Summer Camp

"Honey, Can you pick up Karen at the Train station?" My
wife called to me as I leaving to go grocery shopping.

"Sure. When does her train get in?" I called back.


"I'll pick her up on the way back."

"O.K.. Thanks. Love you."

'Love you too honey. I'll see you when I get back."
That said. I got into my pick-up and headed out the
driveway. I really did love my wife. I know a lot of
couples get all cutesy-wootsey. But we really cared for
each other. We've been married for ten wonderful years.
We have a very successful business. We trained some of
the finest gymnast and cheerleaders in the country at
our camp. We had a lot of common interest. And we love
to spend a lot of time with each other.

Michelle or Mickie as I called her. Had been a champion
gymnast in High School and College. She had parlayed
this into some great scholarships in Phys. Ed. We have
a very successful business. Mickie was in charge of the
schools and the staff. I took care of most of the rest
of things. Accounting, grounds keeping, equipment
repair; all of that sort of odds and ends. I did all of
the cooking and we had two housekeepers. We had a very
wealthy client base; that were willing to pay for the
best. We were more then happy to provide, the best.
"The Farm", as we called our school. Provided us with a
very profitable and comfortable life.

I first met Michelle when I was having some physical
therapy on a sprained ankle. We hit it off and a few
years later we were married.

We were both into Physical Fitness. So, starting a camp
out on our farm was a logical progression. This allowed
Michelle to have all of her facilities in one location
and we weren't under the whim of certain industrial
park zoning nightmares. We have seven acres just on the
outskirts of town. There's plenty of space for training
rooms, a nice size gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, running trails,
a great pool. Everything you would need. The house was
a big old Farm house with 12 bed rooms. So we are able
to hold extended stay training camps. Usually they were
about three weeks or so. Mickey specialized in
acrobatics and cheerleaders.

Karen, was one of our star pupils from a couple seasons
ago. We hired her on as an assistant for my wife. Karen
was the most naturally limber girl's I have ever met.
She could literally bend herself in half. Mickie held
several classes throughout the year. So there were
always young, beautiful girls and women running around
the farm. We only took on girls at are camp. It keeps
the girls focused and it simplified the sl**ping

We had tried having some permanent students a couple
years ago. Karen and my wife's other assistant, Kitty;
were our last two long term students. They both had
been students here since they were in their early
teens. But the insurance problems and the overly
attentive parents got to be too much. So Now we just
held 3 to 4 week session. The occasional weekend camp,
through the summer. But, that was only rarely.

We took students from College and high school. Usually
we tried to have a close age group in each session. The
girls/ young women, tended to bond much easier as a
group in that situation.

Today was Saturday. I usually had a lot to do, on the
farm on the first day of a new class. There were always
a lot of loose ends to take care of. This session was a
bunch of High School Cheerleaders. Now I know what
you're going to say. All of those Beautiful young High
School Girls running around the house all day and
night. A man gets some pretty randy ideas. I'm not
going to lie. Of course I do. But, you've got to
remember. These young women are paying customers. Well
there parents are anyway. The last thing we would need
was some sexual miscommunications; or some crap like

That's not to say there were not a lot of sexual
shenanigans going on at the Farm. Of course there were.
My wife and I had a very full sex life. The rest was
all just playful fun. Of course, my wife was bi-sexual.
So was Karen, and Kitty was sort of bi. She liked
girls, a lot more then guys. She once told me, that
they only penis she had ever seen, was mine. Sure I had
some adventures with some of our campers. Harmless
stuff really. The girls seemed to enjoy teasing me with
their taunt young bodies. But they knew I was a safe
target. So it was all good fun.

I picked Karen up at the train station after I had gone
grocery shopping. There were always some last minute
supplies to get. Karen was waiting for me out in front
of the station. Let me describe her for you. Karen was
in her early twenties, about 5' 2 or 3. One hundred
pounds soaking wet, if that. She had a tight little
body. With shoulder length brown hair with heavy bangs
over her eyes. She had long coltish legs, that led up
to the nicest butt you would ever want to see.

She was well aware of her great ass and wore clothes
that highlighted it. During the summer, she preferred
Cut-off jeans and a tank top. Her tits were on the
smallish size. They were nicely proportioned to her
body. She would usually get quite a tan during the
summer and her bra less nipples would easily show
through her thin tank tops. Karen was of a
Mediterranean descent. This gave her an incredible
olive skin tone, She was a knock out. If not for her
diminutive size. She could have easily gotten work as a
model. She was waiting for me as I pulled up to the
train station.

I got out of the truck and helped her load her gear
into the back of the truck, with all of the groceries.

"Hi Mark, how ya doin?" She greeted me with a hug. Her
little nipples firmly greeted me as we hugged.

"Hi Karen. Hope you weren't waiting long?" I asked.

"No, I just got here. The train got in late." We loaded
up and were on our way back to the farm. The ride to
the farm takes about 20 minutes, so we had a chance to
catch up. I always liked Karen. She was one of the few
students we have had to the Farm that I've had sex
with. So, ours is a special relationship.

Of Course my wife knows all about, any of our girls;
that I've had sex with. She usually was the one
initiating it. Mickie was a great judge of character
that way. She knew who to choose and who not to. It was
like a sixth sense. Karen, Mickie, Kitty and I would
often share our beds during the Season. Me, I had had a
Vasectomy some time back, so there was no chance I
would get anybody pregnant up here.

Karen was sitting side ways in her seat as we drove at
to the farm. She was wearing a loose fitting pair of
shorts and her trademark tank top. The shorts were very
baggy around the legs. When she was walking or riding
in the train; they looked like a perfectly respectable
pair of shorts.

