It's a warm July afternoon and Kathleen Karashevik is
walking though the park near her Colorado home. She is
on the way back to her house after spending most of the
morning and part of the afternoon at her friend's house
swimming in her pool. She is cutting through the park to
a trail that leads through the woods to her
neighborhood, and is enjoying the warm summer day. There
are not very many people in the park; it is a weekday
and not yet 4 o'clock.

Kathy is hoping that the rest of her summer vacation can
be this nice and relaxing - swimming, sunning, walking
in the park, no homework, not a cloud in the sky; a
long, beautiful summer in Colorado to enjoy before
heading back to class at the end of August.

Kathy walks along the edge of the park until she finds
the path that she's looking for; it's a little overgrown
with raspberry bushes at the opening and she has to step
carefully through to avoid getting her legs scratched
up. The path is fairly well-worn, used almost daily by
at least one person; the path is clear once past the
entrance, and easy to follow.

About four hundred meters into the mostly hardwood
forest, the path opens up on a clearing. The clearing is
a little larger than her f****y room at home. There are
charred remains of a fire in a circle of stones and
several beer cans littering the tall grass. Local youths
frequently use this clearing for small gatherings and
clandestine drinking.

Kathy looks up in shock as something bounds out of the
woods on the far side of the clearing. Her fear vanishes
instantly when she identifies the interloper as a
neighborhood dog, a friendly and energetic Chocolate
Labrador she recognizes.

The dog prances up to her, its tail wagging fiercely.

"Hello, boy," she says, bending low to greet the dog.

The dog drops down on its belly, tail wagging
energetically, a seeming smile on its face.

"What's up, boy? Do you want to play?" she asks,

The dog bounds up, licking her face.

"Okay; down," she laughs. She bends down dropping her
bag that holds her bathing suit and towel and picks up a
stick. The dog's body lowers, tail wagging, eyes
tracking the stick, ready to spring. She tosses the
stick to the far side of the clearing. The dog is off
like a shot, catching the stick after one bounce. He
runs back, circles the girl and sits in front of her,
tail wagging. She grabs the stick and again tosses it.

He quickly grabs it and brings it back, sitting before
her again. After several more tosses, she pretends to
throw the stick, the dog takes two quick steps in the
direction of her throw and stops. It looks at her, tail
wagging. 'Smart dog' she thinks as she tosses it for
real this time. He again retrieves it. When he returns
he circles the girl, she grabs at the stick and he
bounds back. He bounces back and drops it at her feet.
When she bends to pick it up, he snatches it up and runs
behind her.

"Now who's playing games?" she asks him.

He approaches again and lets her take the stick from its
mouth. She continues to toss him the stick for several
minutes. The dog returns again, dropping the stick
several steps away.

"Are you done playing?" she asks the dog.

Kathy is bending over to pick up a stick for him to
chase when she suddenly feels his cold wet nose thrust
up between her thighs, underneath the short skirt of her
summer dress.

"Aaaaaahhh," the surprised young girl yelps as she jumps
forward from the shock. "Hey, now wait a minute," she
says. "I know that's how dogs get to know one another,
but as you can see, or smell, I'm not a dog."

But the dog goes directly ahead with his rude sniffing,
thrusting his huge head demandingly up between the young
girl's tender young thighs from the front, tail wagging.
She giggles as she feels his cold, wet nose against her
upper thighs. His nose presses squarely against her
panty-covered crotch causing her to jump back a bit in
modest surprise.

Kathy automatically starts to push the a****l away from
her genitals when she suddenly feels the hot, swiping
lick of a long a****l tongue moving wetly between her
thighs to slide over her panty-covered crotch.

"Oooohh!" exclaims Kathy in shock, both at the act and
her pleasurable response to it.

Before she can get a grip on herself, the brutish a****l
repeats his lewd act.

"Oh, no, no, dog!" Kathy says as she pushes at the dog's
nose. But he quickly ducks past her hand, diving his
head back under her short skirt.

"Now what're you playing?" she asks playfully as the dog
wags its tail as enthusiastically as ever.

Again his head swoops under her skirt to press and sniff
squarely against her crotch. She expects it this time,
but is slightly surprised by her pleasurable response to
the pressure on her crotch. His nose presses around her
thighs and crotch, sniffing eagerly.

She allows the dog to sniff at her, feeling oddly, but
strongly excited by his insistent contact with her

She is feeling quite risqué; alone in the secluded glen,
the sun shining pleasantly upon her skin, allowing this
dog to explore beneath her skirt, her libido strongly
aroused. She feels so naughty, so ribald to be allowing
the dog to probe beneath her skirt; but singularly

Suddenly the dog's cold nose is rubbing maddeningly at
the outskirts of her pussy, and his tongue is taking
long, swiping hot licks that flash wetly along her inner
thighs, slap in between, and finally circle in like a
drill to churn hotly over the covered entrance of her
tingling cunt.

She can feel his warm furred snout brush excitingly
against the trembling insides of her thighs, and
suddenly her tingling cunt feels as if it is a well
gushing forth spring water. She can't remember when her
vagina has ever moistened so quickly --- and all because
of a dog!

"Oh... oh, doggy... you mustn't... oh no... it's
wrong... oh god... oh god..." the confused young woman
murmurs ineffectually as the big a****l continues to
lick and slaver at her.

Kathy feels a delicious and sensuous warmth begin to
steal over her tingling young body, rippling over her
flesh in electric waves with each further swipe of the
dog's long, hot tongue.

It occurs to her that she is alone here with the dog,
and that whatever happens here between them is more
secret by far than anything she might do with a human
male. Whatever happens here today is their secret,
foolish or wise or silly. No one will ever know.

No one will ever know.

Kathy blushes nervously. She has the most terrible
guilty feeling in her fluttering belly. What on earth is
she thinking of? The most terrible feeling of abandon is
in her, making her already quivering breasts rise and
fall in heavy gasps.

And with that, the dark-haired young student slowly
spreads her legs apart as she stands there. She slowly
pulls aside the moisture-soaked crotch band of her white
nylon panties, baring to the a****l's eager gaze the
gleaming wet furrow of her expectantly waiting little

With bated breath the young woman watches as that huge
head slowly moves forward toward her eager pussy. Little
shivers run up and down her thighs as once again that
cold wet nose brushes against her naked flesh, tickling
the first wispy curls of her pubic hair.

