occasionally bickered with his s****r's, but not too much. Now he was aged f******n he felt himself to be the man of the f****y and felt protective towards his s****rs. The in turn felt protective towards him. The boy average in height for his age, four-foot-six, slim and very youthful looking. He had a baby-face, pale and smooth in terms of complexion, and his eyes were big and brown and full of innocence. His hair was dark brown and short, almost like Chloe's. In fact, being the same height as her he seemed to bare an unusual resemblance to his s****r, as Jack's soft features had an air of feminity at the moment whilst Chloe, who rarely wore make up and kept her hair short, had a boyish look about her.
The two s****rs were unusually quiet during the meal, occasionally exchanging sly glances and smirking at their little secret activity earlier. Virginia picked this up and was curious as to what was going on, especially as Chloe seemed to have been fully plucked from the grumpiness she'd been wollowing in for a couple of days. Jack didn't notice a thing, naturally. The adolescent merely chatted on about what he hoped he'd be getting for Christmas, expressing his eternal desire for a Nintendo Gamecube, knowing full well that one sat, wrapped up, under the Christmas tree waiting for him.
Once the meal was over Jack helped his mother wash up, then he went off to his room. He had a PC there and he was feeling horny, off to do some one-handed surfing. Virginia knew that her son would be surfing for porn but she simply didn't mind. It would be impossible to stop him and, besides, it was only natural for a boy of f******n to want to look up pictures of naked women. A little voice in her head also whispered to Virginia's consiousness that the thought of the boy whacking off in his room, which was next to Virginia's, was also a fantastically arousing thought. When she herself frigged herself in bed at night, which she did every night, she liked to think that her son was doing likewise.
Gemma and Chloe went upstairs to their room, scampering away like they were little girls. Virginia, left alone downstairs, opened a bottle of wine and sat herself down in front of the telly.

"We don't want to get caught again," Gemma said to her s****r when their door was closed and locked, "Jack could have tried to get in earlier and we'd have been stuck to explain why the door was locked. It would have taken us time to dress too and he'd have thought it would be odd, knowing that you and me were in a locked room, naked."
"Thought it odd?" laughed her s****r, "He'd have jacked off probably! A teenage boy, thinking of two young ladies naked together? His hormones would have ordered him to whip out his dick and jack off!"
"Chloe!" gasped Gemma, smirking, "I don't think he's randy enough to jack-off at the thought of his s****rs screwing."
"I reckon he is. Surely! I mean, we're s****rs and we've fucked. Why shouldn't he fantasize about us fucking?"
"Or fantasize about fucking us," suggested Gemma.
The two girls thought about this for a moment.
"Anyway," began Chloe, "let's not strip fully this time. Here, you take off your pants and sit on the bed."
Gemma did so, taking off her jeans and panties so she just sat on her bed in her jumper and socks. Chloe, still fully dressed, knelt in front of her s****r, Gemma parting her thighs and watching as Chloe moved in towards her cunt.
Previously Gemma had wondered whether her lustful enthusiasm for her s****r had been down to the heat of the moment, a one-off, but now she realized that it wasn't the case. She shivered and sighed with pleasure as Chloe began working her oral magic on her, slipping her tongue into her slit and frigging her clit. It was pure joy and for fifteen-minutes Gemma moaned with pleasure as her s****r ate out her cunt.
It was then time to swap over. Gemma put on her panties and jeans whilst Chloe rendered herself naked from the waist down.
"Lick me out from behind," Chloe requested, getting onto her hands and knees on the bed, her arse thrust out.
The horny s****rs slurped and licked each other to multiple climaxes.
"Sall we go downstairs?" Gemma eventually suggested, "We don't normally spend much time on our own here in the evenings so we might raise suspicions."
"Okay," Chloe said, "Let me get dressed. We'll do this again tonight though eh?"

The girls sat with their mother that evening, watching TV and sharing a bottle of wine. At ten o'clock Virginia went upstairs to bed, feeling pleasantly light-headed from the three glasses of Italian red she'd drank.
She showered and put on her dressing gown. On her way to her bedroom she knocked on Jack's door.
"Just a minute," the boy called. Virginia waited the amount of time she estimated for the boy to zip his flies up and minimize the web-browser he was surely using to look up porn, then opened the door.
"Hi mom," Jack said, all innocent. His flies were indeed zipped up, though his cock as clearly stiff in his black jeans. Quite a nice size too, Virginia couldn't help but think as her eyes flicked down to the boy's crutch. The computer screen he was sat at showed simply the desk-top.
"I'm off to bed," Virginia smiled, "Don't be up too late will you. I know it's the school holidays but you shouldn't mess up your sl**ping patterns by staying up until dawn on that computer."
"I won't mom."
Virginia stepped into the room and gave the boy a kiss on the cheek. Her eyes glanced to the computer screen, making out the small box on the taskbar that showed the title of the web-site he'd just minimized - "Hot Lesbian TGP!". She smiled.
"Goodnight k**," she said.
"'Night mom," Jack replied. He watched his mother leave the room, noting idly how nice and firm her arse looked in that thin dressing gown. The room smelt lightly of the body lotion she wore, something expensive, French. Once his mom had left and closed the door, Jack whipped out his cock once again and got back to porn surfing.
That left Gemma and Chloe downstairs. They finished off the wine and went to bed, locking the door and screwing together. They licked and frigged each other until one in the morning, finally falling asl**p, naked in each other's arms and cuddled up in Chloe's bed.

December 24th
Virginia had woken up at six in the morning. She slept naked in her bed and as she usually did these days she felt extra horny upon waking, nude under the thick blue covers. She lay, half-asl**p, idly thinking erotic thoughts, dreaming of fucking young women (who usually bore a resemblance to Chloe or Gemma) or of being fucked by young horny studs (who were usually about Jack's age). When she was fully awake Virginia pushed the covers aside and knelt up naked. For a woman of fifty Virginia had a body to be proud of. Her legs were long and smooth and firm, her buttocks tight and smooth looking. Though her breasts had developed a slight sag to them they still held up fairly firm, slightly plump. She went to a tanning salon once a week and her body, whilst not absurdly bronzed, was a nice healthy, warm shade.
Virginia ran her hands over her tits, feeling how stiff her red nipples were. She stroked her stomach, ran her fingers through the blonde bush around her cunt then reached round and stroked her arse-cheeks. How she'd have gladly paid a thousand bucks for a young boy (Jack, part of her mind whispered to her) to come in fuck her, to fuck her hot cunt and sperm up all over face and tits.
Reaching to the bedside cabinet Virginia opened up the bottom drawer and took out a dildo. It was a foot long, thick and white, and she lay back and flung her legs. She ran the head of the plastic cock over her cunt lips, gently, feeling herself moisten at it's touch. Then she slid it into herself, looking down and watching the hot sight of the twelve-inch dildo steadily working up into her cunt. Six-inches were soon in her and she moaned softly before sliding it in further so that nine-inches were in her cunt. Virginia thought back to Jack yesterday, when she'd said goodnight to him after giving him a moment to zip himself up, half-way through jacking off to internet porn. The long bulge in his jeans running down his thigh had been very impressive, Virgina contemplated as she humped herself with the dildo, and it was evident the boy was pretty well hung.
Virginia could feel herself approaching orgasm as she thought about her son, wondering how big his dick was. She'd last seen him naked on holiday, changing at the beach, when he was ten. His prick had looked nice and big on him then, baring in mind his p*****n size. He must be bigger now, Virginia thought, humping her cunt with the thick dildo, much bigger! A nice big dick, long and hard, probably stiff in his fist last night as he jacked off as soon as his mother had left the room! Virginia groaned and was hit by a climax, finding herself giving in to her fantasy completely as she climaxed, imagining Jack on top of her and fucking her cunt with his nice big prick whilst Gemma and Chloe, in her fantasy, knelt either side of her and sucked on her tits!

Jack had awoke at seven. Like his mother, the f******n year old boy was naked in bed. He had a serious case of morning wood and his nine-inch dong erected a fairly impressive tent under his covers. He stroked himself, thinking of all kinds of women. There was that chick in his class at school who always wore tight jeans, then there was his teacher who had enormous tits and gave the boys in the class a boner everytime she bent over in front of them in her low cut blouses. Then he thought about the girl Chloe had been going out with. He'd seen her a couple of times. She was nice looking, like Chloe, and Jack couldn't help but fantastyise about the pair of them screwing, licking each other, fisting and tongueing. Like any heterosexual male he loved the idea of women screwing and one of them being his s****r didn't stop him from fantasizing about them. He also couldn't help but think of Gemma, as he pumped his hard cock in his fist, of how she looked when he saw her the other week swimming.
Jack had been leaving school for the day, to break up for the Christmas holidays, when he'd walked past the pool. It had big windows through which Gemma, waiting to dive in, had seen her k** b*****r and waived hello to him. Jack had waved back and admired her body, slim and sexy, in her white two-piece bikini. He'd still been watching when Gemma had turned, bent over and dived in, her shapely arse still vivid in his momory. He was approaching his climax, his cock hot and throbbing in his hand, the covers now kicked aside. Jack whacked himself off whilst his mind filled with all sorts of lustful fantasies. His attempts to think of girls in his class or celebrities failed and his mind was drawn back to his s****rs. When Chloe had come out of the closet Jack had later told Gemma to 'watch out' at night given that the s****r's shared a room. It'd only been a stupid gag of course but now, not for the first time, he found himself thinking of his s****rs screwing, of Chloe seducing Gemma and both of them in a sixty-nine. Jack's orgasm rose and, just as his youthful sperm erupted from his swollen glans and rained across his chest and belly, he found himself inexplicably imagining his mother nude. Her pretty mature face, her nice round tits, her firm looking arse...he briefly thought of how it would feel to fuck her whilst he jacked his prick off throughout his onanistic climax.

Chloe and Gemma awoke together, in bed. They were also naked and both were grateful for the door being locked when they saw that it was eight-thirty and there was movement outside.
"Shit," Gemma said, "Mum'll probably come in soon."
"Better get out of my bed then," Chloe snickered. The s****rs exchanged an intimate kiss before Gemma slid out of the bed and unlocked the door. She got back into her own bed and her and Chloe lay for a moment, both thinking of the delightful sex yesterday evening.
"You don't regret yesterday do you?" Chloe asked.
"Not at all," Gemma said, "You?"
"No. It was fun. We should do it regularly. I mean, it's not like there's any harm in it. Plus, you haven't got a boyfriend at the moment so you're not cheating on anyone."
"Yeah. It's fun. I'm feeling horny now actually."
Just then there was a knock on the door and it opened.
"Hey dudes," Jack said, wearing a T-shirt and tatty old jeans, excessively casual in both manner and dress as usual.
"Hey Jack," said Gemma from her bed.
"Morning b*o," replied Chloe. She noticed Jack glancing down at her and she realised that, as she sat up in bed, the covers were only up to her stomach, her 34D breasts on display. "Oops," she muttered, and pulled the covers up to her neck and flashed a grin.
"Flashing your tits at your b*****r, dear oh dear," muttered Jack, smiling and making light of it even though his prick was stirring in his jeans already, "You're such an exhibitionist s*s."
"I know! Anyway, whaddya want?" asked Chloe.
"It's almost time for breakfast. You two getting up sometime?"
"Sometime, yeah," Gemma said.
"When? Mum wants to know," Jack insisted.
"When you've left the room," Chloe said, "We're not getting up out of our beds naked with you standing there."
"Oh go on," laughed Jack, trying to hide how serious he wanted them to.
"No, clear off," said Gemma, sitting up, keeping the covers up to her chest.
Jack gave them a cheeky smirk and left, closing the door.
"That k**," laughed Gemma, getting out of bed. The eighteen year old blonde walked nude to her wardrobe, her arse wiggling nicely and capturing Chloe's attention.
"You should have got up when he was still at the door," Chloe then laughed, "He'd have sprung a real boner!"
The older s****r then also got out of bed and hunted around for some clothes.
"He almost sprung a boner when he saw your tits s*s," Gemma sniggered.
"Yeah, but that was accidental. Anyway, let's get dressed. Breakfast time. Plus it's Christmas Eve, how exciting is that?"
The pair of them slung on some casual clothes and left the room.