However sitting as she was now. With her back against
the door, one leg on the seat and the other against the
seat back. I had an unobstructed view of her panty
cover crotch. Of course I had to keep my attention on
the road as we were driving along. But every time I
looked over to her, as we drove along. I got this wide
open view of her tight, striped panties.

She of course, was aware of this. She was such a tease.
I could hardly wait to see the bikini she bought up
with her this year. Last year, she had this little
brown one. A little string over each hip to hold it
together. A pair of little patches to cover her Tits.
Now that was hot. It was a warm Summer day and we were
driving with the a/c on. The cool air went right to
Karen's bra less nipples and they sprung out at me like
pencil erasers. After a while we pulled up to the farm
and drove down the driveway. The first carload of
campers had just arrived.

Karen and Kitty got to work, right away helping my wife
getting the girls settled in as I unpacked the truck.
Kitty, my wife's other assistant had arrived yesterday.
There were about eight girls in this group. I think we
were expecting four or five more. We could handle
sixteen girls per session but 12 or 13 were a good size
class. Two to a bedroom. From what I could see of this
first group. It was going to be a good summer.

Karen, Kitty and Michelle had the girls out on the
patio, getting things together. Room assignments,
training schedules, rules and regulations. That sort of
stuff. We ran a tough schedule, for what their parents
were paying. They expected results. And we always
delivered. That was why they kept coming back. Of
course it wasn't always work, work, work. We did leave
the girls some free time each day to relax. Usually
this time was spent around the pool. My oh my. Some of
the suits these girls wore. When we would have a
session with college girls.

Oh, my gawd. They were incredible. Most of the women
would sunbathe topless or nude. I was the only guy out
here and we were very far from the closest neighbor.
They would revel in walking around with barely anything
on. It was incredible. I would be walking around with a
hard on half the time. Some of them would playfully
give my dick a squeeze or a rub.

Control had to be my middle name. Of course, some of
them I also fucked. But, we had to keep that very low
profile. I'm sure, the girls went back and told the
other girls. Because inevitably, the day after I had
sex with one of our students. Some of the other girls
would get particularly frisky. Seductive might be a
better word. We had a gate at the end of the driveway.
So there was no way we could ever get some unannounced

I was in the kitchen unpacking the groceries when Kitty
walked in with Four of our new students.

"Hi Mark. How ya doing?" She asked. Kitty was always
very formal the first couple days of a session. She was
usually in charge of any first time or new students.
She wanted to make a good first impression. Before her
charges learned her truly fun side. This technique
worked well for here, because it established an
informal hierarchy, right from the start.

Let me describe Kitty. She was a Tall slender whip of a
young women. As a matter of fact. Her height is what
ended her gymnastic career. Once she climbed towards
that five foot ten or eleven mark. The jumps and
apparatus, just are not easy to navigate. But she was
an excellent instructor and coach. She also taught some
self defense and was an excellent swimmer.

Kitty had short dark hair that she recently had decided
to dye jet black. She was on the slender side but very
muscular. She had very nicely shaped tits that were
crowned by the sweetest mocha colored nipples. She was
quite the runner and had the legs and butt to prove it.
Kitty was fun to have around. And very adept at putting
the new students readily at ease. Her short hair, small
breast and a habit of wearing very little makeup. Made
her look much younger then she really was. If not for
the fact that she was almost six feet tall, she could
easily pass for a young girl.

She then introduced me to her new charges.

"Mark, this Dorothy, Molly, Jennifer and Shannon. I'm
showing them around the house."

"Hi ladies. Can I get any of you something to drink?"

"Hello, Mr. Summers." They said in a joking, melodious,
unison. Then they all broke out in girlish giggles. The
older girls had acquainted the new girls in one of the
running gags, here at Summer's farm. The running gag
was; I was so such a push over for all our students.

My wife and her two assistants were the real task
masters and disciplinarians. I was the 'good cop' as it
were. The "Yes, Mr. Summers; No, Mr. Summers; They hid
my bathing suit, Mr. Summers; I don't know where the
cigarettes came from Mr. Summers. " Usually, we were
all on a first name basis. So the 'Mr.' formality was
an inside joke.

I had some juice and water for the girls. And Kitty
continued them, on their tour.

The rest of the girls joining us for this session;
arrived in the afternoon. That bought the class size to

The evening meal went uneventfully enough until
dessert, out on the patio. That's when two of the
Seniors, Susie and Susan started a food fight. A real
mess, but it was good for a lot of laughs. The girls
helped me clean up and then they headed out to the
pool. We ate relatively early, about 5:00. So this
allowed some evening activities. I finished cleaning up
dinner and then joined the girls out at the pool.

The sun was still shining at 7:00. So most of the girls
were just relaxing after the first day's workload.
Usually, lights out was at 10:00. We woke the girls at
6 AM. So an early evening was almost mandatory. Of
course the girls were in semi-private rooms. So who
knows how long they stay up after lights out. But
usually by the third or fourth day of class. They were
more then eager to hit the sack early.

Which brings me to two of our returning students. The
previously mentioned Susan and Susie. They had quite an
adventurous summer, last year; with Karen as their
teacher. The stories she would relay to us, about the
two girls sexual appetites. I, of course, only caught
them in the act once. Well I really didn't catch them,
As much as watch them have sex from behind some bushes.

The property had a lot of little hideaways s**ttered
through out it. In the building and out. Of course
there was always sex between roommates. Very often we
would either hear stories, be told stories. Or find
some soiled sheets on laundry day. And every day was
laundry day at Summers Farm.