Then suddenly, without warning, the dog's long, wet,
a****l tongue slithers out of its mouth and splays wetly
over her shuddering cunt-lips.

Then, making a bold decision, she pulls off her panties
and sits back on the ground spread-legged, knowing that
she is about to embark on an unforgivable act, an act so
lewd and perverted there can never be any forgiveness
for it. Her imploring blue eyes meet the soft brown ones
of the dog, and for a moment the pleading girl thinks
that the dog is not going to do it, but then...

The long hot tongue snakes out again, stabbing deep up
between the waiting girl's quivering thighs, mercilessly
splaying aside her slit's lips, sliding up over the
wetly flowering vaginal opening and then digging like a
fiery knife into the tiny pink button of Kathy's

"Aaaaahh!" the girl moans in helpless submission before
that burning, pleasure-giving tongue. Her softly flexing
thighs spread farther and farther apart in a mindless
attempt to open her body to the maximum, begging for the
dog's darting tongue to drive deep, deep up inside her.

And it does, again and again and again. The dog ardently
strokes his hot wet tongue up into that glistening pink
cunt slit, his own loins beginning to burn now as the
odor of Kathy's rising female passion floods directly
into his senses.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, darling," Kathy moans over and over
again, her hips now starting a slow revolving motion up
against the slaving dog's furiously licking tongue.

"God, god, keep licking... licking. It feels so good.
"I'm going to cum in just a minute... faster, faster,
darling... aaaahhh, god, don't ever stop... oohhh...
oohhh... oohhh..."

The helplessly inflamed student's mindless ravings fall
into a kind of delirious chant, keeping time to the
dog's continuous ravings of her desire-moistened cunt.

The dog licks more eagerly, wanting to taste the
intoxicating perfumes which pours so copiously from the
moist tender orifice up between those silky young human

Since her vagina is opening up more and more with each
nerve-shattering lick of the dog's big tongue, the happy
a****l is able to thrust the tip of his wet fleshy organ
a little distance up inside her warmly seeping cunt
passage. Kathy arches her back with the unexpected shock
of that hot unnatural penetration and her hands drop
down to take the dog by the ears and draw his furry head
even deeper up between her shivering thighs.

Kathy can sense that she is nearing orgasm. Desperately
the hopelessly inflamed girl draws her legs up high off
the ground, holding her knees back tight against her
flattened breasts with her straining hands so that her
obscenely wide-splayed pussy is offered up in
defenseless sacrifice to the slavering a****l above her.

Yes, yes, that will do it, Kathy thinks to herself as
the dog takes full advantage of her lewd position and
drives his scorching tongue ever deeper into her quaking
cunt flesh. Yes, she is going to cum soon now, she can
feel the fragile bubble growing deep up inside her
already spasming belly. Yes, just another few seconds...

The dog somehow senses this as well, her excitement
communicating itself to him savagely and luring his
penis from its furry sheath. Gradually it expands. He
recognizes the girls burning need; drawing him to lap
even more hungrily at the warm moist folds of her open

Breathtaking waves of pleasure hammer through her as her
muscles clench and her cunt convulses around the
obscenely eager thrashing of the dog's tongue on her
juicy cunt. She cries out loudly as the orgasm tears
through her, leaving her momentarily weak and

The gasping girl lifts her head to gaze at the b**st
that has given her such a delightful orgasm. She can't
fail to notice the dog's great cock, swollen into eager
hardness from the wild, sensual stimulation of licking
this young human female. Kathy freezes, as her eyes
fasten in hungry awe on his glistening red penile

"Oh, my Christ!" she gasps, "Holy Christ!" The sight of
his long cock overwhelms her. The image of his cock is
burned into her brain forever.

Although the young girl had seen several male penises in
her short lifetime, there is something about the tapered
dripping cock being slowly bared before her that causes
her to almost stop breathing. Combined with the
throbbing sensations from her desire-inflamed pussy is
the obscene fact that she is looking with such
transparent lust at the cock of an a****l. A cock she
knows she can have if she wants it!

The unnatural, sinful, salacious thought numbs the
girl's spinning brain for a moment as she lays spread-
legged before her slavering a****l companion, little
fingers of lewd sexual expectation plucking at her
fevered insides.

She sits forward slowly and strokes his smooth back, her
body trembling. Warm fuck juice bubbles inside her
virgin cunt hole. "Ohhh, You're just like a guy. You got
a hard-on!"

She is amazed, unable to tear her eyes away from his
magnificent prick.

"Jesus, boy. It's so big."

His cock is reddish-pink, thick, glistening with natural
fuck oil, the tip pointy, seeping a white sticky cock
juice. She pets him gently calming him for what she
plans to do.

"Easy, boy. Easy. I'll take care of you."

What she is planning boggles her mind. Trembling, she
pets his flank, rubbing under his chest, getting closer
and closer to his long red cock. She gulps back a lump
in her throat.

"Easy, boy," she soothes. "I-I... want to do something
for you too. Would you lie down, please. Lie down boy."

The dog, unsure of her commands, confused and fearing a
possible reprimand whines nervously, his cock retreating
back inside its sheath.

"That's all right, boy, you've been a good dog. Now just
lie down and Kathy will see that you never forget this
day." And with that the naked young coed gently pushes
the a****l down, saying once again: "That's the boy, lie

Then the dog is lying on the grass, his head flat
between his paws, the girl almost has to laugh at the
expression of c***dlike hopefulness on his face as he
looks up at her with his big brown dog-eyes.

"Roll over, boy, roll over," she commands, giving a
little shove with her hands that pushes him over on his

The dog lifts his head, squirming, his hind legs wide
apart, whimpering like a puppy.

"Easy, boy," she whispers huskily. "I'll take care of
you. I'll do it just like the boys in school do it to
take care of their cocks." She giggles nervously. The
dog rests his huge head on her lap. His tongue is on her
thigh, spit dribbling off. His brown eyes stare up
expectantly into the teenagers face.

