The Academy

Julia Ponsonby had not taken her parents' divorce well. She had always been a daddy's girl and she missed her father terribly. It had not helped that her mother had remarried almost as soon as she received the Decree Nisi and that her stepfather was extremely unlikeable. Harold was something big in the City and was filthy rich but Julia found him cold and controlling. She was disgusted at the way that her mother fawned on him and seemed to accept his every whim (and there were many) as law, so arguments with the both of them were many and growing ever more bitter.

Things came to a head on her eighteenth birthday. She had been drinking more and more heavily for some weeks, and on this, her first ever legal night she had celebrated to excess. She groaned as she staggered out of the taxi to see that the lights in their large town house were still on. Somehow she managed to open the door quietly, intending to sneak upstairs but her stepfather was waiting in the hall.

"And what time do you call this?" He asked.

"Well I call it 2.30, what time do you call it?" Julia said with false bravado whilst trying to ignore her mother who, dressed only in a dog collar, bustier and fishnet stockings, was kneeling at Harold's feet, staring devotedly upwards like a gun dog.

"I call it high time that your unacceptable behaviour was halted. I am no longer prepared to tolerate your defiance. If you won't discipline yourself then it will have to be instilled in you by other means, young lady. I am sending you to finishing school tomorrow and hopefully you will learn how to behave there"

"Well I'm not going, you're not my father."

"No but I am your legal guardian until you're 21 and come into your inheritance. Until then I have full and absolute control of your body." The way that he stressed these last words and the way that he stared at her as he said them made Julia suddenly very glad that she was going away. After a few minutes of raging and swearing for form's sake, she accepted the inevitable and ran off to her room.

She was hardly expecting to be sent to a top Swiss School, but Miss Agatha Willoughby's Academy for God's sake? What on earth was that? Where on earth was that? She googled and her gloom deepened. It was an exclusive school in the heart of Surrey dedicated to the teachings of its namesake. Agatha Willoughby had been at the forefront of the Suffragettes. Indeed it had been fully expected that she would lead the movement until she was suddenly asked to step down in somewhat mysterious circumstances and she faded into obscurity.

The Prospectus stated that the College was "dedicated to the schooling of young ladies of a refined upbringing between the ages of eighteen and twenty one and who needed to be retrained in the standards of behaviour expected of them which had been ignored or insufficiently emphasised by conventional educational establishments." What on earth did that mean? It sounded as though it was a reform school for posh totty with IQ's lower than their bra size. Julia frowned. Its fees were astronomical! Something wasn't right here. Why should her stepfather want to spend this fortune on her when university was far cheaper and he knew that she would be off the day after she inherited her legacy?

Julia's researches were interrupted by her mother's screams.

The two women had never been particularly close, but Julia was becoming increasingly concerned about her mother. Margaret Ponsonby had many interests and had found the conflicting duties of marriage constricting. As a girl, Julia had grown used to her mother's growing demands for for 'personal space,' yet this goal had been abandoned as soon as she had remarried, in favour of what Julia considered to be an overwhelming obsession with sex. Her high fashion clothes had been thrown out, to be replaced by skirts whose hems had crept ever higher and now rested just below her bum. Meanwhile her necklines plunged ever lower, revealing both a loss of a bra and the gain of many nipple rings. Julia considered that she now looked like a tart.

And she was behaving like a tart too. Julia had had a sheltered upbringing and despite having a classic English Rose beauty had very little knowledge or indeed experience of sex, and it had never appeared to be high on the agenda of Margaret either, but now her mother seemed to be constantly in need of a good fucking.

Harold just had to be hung like a donkey with the stamina of a horse as Margaret made her demands and her passion known at a volume which would have deafened the average Eastern European tennis player.

There was no way that Julia could concentrate with the moans, the screams and the torrid appeals to be bumfucked coming from the bedroom next door. She jumped into her bed and tried to get to sl**p with her head buried under her pillow. Perhaps going to boarding school was going to be a good idea.

So the next day she found herself in the back of the Bentley, being driven to the village of Great Fuckinham and to Miss Agatha Willoughby's School for Young Ladies.

The chauffeur pulled up on the gravel drive, opened her door and drove off again, leaving her clutching her suitcase, surveying the ivy covered walls of a large and extremely ugly country house. She had been expecting to see hordes of schoolgirls running around but the place seemed deserted. Feeling lost and small, Julia pulled the bell rope.