It was late at night, about 10:00, if I remember right.
I was out walking our dogs before turning in for the
night. Some times I left them out on the property all
night. Sometimes I kept them inside. Security, wasn't
really a problem out here. But, I knew from experience
that randomness in scheduling can enhance security. But
I digress. I was out walking the dogs one warm August

I had wandered down to the pond in the woods behind the
house. It was a beautiful setting. One of the reasons
we bought the property actually. There was a small
grove next to the pond and we had had some picnic
tables and a stone barbecue set-up down there.

I was walking along one of the paths through the woods
by the pond, when I heard something up ahead. It
sounded like two of the girls talking. Now, we have a
rule about leaving the building after light-out. But
there was always a little leeway in all of our rules.
By their voices, I recognized Susie and Susan. They
were two of our students that had been coming to camp
since they were little girls. They went to the same
private school, and were best friends.

Both of the girls were 17 yr. old, gorgeous. Tall, with
big tits and long legs. Susie had long black hair that
hung down to her shoulder blades. She had a tight body.
That she likes to show off in the barest of mid-riffs
and tight jeans. Susan, had short shoulder length blond
hair. She had the broad shoulders of a gymnast. That
highlighted her rather large breast. Her thin waist
flared out to a great hips and a very tight butt. I had
seen both girls in next to nothing, at the pool. They
were almost constantly together. Hanging onto each
other, like lovers.

The other girls use to k** them about it. But, Susie
and Susan would laugh it off and then do something
funny or really gross. The ensuing laughter would
easily change the subject.

I didn't come across them by accident, actually. Karen
and Kitty had told us that this was a popular spot; for
a late night rendezvous. I heard them talking as I
approached. I sent the dogs; running off in the
opposite direction and I quietly approached the
clearing. I found some bushes to hide behind, about ten
feet from them. They were so engrossed in themselves.
that they didn't even notice my presence.

They were sitting at a table; talking and drinking from
a pop bottle. I couldn't hear the whole conversation;
only bits and pieces. Susie was trying to comfort
Susan. Susie was gently stroking Susan's cheek. The
conversation quietly ended as they looked into each
others eyes. Then their lips met. These girls were very
much into each other. Susan was the aggressor, as she
swung Susie onto her lap and made out with her, in an
almost Hollywood pose.

Susie was laying across Susan with her shoulders in
Susan's lap. Susan had Susie's upper body cradled in
her arms. Susie was running her hands through Susan
hair. I though I heard a moan. Then things got
interesting. Susan slowly bought her left hand to Susie
tits. Just gently massaging her breast as they kissed.
Susie broke off the kiss and said something. I couldn't
hear, what she said. This made both of the girls laugh.
They just looked into each others eyes. Suddenly I saw
Susie's top fall to the ground. Big smiles spread
across both girls faces.

It was a clear moon lit night. I could see everything.
Susan had her hand down Susie's cutoffs. It was like
watching a porn movie. These girls were gorgeous. The
kind of girl, guys fall over themselves to get to. And
here they were, putting on a private sex show just for
me, in the moonlight.

Susan was now sucking on Susie's beautiful tits as she
fingered her girlfriend's pussy. Susie's mouth was open
wide in exhilaration. She was wiggling her hips in
reaction to Susan's very capable hands. Then Susie,
abruptly pulled Susan's mouth from her breast. The
girls once again looked deeply into each others eyes.
Then Susan spoke, this time I heard very clearly what
she said. She said.

"Get out of those clothes Little Susie. I want to eat
out that sweet ass of yours." I almost shot a load in
my pants. These girls were incredible. They kissed
again. Then Susie got up off of Susan's lap. She stood
in front of Susan, in between her legs. Susie had her
back to me now. So I couldn't see everything that was
going on.

Susie's back was a sculpted marvel. All of these years
in gymnastics had left the girl with a finely muscled
physique. There was not a line of untanned skin on her
back. Obviously, this girls spent a lot of time on her
tan. Susan now had her hands on Susie's waist. Susie
bought her hands up to her hair and ran her hands
through it. Then she cupped her breast offering them to
the appreciative Susan.

Susan looked to be pulling the zipper of Susie's
cutoffs. Then with a tug. Susie's short, joined her
top; on the ground. She was now completely naked. Her
ass also had a nice tan on it. A lot of nude
sunbathing, on this gorgeous girl. Susan ran her hands
up and down her lover's body. I couldn't exactly see.
But it looked like Susan was kissing her way down to
Susie crotch. Susie spread her legs slightly apart as
she caressed her own breast. Susan's hand snaked it way
between her lover's thighs. Wiggling a finger into the
crack of her ass. Susie then pulled Susan up, so that
they were now standing face to face. They started
making out again.

Susan's clothes joined Susie, s**ttered around the
table. The girls climbed onto the picnic table and got
in a 69 position. This was incredible. They started
moaning and groaning into each others bush. Susan was
now working a finger into Susie pussy. Susie returned
the favor by Sticking her tongue even deeper into Susan
cunt. They went on like this for about ten minutes.

Wiggling around in orgasm, then resting then changing
positions, then wiggling around. I had tried not to
jack off while I was watching them. But it was so
incredibly hot. I was going to whip out my dick. I was
sure just releasing it from the confines of my pants
would have been enough to make me orgasm. When
something happened. Which made me glad I hadn't jacked
off yet.

Susan was laying on the table, while Susie was eating
out her pussy. Susie was standing up with Susan in
front of her. I heard rustling in the bushes to the
side of me. I panicked, thinking I was found out. Then
I saw my Black lab, Caesar run into the picnic area.
The girls were distracted but happily greeted him as he
approached the two lovers. The air was heavy with the
smells of female sex. Caesar sniffed the air as he
walked up to the table. The girls stopped their love
making for a moment to greet the dog. Then they got
back to business. Caesar walked around the clearing,
sniffing the air. He slowly walked up behind the still
standing Susie.