She looks down hungrily toward the now flaccid sheath
that hides the dog's temporarily dormant penis. Yes, the
gasping girl thinks. She wants to bring that giant red
shaft of lustful a****l hardness out of its secret
hiding place once again. She wants to make the handsome
dog cum with her own hands, to see his hot sperm jetting
lewdly up from those fur-covered balls and out the
pointed tip-end.

The depraved nature of Kathy's desires adds perversely
to the already tremendous thrills chasing one another up
from her twitching cunt. Kathy slides one of her hands
up over the dog's hairy belly, letting it glide
sensuously deep down into the soft pit of his loins
before finally moving her questing fingers up over the
lewdly bulging sheath and squeezing firmly at the
vestigial hardness beneath.

The dog whines sharply as the hot stimulation of his
young human companion's touch causes his penis to jerk
uncontrollably deep up inside his belly. The
increasingly excited girl slides her other hand up to
join the first and together they start to press and
kneed at the dog's furry cock-sheath.

With a feeling of lustful triumph Kathy can feel the
hidden shaft inside begin to stir and grow and the young
wanton waits breathlessly for the first appearance of
that oddly exciting tip.

To speed its appearance, she reaches back with one hand
to her canine lover's flaccid testicles and scratches
lightly with her nails over their sensitive surface,
bringing another sharp yip from the surprised and
pleased Labrador.

Kathy keeps up her obscene massaging of the dog's loins,
her own loins churning with illicit excitement. She can
feel a strong surging under her caressing fingers now
and knows it would only be a matter of seconds before
she sees the first pink evidence of the dog's arousal.
Oh God, yes, the lewdly aroused young woman thinks to
herself, here it comes now! And almost with a rush, the
dog-penis she had been bringing to life shoots smoothly
out, glistening red in the clear daylight.

The staring young girl watches in round-eyed fascination
as the throbbing organ grows and grows under the
pressure of her hands until it has reached a truly
unbelievable size. It is a moment before the aroused
young woman can bring herself to place her fingers
directly around the naked scarlet dog-flesh; overcoming
what fear she has, Kathy plunges forward in her desire
to experience everything and anything she can with this
handsome Lab.

She wraps her fingers around the dog's thick meaty cock
and finds it hot, wet and slippery to the touch,
lubricated with its own juices. His prick throbs in her
hand, making her pussy ignite into flames. With a look
of unnatural fascination the raggedly breathing young
student seizes the throbbing organ directly and begins
to slide her hands slowly up and down its burning
length. Once again the dog whines loudly under the
girl's lewd ministrations.

Many times before the precocious young teenager has
engaged in what she had at the time considered lewd and
forbidden acts. But the very obscenity and depravity of
what she is doing now - actively caressing the penis of
an a****l -- fills the panting girl with wicked feelings
of sheer sensual lust. Her eyes fasten on that swollen
red a****l member trapped so tightly between her pumping
fingers as she rhythmically pulls and jerks, sliding the
moist scarlet flesh back and forth over the rigid hot
core beneath.

With Kathy's fingers wrapped around his prick, the dog
goes into a frenzy. He fucks his cock through her fist,
yapping and jerking as his balls rumble painfully. His
tail thumps against the ground. He lifts his head, then
drops it back with a thud as Kathy's fingers tighten
around his cock.

"Ooooh," she sighs, her blue eyes bulging. The throbbing
of his cock drives her crazy. She loves it, loves the
power she knows she has over this giant a****l.

The dog is humping faster. He squirms, rolling from his
back to his side, his rump in constant motion. His
tongue is hanging out, his eyes wide and glowing. The
Lab's prick swells, ready to explode.

Kathy, curious and hot, watches her hand hypnotically.
She stares at his pisser, watching the white jizz seep
from his hole. Her mouth dries up. She knows something
is going to happen and happen very soon. The only thing
she isn't quite sure about, are dogs the same as boys?
She intends to find out. She jerks the huge a****l cock
eagerly, wanting to be able to see that hot canine sperm
jetting forth.

What color will it be? she wonders. How much of it will
come pouring out? Will it look like a man's? All these
salacious exciting questions burn in the young woman's
lust-crazed brain as she pumps madly on that massive
stalk of flesh.

Kathy begins to pump her hands even harder at the dog's
massively swollen cock, wanting to see it spurt forth
its own hot juices

Yelping, his balls ready to blast, the dog rolls to his
back and fucks his prick through her clinging fingers.
He squirms, his front legs thrashing, his head jerking
on Kathy's lap. He is ready.

Kathy feels his cock swell in her hand. "Ooooh boy.
You're gonna cum? Huh? Huh?" She is dizzy, her own
passion running rampant through her virgin body. "Oh,
yes, doggie. Cum. Let me see you cum!"

Kathy feels the near-bursting dog-cock in her hands
begin a violent trembling and jerking. Kathy squeezes
and milks at it with both hands, actually able to feel
the first scalding rush of thick milky sperm rushing the
full length of the spasming member until it finally jets
forth in an erotic fountain, spraying in sticky trails
through the air to lewdly cover her naked thighs. Sharp
yelps of painful pleasure come from the dog's throat.

"Holy shit!" Kathy screeches as the first spraying load
of doggie-cum splashes against her hot sizzling white
skin. "Holy shit!"

The dog continues to jerk and thrash like a deranged
b**st. More cum spurts from his cock, spattering Kathy's
sizzling flesh in white gooey globs.

His yelping grows loud, more shrill. The muscles in his
powerful body tense, all working toward the goal of
emptying his balls.

The hot doggie-jizz spattering her body inflames her
pussy, making her dizzy. Her hand jacks up and down his
exploding prick. She feels each pulsing squirt shoot
through his cock, watching cum squirt from his piss
hole, feels jizz hit her body. She is out of her mind,
never expecting the things that are now happening.

The dog becomes a raging howling b**st. His entire body
jerks, thrashing, twisting, and shaking. Kathy's hands
are torturing him. He howls, the whites of his eyes
showing as his eyeballs float into his skull. His ears
draw back, and his tail whips against the ground.

