Mother's Milk

The night air was stale and heavy. Even the eerie way the light from the moon cast shadows on the ground seemed a bit off tonight. "It was going to an interesting night," thought Vickie as she lit up another cigarette. She was waiting for her boyfriend to come and pick her up in a taxi and takes her home; it was far too long since she had seen him.

The taxi arrives with Josh inside, and as they ride home talking about all kinds of things including the expectant c***d she was carrying. Josh slowly gets out of the taxi, goes around it and opens the door for Vickie, she gets out after he opens the door for her.....her body is mentally and physically tired from the trip, "Thank you babe" as she steps out of the cab and starts to head for the door.

Josh grabs their bags and follows her, his movements' show that he also is both mentally and physically tired from the trip and he slowly slurps after her into the house.

Vickie walks in and flops down on the couch...."Hey Max, did you miss us..." smiles up as Josh a after being silent for a long time..."Babe..You ok?"

Josh grins at Max who obviously missed us, puts the bags on the floor and falls down on the couch himself. "Yeah, I'm all right. There's just so much to think about."

Vickie puts her hand in his....and leans to kiss his cheek....yeah...I know baby.....I know....At least we know she is okay...let her come around when she is ready...." offering some short advice.

Josh smiles softly and nods. "Yes, you're right. And I'm very glad that we visited your father, too. I know that you're still a bit mad at him, but at least he had the integrity to admit his mistakes." Gets an idea, "By the way, did Jean say something about taking warm - not hot - baths?"

"Hmm...Father is Father...and whether or not at the time he as admitted a mistake....he is still as stubborn as ever...we shall see what happens there.." smiles as he suggests a warm bath....Oh....that sounds perfect....." smiling, "will you be joining me?"

Josh nods. "Definitely, a relaxing bath is definitely what I need now."He stands up, offers her a hand to help her stand up from the deep couch and gives her the lead to the bathroom

Vickie smiles with a sweet sparkle in her eyes..."You always do know how to make me happy" she pushes herself off the couch...she didn't remember it being this hard to get up before...

Josh is sure that he has seen this sparkle in her eyes before...that was when....however. He enters the bathroom after her, opens the water at the bathtub, checks for a good temperature and then starts to pull out his clothes

Vickie smiles softly as she undresses, she rolls her neck from side to side trying to relieve some of the tension from the trip...."Babe...." she says out of the blue...."Do you think I did the right thing with meeting father..?" she asks purely for reissuance

Josh smiles softly and goes to her to kiss her sensitively. "I am very sure that it was the right decision to do so, babe."

She embraces him as they kiss...." I hope so...." she looks towards the tub as it looking so very inviting.

He nods. "I am sure, honey." He goes behind her, grabs her hips and by this helps her into the tub before he gets in himself

Vickie slides in to the tub, the warm water feels amazing on her tight skin, and the baby instantly enjoys it also and starts to kick....she smiles as her hand rubs over her belly..."Ah....the water is perfect" Josh smiles widely when he also slips into the warm water, both because of the instant relaxation of his muscles and because of Vickie rubbing over her belly. For whatever reason he likes this view, most likely because it makes him realize this ultimate bond between Vickie and the baby she is carrying...and it is such a peaceful view. She makes room for him as he crawls into the tub also....and lightly starts to hum 'Rock –a-bye Baby' to her tummy to see if that will settle her down, she softly smile and traces her fingers over her belly...light playing with a foot as the baby kicks it out. Josh still smiles and when Vickie starts humming 'Rock-a-bye Baby' he accompanies her by humming himself. He places his hands on her belly, too, and gazes at the bulging that appears on Vickie's belly when the baby is kicking. After a while he grabs her hips, helps her to turn around, places his head on her shoulder to continue to gaze at her hands on her belly and starts to massage her back.

Vickie whispers as the little one starts to calm down...."Amazing isn't can see her foot if you do it just right..." she feels him move behind her and his hands on her shoulders...."Mmm, babe....that feels so good"

He mumbles an "hmmm, it's really amazing...and unbelievable that she'll be out in just about 10 weeks." His hands massage her softly yet with enough pressure to loosen the tension in her shoulders.