After breakfast the f****y got on with it's normal activities. In the afternoon Jack had to go into town to get his last-minute Christmas presents, like a typical boy. Gemma agreed to drive him to the shops and the pair of them left.
"You seem a lot happier," Virginia said to Chloe in the living room.
"Yeah, I've got over the girl. I'm okay now."
"That was very quick. You looked thoroughly depresssed yesterday."
"Well, I'm all better now mom."
"What, have you found another girlfriend already?"
"Kind of. Well, er, I mean no. Listen, I'm fine mom, just looking forward to Christmas! I'm so excited."
She stood up and gave her mother an impulsive kiss on the cheek.
"Well," Virginia said, smiling, "I'm off upstairs now, for a lie down."
"Okay mom, I might just watch some TV."
Virginia left the room and headed upstairs, leaving Chloe to plonk herself on the sofa and go channel hopping.
In her room, Virginia felt like a randy schoolboy, like Jack in fact, hurrying upstairs for a 'lie down' when in fact she just needed to frig herself. She felt utterly horny, though she didn't know why. She didn't have a lock on her door but didn't really think about that as she hurridly removed her clothes.
She knelt on her bed, stroking her slim nude body as she'd done so that morning. She loved stroking her tits with one hand and frigging her cunt with the other. Deciding to dispense with the dildo for the moment she lay on her back and frigged her cunt with both hands. Her eyes were soon shut tight as she masturbated, working a couple of fingers into her slit to the knuckle whilst dreaming of Jack, his big cock spurting his seed over her body and...
"Er, hi mom," Chloe said, standing in the doorway.
"Shit," muttered Virginia, sitting up, realising that it was far too late to hurl herself under the covers, "Er....shit."
"I should have knocked," Chloe smiled, "Hey mom, don't freak out will you."
"I'm not, just..." She looked around for her clothes, remembered they were on the floor.
"Don't be embarrassed mom. You're blushing! You'll burst if you blush anymore."
"Well, you know, I shouldn't be doing this."
"Why not?" asked Chloe. She was looking very pretty with a tight T-shirt on, no bra underneath so her nipples could be easily made out. She wore a pair of denim cut-offs to show off her legs.
"Well, I'm...I don't know...sorry, I'm embarrassed."
Chloe stepped up and got on the bed, shocking her mother by leaning in and kissing her on the mouth.
"You look very pretty frigging yourself mom. You look fantastic in fact! There's no law against anyone frigging their pussies when their horny."
Virginia kissed her daughter back.
"You look gorgeous too Chloe. I've been thinking about you, when I masturbate. You're such a pretty young lady and, well, I know I shouldn't, that it's i****t and stuff, but..."
Chloe, clearly the more confident of the two ladies, pushed her mother gently back on the bed and knelt astride her. She bent down, kissing Virginia passionately on the mouth, pushing her tongue into her mouth. Virginia reacted favourably, reaching up and clamping her hand's to her daughter's pendulous breasts that were clad in her tight T-shirt, sliding her tongue into Chloe's throat in turn. The young woman on top reached down and frigged her mother's cunt, finding it already hot and moist, driving three whole fingers up there and frigging her.
After a moment or two Chloe moved back and hurriedly took off her clothes.
"Gemma and me have been fucking," she said as she flung her top aside, her big boobs spring forth, "That's why I've cheered up! We fucked most of the night! I didn't know Gemma had any bisexual inclincations but I didn't know you did either!"
"Well," Virginia smiled, "I just can't resist a pretty face! Besides, I have fucked another girl before, though that was years and years ago."
Time to relive your youth then," Chloe said, her panties now removed and the girl naked like her mom. The two of them got back to kissing each other and playing with each other's pussies.
Virginia got her daughter to lay on her back so she could suck on her tits, moving from one nipple to the other and slurping on them. Then she moved down between Chloe's legs and sucked on her hot cunt, licking thirstily and giving her daughter a sweet orgasm. Chloe returned the favour, getting between her mom's legs and licking her until she came, hard, groaning with ecstasy and wondering if this was all a dream as her daughter's tongue licked her to an apogee of ecstasy.
Half-an-hour had whizzed by when they finally sat up next to each other, out of breath and sweaty.
"We've got to get Gemma involved," Chloe said, "That was hot!"
"Gemma?" quizzed Virginia, "I guess....I mean, isn't it going too far?"
"How do you mean?"
"I don't know...I've fantasized about fucking you sometimes. And Gemma. It just seems..."
"Too good to be true?"
"Yeah. It's like we're pushing our luck or something."
"Oh don't worry mom," laughed Chloe, "Nothing can go wrong. Gemma will join in. We'll have a nice sweaty threesome together and fuck ourselves silly!"
"That will be great."
There was a pause.
"Of course," sniffed Chloe, casually, "there's always Jack."
"Oh yeah. How to keep it from him."
"No, mom! Don't be silly. I mean, getting him involved! Come on, I know your primarily in love with the other gender! You'd be happy with Gemma and me, but you need a dick. A nice hard dick! Jack's constantly horny, he's eyed up Gemma and me before and I'm sured he'd join in if we all asked him."
"You think so?" Virginia asked, feeling very horny again at this suggestion, "You think he'd fuck you, me and Gemma?"
"Certainly! I'm sure of it. That randy boy will take one look at us three and dive straight in with his cock like a steel pole, regardless of us being his mother and s****rs. If anything that'll add to the pleasure. I don't know about you but the i****tuous nature is, I don't know, rather exciting! Don't you think?"
"I know what you mean! My my, the idea of having sex with my daughters, and with my son! Wow! Watching him fuck you two will be just as good. I must confess I've thought of him sometimes whilst frigging myself."
"I thought you might! Well, we don't need to fantasize anymore!"
"Gemma and Jack get back soon don't they?" Virgina asked.
"Yeah. But let's leave it for Jack! Let him give us his cherry for Christmas. We'll fuck Gemma tonight and let her in on the plan then tomorrow morning, when Jack wakes up, we'll present ourselves to him and watch him go!"
"What a present it'll be! For all of us!"
Mother and daughter kissed each other for a moment then finally got up and dressed.

Jack and Gemma got home at four o'clock. The boy rushed to his room with a couple of shopping bags, telling everyone they were presents and that no-one was to know what they were. He paused only long enough to grab some wrapping paper before dissapearing into his room.
Gemma, meanwhile, whispered to Chloe to follow her upstairs. Chloe followed her, watching as Gemma lead her into their bedroom, carrying a large brown paper bag.
"What is it?" Chloe asked her s****r.
"Close the door," Gemma said. Chloe did so. When she turned round Gemma had produced from the bag a large strap-on dildo. It was pink, carefully moulded to look like a real cock, ten-inches in length and very thick. It was attached to a leather strap and buckle.
"Good eh?" Gemma said.
"It sure is s*s!" Chloe said, "Cool!"
"Let's use it tonight on each other!"
"Even better, let's use it tonight, on mom!"
"What do you mean, with mom?"
Chloe grinned and stepped up to her s****r, giving her a little kiss on the mouth.
"Let me tell you what mom and me got up to this afternoon," she began...

The evening was spent watching TV as a f****y together.
Virginia sat on the sofa in between Gemma and Jack, both her offspring snuggling up close to her, Gemma especially. She'd not spoken to her mom alone since Chloe's revelation but it was clear she was as excited as her mother about that evening's bedtime. Chloe, meanwhile, sat on the armchair, thinking of her plan to seduce young Jack with her mom and s****r. The dark-haired boy looked so youthful and handsome as he sat snuggled up to his mother, watching the TV. Chloe couldn't wait to have the boy fuck her. Sure, she preferred females as sexual partners, but she'd slept with a dozen men in her time and often liked it, including a couple of guys she'd fucked since coming out as a lesbian. Guys were okay, just not quite as good as girls, in her view. Besides, Gemma and her mom were primarily heterosexual and clearly had no inhibitions about fucking each other and Chloe.
Finally there was something so sweet about being there for Jack's first fuck as well, seducing him and have him fuck her and then romp with his own mother and other s****r. Chloe did not doubt the boy would join in. What f******n year old would refuse to leap into bed with three beautiful ladies? She'd noted the way Jack had felt immediate arousal at the sight of her tits that morning. It had been purely accidental at the time but now she was wondering if she'd done it deliberatly, a subconsious attempt to seduce the boy less that twenty-four hours after seducing her own s****r. Chloe wasn't sure and decided it didn't matter. Right now she new, fully well, that it was Jack's hot cock she wanted, especially to share with her own beautiful s****r and mother. Chloe noted the way her b*****r snuggled up to Virginia on the sofa in way that, if not lewd, was at least affectionate and unashamed.
Amongst the presents under the tree was Jack's Nintendo Gamecube, wrapped up with a ribbon on top. The boy, Chloe thought, was going to be getting something even more exciting that a games console in the morning! Smiling inwardly, Chloe sipped her glass of wine and turned back to the tellivision.
At ten o'clock Jack announced it was his bedtime. He yawned, kissed his mother goodnight on the cheek then left the room.
"Night sweetheart," Virginia called.
"G'night," Gemma and Chloe said in unison as the boy scampered upstairs.
The three ladies looked at each other.
"He's going to have a fantastic Christmas present in the morning," Gemma laughed, quietly, "I can't wait! Imagine how much fun it will be."
"Yeah," her mother said, stroking Gemma's breasts through her thin T-shirt, "Imagine the look on his face when he's asked to leap into bed with us."
"It's going to be great, for all of us," Gemma agreed, and kissed her mother lewdly on the lips.
"It's only a couple of hours until midnight," Chloe observed, "Why not go up then and give him his present in bed!"
"No," Virginia insisted, "Have patience you randy young lady. We'll wait until the morning."
"When he's got morning wood," Gemma laughed. She felt so free and uninhibited at all this. Likewise Virginia felt almost high on the freedom of her lust for her c***dren now out in the open. Previously she'd barely admitted it to herself, except at the height of frigging herself to a climax, that she wanted to fuck Chloe and Gemma and Jack, but now she could admit it to the girls and to herself.
"I'm so horny now," Gemma said, squirming slightly, "I just need fucking! Let's go to our room Chloe. Mum? You're welcome too!"
"Just what I was going to suggest," Virgina said, "But let's wait until Jack is asl**p. He did indeed look tired so if we give it a half-hour or so then we can go up. We'll have to fuck quietly though."
"No problem mom," Chloe agreed, "Who's for some more wine?"