Kathy, her legs drenched in doggie-cum, continues to
whack her fist up and down the dog's thick spewing
prick. "Ooooh doggie!" she cries.

The dog squirms, his prick about empty, his balls almost
drained. His rubbery lips draw back, baring his teeth.
Yelping sounds come from his throat.

Kathy is mesmerized, totally involved with jacking her
fist up and down his prick. "More, boy," she moans.
"Cum!" She is greedy, her blue eyes glazed, fix on the
hole of his pisser. "More, doggie. Cum!"

The dog fucks through her fist, and a thin spray of jizz
shoots from his prick. It sprays her face.

Kathy squeals with surprise. the dog howls. She squeezes
his prick tighter, jerks his cock faster.

The dog yelps, twists his giant body, grabs at her wrist
with his mouth, pushes at her hand holding his cock,
anxious to be free of her tormenting hand.

Kathy gasps, coming out of her trance. She drops his
prick and watches as he licks his cock clean, giggling
as it begins to shrink back into hiding.

Kathy stares down at her body, seeing the dog's cum. "Oh
my god." Her flesh sizzles, her pussy burns.

She reaches over and grabs her backpack, drawing out her
towel. She uses it to wipe the sticky, white syrup off
her face and legs.

She is suddenly aware that she is no longer alone with
the dog and jumps to her feet in alarm. Standing about
ten feet away, just inside the clearing are two young

She recognizes them as seniors in her high school,
graduates who head to college in the fall. Her eyes drop
down to their shorts. Both of the young men have their
zippers down, hands gripping hard, excited cocks.

She quickly grabs her panties as the young men approach
her. She grabs her bag planning to flee, but a hand
catches her arm, stopping her.

"Kathy Karashevik," says one of the men. She is shocked
that they know her name. "Can you believe the way this
hot little hussy jacked-off the dog?" said the man to
his friend.

It is then that she has time to recognize the man, it is
the older b*****r of one of her friends in school, a
girl who lives just on the other side of the
neighborhood from her.

"That doesn't look like all she was doing," answers the
other man, "did you see her panties on the ground?"

"Oh yeah, and I saw her naked little pussy. A friend of
Annie's jacking off a dog, what would people say?" Muses
Tyler Hutchins, the b*****r of Kathy's friend.

"Please!" she begs. "Don't tell."

"Don't tell everyone we caught you in the clearing with
your clothes off, jacking dog cock like a pro? This is
the story of the summer; you'll be famous by the time
school starts," teases the second man, Richard Markham,
a member of the school cheer team.

"No, please!"

"Silence has a price," says Tyler, releasing her arm.
She knows what he means, their cocks are still out and

"What do you want?" she asks quietly.

"Nothing special," says Tyler with a grin. "Just a
little favor. Nothing you wouldn't do for a dog."

"You won't tell?" she asks.

"You just give us the same treatment you gave the dog
and our lips are sealed. You willing to go for that
deal, Rich?" asks Tyler of his friend.

"Hell, yeah! If she pumps 'the b**st' I won't say shit,"
answers Richard, stepping closer to Kathy, his slightly
softened, but still erect cock in his hand.

"'b**st,' my ass; more like 'the dwarf," jokes Tyler to
his friend, "But if 'Beauty' here takes care of our
'b**sts' we won't say shit about what we saw."

"Go ahead Kathy," Tyler encourages. "Do us this favor
and we do you a favor."

Kathy reaches out her hand and grasps Tyler's semi-erect
cock. It throbs in her hand, beginning to stiffen
immediately. She lightly runs her hand along its length;
caressing the warm shaft of her friend's older b*****r.

"Oh, yeah!" groans Tyler in encouragement.

"Don't forget about me," says Richard, pressing closer
with his own erect cock.

Kathy wraps her other hand around his stiff prick and
begins to stroke it as well.

Soon both men are moaning softly in pleasure as her
hands stroke their erect cocks.

Kathy is not unaffected by the situation. Her crotch
tingles in excitement as she strokes the hard cocks of
these two men. Tyler is watching her as she strokes his
length. "God, that's good," he moans.

"Shit, yeah!" echoes Richard.

Kathy starts to stroke their long, thick cock faster and
harder as their and her excitement increases. Tyler
continues to gaze at her, and she looks into his blue
eyes, becoming more aroused.

"Damn, you're sexy," says Tyler His eyes travel over her
body, greedily devouring her charms with his eyes. His
hand slides under the back of the skirt, raising it to
expose her legs and ass. "I thought my s****r had a
killer ass; but you are beautiful. Look at those legs."

Kathy's pussy moistness further under his approving

"I've got to see her breasts," says Richard from the
other side of her.

Both men lift her summer dress up over her hips, above
her waist, and off her head; revealing her firm, shapely
body, naked crotch, and bra-encased breasts.

Tyler slides his hands around her back to undo her bra
which she shrugs off to reveal her round, firm breasts
and erect, pink nipples as she again grasps the men's
hard cocks and strokes vigorously.

"Fuck, she's beautiful!" gasps Richard, looking over her
revealed body.

"Perfect," murmurs Tyler. He bends forward and Kathy
moans in pleasure as his mouth finds her erect nipple,
sucking gently. Richard bends forward to close his mouth
around her other nipple as more moisture exudes from her

Tyler's warm hand slides against her thigh, upward. Her
thighs spread slightly as his hand presses to her wet
crotch as she moans loudly; jerking the two hard cocks
in sexual fervor. His hand rubs lightly against her
crotch, sending jolts of sexual pleasure through her.
Her legs feel weak.

Kathy slowly drops to her knees. Kneeling helps her
trembling legs, gives her a better angle to jack off the
men's hard cocks, and allows her to closely look at
their two swollen cocks. They step closer to her, their
stiff cocks almost touching her face as she jerks their
hot, hard lengths with her fists.

From her knees, she can suck them. She admits to herself
that she wants to. Seeing these two bulging organs
inches from her face, she can't help but think about
sucking them, about sliding her mouth over their
lengths, tasting them, feeling them fill her mouth.

Her lips open as she turns to one of the engorged cocks,
sliding it into her mouth, tasting it, feeling the hard,
throbbing shaft fill her mouth. The owner of the cock
moans loudly as she sucks, exciting and encouraging her.
She sucks harder, puckering her cheeks to increase the
suctioning pressure around his cock meat.