I saw her jump forward into her lover's ample tits. As
Caesar's cold, wet nose made contact with her hot,
young pussy. The girls both laughed at this
interruption. Then Susie stepped aside as Caesar
started to sniff Susan's steamy snatch. This bought
some embarrassed giggles to the young cheerleader. The
girls were talking between themselves as Caesar
suddenly started to lick Susan's pussy. I wonder who
taught my dog that trick? I was going to have a talk
with my staff of ladies tomorrow. Susan's mouth opened
wide in approval and both girls stood up. I thought my
little live sex show was over. But the main attraction
was just coming up.

Susan got down on her hands and knees, doggy style.
Susie directed my dog over towards the spread open
young girl. Caesar got the idea immediately and climbed
aboard. He jumped onto Susan's back and put his fore
paws around her waist. I couldn't see all the action
but I did hear Susan take a big inhale of air. I can
only assume that the Lab had started to fuck her. Her
moans were very loud.

Susie noticed this and tried to shoosh her friend. But
Susan was beyond control. Caesar was fucking her like a
jack rabbit. His fur covered body practically covering
her. Her front arms collapsed and her chest fell to the
ground. With a deep lurch, Caesar stopped his fucking.
Obviously, He had shot his load. Then he attempted to
pull out. As he moved backwards, he dragged the supine
Susan along with him. Her body, shook once again, in

His knot was imbedded in her vagina. The girls took
this in stride. As if this was an expected result.
After a few minutes. Caesar erection subsided. He
jumped off of her and went running back to the house.
The girls. Sat up, Kissed. Then walked into the pond
hand in hand. The jumped in and swam around. I took
this opportunity to get out of my hiding spot.

As I snuck away through the forest. I looked back. The
girls had gotten out of the pond, and were getting
dressed. I was already back at the house when they
tried to sneak back in. They apologized for sneaking
out and said it would never happen again. Of course, I
made a stern face and sent them to their room.

I had to keep up appearances.


Sunday was usually a day of lower activity, at the
camp. We put the girls through some training in the
morning; and then gave them the afternoon off. Our
property is pretty big and a jogging trail follows the
perimeter fence. Twice around the trail was a mile and
a half. We sent the girls out in small groups. This
kept the pace and ability levels about equal for each
group. Karen had led our first group of runners, out
this morning. The next group would not be back for
about two hours.

Karen had led the seniors on their run today. I was in
the kitchen cleaning up when the band of five of them
came back to the house. With her were Terry, Susan,
Susie, and Pearl. Karen spoke.

"Hi Mark. Got something for some thirsty runners."

"Only the best for Karen and her crew." The girls
giggled at this poor pun. I had some sport's drink
already poured and waiting for them. The girls were all
soaked in sweat. Their tops and T-shirts soaked to the
bone. After they all had their fill. One of the girls
asked me a question. It was the beautiful blond,

"Are you going to be joining us out at the pool, Mark?"
She spoke more with her eyes then her lips. It was sort
of a tradition at Summers Camp. That the Senior girls
would find some way to seduce me. Sometimes we just
played around, and sometimes I would fuck them all.
Through the years, I had had sex with each one of them.
Collectively, Well; this could be interesting.

"So, are you?" My mind had wandered. I feigned

"I don't know... I've got a lot of work to do." Pearl
spoke. She was the only oriental girl in camp this
year. She had the nicest pussy.

"Oh Mark, leave the dishes. Come and have fun with us."
I was convinced.

"Ohhhh, alright, if I have to." The girls laughed at my
antics. "I'll meet you down at the pool in a few
minutes. " The girls hurried out of the kitchen and out
to the pool.

Our pool is beautiful. There's a great pool house and
diving board. It's 3/4 length. So you can really do
some distance if you want to swim laps. Best of all.
More often then not, it's swimsuit optional. When
someone new comes to camp. Most everyone wears a suit.
But with a class like this. With all returning
students. The skies the limit. Being the only guy on
the property has its advantages too.

As the girls hurried out to the pool, I rushed up to
our suite to change my clothes. Let me describe myself
to you. My wife and I are fitness nuts. We work out
religiously. I've been an avid athlete my whole life.
This has granted me a pretty damn good physique. The
women seem to go goofy over my bod. At time s like this
I trusted the f****y jewels to my Speedo's. There
wasn't much there. But I could walk to the pool without
looking too bold. Besides, I was a getting a woody just
thinking about what was waiting for me at the pool.

I walked across the patio and down the terrace to the
pool. I could her some splashing and laughing. This was
going to be great. My hard on was lengthening, in my
trunks. I stepped onto the pool deck. My eyes shot out
of my head.

Karen was lying naked on her towel. Shades covering her
eyes. Pearl and Terry were sitting on Lounge chairs.
Little tiny bikini bottoms covered their pussies. Bold,
beautiful, big, teenage breast jiggled as they turned
to greet me. Susie and Susan were swimming laps. From
the looks of things. They were both naked.

"Looks like somebody's trunk are a little tight." Terry
said. Both girls laughed out loud, at my predicament.
My hard on was threatening to burst my Speedo's. Both
Girls had great tits. I had to look for a moment. Terry
wiggled hers at me. My cock gave a lurch. Terry reached
out as I approached the two teenagers. Her right hand
went to my hardening cock and firmly fondled it. A
small squirt of pre-cum stained my Speedos.