Thirty-minutes later the three ladies of the household were in Gemma and Chloe's room. The small lock on the door was slid into position.
"Let's see you naked mom," Gemma purred to Virginia, reaching round and gently groping her arse, "I bet you have a real hot body!"
"You strip too," Virginia crooned, "I want to see your body. I want to suck you and fuck you honey. And Chloe too!"
"We can use this too," Chloe smirked, c***dishly, holding up the big ten-inch strap-on Gemma had bought earlier, "When did you get it anyway Gemma, this afternoon?"
"Yeah," Gemma replied as she, like her mother, began to remove her clothes, "Jack wanted to go into a store alone to get my present so I hurried off to an adult store and got myself that plastic cock. Good eh?"
"We'll wear it out tonight," Virginia insisted. She was soon naked, as was Gemma, and mother and daughter admired each other.
"You look so good mom," Gemma said, stroking her mother's breasts, "Fantastic in fact! I can't resist you so neither will Jack."
Virginia clamped her lips to Gemma's and they frenched each other hotly, hands running over each other's bodies. Chloe stripped off from the waist down and, just in her black T-shirt, she sat on a chair and frigged her cunt. She was soon moaning softly as she worked two fingers into her furry cunt and watched her s****r and mother kissing in the middle of the room.
It wasn't long until Gemma moved down and kissed her mother's neck, moving down further and then sucking on Virginia's stiff nipples. She worked on each tit in turn before finally got on her knees, her mother parting her legs and standing there with Gemma's head between her legs. She sucked and licked at her mom's cunt, working her tongue into her moist interior.
"Oh yeah," Virgina panted, "Oh my, that's hot. That's so good Gemma. Suck my cunt. Lick it, uuuh. Shit that's good!"
Gemma slurped noisily, reaching round and clenching her mother's firm buttocks, licking hungrily and delighting in the way her mother's legs quivered as she climaxed.
"Fuck, I'm cumming," Virginia moaned, quietly, "I'm cumming with my daughter's tongue in my cunt. Shit that's hot, oh fuck oh fuck. Uuuuh!"
Gemma waited until her mother had finished cumming before she got up. With her golden blonde hair dishevelled and cunt juice slathered on her lower jaw the bright-eyed teen looked even sexy to Virginia. She kissed her daughter and lead her onto her bed. Gemma spread her legs and Virginia got on her knees and elbows between the girl's legs. She ate out Gemma's cunt as well as the girl had done to her, driving her tongue into her cunt and made wet smacking and sucking noises.
Chloe had meanwhile cast aside her T-shirt so she was also naked. Her mother's arse was thrust in the air towards the foot of the bed as she performed oral sex on Gemma. Taking the strap-on dildo, Chloe fitted it to her loins and got onto the end of the bed, directly behind her mom. Virginia's cunt was hot and wet, hanging between her legs and under her firm spread arse, her bum-hole, shaved and puckered, winking up at Chloe.
Chloe bent down and ate out her mom's cunt from behind, licking that moist slit deeply whilst stroking her mom's buttocks, Virginia all the while dishing out the same oral treatment to Gemma. Eventually Chloe knelt up and placed one hand on her mom's arse whilst the other hand gripped the shaft of the dildo. She teased her mom by rubbing the head of the big pink strap-on over her wet pink lips. Then she entered her, gliding the first few inches into her mom and feeling her body tense before her, Virginia letting out a long sigh of pleasure without taking her head from between her younger daughter's legs. Gripping her mother's hips with both hands Chloe pushed the remainder of the dildo in, sinking all nine-inches in to the hilt. Virginia was delighted. She shook with lust, humping herself back onto the thrusting dildo whilst driving her tongue up into Gemma's cunt even further. The three women fucked on the bed, all in the throes of pleasure, Gemma clamping her mom's head in her thighs whilst rubbing her own nipples, Virginia eating out the teenager's cunt whilst Chloe all the while humped Virginia doggie-style with the dildo. Chloe's big tits wobbled juicily as she screwed her own mother.
"I'm cumming mom," Gemma panted, pulling on her nipples, "Mmmm. UUUuh I'm gonna cum...yeah...fuck..."
"Shhh!" warned Chloe, grinning as she shafted away, "Don't wanna wake Jack!"
"Sorry," whispered Gemma, smiling, almost delirious with pleasure, "It's just that mom is sucking my cunt so well! I'm cumming, oh fuck fuck mommy yeah! Suck my cunt. Uuuh!"
The girl almost swooned, her head slumping back onto the pillow.
Virginia raised her head and pulled forward so that the big strap-on dildo slid from her cunt. She got off the bed on shaky legs.
"Fuck your s****r now Chloe," she said, "Look, she's laying there almost faint, her legs spread and her cunt dripping wet. Mount the randy slut and fuck her cunt with that big dildo."
Chloe did so immediately, laying on top of her s****r and sinking the glistening plastic cock into her cunt.
"Chloe, yeah," Gemma panted, "Oh fuck that's good, it's right up my twat. Fuck me, uuuh, shit I'll cum again. Fuck yeah!"
To keep her s****r quiet Chloe kissed her, driving her tongue into her gullet, humping her hard and fast with the strap-on.
Virginia stood nearby, stroking her clit and watching the two girls fuck. Chloe's nice round arse looked so firm and mouthwatering as it alternately tightened and relaxed whilst she fucked her s****r in the missionary-position.
After five minutes Gemma had finished her second climax and she was keen to return the favour. Chloe got up off of her s****r, sliding the dildo from her cunt, and unbuckled it.
"Give it here s*s," Gemma said, "I want to fuck you now."
"You're welcome," Chloe smiled, given her s****r the dildo and watching her strap it on.
"Gemma?" began Virginia, "Lay on your back again on the bed. Chloe? You sit on her lap, astride her and facing the foot of the bed. That way I can play with your tits and suck on them."
As per instructions, Gemma lay back and held the dildo upright whilst her s****r mounted her. Chloe lowered herself so that she was sitting on her s****r's groin, the strap-on wedged in her cunt, Chloe's legs spread as she faced her s****r's feet. Virginia knelt in front of Chloe and stroked her tits, pinching the nipples lightly whilst Chloe bounced gently on the dildo. Virginia kissed her daughter passionately and groped her tits, Gemma meanwhile down below and humping her arse upwards and fucking her s****r's cunt. Once again the room was filled with muffled moans of pleasure and the sounds of female bodies humping against each other.
Virginia was also able to move down and, after sucking on Chloe's tits, able to bend right over and suck Chloe's clit whilst the young woman's cunt was fucked with the plastic prick. Chloe was hit by a good orgasm this way and only just managed to keep her cries of pleasure to a low volume. It occured to each woman that poor old Jack would probably shoot his load in his pants the instant he saw what was going on in this room.
Finally, the three of them moved apart. It was getting late, they were tired and their beds were beckoning.
"I can't wait until tomorrow," Gemma said, removing the strap-on, "It's going to be great with Jack involved too."
"Yeah," agreed Virginina, "sl**p well anyway girls, I'm shattered."
She kissed her girls goodnight and slipped out the room after throwing on a dressing gown for the short walk to her room down the hallway.
With the door closed and locked once again Gemma and Chloe lay on the bed and licked and frigged each other for a while before finally sl**ping together in Gemma's bed, naked and in each other's arms.