"Oh yeah, Kathy," groans Tyler, "suck my cock... it
feels so good!" His prick tastes very good, pulsing
rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. She slides her
lips back along the length of the cock and releases it,
turning to the other cock sliding her wet, sucking lips
onto the bl**d-beating hardness of the second cock
taking it in her mouth.

Her mouth is filled with the hard length of the second
cock. She sucks on the warm shaft filling her mouth,
eliciting moans of pleasure from the other man standing
over her.

She pulls the engorged organs closer to her. Spreading
her lips wide, first one, then another smooth, bulbous
cockhead fills her mouth, touching inside her mouth as
she hungrily pulls the cocks into her mouth. She rubs
her tongue over to two cockheads filling her mouth, her
lips f***ed open their widest to accommodate their two
thick shafts.

Kathy listens to her own slurping, smacking sounds as
her tongue swirls and laves over their pear- shaped cock
crowns, basting them with spit, lapping up the salty cum
juice that oozed from them. She tightened her fingers
around their roots, jacking the cocks hard and fast, her
pussy creaming with wanton arousal.

Suddenly Tyler pulls back. Kathy holds his shaft
tightly, trying to keep it in her mouth, eager now to
suck him off. But he pulls free from her grasp and steps
back. She wonders momentarily why he stopped; then hears
him drop his shorts, and figuring he'll be back in a
moment, turns her attention back to the other hard shaft
and takes it deep in her mouth.

Tyler walks around behind the kneeling girl. She
suddenly feels his hands on her shoulders, pushing her
forward onto her hands, forcing her to her hands and
knees. Then she feels his hand rub against her fervent
crotch. She moans as pleasure explodes from her aching

"My god, she's so wet!" Tyler exclaims to his buddy.

Kathy feels a hand on the small of her back, followed by
a prod at her super-heated crotch. "Nuh!" she tries to
protest around a mouthful of hard cock; but it's too

With a push, her wet cunt-lips part for Tyler's hard,
invading cock-shaft. Deeper it slides into her moist
depths until it is completely buried in her snug pussy.
Despite her vocal protestation to his action, she cannot
help but moan as her impassioned pussy is pleasurably
stuffed with the hard cock-meat of her friend's older

"Oh fuck!" moans Tyler as he buries his cock in the
young girl. "Damn! She's so fucking hot man!" he says to
his buddy, "I've never felt a pussy so hot before!"

Tyler pulls his cock partway out of her tight snatch,
then thrusts his hips rapidly forward, pressing deep as
Kathy moans in pleasure around the stiff cock filling
her mouth. A trickle of her hot juice slides down her
thigh. Then the cock is pulled from her lips, leaving
her mouth feeling empty, wanting.

"I'll bet she's the best damn cocksucker in the whole
school," says Rick, "She almost made me cum, but I want
to try some of that hot little pussy. Don't mess in

"I'll try," grunts Tyler as he thrusts forward again. "I
won't be long." he gasps as he thrusts his cock into
Kathy from behind.

Kathy grunts in pleasure; she is so close. Tyler's
thrusting cock pushes her to the brink of orgasm; the
men's vile talk further thrilling her. First they f***e
her to stroke their hard cocks as their greedy hands
caress her helpless body, then they make her kneel and
take them in her mouth, then f***e her to hands and
knees to take their hard cocks into her pussy; talking
about her like a young whore, taking turns fucking her
inflamed pussy, using her body any way they please.

Kathy is powerless to resist these men now that they are
aroused, they will use her in whatever perverse ways
their lust-controlled minds can conceive.

Rick is slowly stroking his thick cock in front of
Kathy's face as she watches. Tyler thrusting his cock
hard and deep into her dripping pussy. Kathy arches her
back, crying out in ecstasy as the second orgasm of the
day cleaves through her and she orgasm around Tyler's
pistoning cock.

This drives him over the edge and he pulls back with a
moan and Kathy feels his hot cum spurt against her butt
and thighs.

Richard quickly scrambles behind her and she can't
suppress a moan as another hard cock is shoved up her
steamy cunt.

"Man, why'd you have to cum all over her ass and shit?"
Richard grunts, "I said don't make a mess."

"Sorry," Tyler apologizes, "I couldn't help it; she's so
fucking hot."

"Fuck yeah, she is," agrees Richard, fucking his cock
hard and fast into the moaning young girl.

Tyler's prick begins to harden again as he watches his
buddy fuck his younger s****r's friend. He
absentmindedly strokes his cock into pulsating hardness
as he watches the drama unfolding before him. With no
conscious intent Tyler found that his pummeling of his
own lust-thickened shaft has taken up the same tempo as
his friend's cock fucking rhythmically into the tight
pink girl-cunt before it.

Richard grabs her hips tightly, thrusting hard and fast.
"Take it bitch! Take my cock," he grunts, driving
furiously into the kneeling girl, "Gonna cum! Tight
little pussy! So fucking good!"

Kathy moans as Richard thrusts wildly into her fervent
cunt. His cock swells and jerks; he pulls out and Kathy
feels more man-cum spray against her ass.

Then Tyler is in front of her on his knees, forcing his
swollen cock into her mouth. She sucks him as Richard
pulls back, temporarily spent.

Tyler moans as Kathy's mouth softly suctions around his
swollen cock. His cock twitches with excitement in her
mouth as he looks behind her in surprise; but he doesn't

The dog, Richard's dog, Thor is moving forward towards
the kneeling girl. The smell of sex has excited him
again. Kathy gives a startled yelp around Tyler's cock
as she feels the cool snout of the dog as is sniffs her
pussy and ass.

The dog whips out his tongue, slithered it up through
her pussy, between her ass cheeks, and over the tight
wrinkled hole of her ass.

"Lick her hole!" Richard grunts from beside her, his
cock beginning to stir again. "Lick her asshole, Thor."

The dog's tongue slaps over her ass, up through her ass
crack. Cunt juice clinging to his tongue. He greases her
asshole, soaking her asshole with a mixture of spit and
pussy juice.