"If you keep that up. I'll have to spank you young
lady." She continued to fondle me. Both girls and Karen
got a big laugh from that. I put down my towel and
shades, And dove into the cool, clear water. On my way
back down the length of the pool : I was joined by
Susie and Susan. We stopped at the shallow end of the
pool. They both hopped into my arms. No coy seduction
here. These girls were after my ass. Rubbing their hard
nipples against my chest as they whispered dirty little
stories in to my ears.

Susan had her hand down my trunks in an instant. I've
got to admit. I do have a pretty big cock. The girls
took great pride in bringing me to full staff at
moments like this. Just as quickly my trunks were down
my legs. Susan ducked underwater and retrieved them
from the bottom of the pool. While she was there, She
took the opportunity to give me my dick a quick suck.
Before she came up for air.

Breaking the surface she proudly displayed her prize.
The other girls now knew I was naked. She threw my
trunks over towards the women on the deck, And once
again. Joined her roommate, in my arms. I walked the
three of us towards the steps out of the pool. One of
the girls had her hand on my balls, gently massaging
them. The other was slowly jerking me off. I carried
the girls out of the pool like this. As we turned to
the women on the deck. Their eyes opened wide with
excitement. Terry and Pearl were also now naked.

I let the two Susie's down. Susan still had her hand on
my erect cock. She led me over to lounge chair and

"This is the chair of honor. Now on your back please."
I happily complied. The five naked women kneeled around
me. Erect nipples everywhere.

"Where do we start?" Pearl asked.

"Right here." Terry led the way. She reached for a tube
of something and squirted it all over her hands. The
she looked me in the eyes. And placed one hand on my
cock and slowly jerked me off.

"Well you could start there." I joked. "Or you could
start with my balls." Pearl gently moved my legs apart.
Terry moved her hand down and cupped my balls. Karen
acted next. She moved up and started to kiss me. Light,
little kisses. Susie and Susan bought their lips to my
nipples and began to suck on them. I groan, deeply.
Someone's tongue licked at my prick. Then another
tongue. Karen's brushed her tongue across my teeth. I
reached up and my hand touched a wet, clean shaven
pussy. Had to be Terry. Someone lowered there pussy
onto my other hand. Very bushy and very, very wet. Then
a mouth covered my dick head. She was so warm. I
couldn't see who it was. But I was pretty sure it was
either Terry or Pearl. Then they suddenly all stepped

"Up, up, up." Karen said. Susie and Susan were pulling
me to my feet. My rock hard cock standing proudly
before them. The girls were fascinated by my dick. I
guess that had not seen many of my size. They led me
over to the towel that Karen had been on when I walked
up. Lowering me to the towel. The real festivities were
about to begin.

As soon as I was on my back. Karen was first to swing
her pussy over top of me. She tasted like pure sex. All
of the running and the sweat and the foreplay. Had
really got her motor running. I reached up and pinched
her nipples as my tongue swam into the recesses of her
pussy. She squirmed on top of me as she orgasmed. Then
moved off as another girl took her place. It was Pearl.

Once again the girls were taking turns blowing me and
sucking on and licking my balls. I had real self
control in these situations. But I was getting ready to
shoot a load. My hips started humping as I approached
orgasm. One of the girls was jerking on my dick. While
another one had my dick head in her mouth. I could take
no more.

I sot a huge load into Terry's mouth. It was too much
for her. The over flow leaked from around her sucking
lips and ran down my cock. Susie and Susan went to work
licking up the leftovers. Then they started blowing me
again. One of the girls was snaking a finger into my
ass crack. She easily found my asshole. WITH a gentle
push, her finger entered my butt.

My cock was once again, at full staff. These girls were
incredible. Pearls juices were running down my chin as
she orgasmed and then climbed off of my face. I could
now watch the sexual escapades of the girls at my
crotch. All of there attention was centered on my
crotch. Well, most of their attention. Susie and Susan
were off to the side watching the three other girls
attend to my cock. They were sitting on a chair.
Cuddling and masturbating each other as the other girls
blew me. The finger came out of my ass.

They seemed to be deciding something amongst
themselves. Then Karen stood up and straddled my
thighs. Terry held my cock still and directed it
towards Karen approaching pussy. Then with a plop. I
was in her. It was like fucking warm butter. She was
soooo wet. Terry and Pearl watched in fascination as
Karen rose up, till my dick head was at the entrance of
her pussy. Then slid back down to take all of me.

After a few more strokes, Karen got off of me. Pearl
was next. Her cleanly shaven pussy was dripping her
juices. She placed her hands on my chest and Terry
directed my dick towards her wanting pussy. Terry
wiggled my dick head around Pearl's slit before she
snuggled the head into Pearl. Pearl took me all at
once. Gasping as I plunged, fully into her. She just
sat there for a moment. I began to wiggle my hips
underneath her. Her clit rubbed against the base of my
sweaty prick.

Then she started. A slow up and down motion. That
climbed, quickly in intensity. She was banging against
me as she road my prick. I was meeting her bangs with
my own ferocious lunges into her depths. Just as
suddenly she stopped. Then collapsed onto my chest. Her
juices, running like a river down my thighs. Now this
girl, knew how to orgasm. Terry was next.

She turned her back to me. Then slowly lowered her cunt
towards my prick. Karen was holding my dick as Terry
lowered herself, closer. Pearl and Terry were kissing.
Susie and Susan were making out over on the lounge.
Susie was on her back and Susan was on top of her.
Terry stopped kissing and whispered something to Karen.
She looked over her shoulder at me. Then continued her

My dick head was just entering Terry's hot pussy. Karen
rubbed the sensitive head back and forth in Terry's
slit. Then Terry moved slightly and Karen rubbed my
dick along Terry ass crack. Oh yeah. Pearl then took my
prick in her hand. Terry bent over at the waist and
Pearl positioned my cock at Terry's sweaty rectum.