The large wooden door swung open and Julia gaped. In the hall stood a maid. Or rather half a maid. Her top half was immaculately and traditionally dressed, with a frilly lace cap, black high necked blouse and a white bib. But there it ended...literally. Her blouse finished just below her pussy, and then bare legs descended to black rubber clogs.

"I said Can I help you madam?"

"'m a new girl."

"Of course, please follow me." Nonchalantly, the maid bent down to pick up her suitcase revealing a complete lack of knickers and a neatly shaved pussy. A bemused Julia followed her swaying bum through a large Hallway with oak panels and highly polished floor tiles.

The maid came to a solid oak door, marked "Miss Evangeline Hunter, Head Mistress," knocked and motioned for Julia to enter.

Miss Evangeline Hunter sat behind a large oak desk. She was almost a parody of Julia's expectations. A large florid woman with her greying hair drawn back into a severe bun and an incipient moustache. Her buxom bosom was encased in a white blouse, a tight tie and a heavy tweed jacket. In a booming voice she asked Julia to sit down whilst she finished off her correspondence. Julia perched on the chair in front of the desk. It was weird. At first glance it was a traditional straight backed hall chair, but a large hole had been cut into the generously covered seat, and why on earth had it been upholstered in rubber? She was beginning to doubt her senses. Had she really seen a half naked maid flashing her cunt? It hardly seemed possible as she glanced at the normality of the cluttered room with its cabinets full of silver cups, its walls covered by old photos and in one corner for some strange reason a stuffed octopus.

The silence was suddenly broken by the gentle sound of running water splashing onto the polished tiles. Julia looked up in surprise. It seemed to be coming from behind the desk but Miss Hunter was continuing writing unconcerned. Just as suddenly it stopped, Miss Hunter signed off with a flourish and turned to speak in clipped and plummy tones.

"Well I'm pleased to welcome you here young lady. This is an old school with a rich heritage, dedicated to the teachings of a very great lady. I'm sure that you will find things very strange at first. Most of my gels do, but all of them come to understand and love the wisdom and traditions that we foster here. They're all off on a cross country run at the moment. That's one of our traditions, my gels love running around in the fresh air communing with nature and so it seems do the villagers. They're marvellously supportive, they always come out to cheer the gels on. As there's no one about at the moment I'll show you around."

Miss Hunter rose and came round her desk and Julia stared in shock. Just like the maid, the headmistress was impeccably dressed, but again just like the maid her bottom half was...was...well, missing! Her top ended just below her crotch, then thick bare legs emerged, covered in varicose veins and ending in the same rubber clogs that the maid had worn. In a daze, Julia got up and followed the woman. It was surreal. She was walking behind a half naked middle aged woman who was showing her around with a total lack of concern that anything was amiss.

Everywhere was as you would expect, the only unusual thing about the building was its utter lack of carpets. Floors were either of highly polished tile or equally polished wood. The school smelt like every school did, a mixture of boiled cabbage, disinfectant and ... urine?

Julia followed Miss Hunter up some bare wooden stairs, observing queasily that the older woman was definitely not wearing knickers, and then they entered her dorm.

"Well I'll leave you here to settle in, I can hear that the first of my gels are returning. Your uniform is on the bed, please put it on as soon as you can and we'll dispose of your street clothes."

Julia could only nod silently. The dorm was equally surreal. The study desks with their computer terminals looked perfectly normal, as did the bookcases and the posters of various pop stars, but in the corner of the room were two exposed shower stalls and between them a hole in the floor that seemed to be a basic drop toilet, all without any means of privacy at all. She had been told that eight girls would share the room but there were only four double beds. Were they expected to share? She was beyond surprise.

She inspected her uniform, such as it was was. It consisted of a straw hat, a white blouse, the school tie and those black rubber clogs. Her suitcase with her spare clothes was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly the door burst open and in rushed another girl. All she was wearing were the ubiquitous rubber clogs and a sweat soaked running top.

"Hi, I'm Melissa, you must be the new girl. Get your uniform on and I'll take you to Matron for your checkout." She leaned forward and kissed both of Julia's cheeks whist fondling her left tit. Before Julia could react she stripped off her singlet and stepped into one of the showers revealing her well shaved hairless pussy.

"Well, yes, but it looks like they've forgotten the skirt." Julia didn't know where to look, she had never met someone so unconcerned about nudity.

"Oh we don't bother with skirts, they just get in the way and get messy."