"Oooooo!" Kathy gasps around Tyler's hot, swollen cock
in her mouth. She presses her hips back, pushing her ass
into the dog's hard snout "Ahhhh!"

Thor growls and uses his tongue, whipping it over the
vulnerable ring of her asshole. His tongue plunges into
her asshole. He reams her, his tongue like an overactive

"Unnnnn," Kathy moans d***kenly around Tyler's cock. She
shoves back, wiggling her ass, reveling in his exploring
tongue feasting on her firm ass cheeks and virgin ass

Thor sniffs, the smell of her pussy and ass making him
whimper. His balls are swollen, sore, filled with
another heavy load of doggie-jizz.

She is on all fours presenting her buttocks to the
waiting a****l like a bitch in heat. The dog knows this
position and the big a****l stalks forward, his huge
penis jerking and dancing beneath his hairy torso as he

The big dog easily mounts the girl's offered buttocks,
his strong furry legs gripping tightly around Kathy's
smooth torso.

She gives a startled yelp and drops her hips, but Tyler
grabs her hair, pulling her forward onto her knees,
"Stay!" he hisses at her.

All instincts tell the excited b**st to bury his aching
cock deep up between Kathy's expectantly quivering ass-
cheeks, but he can't find the entrance. Slipping and
dancing in the moist wet cleft between the crouching
teenager's buttocks, time and time again the scarlet
needle-shaped tip fails to enter, although it catches
for a moment at the tiny puckered opening of Kathy's
anus, almost ramming brutally in before the frightened
girl is able to twist away from the unwanted rectal

"C'mon, Thor," encourages Richard, "Fuck her!"

The sharp, tapered tip of the dog's cock finally finds
the opening between her passion-swollen pussy lips.

Kathy feels it against the entrance to her vagina and
braces herself for the shock to come.

Sensing finally that he is at the entrance to his long-
sought goal, the powerful Labrador only does what nature
demands. He fucks forward!

Mercilessly that huge pole of scarlet dog-flesh tears
into the pussy before it, not stopping until the dog's
sperm-bloated balls crush up against Kathy's widely
stretched cuntal lips. As soon as the a****l senses his
complete penetration of the kneeling girl before him, he
begins to ram into her with relentless jackhammer
drives, machine- like, as he a****l-fucks the helplessly
cringing Kathy.

"Aaaaaaagh, uuuuuuuunnnnhh!" the stunned girl manages to
gasp out, amazed at the sudden sharp pain that explodes
in her cunt at the dog's first brutal lunge; Thor's
powerful forelegs clamped vise-like around her body.

For one long moment, Richard sees his pet's swollen
scarlet penis poised at the opening to Kathy's tight
young cunt, and then without warning it disappears from
view, driven deep into the squirming flesh before it by
the powerful a****l.

It is no surprise to Richard when the crouching Kathy
cries out in pain, the only wonder is that she is able
to take that monstrous pole of flesh at all. Richard
begins to pump his own swelling cock more furiously as
he watches the naked young girl cringe before the madly
humping a****l behind her; constant little cries and
whimpers coming from her beautiful young throat: Tyler
steps back to watch as well..

Kathy knows that there is no turning back now. She must
go on to the end, go on until Thor empties his hot
a****l sperm deep up into her, his feral passion finally

Kathy tries to open her thighs wider, hoping it will
lessen the slight pain in her cruelly stretched vagina,
and indeed it does help. Kathy can feel that huge fleshy
dog- cudgel ramming again and again like a rubbery pile-
driver deep up into the unused depths of her virginal
pussy until it feels as if her hips were going to be
split wide open. Low, shuddering, moans escape in a
continual stream from lips pulled tightly back over her
even white teeth.

Wham, wham, wham, those hairy a****l loins thud
resoundingly into her widespread buttocks, each fierce
advance ramming that merciless scarlet spear another
fraction of an inch deeper into her young plundered

It does not hurt anymore. In fact, it feels... good. The
expression on the girl's lovely young face turns into a
blind stare of passionate acceptance as she crouches in
helpless submission before the humping a****l behind.
Then, almost without warning, the young girl feels her
hips begin a mindless, automatic motion back against the
invading a****l-penis, and in another moment the
suddenly maddened young woman is twisting her buttocks
around in lewd circles of abandoned passion, mewling and
moaning in lascivious pleasure.

The sex-enchanted girl tries to look back under her
kneeling body to see that marvelous red rod of flesh
disappearing up into her grasping cunt, but she can only
see the hairy canine balls as they swing repeatedly
against her desire-swollen clitoris, causing her
additional jolts of lewd pleasure.

With one hand the straining girl reaches back towards
her own pussy and lets her fingers encircle Thor's
slippery wet cock as it flashes in and out between her
sensitive cunt-lips, at the same time letting her
knuckles dig gratifyingly into her own genital flesh.

The sweating, panting, moaning girl feels a rush of
obscene forbidden pleasure come over her as the full
realization of what she is doing hits her. Somehow the
very thought of crouching lewdly on the ground, offering
her young body up to a panting a****l to fuck adds
another dimension of lust-filled depravity to the
sensations and emotions that are already ravaging her
wildly aroused young body. God, how utterly... obscene,
the no longer innocent virgin, thinks to herself in
pleased amazement while ever-growing pleasure radiates
through her shamelessly used body.

Tyler and Richard, too, are both panting with arousal
from the sheer depravity of the unnatural scene before
them as they lecherously watch the thick scarlet dog-
cock disappear with ferocious regularity up into the
young girls squirming, pink pussy-hole. Each has a hand
wrapped in a death-grip around their own massively erect

"Oooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh!" they hear the girl chant in
obvious pleasure as she moves her buttocks back against
Thor's hard-driving loins. Tyler begins to pump his own
cock with increased vigor as he watches the changing
expressions flicker over Kathy's passion-distorted face.

The moaning girl is obviously completely enraptured by
the wonderful a****l-fucking she is receiving from
behind. Tyler can see it all since he has moved back and
Kathy is now turned slightly away from him, can see that
merciless glistening shaft sawing relentlessly in and
out, drawing back the soft clinging vaginal flesh on the
out-stroke and then ramming it back inside each time the
big a****l lunges forward.