With a grunt Terry sat back, and my cock slid into her
hot, tight asshole. She started a slow fucking motion
driving my engorged cock deeper into her white, hot
asshole. After a few stokes she had me all. My balls
could feel the heat coming off of her pussy. Her juices
were running down my thighs. Karen and Pearl watched in
fascination as Terry took me completely into her ass.

I felt a tongue. It was going back and forth from my
shaft to Terry's clit. I could see Pearl Sucking away
on Terry's huge tits. Susie and Susan had joined us.
There sweat covered bodies resting on my hands, They
were kissing and massaging each other as I finger
fucked, their white hot pussies. I was slowly climbing
towards the king of all orgasms. My balls were shacking
with the impending explosion of come. Terry was
slamming her ass into my groin. Karen and Pearl were
sixty-nining each other over by the pool. Susie and
Susan were now attending to Terry as another orgasm
wracked through her body.

I held Terry, by the hips grinding her ass into my
dick; with each plunge of her pussy. Susie and Susan
were now making out with each other as they were
kneeling in front of Terry. Waves of orgasms seemed to
be washing over Terry's body. I could hold back no
longer. My cock, exploded in orgasm. My hot cum shot
deep into her bowels. She continued to ride me as my
erection attempted to subside. Her tight asshole was
acting like a cock ring.

Holding my dick at full erection. As her final orgasm
drained her senses. She rolled off of me. My dick, held
tightly in her asshole, temporarily followed her. Then
with a small fart. I plopped out of her ass; instantly
losing my hard on. My body collapsed in exhaustion. I
had the sense of mind to check my watch. The other
campers would be back in about half an hour. Terry was
cuddled up next to me on the towel. My load slightly
leaking out of her distended rectum. The other girl was
laying about in the aftermath of orgasmic bliss.

Taking a moment to catch my breath. I stood up. Then
into the pool for a revitalizing swim. The splash woke
the women next to the pool and they all hopped in. We
had each had our full of sexual shenanigans for the
afternoon. Everyone took a lap. Then into the pool
house for a quick shower. By the time we were coming
out the next group of campers had arrived at the pool.

The only hint of the orgy that had just taken place
were my discarded trunks which my wife was holding in
her hand; As I exited the pool house. Michelle group
was also in various states of undress. I exited the
pool house with a towel wrapped around my waist. The
girls were still taking showers. Michelle held my
trunks up as a trophy and they all laughed. She handed
them to me with a smirk on her face. The girls all
laughed at my discomfort and I walked back towards the
house. Dinner was in a couple of hours. Think I'll make
some very hot Chile tonight.


It was a few days after our orgy at the pool when
Michelle called me on the intercom. One of the girls
had pulled a muscle and she needed my help. I hurried
from the Main house over to the gym. Casey was one of
Karen's students. She was a junior. But Casey had been
attending camp here; since she was a little girl. I had
never actually fucked Casey. Though she had had oral
sex a few times. Karen had told us all kind of lewd
stories about this little minx.

Casey was of medium height, with honey blond hair that
hung down just past her shoulders. Her tits were on the
small side. Last year, when she came to camp. She
looked absolutely anorexic. Some misguided coach;
trying to keep her weight down. Super skinny is not
healthy. But watching their weight was an overriding
concern for these girls. We practiced a healthy diet at
the farm. We spoke to Casey's parent's last summer and
they changed coaches. This year, she looked great. A
toned healthy body, looked great on her.

Her butt was a sight to behold. Some might say she had
a small ass. Me, I thought her ass looked great. Her
tits were a little on the small side though. She had
very fair skin. That took a tan very slowly. We liked
to work the girls out in the outside, when we could.
This gave them all the benefit of fresh air and
sunshine. Also, all the fair skinned girls, like Casey.

Slowly could get a tan. Casey still had the milk white
skin of the early summer. Her tits were nice handfuls
topped by light, pink nipples. Her nipples seemed
easily aroused, as I had seen them many times. She had
a habit of not wearing a bra. Her Perky nipples greeted
me, most every time I saw her. Showing through her tops
and T's.

I hurriedly drove my golf cart over to the gym. I could
see the other girls continuing their workout. As I
pulled up. Michelle was attending to Casey.

"What happened?" I asked.

"She landed wrong after a flip. It doesn't look like
anything serious, maybe just a pulled muscle. But you
better have a look." We loaded her gently into the back
of the golf cart and I slowly drove back to the main
house. Accidents are part of the game. You take all the
precautions you can. But things happen.

"I feel so stupid." Casey said as we drove off.

"Don't worry, Casey. I'll check you out. If it's
anything serious, we'll take you to the hospital. If
not, a spin in the whirlpool and a heat pack should fix
you right up. How does it feel?"

"It feels ok, I guess. Mickey thinks I just pulled
something. Guess I might have pulled it last night
actually." She added.

"Last night?" I asked.

"Well, it's really embarrassing to talk about. " I
could see her blushing from the front of the cart. "I
was having some late night fun with my roommate, Ellen.
Ya know. And well maybe we got a little carried away."
I chuckled at her predicament. "It's not funny." She
playfully slapped me on the back. Then she started
laughing too. It was funny.

"So?" I asked, "Did ah, Ellen, ah, strain anything
too?" She playfully smacked me again.

"No, you silly, I was the one with my legs behind my
head." I pictured this raunchy image in my mind. The
erotic nature of the sight made my cock stretch. Then
the idea of Casey all bent up like a pretzel came to
mind. I chuckled again. She was smiling, then laughing
along, as we pulled up to the house.