Messy? What could she mean?

But there's no underwear here either, and there's no sign of my suitcase with my clothes ."

"Oh you can't wear any of your own clothes round here. Miss Hunter believes that they Foster A Sense Of Competition Between Individual Pupils. Uniformity Promotes Equality And Equality Empowers Individuality." It was as though Melissa was reading from a manifesto.

"Yes, but I've no panties."

"Oh none of us wears those. "Underwear Is The Physical Bondage of Paternalistic Oppression. Casting Off These Shackles Enables Us To Reveal the Enduring Beauty of the Female Form Which We Should Worship And Rejoice. Come on, we'll be late for dinner if we don't hurry."

There was a long pause. This was beyond weird but Julia didn't see how she had much choice. Turning her back on Melissa, she shucked off her dress, buttoned up the blouse and fixed her tie. Her cheeks glowed with embarrassment. The shirt seemed even shorter when worn, her pussy felt every draught and whenever she bent down she would be exposing herself to all and sundry.

Melissa towelled herself dry and put on a matching brief uniform then grabbed Julia's hand and together they ran down to Matron's clinic. This whole place was such a strange mixture of the real and the surreal. This looked like any other surgery anywhere else. There was a whiff of disinfectant and carbolic together with an acrid overtone of...well it couldn't be urine, could it?

Julia could no longer feel shocked when Matron entered. She was a small buxom woman with a wide smile and wearing only a white hip length smock. Her clogs were white rather than black. Slowly though Julia began to feel more at ease as the older woman bustled around in a totally matter of fact manner, taking her temperature, checking her inoculations and enquiring about possible allergies. Finally she asked Julia to unbutton her blouse and climb up onto what looked for all the world like abortion stirrups. Julia lay back puzzled with her bum raised and her legs in the air. Was Matron going to examine her pussy? That was a bit over the top wasn't it? She found out the reason however when she felt shaving cream being liberally applied to her bush. She struggled to sit up.

"Matron, what on earth are you doing?"

"Calm down, dear, I'm just going to shave your pussy."

"But why? I don't want you to do that."

"Now none of this young lady. You know I have to do this, its part of the school uniform. Now keep still. We don't want me to nick you do we?"

Julia was hardly in any position to object. She lay back in utter humiliation whilst Matron shaved her with a fast and expert hand and then rubbed in a soothing lotion.

"Now there we are. We didn't need any of that fuss, did we Dear? You've got a really pretty cunt now that we can see it." Matron bent down and gave her a lingering kiss on her lower lips. "Here's your cream. Make sure that you apply it every day then you won't need to worry about the Pussy Inspection."

Julia buttoned her blouse and left in a daze. The woman had to be quite mad. She turned to Melissa. "What on earth was she on about? She can't possibly have meant that about it being school uniform can she?"

Melissa turned to her in surprise. "Why of course it is! Pubic Hair is the Veil That Hides Our Greatest Treasure. The Vagina Is The Portal To Our Feminine Essence And By Revealing It In All Its Splendour We Reassert The Dominance Denied To Us By Paternalistic Oppression. Women Should Rejoice In The Beauty of Their Pudenda!"

Julia's cheeks burned in embarrassment. The slightest breeze, the slightest movement and the whole world could judge for itself her cunt's beauty. Walking with stiff legs she followed Melissa to their dorm. It was occupied by two more of their classmates.

"Hi, I'm Jenny..."

"...and I'm Jessie."

The twins were identically stunning in their beauty. Talking non stop, together or singly they told Julia in a few minutes how cool the school was, what their interests were, where they came from, and their life history, then giggling they turned to change out of their running tops.

Julia sank back onto her bed in utter shock. She turned and whispered to Melissa. "Did you see what they just did?"

"Oh yes, those two do absolutely everything together."

"But, but they just pissed themselves as they stood there." Two steaming streams ran along the tiles. "They acted as though it was perfectly normal."

"Well of course it is, Silly. What could be more natural than peeing?"

Julia struggled to voice her shock. "But, Melissa, they pissed themselves our front of both of us...without caring..."

"Of course they did. We all do, wherever we are. Urination And All Other Bodily Functions Are Natural Occurrences Which We Should Accept With Equanimity And Of Which We Should Show No Shame. They Are All Part Of The Essence Of The True Female. Moreover, Retention Of These Fluids Can Cause Untold Damage To That Same Universal Essence, And Hence They Should Be Voided At The Earliest Opportunity"

"So are you telling me that we're all expected to pee ourselves wherever we are as soon as we feel the need?" Melissa nodded. "But what about other things? What about shitting?"