But the most exciting thing to the watching,
masturbating men is the completely wild, committed way
that Kathy moves her own ass-cheeks back to seek
fulfillment from the hard red staff plunging deep up
into her seething little belly.

Never in their whole lives have the men ever seen a
woman so passionately involved.

Tyler wonders what the hell he is doing watching anyhow,
with this red-hot little piece of tail just feet yards
away, f***ed to satisfy herself with an a****l? It
hardly seems that he should be here pulling on his own
hungry cock while the goddamn dog is humping the wildest
piece of squirming hot cunt this side of the moon.

Kathy opens her eyes; the crazily bucking girl finds a
gorgeous, swollen cock standing rigidly out right in
front of her face as Tyler drops heavily to his knees in
front of her.

Thor redoubles the f***e of his wild thrusts into the
sweet smelling young human who had opened her lovely
body to him. "Ooooooooh," cries Kathy as the ever
swelling a****l cock pounds ever deeper up into her.
And, "Ooooooooh," again.

For a moment the young girl's eyes unfocus a little as
though she is looking off into distant mists, and it
suddenly doesn't matter to her who was kneeling before
her. Only that wonderful filling of her hungry cunt
matters, and now there is another cock presented before
her dreamy eyes, filling her with further lascivious

"You'll never tell anyone about this, will you?" Kathy
manages to gasp out between thrusts of Thor's rampaging

"No, never," Tyler growls hoarsely back to her. "It's
between you and me, and Richard and Thor, and... this."
And Tyler moves his swollen cock even closer to the
young girl's parted lips.

Even though it is hard to concentrate on anything but
that magnificent dog-penis fucking into her from behind,
Kathy can't take her eyes away from Tyler's rigid cock
as it juts forward from out of the coarse dark hair
covering his loins. Just the size alone is enough to
overwhelm the panting girl as she stares at his penis.
She momentarily wonders if Annie has any idea what a
huge cock her b*****r has.

Without really willing it, Kathy finds her hand moving
up to encircle that great rod of bl**d-engorged male
flesh with cool fingers. Then she feels Tyler's pulse
beating inside the rubbery shaft like a tiny heart.
Kathy knows that she wants that huge throbbing flesh in
her mouth again.

She wants to sense and savor and taste the whole of it.
Have it rammed into her face while his friend's dog rams
into her cunt from behind. Slowly her lovely young face
moves closer... closer.... her hand squeezing harder
without her even noticing.

As he kneels before this lovely naked creature, Tyler
can not keep a small groan from breaking from between
his clenched teeth because of the almost painful delight
of her touch.

As that giant a****l member thrusts deep into her to its
fullest extent, the trembling young girl can feel her
vagina open up like an accepting flower, and a kind of
dizzy euphoria sweeps over her. And now, before her very
face is the rigid, throbbing penis of her friend's sexy
older b*****r.

A new maddening excitement sweeps over the completely
abandoned girl and she begins to pull and jerk harder at
the fleshy pole in her hand while Tyler writhes and
twists in blissful agony under her touch. Finally,
unable to stand the temptation another moment, Kathy
flicks out her tiny little tongue and lets it glide
warmly over the swollen glans.

Tyler groans loudly from the hot searing contact, his
whole body spasming as the lovely girl kneeling before
him begins to run her tongue in lewd little circles
around the tip of his near-bursting penis.

A pungent tang of seminal fluid floods Kathy's mouth,
filling her with a new kind of wild excitement. She lets
her hand slide down the smooth, hot penile shaft and
then reaches behind Tyler's wrinkled hair-covered sac to
scratch her fingernails lightly over his clenched

At the same time, she takes Tyler's cock into her mouth,
feeling the veined underside of the glans sliding
erotically over her tongue until it is all the way back
to her tonsils, almost gagging her. Automatically she
begins to suck, her ovalled red lips clasping tightly
around the huge lust-swollen shaft sunk so obscenely
into her face.

Tyler lets his weight fall back on his haunches, afraid
that he was going to collapse from the sheer ecstasy of
the girl's unbelievable mouthing of his cock. As his
heavy loins begin to rock slowly up into Kathy's face,
his hands circle together behind her head to pull her
sucking lips down tighter against his aching penis.

The thick cock slides lecherously in and out of the
passion-softened teenage face to the accompaniment of a
wet sucking sound that can clearly be heard above
Tyler's hoarse groans.

Tyler stares down at Kathy, hardly daring to believe
what was happening. But there it is right before his
very eyes as he watches the young beauty's rosy cheeks
hollow and fill around his thrusting hardness, her
tongue snaking maddeningly around it inside her hot
little mouth. And if that isn't enough, Tyler can look
back over the nakedly gleaming back underneath him and
stare straight into the glittering eyes of his friend's
Labrador as the dog humps repeatedly, endlessly into
this little doll's squirming vagina.

"Christ, it feels so good.' gasps Tyler, fumbling down
with one hand under Kathy's quivering body and finding
her voluptuously swaying breasts. He begins to knead
them cruelly, first the one passion-swollen mound and
then the other, rolling and squeezing the hard little
nipples between his fingers until Kathy whimpers half in
pleasure, half in pain, her lustful sucking of his
hurting penis increasing with every second. Tyler revels
in the firm resilience of the girl's taut young breasts
as he molds them like warm putty in his fingers.

Kathy now finds herself totally loving her debased
position as she sucks wantonly at the massive human
organ in her mouth while Thor's canine shaft of pleasure
traps her from the rear. Never in her young life has the
girl known such perverse bliss as she feels now, being
buffeted back and forth between the two males like a
helpless rag doll.

Each time Thor slams powerfully into her ass-cheeks, she
is driven forward with a jerk, impaling herself even
further on Tyler's rigid member as it saws relentlessly
up into her face.

The moaning older boy is becoming less gentle now as his
passion mounts, and reaching up he tangles his hands in
Kathy's long brown hair to hold her head in a vise-like
grip while he brutally rams his cock far down her

The gasping teenager finds her mouth so filled with
Tyler's stone-hard cock and her own free-flowing saliva
that she thinks she will choke, and tries to pull her
head away. But Tyler's arms are too strong for that as
he pulls her head even tighter into his up-thrusting

"Oh no, baby," Tyler mutters half-consciously. "You're
gonna have to go on to the end now. Go on till I cum...
gotta cum."