I carried her into the basement entrance to the house.
That was were we had our first aid station and some of
the physical therapy equipment. Of course we had a
fully equipped P/T station down at the gym. But In
situations like this. I usually bought the campers to
the house. If I had to take them to the hospital. We
could leave much more discretely. I laid her down on
one of the examining tables. It was only now that I
noticed what she was wearing.

Casey had on a very tight spandex outfit. In the camp
colors of course. It was a sleeveless little thing,
that hugged her like a second skin. Her pert little
tits easily showed through; in all of her bra less
glory. I could she that she had on some little panties
or something underneath the gym suit. They looked on
the skimpy side. Their outline clearly visible under
the tight gym suit. She laid back onto the examining
table. Her breast flattened out to mere pancakes. But
her erect nipples showing proudly through.

"Where does it hurt?" I asked.

"Down here." She pointed to the inside of her left
thigh. I gently felt around her tender thigh. I could
feel the knot in her muscle. I further examined her
leg. No apparent break or fracture.

"Let's see if you can stand on it." She hopped off of
the table and gingerly put weight on the leg. She
managed a few steps, then complained on the pain.
Looked like a pulled muscle to me. I helped her back
onto the table.

"It's nothing serious. Looks like you probably just
pulled a muscle pretty bad. Next time your going to try
that kind of acrobatics in your room. Try to limber up
first. I'm going to recommend a massage, then a
whirlpool bath, some rest and a hot compress. You
should be fine by tomorrow morning." Casey looked
relieved. So was I. A serious leg injury can end a
gymnast or cheerleaders career.

"What kind of massage?" Casey asked.

"Just a the****utic, deep muscle massage. You've had
them before. I'm sure. You're going to be a relaxed
little ball of Jell-O, when I'm done with you." This
made Casey laugh. " But there's a little preparation
before we begin. I'm going to ask you to step behind
the curtain, take off your all of your clothes and wrap
yourself in a towel. I have some supplies to get
together. I helped Casey over to the screen. Then got
out my tray of oils and lineaments. After a few minutes
Casey spoke.

"Mark can you help me back to the table?" I went behind
the screen. There she was wrapped in a towel. She had
knotted the towel high on her chest. Her tights and
panties were sitting in a small pile on the floor. I
picked her up and carried her over to the table. Her
cool thigh firm in my left hand.

"On your stomach please." Casey rolled over. I began
the massage on her thighs. Paying special attention to
the pulled muscle. The towel came to about mid thigh.
She held her thighs together. But as I continued the
massage. Her thighs slowly spread apart. There was the
unmistakable smell of sex in the air. She was getting
excited by my ministrations.

I continued massaging her legs. Down to her toes then
back up the other leg. When I returned to her thighs.
Casey had spread her thighs apart a little further.
Also, It looked like she had unknotted the towel and it
was now, just laying across her back. I could just
begin to see the rounding of her tight butt. However
the other treasures between her legs were still hidden
from me. I moved my hands slowly, further up her

"I'm going to move the towel up, OK?" I asked.

"Sure." She replied. Then folding her hands under her
head like a pillow she closed her eyes and went with
the moment. I flipped the towel up over her gorgeous
butt. Such an ass, this girl had. Nice and tight and
rounded. I stepped back for a moment to appreciate its
glory. She spoke.

"Something wrong?"

"Ah, no. I just had an itch. " My cock was lengthening
in my shorts. I just had on a t shirt, my gym shorts,
briefs and sneakers. I returned to my duties. I
splashed some lineament onto my hands then continued my
massage. Her butt cheeks looked so solid. But now, they
were putty in my hands. I concentrated on one then the
other. Every now and then spreading her cheeks apart.
Her tight little rosebud of a rectum winked at me. My
cock twitched in my shorts.

Casey had turned her head to my side of the table. She
was watching me as I progressed up her body. Again she
slightly spread her thighs further apart. I returned to
her thighs temporally .

"Mark." Uh-oh, had I gone too far. "There's still a
sore spot on my thigh. Could you massage that some

"Where?" I asked.

She reached under her body and pointed to a spot high
on her thigh. Inches away from her young pussy. Her
hand lingered there for a moment as if she was
masturbating, Then she returned her hands to the pillow
position, beneath her head.

"The patient is always right. But before I do that. How
about I get this towel out of the way. So we can do
this right."

"Whatever the Doctor orders." I pulled the towel off of
her back and placed it on near by chair. Casey was now
naked on the table. As I turned back around. She was
looking at me. A devilish grin, on her face.

"Well Doctor. Are you going to finish with the

'Of course, of course. Now where was I? Ah yes, your
sore spot." I placed my hands gently onto her left
thigh. Slowly kneading the flesh as I made my way up
the junction of her thighs. Casey was now very direct
about what she wanted. Her legs were spread wide apart.
Her knees resting on either side of the table. Her
young hairless pussy spread wide for me. I cupped my
hand over her mound.

One hand massaging between her ass cheeks. The other
gently rubbing her pussy. My cock was steadily
lengthening its way down my thigh. The head began to
peek out of the leg. As I inserted a finger into
Casey's hot, wet pussy. A gasp escaped her lips. She
was soaking wet. She may have already come; this girl
was so wet. My finger easily slipped into her. Then I
removed my finger and tickled her clit. She shuddered
in apparent orgasm. Wow.

I removed my finger from her pussy and continued the
massage. As I continued The massage up to her
shoulders. Casey spoke.

"Ya, know Mark. I'm filling a little embarrassed,
laying here with nothing on and your fully dressed. Why
don't you take your clothes off and get comfortable?"
The little minx.