"Yes shit is a problem, its so sticky and smelly. But that is why we have the Long Drops in every room so that we can all go without interrupting our education."

"So we should just get up at any time in the middle of a class and piss and shit in front of everyone?"

"Didn't I I just say that? But you don't need to get up to pee. Just do it wherever you're sitting or whatever you're doing. It's A Purely Natural Function Of Which The Modern Woman Should Accept As Part Of Her Femininity."

Julia felt as though she had been hit by an atom bomb. "But what about other things?" She blushed bright red. "What about when, you know, when its that time of the month?"

"Well, what about it?"

"You mean we should just let it all trickle out?"

"Of course. Its not as if we're wearing panties or skirts, Silly. Besides, Elimination Of The Menses Is a Natural Function Of The Essence of Femin..."

"Yes, yes, I've heard that already." Julia couldn't bear to hear any more of that claptrap. Where on earth had she come to? Was this a school or a madhouse? Her thoughts were broken as Melissa smiled and released a small golden trickle which ran down her leg and onto the floor. The tiles Julia realised were set at a slight slope so that all pee could flow down to sluices by the walls. She understood at last why there was a lack of carpets, and why they all wore rubber shoes.

"Hey that's the dinner bell." Melissa grabbed an unresisting Julia and pulled her down to the refectory.

The Dining Hall was like most others, there was a series of tables with long wooden benches on either side. These were covered in rubber and had holes cut along their length, and Julia could see why, for as the girls were laughing, talking at full volume and eating, she could also hear and indeed smell the tinkle of unrestrained piss dripping regularly onto the floor. She ate automatically, dumbstruck by the situation she found herself in. Her parents were now on holiday, but as soon as they returned Julia would let them know what was going on here and get them to take her home.

Once they had finished eating Melissa jumped up. "Come on, we've got a special treat tonight, there's a movie in the great hall."

Most of the school were present, including many of the teachers. Julia could only recognise Matron, sat on the front row with her legs wide apart, chatting and knitting some shapeless thing. The Hall quietened as Miss Hunter walked onto the stage.

"Good evening gels. Tonight's cinema offering is a biology documentary. Now I want you all to pay special attention to it as its extremely instructive and you can all learn a lot. But I don't want you all to think of this as a special lesson as I think that you will also find this ripping fun, so please sit back and enjoy yourselves." She turned to leave but then stopped and addressed a thin girl on the front row.

"Lucinda Littleham-Squires. Just look at your posture, young lady. Yes, you. Sit up straight my Gel, and open your legs. Come on, further! You know very well that School Regulations prohibit sitting with crossed legs, don't let me have to tell you that again!"

She stalked off and the lights dimmed. The credits rolled and Julia struggled to control her laughter. Biology indeed, "Lesley gets Laid Again", was pure porn and it didn't take long for the first tits and bums to appear. She waited for Miss Hunter to leap up in affronted dismay, but nothing happened. She turned and nudged Melissa. "What's going on, Melissa. Surely they won't sit back and let us watch hardcore porn?"

Melissa wrinkled her brow in puzzlement. "I don't know what you mean, I'm finding this most instructive. can't be offended by this can you? The Naked Female Form Is The Very Embodiment of Pure Beauty And The Act Of Fornication Is The Celebration Of That Very Beauty In All Its Many Forms. So Let Us Therefore Rejoice In The Female Body!"
Julia looked around in the gloom. She was no prude but this was extreme. However, everyone including the teachers were staring in rapt attention, all sitting with straight backs and wide open legs as Linda Lovealott was being fucked from behind whilst attempting to swallow a cock so huge that it had to be CGI. Matron was still knitting but it looked as though she'd dropped several stitches. There was nothing for it, Julia smiled and sat back to enjoy the show. It was certainly making her horny. She could feel her juices flowing and almost without thinking her fingers entered her hot and very accessible cunt. She rotated her hips whilst her fingers moved faster, faster as she arched her back and then with a loud cry of joy her tension and all her worries were swept aside as she came in a flood of ecstasy. Guiltily she looked around, but she had been ignored amongst the assorted moans and groans as the entire audience added yet more fluids to the streams of piss dripping onto the floor.