And somehow that makes it seem even more exciting to the
lewdly crouching girl. Her whole body oddly tingles at
this further humiliation as she finds herself actually
trapped between two powerful males who will do what they
want with her no matter how she might struggle to get
away. Yes, yes, she wants them to cum in her. She wants
to feel and taste the hot human sperm in her mouth while
at the same time her hungry belly is filled to the brim
with Thor's lewd a****l semen.

As the last ounce of hesitation drops from her, the
writhing young blonde turns into a complete wildcat,
ramming back with increased f***e against her hairy
a****l lover behind while her smooth young cheeks form
great hollows from her powerful sucking of Tyler's
tingling cock.

'I must have pushed the right button,' Tyler thinks, a
lewd, almost cruel grin coming over his normally amiable
face. This is without a doubt the best blow-job the
young man can ever remember getting, and there were
quite a few good ones in his past.

Richard also smiles, pumping his swollen cock and
smiling at his laboring dog as it stands on trembling
legs, ceaselessly pounding its massive organ into the
wonderful mating-hole that has been so tantalizingly
laid out before him.

Watching the wildly-humping dog, Tyler knows it is only
a matter of seconds before both of them come, so he
makes several last desperate thrusts into the butter-
soft mouth wrapped so lewdly around his throbbing cock.
And then a bomb seems to go off in his balls, followed
by a hot rush of what feels like molten lava as his
semen explodes from his swollen testicles. Tyler's last
shout of pleasure trails off into a choking gurgle and
he pulls Kathy's lewdly bobbing head desperately into
his steaming loins.

"Now! Oh God, mother-fuck!" Tyler shouts deliriously.
"Suck it! For God's sake suck hard, you sweet little
bitch. I'm CUMMING!!" And then his back arches while his
body helplessly jerks and twists in his ecstasy.

Kathy had wanted him to explode in her mouth and he did.
The first burning gush of seminal fluid floods into her
desperately sucking mouth, but try as she may she can't
swallow it all down without choking. Sucking and
slurping, the slaving girl does the best she can, but
thick streams of the viscous, white liquid flood out
around the jerking organ protruding from her stretched
young lips, obscenely covering her chin with sticky
trails of the lust-inciting fluid.

Oh God, how she loves the nastiness of it, the wild-eyed
girl thinks to herself, and then the excitement of
having her first human cock shooting into her mouth
touches off her own orgasm. As she feels the first
onslaught of her building climax, the moaning girl
thrusts her buttocks back hard against Thor's laboring
dog-cock just as he thrusts forward, wanting to get the
full benefit of the a****l's long, thick length. The
wildly excited girl can feel the rock-hard shaft smash
past her tender pussy-lips on its way toward the
ultimate depths of her convulsing belly.

This is the final trigger Kathy needs, and suddenly she
feels as if she has been hit hard in the stomach with a
fist as all her muscles contract at once in spasms of
wild delight. Her buttocks flexes and hollow as her
clenching pussy pulls wildly on Thor's near-bursting
dog-penis, while at the same time her lips and tongue
keep spasmodically milking at the still spurting man-
cock in her mouth.

All this is too much for the already wildly aroused
Labrador and suddenly his hot a****l cum begins to jet
up into Kathy's squirming cunt. The gasping girl has one
split second to think how different it feels from
Tyler's orgasm, more like one long hot squirt that seems
to drill a hole right through her quivering insides, and
then Kathy's mind explodes in a great flare of colored
lights from this last incredible stimulation as she
starts to cum all over again.

Tyler has begun to fall back away from the madly bucking
girl and his shrinking penis slips wetly from between
her semen-slick lips as she gurgles out a long mindless
groan of sensual pleasure. Tyler gets quickly to his
knees, wanting to watch this incredible sight, and his
eyes bulged in amazement as he sees the dog empty his
testicles savagely into the gyrating body of the young
teenager kneeling before him in total, abject depravity.

Wailing and thrashing, Kathy presses her voracious cunt
back against the spurting a****l-cock as if she is
afraid to let one drop of the milky fluid escape her.
The thick liquid gushes back out again from where her
snug little vagina clasps tightly around Thor's jerking
member, and runs in sticky trails down her shuddering
white thighs.

More hot, strands of male cum spurt against her back and
shoulder as Richard brings himself off. Finally,
with one last quiver, Kathy's sperm-soaked body goes
rigid in final release, and the exhausted girl falls
limply forward onto the grass. Thor's now diminishing
cock slips from her battered cunt with a soft wet
sucking sound.

For long moments there is no sound in the clearing but
the harsh breathing of the four depleted inhabitants.
Then Tyler gets weakly to his feet, grabs his discarded
shorts and stuffs his still-tender penis back into them.
He looks down at the nakedly heaving body of the
voluptuous girl who lies at his feet, and Tyler can't
keep his eyes from feasting on the glistening beauty of
her sensuously swelling hips and buttocks.

Richard retrieves his clothes as well.

Before they leave the exhausted girl, they toss the
towel to her and head off down the path; the dog
following quietly behind them.


A week later, Kathy makes it a point to visit her friend
Annie Hutchins. She says hello to the handsome Tyler
when she sees him, somewhat amused by his shocked
expression when he first sees her. She makes a point of
telling Annie that she plans to go to the park the next
day to play some Volleyball while Tyler is within

The next day the two girls finish playing a little
Volleyball and head for the trail to walk home. Kathy
has seen Tyler in the park, throwing a football with a
couple of friends. As Annie picks her way through the
raspberry bushes at the start of the trail, Kathy looks
back and sees Tyler, Richard, and another boy with a
German Shepherd on a leash heading towards them. She
smiles to herself; she'll have to find an excuse to get
Annie to stop in the clearing, she thinks to herself.

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Great story
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fantastic story ;-)
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bit long but fucking great story
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loved it great story
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a got talent, keep it comin', seriously
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good read!
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I find myself drawn to stories like this, i must be depraved
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