December 25th
Jack slowly opened his eyes. Even at f******n he still got excited about Christmas and all the present waiting for him under the tree. He sat up and felt his prick, typically, stiff and hard across his stomach.
Well, he thought, I could whack off first.
The digital clock showed that it was four-minutes past eight. He figured his mom and s****rs wouldn't be up yet and it would be rude to tear downstairs and open his presents like a k** so he decided that, on reflection, it would be very much a wise decision to whack off!
He pushed the covers down, exposing his firm young body, his nine-inch prick throbbing and erect. He had a large double-bed, the covers deep blue, overlooked by the big bay window. The d****s were partially open, looking out onto the big back-garden and it was just getting light outside. He gripped it and stroked the shaft at a fast pace, not taking his time, instead just pumping his fist and idly contemplating whether to shoot his load whilst thinking of some rather hot ladies sucking each other's pussies (like Chloe and Gemma, part of his mind cheekily suggested) or whether to switch on his computer and hunt down some pictures of a similar nature.
Jack was still trying to make a decision when he heard movement outside in the hallway, females whispering in a conspirital manner.
He wished he had a lock on his door like s****rs, as he pulled the covers up over him in case of anyone intruding on his morning hand-job.
There was a knock on the door.
"Yeah?" Jack called.
"It's mom, can I come in?"
"Sure mom."
Virginia opened the door and stepped in, a nice loving smile on her face. She'd evidently just had a shower, her short blonde hair damp, her bronzed skin glowing and fresh. She wore just a pair of lacy pink panties and matching bra that pushed her firm globes together, her cleavage lightly smattered with freckles.
"Hi mom," stammered Jack, his cock growing stiffer as he nervously appraised his mother's body. She never normally strolled around in just her underwear like this but there was no avoiding the fact that she looked hot! "Merry Christmas," he added.
"Merry Christmas to you too honey," Virginia smiled, stepping round to the edge of the bed and leaning in to her son and giving him a nice lingering kiss on the cheek. She could tell the boy was half-way through jacking off. There was just a way she could tell by the boy's slight embarassment and, of course, the at the bulge caused by the boy's large stiff prick under the covers which he'd so evidently just hauled over his body to cover himself.
Jack was puzzled by his mother's kiss, which was more affectionate than he'd have expected, and he also noticed that she was wearing some fine perfume.
"Shall we go and open the presents?" Jack suggested, a little nervously.
"Your presents can come to you this year honey," his mother smiled, cryptically, "Girls?"
Into the room stepped Gemma and Chloe.
The two s****rs walked in nude, like their mother carrying the fresh sparkling look of being just out the shower. They were not completely naked though. Round each of the s****r's waist was a big pink silky ribbon, tied with an elaborate bow at the front of the stomach.
"Happy Christmas Jack," the girls smiled, giggling a little, and they reached out to each other and pulled the end of the material on the other girl's bow, causing the silken bow to unravel and the silken ribbon to fall to the floor at the girl's feet.
"Er," stammered Jack, "...morning."
"This is your present," Virginia announced, "your s****rs."
"That's right, we're your prezzie Jack," confirmed Gemma. The eighteen year old blonde had her hair pulled back in a pony tail, her face looking charmingly sweet, her blue eyes filled with a mischievous look normally associated with her older s****r.
"Us two, plus mother," added Chloe, the twenty-one year old brunette's large tits prominent in front of her, the dark fur of her cunt contrasting with her dainty, pale skin.
Jack looked up at his mother.
"That's right honey," Virginia said, standing there in her bra and panties, "I can tell you spend all your time jacking off in here k**, and I can tell your nice big prick is stiff under these covers. Why spank your monkey on your own when you've got three gorgeous ladies under the roof?"
"But mom," gasped Jack, "They're, er, my s****rs. I mean..."
"What?" asked Chloe, stepping round the other side of the bed and sitting on the edge.
"Well," shrugged Jack, "Isn't it a bit, you know...wrong?"
"Yeah," Chloe sighed, casually pulling back the covers, Virginia and Gemma emitting a slight gasp at the revealing of Jack's toned young body and, most importantly, his nine-inch prick, "but masturbation is also considered wrong by society as a whole. Most of society thinks lesbianism is wrong. Hell, all the Catholics in the world think that contraception and divorce is wrong. So, you know, who gives a fuck eh? Make up morality as you go along in life, that's what I say."
"There's just no way," Gemma said, getting onto the foot of the bed and reaching out and taking Jack's stiff cock in her gentle fist, "this should go to waste. Three beautiful ladies all hot and horny in this house and one boy bashing his bishop on his own a dozen times a day."
She gently stroked the boy's prick. Virginia sat on the edge of the bed too so that Jack now had his mom and two s****rs surrounding him.
"I guess I'm out-numbered here," he laughed, nervously.
"You don't have to if you don't want to," Virginia said, putting an arm round him, Chloe likewise stroking the boy's chest with her warm hand
"But we want you too," Gemma added, lowering her head and placing her lips over her b*****r's swollen purple cock-head. She sucked gently whilst jacking off the base of the shaft.
"Holy shit," the naked teenage boy gasped, "That's...good!"
"Imagine that being a cunt," Virginia said, leaning in and kissing her son, "You can have that, today, and every day!"
"What do you say honey," Chloe whispered, also leaning in, kissing her b*****r.
"Yeah," the boy panted, "Fuck YEAH!"
There was the unmistakable cry of orgasm, Jack falling almost limp in his mother's arms. She held him close, Jack placing his head to his mother's chest, her breasts almost popping out of her bra. The boy's cock began to erupt, thick hot sperm flooding out in thick pumps. Gemma hadn't expected her b*****r to cum this quick but she quickly began gulping the foaming white jizz, pumping the long dick in her fist whilst sucking down the first few inches and gulping. The sperm squirted out in a dozen thick pumps, Gemma swallowing it all, Chloe continuing to run her hands over her b*****r's torso as he humped his hips a little, fucking Gemma's warm mouth throughout his orgasm. When his sperm flow ended, Jack rested his head back on the pillow.
"Holy shit," he repeated, "That was good."
He looked down as his s****r took her mouth from his semi-hard dick, Gemma giving him a smile, a dribble of cum running down her chin.
"Nice tasting cum dear," she grinned.
"Sorry s*s," Jack said, "I didn't mean to, you know, blow my load so quickly."
"Don't worry k**," Chloe said, giving her little b*****r a kiss, "we'll have you up again in no time!"
She then moved down the bed and gave Gemma a long, lingering kiss, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths. Chloe took her lips from Gemma's and flicked out her tongue to lick up the frothy sperm that was hanging from Gemma's chin.
"Wow," Jack smiled.
"What a beautiful sight eh?" laughed Virginia, hugging her son's head to her breasts, "Two lovely ladies, your s****rs, drinking up your sperm. Now, tell me you don't want to fuck them."
"I want to fuck them," Jack said, quickly, feeling the stiffness already returning to his prick, "I want to! I want to fuck you too mom."
"Excellent," Virginia said, kissing the boy once more, "Excellent! Let's get to it, for I see your nice big organ already swelling in Gemma's fist already."
"It is indeed mom!" Gemma observed, stroking her b*****r's prick in her fist and feeling it almost fully erect again, "Here, Chloe. Take our b*****r's nice prick and suck on it, but don't let him shoot his load this time."
"It's time to loose your cherry," Virginia said as Chloe took Jack's prick into her mouth and sucked him off.
"I can't wait," Jack said, "It'll be fantastic! I won't cum that quickly again though so I'll last long enough to fuck you. Wow, this will be great!"
"It'll be great for all of us," Virginia said, getting off the bed and standing.
Chloe was sucking Jack's stiff dick, deep-throating him and rolling his balls around in her delicate hand. Gemma knelt up and watched, gently frigging her neat young cunt.
"Take off your clothes mom," Jack asked Virginia, stammering a little as he was given a good slurpy blow-job by Chloe, "I want to see you naked too! I bet you're just as hot looking as Chloe and Gemma."
Virginia was pleased with the boy's enthusiasm. She reached round and popped off her bra, letting it fall to the floor, her nice rounded breasts emerging, her nipples stiff. She then took off her panties and Jack looked with admiration at his fifty year old mother's gorgeous, tanned body. For a moment he almost forgot about Chloe sucking on his prick.
"You look hot mom," Jack gasped, "Really hot! Just as nice as my s****rs."
"Thank you honey," Virginia smiled, putting her hands on her hips and striking a pose.
"You look really fantastic!" Jack continued, "Your tits are nice and plump, I like your nipples! Standing out there, nice and stiff. You're cunt looks furry and hot, I can't wait to suck it. Turn around mom, I want to see your arse...that's it. Holy shit what a nice bum mom. That's gorgeous. What an arse! I can't wait to fuck you."
Virginia was horny at the start of the morning but was even hornier now, her son's honest appreciation of her body turning her on incredibly. She sat back down on the edge of the bed and kissed her son, a lingering french-kiss, slurping her tongue into his mouth. Chloe's head was bobbing now, deep-throating her b*****r's big prick whilst Gemma was digging three of her own fingers into her cunt and getting very horny indeed!
"Let's fuck," Jack breathed, lustily, once his mother had taken her mouth from his, "Let's fuck mom. Shit, I don't know who to fuck first."
"Well," said Chloe, taking the boy's meat from her mouth, "Why not start with me? There's plenty of time for everyone to have a go."
With that, the young lady got astride her b*****r's hips, holding his cock upright and placing the head to her moist cunt. She lowered herself and took just the glans into her cunt, hovering there for a moment before sinking down further and further, Jack's eyes filled with delight as he saw his long cock dissapear into his older s****r's furry cunt. It took a while but eventually it was all up there, wedged right up in Chloe's cunt. She relaxed, sighing with joy. She'd never had a cock this big in her and it felt fantastic, the i****tuous nature of this activity increasing the enjoyment of it.
"Isn't that good honey?" Virginia asked Jack, kissing him once again, "Your nice big prick in your s****r's cunt? Isn't that good."
"Yeah mom, it's good!" the boy replied, "Fantastic! Chloe's cunt is nice and tight! Wow!"
Virginia moved over to Chloe, who was bouncing slowly and gently on her b*****r's prick. The mature blonde sucked on Chloe's tits, reaching round and frigging her clit and running her fingers round her tightly stretched cunt lips that accomodated Jack's thick member. Gemma got off the bed and came round to near Jack, kneeling up on the double-bed alongside her b*****r. She kissed him hotly on the mouth, Jack feeling his s****r's tongue slide into his mouth and still finding this a bit overwhelming, albeit in a fantastic way. All these ladies kissing him and sucking his prick, Chloe now bouncing on his prick with his thick organ in her cunt. He felt so incredibly randy despite having pumped his cum moments ago, into the mouth of the s****r now kissing him. He could also see his mother now kissing Chloe, mother and daughter frenching each other with real lust, Virginia's hands cupping and stroking Chloe's heaving young tits.
When Gemma took her lips from her b*****r's and sat up, Chloe decided that she'd had her share of the boy's dick. She stopped riding Jack and dismounted, moving aside and watching as her mother licked her lips.
"Go for it mom," Gemma urged her.
"My own son's prick," Virginia said, leaning in to suck on the organ in question before she got up and straddled her son. She did as Chloe had done a few minutes earlier, holding the dick upright and impaling her cunt onto it.
"Wow mom," Jack gasped, his prick fully buried in his mom's cunt, "That's so fucking hot! You're cunt is just as tight and warm as Chloe's! Yeah! Ride me mom, like Chloe was doing."
Her tits jiggling, Virginia did so, bouncing on her f******n year old son's prick and stroking his chest with her hands. Gemma was still kneeling alongside Jack and Chloe joined her, both s****rs turning to each other and kissing. Jack was in heaven as it was, having shot his thick load into Gemma's mouth and then fucking Chloe and now, on top of all that, fucking his mother. It was even better watching his two beautiful older s****rs kissing each other and stroking each other's titties. He didn't know which of the ladies was nicest. Chloe had nice big boobs and a nice round arse. Gemma had smaller tits but they were still beautiful, as was her lovely fresh young face. Then there was his mom who was fantastic looking with nice tanned flesh and a lovely warm face, her age giving her an almost regal air about her. Fuck it, he thought, he just loved all of them.
Virginia was humping her son faster now, placing her hands on his shoulders as she bounced away, Jack instinctively gripping his mother's hips and humping upwards. He was fucking his dick up deep into her cunt, making his mother begin to climax. Virginia grunted and moaned, riding even faster.
"Oh fuck," she gasped, "I'm gonna cum, oh fuck! My own son, making me climax! SHIT! Yeah, I'm cumming...uuuuh! UH UH UH!"
Jack shafted his cock up into his mom harder, unable to believe he was making his own mom orgasm! Virginia was almost fainting, hunched over her son as he humped his prick into her. Chloe thought her mother looked delightful climaxing so she took her lips from Gemma's and clamped them onto her mother's, kissing her hard throughout her orgasm. Gemma spotted her b*****r beginning to orgasm again so she kissed him, drinking in his sighs of pleasure whilst Jack began to spurt his cum. His big hard cock blasted thick wads of cum up into his mother's womb, Virginia still climaxing with her eldest daughter's tongue down her throat.
Finally, Chloe moved aside and Virginia stopped riding her son, out of breath. Gemma moved aside and took a deep gulp of air, Jack grinning with his cock oozing out the last of his semen into his mom's womb.
"Sex is cool," the boy concluded.
"It sure is," Virginia laughed, kissing the boy and finally dismounting him. Gemma was already at her b*****r's cock, sucking the juice-slathered meat deep into her mouth.