All too soon the movie ended and the lights came back on. The girls slowly roused themselves whilst Miss Hunter came back onto the stage. "Well I think we all enjoyed that very much indeed. Tomorrow there will be various discussion groups devoted to the content and techniques which we have all studied so intently, so as it will be a long day I suggest that we all turn in early tonight." With that she left the stage, smoothing down her blouse and struggling to straighten her tie which had somehow moved round to her back.

The two girls made their way drowsily to their dorm and their double bed. Julia felt drawn of all emotion, shell-shocked by all the weird events of the day. She felt that nothing could surprise her now in this lunatic asylum but she was wrong. She had not been surprised, indeed she had almost been expecting it, to find that nightwear was banned by the school regulations. But she could not help gasping as she turned down her side of the bed.

"Oh My God, Melissa, these sheets are made of rubber!"

"Of course you dummy, cotton takes ages to dry and gets really smelly. This way all we need to do is hose them down at the end of every term."

She had to admit that the sticky feel of the sheets was quite sexy. Julia had never since c***dhood had rubber sheets and never since puberty had she shared a bed with another girl, let alone a naked girl, certainly not with a naked girl who immediately snuggled up and gently fondled her tits, and absolutely never with a naked girl whose fingers snaked round and softly started stroking her clit, slowly slowly building up her desire. And Julia had never in her life responded to a naked girl frigging her clit by turning round and in a torrent of passion pressing her body hard against the other, fastening her mouth on the other girl's, probing deep with her tongue whilst running her hands over her body, stroking pummelling pinching her boobs all whilst thrusting her cunt hard against the other cunt, thrusting, thrusting, cumming in an explosion of joy that left both girls giggling in a tangle of sweaty limbs and tender emotion. Now that was how to Celebrate The Beauty Of The Female Body!

The girls were awoken by the shrilling of the morning bell. Julia looked sl**pily around. Jenny and Jessie were already up and had pinched one of the showers. They were busy soaping each others tits whilst talking to another girl who was standing nonchalantly shitting into the long drop. Shyly Julia entered the other shower. She didn't know what to think about last night's events. She had never before had sexual feelings for another girl and didn't really know how she felt about Melissa. She had been in desperate need for comfort and reassurance which had been freely given and greatly enjoyed, but, she told herself, lesbian fucking was almost normal compared to what was going on here. She did not want Melissa to think that she accepted the lunatic philosophy of this madhouse.

She had just about towelled herself dry when a shout went up from the corridor. "Pussy Inspection Now!" She looked round in confusion, what further madness was this? The other girls were standing to attention, chins firmly in the air, hands clasped behind their back, legs flexed and their cunts thrust forward, so she joined the end of the line just as the door opened. A tall blonde girl marched in. She was dressed in what passed here for uniform, her hair was dragged back into a severe bun and and even more severe expression covered her face. Without a word she walked slowly up and down, staring not at their faces but at their cunts. Finally she produced a looking glass and bent down to stare through it at Julia's pussy whilst rubbing her fingers roughly over it.

"New Girl eh? Well done, that's an extremely smooth pussy. Keep it up and you'll do well here. I'm Veronica Brookes-ffinch, this wing's Pussy Prefect. We won the Smoothest Pussy Cup last term and I'm determined that we'll win it again this time so I want no backsliding or sloppy pussy hygiene, is that clear?" Julia had no idea what she was talking about but she felt it safer to agree so she nodded vigorously.

Veronica made her way along the line, carefully examining each girl's cunt until she came to Lucinda. Veronica bent down once more to examine her hairless cunt but was not impressed.

"What's this? That's a veritable garden down there! Don't you have any pride in your appearance girl?"

"Oh please don't punish me Veronica. I ran out of cream and I didn't have time to get some more. It'll be ever so smooth tomorrow."

"Don't give me that guff. Tomorrow never comes. Kneel down girl!"

Abjectly Lucinda knelt and stared up at the Prefect who cocked her leg and then released a jet of piss over the other girl's head. The golden shower seemed to go on forever, flowing over her hair, her lips and then soaking down into her blouse. Veronica shook the last few drops and stood with legs apart.

"Thank you Veronica." Lucinda leant forward and kissed Veronica's wet pussy lips. The prefect glared at the assembled girls.

"Right, I don't expect to see any further disgusting sights again. I want you all to maintain your pussies to the highest standard so that we can win that cup once more!"

She was obviously expecting a reaction so the girls put up a ragged cheer and she marched out of the room.