"The patient is always right." I said. I stepped away
and started to strip. When I was down to my briefs. I
went over and locked the door.

"Don't want any interruptions." Casey watched me as I
stripped. Turning my back to her I stepped out of my
briefs. My Cock was at full erection; Standing proudly.
As I turned around Casey smiled in appreciation.

"Is all of that for me?" She asked.

"Only the best, for my clients." I added. This bought a
big smile to her face. I stepped up to the massage
table. Now I was standing at the head of the table
reaching over her head and continuing the back rub. My
rock hard cock was even with the table. Mere inches
from Casey's face. She stared at it intently. I was
reaching over her head to continue the back rub. My
rock hard cock was resting on the table. I could feel
Casey's hot breath on my dick head. Then she started to
blow on it. This made my prick shudder in anticipation.
Anticipation that would soon end.

I felt one of Casey's small hands wrap around my dick.
She pulled me closer and then pulled her body up closer
to my crotch. Then, she kissed it. Just lightly. Little
butterfly kisses. I reached around her chest to the
sides of her breast. Slowly rubbing my hands along

She took me into her mouth. This time I shuddered. Her
mouth was like an inferno; her tongue like a snake,
Lathering me in saliva. I began to fuck her mouth like
the sexual object it was. I had to stop though. She was
going to make me come if I carried this on much longer.
I pulled out, to her disappointment.

"Rollover please."

She eagerly complied. I pulled her body up till her
head hung over the end. Casey grabbed for my cock and
hungrily shoved it into her mouth. From this position I
could skull fuck this teenager till I died. I then drew
my attention to her tight little body. Her tits were
completely flattened against her chest. Only her highly
aroused nipples gave any indication of her succulent
teenage breast. Her strawberry nipples stood out like
twin pencil erasers. I bent over and took one of the
sensitive nubbins in my mouth. She groaned with my cock
in her mouth.

Casey could only get a small part of my engorged cock
into her teenage mouth. She had one hand against my
hip. Keeping me from driving in too far. And the other
hand wrapped around the base of my dick. Jacking me off
as she blew me. I switched from one nipple to the
other. Squeezing her tit flesh as I sucked on her
sensitive young nipples. My left hand wandered down her
body to her waiting pussy. My fingers combed through
her silken soft pussy hair. She had a closely trimmed
little bush. That was slick with her juices. I gently
pinched her young clit in between my fingers.

Once again Casey moaned, her breath hot upon my balls.
She pulled my cock out of her mouth and spoke. "Oh
Gawd, keep that up and your gonna make me come." So of
course I kept it up. Her body shook in orgasm. She
thrust my cock deep into her mouth. Pulling me deeper
into her. I felt my dick bottom out, in her white hot

This k** knew how to suck a mean dick. But then I
pulled out. As much as wanted to shoot a load of cum,
down Casey's throat. Bigger games awaited. She pouted
as I pulled out. Then I pick her up and swung her
around. Now her young pussy was right in front of my
cock. Her eyes were afire with lust. I stepped in
between her legs. My rock hard cock aimed right at her
pussy. Wrapping her legs around me, she pulled me in.
My cock landed on top of her clit.

I rubbed my aching dick against her steaming clit.
Casey reached down and rubbed my dick roughly against
her clit. After a minute or two of this, I could take
no more. I pulled back. She placed my dick head at the
entrance of her pussy. Then using her well toned legs.
She pulled me in.

I sunk, balls deep into her cunt in one lunge. What a
sensation. Her cunt was like a velvet lined vice. The
muscles in her love muffin were holding me in her
velvet vice. Slowly I withdrew, Till just the tip was
left in her pussy. I looked down at the junction
between us. My cock glistened with her juices. Her Cunt
lips tightly wrapped around my rod. I thought I must
have been stretching this pretty young thing, to the
limit. But she seemed in no discomfort. So I plunged
back in. My balls slapped against her cool hot ass, as
she took all of me.

Sweat was rolling off of her body as we fucked away. I
started to sweat bullets too. She was holding onto the
table and squeezing me between her thighs as our
fucking continued. I found myself ramming into her
tender young vagina. Her head was shaking back and
forth. Her thighs seemed to quiver, as if she was in
some sort of constant orgasm. Then she started to pinch
and fondle her own nipples. I felt my orgasm

I just had to shoot a load into this sweet young girl.
I took her legs from around my hips. Then put them on
my shoulders. This squeezed my cock even harder into
Casey's recesses. Her eyes opened wide at this new
sensation. I put my right thumb on her clit and started
to gently rub it.

Her breath was coming in quick gasp as she climbed the
wall to another orgasm. Then I took a gamble. I took
her foot in my other hand and placed her foot into my
mouth. My tongue licked the space in between her toes.
This set her like a rocket. Her whole body shook at
this orgasm. She kept groaning, through clenched teeth.
"Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh!"

This quaking made her pussy clamp down on me so tight.
I thought she was going to break my cock off. I pulled
out of her love canal. My cock just waiting for any
likely receptacle. Her lust filled eyes spotted my
enraged cock and she dove on it. Spinning around on the
examining table, like she was on ice. She clamped her
mouth over my dick head and feverously started to jack
me off. I only lasted a few seconds before scalding her
throat with my red hot load.

Casey gulped down my hot load like it was soda pop. My
balls emptying; my very essence into her mouth. She
continued to jack me off, just to get every last drop
of cum. And with a satisfied grin she sat back on her
haunches. I sat down beside her on the table as we
caught our breath. After a few minutes Casey spoke.

"So do you think we could fuck in the whirl pool too?"

Who was I to argue. The customer was always right.

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