"Sit on my face Chloe," Jack said to his s****r, feeling bold, "I want to lick your cunt. Squat over me so I can tongue you."
"My pleasure," the young woman said, and stood up. She stood astride her b*****r and squatted down, facing his cock, her cunt hovering over his mouth. Jack craned his neck a little and stuck his tongue into Chloe's moist cunt, the pink lips slippery and hot. His nose tickled his s****r's arsehole and Chloe was finding this incredibly pleasurable. Down in front of her Gemma was working hard to raise Jack's cock once again, sucking down his organ whilst on her hands and knees between the boy's spread legs. Virginia, meanwhile, went to the end of the bed behind Gemma and leaned down, licking out Gemma's cunt from behind. She buried her tongue into her cunt, working it up her daughter's moist cunt whilst running her hands over the girl's pert young buttocks.
Jack was busy underneath Chloe, licking out his s****r's cunt with great skill for a novice. The girl squatting above him was softly moaning with pleasure, her jugs quivering as her body was wracked with oral pleasure from her k** b*****r.
"Is he rising yet again Gemma honey?" Chloe shortly asked, Jack's tongue still squirming into her cunt.
"I think he is," Gemma said, taking her mouth from Jack's prick. She was gently stroking it, finding the impressively sized member to be semi-erect, "I think I can get it fully hard once more, this boy has real stamina!"
"Just keep sucking," Chloe advised her s****r, "Suck and lick that beautiful organ and it'll soon be like steel again! Then he can fuck you. He's cum in your mouth but he hasn't fucked your cunt. I'm sure he'd confirm this if he wasn't eating out my twat."
Jack gave a thumbs up from below. Gemma giggled then started sucking the teenager's prick once more. It was definately getting harder though it'd take bit more time. Time was what they had though, Gemma hungrily deep-throating the prick whilst her mom ate out her cunt from behind. Ever now and then Virginia strayed up and flicked her tongue around Gemma's hairless arsehole before going back to her cunt.
A few minutes passed. Chloe dismounted her b*****r, her legs tired from balancing over his face. She turned and stroked her hand through the boy's hair, kissing him. Then she got up and got round behind Gemma with her mother.
"Want a hand mom?" she asked, "Or a tongue?"
"Yeah, keep licking this cunt will you honey, I'm going to see how Jack's getting on."
So Chloe got down and slurped at Gemma's slit from behind whilst Virginia moved up the other end of the bed and gave Jack a deep, lustful kiss.
"Having fun Jack?" she asked.
"I sure am!" the boy confirmed, "My cock is getting harder by the minute, I think I'll be up again! Gemma gives fucking great head!"
"She eats cunt well too," Virginia added, "Hang on a minute, I've got an idea."
Virgina got off the bed and left the room, leaving Jack to remain laying back and getting his prick sucked by Gemma. Chloe was busy eating Gemma's cunt so there was no dialogue in the room, just moans and sighs and slurpy, licking noises. Virginia returned a moment later wearing the strap-on dildo, the ten-inches of cock-shaped plastic dildo jutting out obscenely from her groin.
"Wow mom!" Jack laughed, "That's cool! Are you going to fuck one of the girl's with that?"
"I sure am!" his mother confirmed, "Chloe honey? Move aside, I'm going to have sex with your s****r. I'll get her cunt even wetter ready for Jack's nice big cock when it's fully resurrected."
With Chloe standing aside, Virginia could get onto the bed behind Gemma and placed the tip of the strap-on to the entrance to Gemma's cunt. She slid it in, driving it forward with a single thrust and watching the entire length vanish up into Gemma's cunt, the blonde teenager giving a muffled moan of delight as she remained bent over Jack and sucking on his dick which, in her hot lips, was fully stiff once more. Gemma continued to deep-throat her b*****r, sucking and slurping, her mother behind her now picking up pace and fucking her twat with the dildo.
"What a fucking Christmas morning," Virginia purred, "Fucking my daughters and son in a big threesome! A big i****tuous threesome! Wow! Isn't this great?"
"Yeah!" replied Jack.
"It sure is mom," Chloe said, giving her mother a kiss, "It appears Jack's dick is nice and stiff mom! Fuck Gemma's cunt for a few more moments then whip out will you? I'm sure my s****r is dying to feel our b*****r's prick in her cunt! Then you can fuck me mommy!"
Virginia humped Gemma's cunt with the dildo for another couple of minutes before sliding out from her, the dildo slick with cunt-juice. Gemma took her mouth from her b*****r's long hard dick.
"Time to fuck me honey," she purred to her b*****r, "I can't wait!"
"Can I go on top this time?" Jack asked.
"Sure," Gemma agreed, "Hey Chloe? Why don't you and me lie alongside each other, on our backs. Jack can fuck me and mom can fuck you with that big fucking dildo that's just been up my cunt."
"Right on," Chloe said, grinning.
The two s****rs lay on their backs on Jack's double bed and spread their legs. Jack mounted Gemma, easing his long pole into her cunt and kissing her hard on the mouth, their bodies pressed against each other. Meanwhile, Virginia got on top of Chloe, guiding the thick dildo into her daughter's twat and humping her hard. Mother and son fucked the s****rs at a fast pace, their arses pumping between Gemma and Chloe's parted thighs.
Jack could last a lot longer this time, thanks to his two ejaculations already that morning. He fucked Gemma hard for a good ten-minutes before he tired and withdrew, his prick still rock hard and nodding in the air. Virginia also withdrew from Chloe, kneeling alongside her son. She reached out and stroked his cock.
"Getting tired Jack?" she asked.
"Just a little," he admitted.
"It's almost nine o'clock," Chloe said, "We've been screwing for almost an hour."
"Well, I'm getting hungry," Gemma added, "I still need more fucking, so what say we fuck some more and when Jack's lovely white jizz has flown once again, we all go downsatirs for breakfast."
"I agree," Virginia said, "There's some other presents to open too."
"I almost forgot about them," Jack smiled, "Anyway, let's fuck! Who wants my big dick next?"
"Me," Chloe replied, sitting up, "I want it up my arse."
"Up your arse?" quizzed Jack, feeling a shiver of excitement at this brazen suggestion.
"I doubt if it'll fit," laughed Gemma, Jack's cock indeed look very big especially compared to his slender adolescent body.
"It'll fit," Chloe reassured her s****r, "I've had dildos that big up my arse. What do you say Jack? Do you like my bum?" She got onto her hands and knees, arching her back and thrusting out her bum. Her cheeks were smooth and pale, her furry cunt hanging sopping wet, above it her delicate anus.
"You've got a fantastic arse," Jack said, shuffling up behind his s****r, "I want to fuck it!"
"We'll need some lubrication," Gemma said, "Hang on!"
She hurried out the room and returned moments later with a tube of KY-Jelly. Jack was still kneeling behind Chloe and he watched with delight as Gemma knelt next to him, squeezing some of the KY-Jelly into her hand and slathering it over her b*****r's cock. She applied it thoroughly so her b*****r's heavy dick was slick and greased. Then Gemma applied some to her s****r's arsehole, poking a finger in up to the knuckle.
"All ready," Gemma said, moving back a little, "Fuck Chloe's arsehole honey."
With Virginia and Gemma watching keenly, Jack tentatively nudged Chloe's anus with his big prick. He began pushing the mushroom shaped head against the greased orifice.
"Shall I just push?" he asked.
"Yeah," Chloe said, "I've taken a lot of cocks - real and plastic - up my arsehole so don't worry, I'll be able to take it. Just push, squeeze it in. I'll say if I want you to stop."
Jack took a deep breath and continued applying pressure, feeling the natural resistence of his s****r's sphincter hold up, falter and then finally ebb away. The head of his prick sank up into Chloe's arse, the young woman releasing a long groan of pleasure.
"That's good," she panted, "Oh that's good! Yeah! Fuck it right up me Jack, fuck it up my arse!"
Jack obeyed. He thrust forward and sank a couple of inches up into his s****r's bum. The orifice was loosening up a little, streched wide but nonetheless accepting the thick member invading it. Holding his s****r by the hips Jack confidently humped forward whilst pulling his s****r back on to him, both of them moaning ecstatically as Jack's cock sank almost to the hilt inside Chloe's shitter.
"Fuckin' hell that's good," the girl wailed, "Oh shit, yeah! Fuck me! Fuck it's good!"
"It's almost there s*s," Jack commented, "Wow, your arse is so tight! It's fantastic!"
"There's an inch left," Gemma observed, frigging her cunt as she and her mom spectated this i****tuous sodomy, "Shove the rest in Jack."
Jack did so, his pubes bristling against Chloe's arse, his balls resting against her dripping cunt.
"All nine-inches up there," he grinned, "Right up Chloe's shitter. Holy shit, this is so hot! Fucking my own s****r in her arse! I thought you were a lesbian Chloe?"
The girl laughed, looking over her shoulder at her b*****r.
"My God," she grinned, "You've fucked my cunt, and now your fucking my arse and you've only just thought of that?" She giggled. "Well, I'm not really bi, I do prefer girls, but there's nothing wrong with cocks! Nice big ones too! Whoever thought human sexuality could be categorized anyway? Anyway, just get back to assfucking me k**! I like it! It's great! Fuck my arse Jack, yeah!"
She looked forward again and gripped the duvet. Jack humped his s****r's bum, really enjoying the feeling of her clasping rectum round his fat prick, the way her sphincter clasped the base of his dick. Pulling backwards the youth would slide half his dick out, four inches of his organ wedged in Chloe's shitter, then he'd hump forwards and slam it in to the hilt. He could tell Chloe was loving being fucked in the arse the way she was humping her bum back and moaning with pleasure.
"Do want to be next Gemma?" Jack shortly asked his other s****r.
"Damn right," she replied, "I love being fucked in the arse! I've never had a dick as big as yours up there, it'll feel great! The bigger the better! What about you mom? I bet you love being fucked in the arse too don't you?"
"Well," shrugged Virginia, "I don't know, I've never had anal-sex."
"Yeah?" frowned Gemma, "Whoa. You gotta try it mom."
"It's fucking great," Chloe reassured her mother.
"Your dad never suggested it, though I'd fantastized about it a lot," Virginia explained, "The few guys I've seen since then didn't suggest it either and...oh fuck it, who cares. I want it now though!"
"And you'll get it mom," Jack promised, sliding his long pole from out of Chloe's anus with a wet 'pop', "Here, bend over. I'll deflower your bum for you!"
Chloe shifted aside, kneeling next to Gemma. Their mother got on her hand and knees with her lovely bum thrust towards her son. Jack took the KY-Jelly and prepared his mother's arsehole, greasing it up with the lubricant, pasting it around and pushing first on finger, then two, into that tight orifice.
"Ready mom?" he asked.
"Yes," Virginia said, her voice heavy with passion, "Fuck it up me! Take my anal cherry son! Fuck my arsehole."
"Right away mother."
Jack placed his prick to his mom's greased arsehole and began to push forth, feeling his mom's bum act like Chloe's had done, resisting at first then blooming open.
"Oh fuck!!!" gasped Virginia as the fat tip of her son's prick slid up into her, "My God it feels so big, so fucking huge up my arse!"
"Do y'want it all mom?" asked Jack.
"Yes son," Virginia panted, "Yes! Thrust it all up me! Fuck your mother in the arse with that lovely big cock!"
With a couple of short heaves Jack had planted his pole right up into his mom's arse, the whole nine-inches buried in the mature blonde's hot shit-chute.
"That's good," he murmered, fucking gently, "That's so good! Your arse is lovely and tight mom, just as hot as Chloe's!"
"Fuck me," Virginia urged the boy, "Harder! Faster! Sodomize me, sodomize your mom! Uuuuh! Yeah!"
"Hey Gemma," Jack grunted as he buggered his mom's shitter, "Why don't you bend over and Chloe can fuck your arse, get it nice and loose! I'm going to bum-fuck you next Gemma."
"Okay," Gemma said, and eagerly got on her hands and knees. Chloe fixed the strap-on to her groin and greased the plastic phallus up. Then she buggered her s****r, screwing the big dildo up into the girl's arsehole up to the hilt and making Gemma moan with pleasure.
"This is great," Chloe laughed, humping Gemma with short, fast strokes, "I'm buggering my own s****r with a strap-on, next to my little b*****r who's buggering our mom! My arsehole is still burning from your big cock having been up there too!"
"This is fucking heaven," Jack grunted, humping his mother's arse harder, "Such fucking joy. This is the best Christmas ever...uuuh, shit...fuck I'm gonna cum. Sorry Gemma, I promised I'd fuck your arse next but mom's is so hot and tight, I'm gonna cum up it, I'm about to shoot my load up mom's arse...uuuuh, fuck...AAAH!"
His cum burst out, exploding in a thick white geyser deep in Virginia's bowels. Jack gripped his mother's hips and fucked away, tired but determined to go on, his prick pumping out thick sperm into his mother's rectum.
"Go for it," Gemma urged the boy whilst still being buggered by Chloe wearing the strap-on, "Don't worry, we've got plenty of time later, you can fuck my arse then. Just fuck mom's arse! Look at her face! Mum's loving it, she's fucking loving her own son's cum firing up her bum!"
"Yeah, yeah" Jack grunted, still thrusting, "It feels like it's going on forever...uuuh, shit. Fuck...fuck!"
The last of his ejaculate squirted out into Virginia's flooded rectum, her arsehole twitching round the thick shaft that plugged it up.
"That was pure delight," the horny mother laughed, "Wow! My God, I can't believe what I've been missing! I want you to fuck my arse as often as possible son."
"I will mom," Jack declared, slowly pulling his dick out from his mother's bum. It was slick, greased up and soiled and very flaccid.
"I don't think I'll be ready for a fourth fuck," he admitted, "Not without some replenishment. Namely, breakfast!"
"Let's go get some then," Chloe said, sliding the dildo from her s****r's bum.
"I'm starved too," Gemma admitted, getting up.
The four of them were very sweaty and looked thoroughly exhausted. The all wore big grins though.
"Let's go downstairs," Virginia finally said after they'd recovered a little, "Get some food and then open some presents. I got you that games console you wanted son."
"Cheers mom. I doubt if I'll play it as much as I expected though, I want to be in bed with you lovely ladies, fucking you!"
"That's what we'll do later," Gemma promised, giving her b*****r a kiss, "Lots of fucking and humping! It'll be great. Anyway, let's freshen up and go downstairs."
This was agreed by everyone and they all clambered off the bed on tired leg