Julia stood there gaping at the scene. "What a despicable thing to do."

"I should say so. The Female Body Is A Thing Of Beauty And It Behoves Us To Strive To Maintain That Beauty At All Times. Neglect Of One's Personal Appearance Is A Denial Of The Essential Standards Of Civilisation And Is A Highly Antisocial Act."

Julia stared at her. "Melissa, are you really claiming that pussy stubble is an Antisocial Act and Veronica pissing all over poor Lucinda is not?"

"Of course. She needed to be punished. Would you rather she had been beaten? Modern Female Institutions Will Of Necessity Need To Impose Discipline, But That Discipline Will Be Administered In A Caring Fashion Which Will Educate The Miscreant Without Resorting To The Physical Harm Which Is The legacy Of The Paternalistic Establishment. Come on, Breakfast will be over soon if we don't hurry."

Lucinda was standing by herself, miserably shaking piss from her hair and wringing the the soaking ends of her blouse. The thin material had become transparent under the shower and clung damply to a pair of undersized breasts. Julia went over to comfort her, but decided against giving her a hug. The poor girl seemed so pathetically ineffectual.

"Aren't you going to change out of those clothes at least?"

"I can't, we only have the one blouse which has to last all week. I have nothing else to wear."

This was just ridiculous. Julia's temper snapped. "Well wear nothing then. We're all virtually naked as it is." She almost smiled as she pictured a naked Lucinda wearing nothing but a tie and a straw hat.

Lucinda stared at Julia in shock. "Are you seriously expecting me to go around making a spectacle of myself? I've never heard of anything so disgusting. Clothing Is The Outward Expression Of The Morality Of Western Civilisation. It Is The Differentiation Between The Wholesome Standards Of The Educated Woman And The Godless Anarchy Of The Naked Savage."

Julia stared back. Was everyone here brainwashed into this pseudo religious tripe? Well if the girl wanted to wander round stinking of piss, just let the poor sap. She trudged dispiritedly after the girls down to the Refectory. The noise rang out as the girls ate their breakfasts, laughing and chatting. Julia was finding it difficult to join in. She was getting pretty desperate for a pee, but she was not able to break her conditioning and let go like everyone else. She just couldn't sit there and wet herself whilst calmly eating porridge. Sooner or later she would have to give in, but not here in front of everybody.

The girls trooped off down the corridor for their first class. On their way they were passed by a couple of teachers deep in earnest conversation whilst streams of pee dribbled down their legs and splashed their clogs. Julia became even more withdrawn. Never in a million years would she be able to make such an exhibition of herself.

They reached the classroom and she sat down at her desk. All the chairs had holes cut in their seats and she wriggled her bare bum to get comfortable against the cold rubber. A tall young woman entered, not much older than the schoolgirls. She was wearing a camisole top that clung to her body outlining her jutting tits. Melissa turned to Julia.

"This is Miss Andrews, she used to be Head Girl here and only started teaching last term." She continued talking in an awestruck voice. "She's amazing. She has absolutely no bladder control at all!"

Julia was beginning to envy her. Her need to pee was now extreme. She tried to relax her muscles but she just felt too inhibited to let go surrounded by all these other girls.

Miss Andrews was speaking. "Good Morning Girls. We have a new girl joining us today. Stand up Julia and introduce yourself."

Julia turned crimson red. She had just managed a small trickle but now that she was the centre of attention her muscles spasmed tight. She mumbled a few words of greeting and hastily sat down. Meanwhile Miss Andrews had walked over to the long drop flexed her legs and stood straddling the hole releasing a turd that seemed never ending. She casually continued talking. "Now our first class is on Agatha Willoughby's Emancipated Philosophy of Liberation. With Julia joining us I think that this is a good time to revise all that we have learnt so far so I've prepared a little resume on the computer. If you can all put on your headphones please."

The Computers fired up and Julia sat enthralled. The lesson was fascinating. She had had no idea that the Great Lady's philosophy could be so reasoned, so captivating and yet so glaringly sensible. All too soon the bell rang for the end of class and she reluctantly removed her headphones. She leant back and with a huge smile she relaxed.

It felt so liberating, so good to feel her long pent up flow of warm golden piss gushing out of her cunt, swirling round her seat, washing down both her legs onto her wiggling toes and through the holes in her clogs onto the tiled floor. The stream continued for some time and she felt its biting warmth until finally dribbling to a halt.

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