It was twelve noon in the household. The wrapping paper was torn and s**ttered across the living room floor, snacks and half-full bottles of wine littering the coffee table.
Dressed in just his boxer shorts and an old Star Wars T-shirt, Jack sat on the floor in front of the TV with his new games console. Next to him knelt Gemma, wearing just a pair of white cotton panties and a bra, playing her b*****r at a two-player racing car game.
Chloe, who wore nothing but a black thong and a shiny new silver watch that had been her present from her mom, sat on the sofa with her tits out, slightly giddy on the three glasses of wine she'd quickly guzzled down that morning. Next to her was Virginia, dressed more soberly in jeans and a white jumper, flicking through a hardback book on photography Jack had got her. "I should have got you dildo," her son had laughed. "I don't need one now," his mom had replied.
Playing the game with his s****r, Jack had begun to feel horny, but he stuck with the game and tried to forget the stirring in his shorts. He felt like teasing himself, putting off the inevitable sex for a while.
It turned out that the next session wasn't up to him. Chloe was feeling horny, just sitting here topless, and she shortly got up and sat behind Jack, massaging his shoulders.
"Are you winning k**?" she asked.
"Yeah," Jack replied, "I'm thrashing Gemma! I've won the last three races."
"You've got a faster car," Gemma pouted, acting briefly like an eight year old girl, rather than an eighteen year old one.
"My car is cool," agreed Jack.
"I bet you've got a nice big engine," laughed Chloe, reaching round and groping her younger b*****r's groin and feeling his prick was half-hard, "Very big! You feeling horny Jack?"
"Me too," Chloe whispered, "Fancy a fuck?"
"Just finish this race," Jack promised. After a few moments he did so and he casually tossed the console's joystick aside. He knelt up and turned to Chloe, reaching out and placing his hands over her heavy breasts.
"You've got lovely tits s*s," he commented, his honest appraisal making Chloe laugh.
"Then suck them Jack, suck on my big tits."
Jack leaned in and did so, placing his lips over her left nipple, suckling and feeling it stiffen under his attentions.
"Don't hog him Chloe," Gemma said, shuffling over, "He's got to fuck my arse next, remember!"
Jack loved this, being the center of attention, his s****r's almost bickering over him. Then there was his mother too, though for the moment Virginia was happy to sit on the sofa with a glass of wine, watching her son suck on Chloe's tits. Chloe was kneeling up and feeding her tits to her b*****r and Gemma got in behind her s****r and hooked her thumbs in Chloe's thong, pulling it down to her knees and exposing her arse and cunt.
"What a nice arse s*s," Gemma purred, stroking her s****r's buttocks, running her fingernails lightly over the pale flesh of those lovely firm globes of flesh. She sucked on a finger and placed it into the cleft in Chloe's buttocks, finding the young woman's arsehole easily and pushing the finger half-way in. Round the other side Jack was sucking on his s****r's other tit whilst reaching between her legs and fingering her cunt which moistened almost instantly at his touch. Chloe sighed with pleasure, loving all this attention, her b*****r sucking on her tits and fingering her cunt whilst her younger s****r fingered her arsehole, the forefinger now up to the knuckle and working away into her rectum where it wiggled about.
Virginia finished off her wine and decided spectating was fun, but not as good as participating. She stood up and took off her jumper and jeans, then removed her underwear so that she was nude. She then got onto the floor and knelt next to Chloe and kissed her, sticking her tongue into the girl's throat. The top-heavy brunette was in heaven now, her mom frenching her whilst her b*****r and s****r worked on her tits, cunt and arse with even more enthusiasm. Jack still sucked on her nipples in turn whilst rubbing her clit and Gemma had now pushed two fingers up into Chloe's arse.
Virginia took her mouth from her oldest c***d's mouth after a moment.
"Jack honey," she said to her son, "Why don't you strip honey. Get that nice big dick out! Let's all strip.
Jack disengaged from Chloe and stood up, removing his T-shirt and shorts, his nine-inch prick standing out very stiff and proud as if he hadn't cum in weeks. Gemma also moved back and took off few remaining clothes, Chloe finally kicking off her thong so that she wore nothing but her brand new watch on her slender wrist.
"Right then," Virginia began, her mind running rampant as she thought of all sorts of erotic set-ups to direct, "Jack honey? You haven't given any sperm to Chloe yet. You've cum in Gemma's mouth and you've cum in my cunt and arse. So, you need to shoot a load into Chloe, in whichever orifice your sexy s****r asks. Okay?"
"Okay mom," Jack nodded, sitting next to Gemma who casually masturbated the boy.
"Furthermore," Virginia continued, fingering her own cunt and feeling like a porn-movie director, "you haven't fucked Gemma's arse yet and the poor dear was desperate for your cock in her bum this morning. I can see why though, it was fantastic when you fucked my arse! In fact, I've got a taste for being buggered now, thanks to that nice big dick or yours and the wonders it worked on my shitter. So, my proposal is that you warm up your dick in Chloe's cunt. Fuck her hard, on the floor, here and now. Only pull out when you've made the young lady cum. Then, I want you to fuck my arse, give your mom a good hard arse-fucking! After that you'll fuck Gemma's arse, but you'll still have to hold your sperm back so that, finally, you can fuck Chloe in the arse and shoot your load up there. Sound good to everyone?"
"Yeah!" Gemma and Jack said together.
"I agree," Chloe added, "But I must add that once my randy little b*****r has cum in my arse that one of you two, Gemma or mom, should suck his sticky load from by bum."
"Fantastic!" Virginia laughed, hugging her younger daughter before turning to Chloe, "Okay girl, lay down. Jack? Fuck your s****r's cunt. Remember, you've got to make her climax before you're allowed to pull out and sodomize me, Gemma and then finally Chloe in turn."
"You're the boss mom," said Jack.
Chloe lay on her back and spread her legs.
"Come on Jack," she invited the boy, "Get on top, ram that lovely big nine-inch fucker into my twat! Fuck me hard in front of mom and Gemma. In fact, Gemma? Why don't you go and dig out that nice big strap-on and bum-fuck mom so that she's ready for our b*****r's fat dong."
So, as Jack mounted Chloe and sank his cock into her wet slit, Gemma rushed upstairs and returned with this big pink strap-on. Virginia got on her hands and knees with her bum thrust out and spread, awaiting her daughter's attentions. With Jack cunt-fucking Chloe next to them, Gemma greased up her mom's arsehole with KY-Jelly and slathered some of the substance onto the dildo before entering her mom's arse carefully. Inch by inch the big plastic cock was fed into Virginia's arse, the hot woman urging Gemma on until it was wedged up her crapper to the hilt.
"That is so good," Virginia moaned, "Oh yeah, it's good. Fuck me Gemma, fuck mommy's arsehole. Yeah!"
Gemma began working the dildo back and forth, feeling her mom shiver with delight under the hard thrusting.
On the floor nearby Jack was humping Chloe's cunt with his fat cock, driving it into her womb. He kissed her hard on the mouth, their tongues wrestling in their mouths whilst the boy's arse rose and fell with his speedy fucking action. Shortly Chloe took her mouth from her b*****r's.
"I'm cumming," she panted, "Fuck, yeah, I'm cumming. Oh Jack, Jack, honey, fuck my cunt! Fuck your s****r's cunt with your nice big dick, you're making me cum! Yeah! Shit, uuuuh!"
Jack fucked his s****r throughout all this, increasing his pace and feeling his s****r tense underneath him, wrapping her arms round him and crying out with climactic joy.
When his s****r had finished her orgasm Jack got up, his long pole sliding from her clutching twat.
"Your turn for a fuck mom," Chloe panted, "Ready for your son's big prick?"
"Yeah!" Virginia said.
Gemma slid the strap-on from her mother's arsehole and moved aside. Jack got in behind his mom and stroked his long cock, frigging it against his mother's beautiful buttocks then nudging the head against her gaping arsehole.
"Don't tease me," Virginia begged, "Ram it all up me Jack! I want your cock deep in my arse!"
Jack placed his cock-head to his mother's anus and squeezed the head in. He waited for a moment, letting his mom think he was going to enter slowly, and then he rammed his way in, using a single hard thrust to bury his entire length right up to the root in his mom's rectum.
"Oh son," she moaned, "Fucking hell, that's so good! Oh yeah, right up my arse! Right up mommy's fucking arse! Fuck me, fuck my bum!"
Jack pulled out all but a couple of inches of his prick from Virginia's bum then rammed his way back in again, repeating this slowly and making his mother splutter out the most obscene cries.
"Fuck my arse, fuck it! Ram it up my shitter, that's so good! That's so good Jack! Oh God! Uuuuh! Bugger me, bugger mommy's shit-chute, uuuh! UH!"
Whilst their b*****r sodomized their randy mother, Chloe and Gemma kissed and stroked each other's tits. Gemma then took off the dildo and handed it to her s****r who fitted it to her groin, securing it tightly.
"Bend over s*s," Chloe said, "I'll fuck your cunt doggy style and get you all fired up for our b*****r who'll fuck your arse just as soon as he's fucked our mom's arse!"
Gemma got on her hands and knees whilst Chloe guided the head of the dildo into her s****r's cunt. She thrust forth, pushing the whole plastic cock deep into Gemma's twat.
"Mmmmm," the blonde girl crooned, feeling the dildo fill her cunt, "That's so nice Chloe. That feels good. Shove it right in, right up my hot cunt and fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want to be fucked hard in the cunt whilst next to us Jack bum-fucks our mom."
"I'll do that," Chloe said, thrusting powerfully with her hips and holding onto Gemma's shoulders, "I'll fuck you s*s, right up your cunt with this dildo. Hold on s*s, I won't hold back."
"Don't hold back Chloe! Show no mercy, fuck my cunt. This is good, yeah! I'm all fired up, fuck me!"
Chloe thrust even faster, working up a sweat quickly as she shafted her younger s****r's cunt doggie-style.
Alongside them Jack was humping just as hard, working his prick up and down in his mom's rectum, Virginia with her serene face laying to oneside on the living room carpet which was strewn with discarded Christmas wrapping paper.
"Fuck mommy's arse," she purred, "Go on Jack, give it to me, right up my shitter! God uuuuh, uh uh! Yeah."
Jack was sweating, like Chloe, both of them exchanging the occasional grin as they seemed to engage in a race, to see who could fuck harder and faster. Gemma was soon climaxing, Chloe now fucking her cunt with the dildo with deep, powerful strokes whilst reaching under the girl and frigging her clit.
"Fuck me, I'm cumming," Gemma wailed, "I'm cumming Chloe! That's it, fuck me! Fuck that plastic prick up my cunt, frig my clit. OOOOOOH! Aaah, yeah! Fuck!"
She all but collapsed, tired out from her solid fucking. Chloe was also tired and she ceased her humping, moving back and sliding the pink dildo from Gemma's cunt. Deciding it was time for a changeover also, Jack slowed down his thrusting then pulled his long dong from out of his mother's arse.
"Your turn Gemma," he said to his s****r, "Come on over here, I'm going to fuck that nice cute arse of yours."
His older s****r staggered to her feet and, once her mother had moved aside, she got on her knees and elbows on the floor in front of Jack. The boy took the KY-Jelly and greased up Gemma's arsehole, pushing his fingers in to the knuckle in the tight pink orifice between her pert buttocks. Then he applied a little bit more to his already-greased cock and then got ready to fuck his s****r's arse. He was getting quite adept at this. Once again he placed his cockhead to the anus, gently pushing until the ring gave way and opened up. The purple head of his prick squeezed up into Gemma's arsehole, the girl gritting her teeth as she felt some initial discomfort which soon ebbed away to become pure pleasure.
"Go for it," she urged Jack, "I can take it! Ram it right up me and fuck my arse like you've just fucked mom's!"
"I will do s*s," Jack promised, pushing more of his dick into Gemma's arsehole. Half of his prick was soon stuck in her arse and, with a final heave, the remainder then sank into that tight clasping shitter.
"Yeah," Gemma grunted, "that's it, that's the fucking spot! Fuck me hard now b*o, fuck me! Fuck my arse!"
Jack began doing just that, the insatiable f******n year old stud humping his hips once again and sodomizing Gemma deeply.
"Don't forget," Chloe said, "You've got to fuck me in the arse next."
"Okay s*s," Jack said in between his pelvic thrusts, "Wow, fucking three hot arses in a row! This is cool!"
"Chloe?" began Virginia, "As seen as you've got that strap-on still on why not give your mom a good fuck? My cunt is in need of a seeing too."
"Right away mom!"
Virginia lay on her back and spread her legs, Chloe quickly mounting her mom. She fucked her, hard, driving the dildo into her mother's cunt and making the woman groan lustily. Jack all the while fucked Gemma's arse.
Ten-minutes passed until Jack finally slid his dick from Gemma's bowels. Chloe dismounted her mom and took off the dildo, tossing it aside, eager for her b*****r's cock.
"I've an idea," Jack said, jacking off his raging hard pole that was not far off spewing it's long pent-up load, "Why doesn't one of you two get under Chloe and sixty-nine with her whilst I fuck her up the arse? You can eat out each other's pussies."
"Good idea," Virginia said, "After you Gemma."
"Thanks mom."
Gemma lay on her back and Chloe got astride her, inverted, so that each had the wet cunt of the other before them. They immediately started eating out each other's pussies, hungrily lapping away. Being on top meant that Chloe's delightful bum was thrust out, spread and exposed towards her b*****r, her anus winking above her cunt which Gemma was already eating out with great enthusiasm.
Jack greased up Chloe's anus and then pushed his prick into her rear entrance. He was gentle but not too delicate, working his prick up in a few long thrusts until the entire shaft was wedged right up Chloe's rectum, the twenty-one year old babe giving muffled moans of pleasure into Gemma's cunt which she licked out throughout her anal-impalement on her b*****r's rod.
"What'll you do mom?" asked Jack, buggering Chloe as she and her s****r sixty-nine'd.
"I'll just wait honey," Virginia said, "I'll wait and frig my cunt and, once you've cum, I'll suck all your hot sperm from Chloe's arsehole."
"You won't have to hang around too long mom, my sperm is almost here!"
Jack buggered Chloe hard and fast, his mother rubbing her sopping cunt and watching intently as her son sodomized Chloe. His long prick humped in and out of her anus, Jack's face soon contorting with ecstasy.
"Here it is," he announced, thrusting hard, "I'm cumming...fuck...oh god, what a fucking climax...I'm shooting up your arse Chloe! Right up your fucking arse! NNNNG!"
His sperm blasted out, hot and sticky, squirting right up into the clasping depths of Chloe's bowels. Gemma briefly took her mouth from Chloe's cunt and sucked on her b*****r's nuts which hung above her face, this increasing the blinding pleasure Jack was enduring as he hunched over Chloe, his pelvis thrusting weakly as his cock continued to disgorge it's spermy load. His foaming semen finally ceased it's powerful flow, leaking out into Chloe's shitter. The boy looked shattered as he finally slid out of his s****r's bum. As soon as he'd moved aside his mother got in behind Chloe and placed her lips over the girl's yawning anus. She began sucking, drawing out her son's cum and frigging her twat as she did so. She'd never felched sperm from an arse before but she knew instinctively how to do it, sucking out the juicy cum and swallowing it. Gemma was all the while still licking Chloe's cunt and this dual attention drove the girl to another climax.
Finally, the trio of naked ladies broke up, all of them joining Jack in slouching back on the floor and catching their breath.
A few moments passed after which Jack sat up and stroked his prick.
"Well," he announced, "I'm just about ready for round-two! Anyone else?"
"Yeah!" his mother said, quickly kneeling up, "I'm never too tired to fuck! What about you two girls?"
Her two daughters were already sitting up, just as eager their mom to fuck some more.
"I've an idea," Chloe began, "How about some double-fucking mom? I'll put on this dildo and lie down. You get on top of me mom and I'll fuck your cunt, and leaning forwards you'll be able to present your arse to Jack who'll surely penetrate and fuck it! Finally Gemma can stand in front of you and you can suck the slut's cunt."
"What a wonderful idea," Virginia said, kissing her eldest daughter, "Fantastic! Okay, fit that dildo on dear."
Chloe did so, firmly strapping the dildo about herself and laying back on the floor. Her mother, sweaty and dishevelled, got astride her hips and lowered her cunt fully onto the big pink dildo. Then Virginia leaned forwards, her arse-cheeks spread with her anus, still gaping from it's previous penetration, winking out from between her buttocks. Jack needed no further instruction. He got astride Chloe's legs directly behind his mother and pushed his fully erect cock up into her arse, driving it in to the hilt.
"My God," Virginia gasped, "Wow, that's good! Double-fucked! A big dildo up my twat and my son's cock once again up my arse. Oh fuck, oh yeah that it fantastic! Gemma, honey, come round here, I want to eat out your cunt! Let mommy lick your cunt out whilst your s****r and b*****r fuck my two holes!"
Gemma did so, standing with her legs apart, her feet either side of Chloe's head, her cunt hot and wet waiting for her mom. Virginia plunged her head up between Gemma's thighs and thrust her tongue into the teenager's slit, licking thoroughly that moist cunt. Meanwhile, Chloe humped her mom's cunt with the strap-on from beneath whilst Jack busied himself deeply buggering his mother with his long prick, driving the head of his organ deep into his mom's buttery crap-chute.
Five minutes of this activity took place until Jack slid his cock from his mother's anus. As much as he enjoyed fucking her, he was keen to try new things. He was like a k** in a toy-store with these hot three ladies all eager for his cock.
Virginia dismounted Chloe and Jack decided to suggest the next set-up.
"I think," he began, "that I should fuck Gemma's cunt doggie-style. Chloe, you can get on your hands and knees next to Gemma and mom will fuck you with the strap-on."
The ladies agreed to this wholeheartedly. Gemma and Chloe bent over with their arses in the air. Virginia now wore the big strap-on dong and fucked it up into Chloe's cunt whilst her son fucked his prick into Chloe's. Mother and son fucked the tight twats of those hot young ladies, matching each other thrust-for-thrust and making the s****r's moan and grunt with pleasure.
"Fuck me Jack," Gemma was soon moaning, "I think I'm going to cum! Fuck yeah, I'll cum in a minute...uuuh, fuck, fuck yeah!"
The teenager shuddered with pleasure as Jack upped his pace, fucking her cunt faster and gripping her hips, pulling his s****r onto his pistoning prick.
"I'm fucking you as hard as I can s*s," he panted, "I'm fucking your cunt! Are you cumming yet?"
"I am," cried the girl, "I am, yeah, fuck me! FUCK my CUNT!"
The girl was reduced to near collapse with the strenght of her orgasm as her b*****r pounded her cunt. Finally she'd finished and Jack slowed down his thrusting pace.
"Hey, Jack," Chloe said, still being fucked doggie-style by her mom with the strap-on, "Pull out a moment and give me your dick, I want to suck you off. I want to suck your cock whilst it's still freshly warm from Gemma's cunt."
Jack did so, sliding his throbbing meat from Gemma's cunt and moving round in front of his other s****r. Chloe sucked the glistening prick deep down into her mouth, slurping noisily on it, spit-roasted between her b*****r and mom. Gemma meanwhile slumped to the floor, breathing hard, watching her other f****y members in the meantime as she recovered from her climax.
Virginia then pulled the dildo from out of Chloe's cunt and got Gemma to haul herself back onto her hands and knees. Then she pushed the dildo up into Gemma's cunt, fucking her from behind and once again reducing the blonde teen to spluttering hot cries of lust as she was cunt-fucked.
Chloe finally released her b*****r's dick from her mouth and Jack hurried round to the other end of his s****r and fucked his prick in her cunt. Now he fucked her doggie-style, humping her hard and banging his hips into her buttocks with every thrust. Virginia was doing the same to Gemma next to them.
After a few minutes Jack slid his cock from Chloe's slit.
"I'm not far off cumming again," he announced, standing and stroking his impressive cock, "Any suggestions where I should fire it this time?"
"All over mom's face," said Gemma, "Spurt it all over her! That would be fantastic!"
"Yeah," Jack grinned, "How about it mom?"
"I couldn't have thought of anything more arousing!" Virginia declared, pulling the strap-on from out of Gemma's cunt, "Fuck my cunt first son! I want your cock in me for a moment!"
She got on her hands and knees with the dildo cast aside and Jack got in behind his mom. He pushed his thick organ deep into her slit and fucked her doggie-style, his mom's tits jiggling beneath her as her randy young son humped her with great energy and pace.
"Fuck me Jack," she wailed, "Fuck my cunt! Yeah! Oh yeah! Don't shoot your load though! As much as I like your hot jizz spurting in my cunt I want it all over my face this time, all over me! Shower me in your semen! Uuuuh, that's good! Fuck mommy's cunt you motherfucker!"
Jack fucked his mom for a minute or two then tugged his cock out from her, his sperm on the brink of erupting, his cock so stiff it almost hurt. Virginia then knelt up. "Stand in front of me Jack," she ordered the boy, "whack off and shower me in your jizz!"
Jack took up his position, pointing his cock-head directly at his mother's pretty face and pumping his meat with his fist. Chloe frigged her mother's cunt whilst Gemma frigged her mother's arsehole, both girls digging a couple of digits up to the knuckle in the appropriate orifice.
"Here it is mom," Jack panted, jerking himself off fast, "I'm going to spurt it all over your face mom! Uuuuh, I'm cumming...uuuh!"
His cock exploded out a thick fountain of semen, the thick white fluid shooting out in thick wads and splattering over Virginia's face. Still being vaginally and anally masturbated by her daughters, Virginia tilted her head back with her eyes closed and her mouth open, feeling the warm sperm rain down onto her. She loved it, adored it, and swallowed the cum that landed in her mouth. The bulk of her son's sticky outpouring landed on her cheeks, her chin and her forehead. When the flow began to end Jack dipped his softening prick into his mom's mouth, Virginia eagerly sucking out the remaining sperm. When Jack finally stepped back his s****r's began licking their mom clean, their tongues running around her face and clearing up the sperm, both Gemma and Chloe kissing their mother and sometimes each other, swapping the sperm about. Jack could only sit back and watch in wonder at how hot these ladies were!
By the time the two s****rs had cleaned up Virginia's cum-slathered face with their tongues, Chloe was feeling exhausted.
"I may have to retire," she said, staggering to her feet, "The wine I had this morning is catching up with me. I'm a little tipsy I think!"
"And shagged out too," laughed Gemma.
"Yeah," Chloe agreed, "I think I might go and have a lie down. I'll catch you crazy k**s later."
The girl left the room and headed on up the stairs.
"What about you ladies?" Jack asked his mother and Gemma.
"Well, I'm up for more fucking," Virginia confirmed.
"Me too," added Gemma, "Are you up for a third session k**?"
"I think so," Jack replied, stroking his semi-hard member, "With a bit of attention from you two I'm sure I'll soon be standing proud once again and I can fuck you some more before dinner."
"Just watch us at work," Gemma said, and she went over to Jack who lay back and watched as his s****r took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him down into her throat, stroking his nut-sac and fellating him. Virginia meanwhile came over and french-kissed her son, sliding her tongue down his gullet whilst her hands traced lightly over his chest and stomach. The boy reacted favorably to this, his cock showing signs of life in his s****r's mouth.
After a moment the ladies switched jobs, Virginia now sucking on her boy's cock whilst Gemma kissed him and stroked his chest. After a while his cock stood rock hard once more, Virginia sucking on the head whilst she jacked off the base.
"All ready," Jack announced, "Let's fuck!"
"Me first," Virginia said, and she got up and knelt astride her son, taking his prick deep into her cunt.
"Wait a minute mom," Gemma said, putting on the strap-on dildo, "I'll fuck your arse throughout this, give you another taste of double-fucking. Then you can return the favour shortly."
"Okay honey! Fuck that big dildo up my arse!"
Gemma got behind her mother and worked the long plastic prick up into her arse, burying all ten-inches into Virginia's tight bum. The mature lady was driven to the height's of joy, bucking in between her son and daughter as they began humping her, Jack thrusting up into her cunt with his pulsating prick, Gemma sodomizing her mother with the strap-on.
"Fuck me k**s," Virginia panted between the thrusting siblings, "Yeah, fuck your mother! Shaft my cunt Jack, ram that big dick into my twat! Gemma, honey, fuck my arsehole! Drive it up my shitter!"
"We need more strap-on dildos," Gemma commented as she humped away, "Then Chloe and me can fuck your cunt and arse with them whilst you suck on Jack's cock."
"Well," grunted Virginia, "put a couple of strap-ons on your next list to Santa Claus."
"Fuck that," Gemma laughed, "let's buy some in a couple of days as soon as the sex-shops open!"
"Just as long as my cock isn't made redundent," Jack said.
"It won't honey," said his mother, "There's no chance of that." She leaned down kissed the youth lewdly, her two holes still being deeply shafted.
"Let's switch," Gemma shortly said, "I want double-fucking now!"
"Fair enough," her mother said.
Gemma pulled the dildo from her mom's arse and took it off. Virginia dismounted her son and busied herself securing the strap-on to her own groin whilst her daughter took her place on top of Jack, the boy's thick cock stuffed deep in her cunt. With the dildo in place, Virginia got behind Gemma and eased the plastic prick up into her daughter's behind, sliding it in to the hilt.
"That's fucking fantastic," Gemma shivered, "Oh wow, that's so good! Fuck me you two! Fuck my holes! Uuuh. I think I'll cum quickly like this. Yeah!"
Virginia clutched her daughter's shoulders and began screwing her deeply in the bum with the dildo. Jack meanwhile stroked his s****r's pert young tits whilst he fucked upwards, thrusting his cock up into her hot cunt.
"Your cunt feels even tighter," he said, "Must be that dildo wedged up your shitter! Your cunt is really clutching my cock, it feels so good s*s!"
Gemma smiled and kissed the boy, a drip of sweat running down her face. The three of them were all very hot and sticky from the prolonged sex session, their bodies glistening and slippery as they continued fucking.
Virginia felt herself hit a wall of exhaustion after another ten-minutes of this. She pulled the dildo from Gemma's arsehole and moved aside.
"I'm fucking wasted," she panted, "You k**s, I don't know how you keep going!"
"Well, I'm a bit tired to," Gemma admitted, still bouncing on her b*****r's prick, "You close to shooting your load Jack?"
"Not far off s*s. Hey, you want to change position? I'll do the work now and pump my cum up your twat."
"Okay," said Gemma. She lifted herself up, Jack's throbbing organ sliding from her cunt, and she got up onto the sofa. Gemma knelt on the edge, leaning forward and gripping the backrest with her arse thrust out.
Jack got to his feet and stepped up behind his s****r, bending his knees just a little so his prick was level with her cunt so that he could enter her. Gemma's cunt was dripping wet and it was with ease that her b*****r pushed his thick long cock right up into her.
"Fuck me," Gemma panted, "Fuck my cunt hard and shoot your load up there! I want to be glutted with your sperm!"
Jack held onto his s****r's shoulders as he began shafting her from behind, driving himself up into her cunt and feeling yet another orgasm on the horizon. His mother meanwhile had taken off the dildo and lay to oneside on the floor, propped up on an elbow, enjoying the sight of her son fucking her daughter. Jack humped Gemma for a few minutes before he began to climax. The boy's legs were shaky as he rammed his prick home, pumping his thick semen right in the depths of Gemma's womb, the girl moaning with joy as she received her b*****r's sperm in her cunt, the boy still fucking his hips despite his tiredness.
With his orgasm spent, his nuts finally empty, Jack slid himself out of Gemma and threw himself on a nearby armchair, out of breath.
"I must say," Gemma said, collapsing on the sofa, "There's no chance of any of us putting on extra pounds over Christmas, we're going to burn a shit-load of calories this way!"
"Yeah," laughed Virginia, "It's better than going to a gym. I think I might have to join Chloe in having a lie down."
"In the same bed I guess," said Jack, "So you can fuck her when you wake up!"
"Absolutely!," Virginia confirmed, "Why don't you two go to bed? Gemma, go up with your b*****r, have a nap together in each other's arms and in your sl**p you can plot more exciting little erotic adventures for us all. We've got the whole evening together. And tomorrow, and so on...this can be a regular thing."
"That's right," Jack said, "I want to fuck all of you ladies every day."
"You've got no complaints from me," Gemma said, getting to her feet, "Come on b*****r, let's go to bed. Mum? Why don't you go and join Chloe in bed, in case she's lonely."
"Okay," Virginia said, getting to her feet, as did Jack. They all left the room, tired, happy and already looking forward the antics they'd be getting up to together once they'd recuperated their strength.

It took a while for the f****y to recover. They got up in the late afternoon and had a big dinner, sitting round the table, dressed and cleaned up. They opened up the remaining presents and sat in front of the TV.
Chloe and Gemma went to bed together, sl**ping in their mom's bed and humping until the early hours, almost wearing out the strap-on dildo.
Jack went to bed with his mom. He was completely recovered, his cock as hard as steel by the time he and his hot and randy mother got onto the bed naked. They licked and sucked each other's bodies, exploring each other intimately. There was no doubting the joy of having Chloe and Gemma involved but it was also nice for them to be alone. Jack had promised to spend tomorrow night in bed with Chloe, and the night after that with Gemma. Tonight though, he was dedicated to his mother.
He fucked her cunt for over an hour, trying out different positions. He shot his cum deep into her womb, after which his prick was almost immediately stiff again. Virginia had been an anal-virgin that morning and was now totally addicted that form of intercourse. She bent over and offered her arse to her son, Jack gladly sinking his rigid pole up into his mother's tight arse. He buggered her deep and hard until he pulled out and ejaculated all over her tits, watching his sperm shoot out and drench those plump globes of flesh, a few of the more powerful squirts hitting his mom in her delighted face. A long sixty-nine had the boy's dick hard for one more fuck that night and he was once again presented with his mother's insatiable arse, which he fucked until, for the ninth time that day, he shot his slimy sperm, the hot white liquid flooding his mother's rectum. They both fell asl**p, naked and on top of the covers, Jack's prick still lodged inside his mother's arse as they finally fell asl**p after one hell of an exhaustive and enjoyable Christmas Day.
And it all began again on Boxing Day...

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7 months ago
Can't wait for part two
1 year ago
Awesome story, will read again!!
2 years ago
All the fucking that occurred, all day, three hungry, mature, experienced pussies, three incestual sister's and mother's pussies, and YET the young fourteen year old stud ONLY climaxed twice--all day--into those pussies?? Both times late in the day, one in youngest sister Gemma and later that evening in his mother Virginia.

The story involved mother, twenty-one year old sister, eighteen year old sister and fourteen year old brother--young, horny, virile, pussy hungry women--and ninety-five percent of the full day's fucking is in the women's assholes!!!

The Story Data, Niches does NOT mention ANAL! What gives; I have no aversion to ANAL, but ninety-five percent of the story???? That's Fucking nuts!!!!! There's a category for ANAL; the Taboo category is not the place!
2 years ago
excellent story
2 years ago
lots of sex, lots of variations. liked it
2 years ago
great start
2 years ago
AWESOME story it was so very hot
2 years ago