Vickie she takes a deep breath.....thinking about how time really has gone be quickly....."I am really very excited to see hold her.....nurse her...and share her with you when she cries..." she adds and giggles a bit

Josh laughs. "Sure, I don't have any doubt in that, especially not in the last part of your statement. But you're right. Although I'm fascinated by the miracle of her being inside you, I'm also looking forward to finally meet her, change her diapers and don't get enough sl**p anymore." Obviously there is a bit of sarcasm recognizable in his words.

She snuggles a bit closer to him..."I am sure she will be a very good baby..." she runs her hand over his leg under the water...." And you will get plenty of sl**p..." laughing

Josh sighs, not really believing her words, but as he doesn't have a choice anyway, he just takes it the way it is. The touch of her hand at his leg, however, makes him realize that they haven't been 'together' for quite a while and it makes him being excited instantly. Nearly automatically, his hands wander from her shoulders a bit down to her breasts and stroke them gently but not importunately.

Vickie closes her eyes as his hands work over her shoulders and smiles as suddenly she feels his hands graze her breasts....she lets out a soft moan.

Josh's hand slips under her breasts and lift them with only two fingers, massaging the boarder of her belly and her breasts. "A little massage at the front part of your body can't be wrong either, don't you think?" His lips perform a gentle smirk but that can't be seen by her, of course, as she's sitting backwards to him

She shakes her head, "No...not at all....feels very good sweetheart..." her hand continues to run over his leg...she leans back a his finger fondle her already milk engorged breasts....making her feel a bit aroused.

The massaging of her breasts makes his excitement grow well as his manhood, which softly rubs at her butt while it enlarges slowly but steadily. He moves his massage a bit upwards, now softly stroking and squeezing directly the lower part of her breasts.

She can feel him growing behind her makes her moan again....she cannot remember ever feeling this completely aroused, her body tingling so intensely.

Josh slightly intensifies his breast massage and leans into her a bit more while he still grows harder and whispers in her ear "Honey...I love you."

Vickie melts into his arms, he whispers in ear, "I love you too babe," she wiggles against him, feeling how excited he has become too.

Josh feels her wiggling against him makes his excitement grow even further and he can't help a soft moan. He cups her full breasts with his hands and squeezes them slightly, what makes his manhood grow even harder. "Oh gosh sweetheart, I want you...but I'm not sure if we can still risk it...I don't want to hurt you or the baby."

"If you start to hurt me...I will let you know, how's that sound...." she wants him too and there is nothing written in the rules of pregnancy that sex this far along is a bad idea, she lets her hand work behind her to let it wrap around his manhood letting him know she wants him just as bad as he wants her.

Josh finally bends forward to kiss her shoulder and mumbles a "hmmm...sounds perfect" into it. He so much adores her right now, that he isn't sure anyway if he could have stopped so easily. He moves a bit aside and pulls her back to the end of the top to kiss her passionately, while his hands stroke both the insides of her upper thighs. She watches him as he moves....letting their lips touch, feeling the passion in their kiss....suddenly...his hands are on her thighs, and she can feel the tingle travel to the nether regions of her promise land....this causes her to groan passionately Josh's hands wander upwards on one side of her thigh, then strokes above her promise land without directly touching it, inside the cleft that her growing belly has created there, and then back down to the other inner thigh. He obviously enjoys playing with her this way

Her hand slides up to his manhood, teasing the tip of it gently with her thumb, she is loving how gentle and caring he is being with her, which seems to excite her more, causing a new feeling of euphoria. "Oh...God baby...." she mutters. Josh can't help a little satisfied grin and repeats the hand tour he has just done before. The feeling of her thumb on the tip of his manhood makes him grow fully and a loud yet soft groan departs his mouth. After he has repeated his hand-tour a few more times, he suddenly stops at the top of her belly cleft and now finally slides down to her promise land, dives through her labia but doesn't penetrate her yet. Her body moves gently with his touch....her eyes now fixated on his face, smiling at him, her breathing increases as the excitement keeps growing, now making her hand move down over his manhood, stroking him gently

He dives a few times in and out of her labia, from the top down in and back out. In the meantime his free hand caresses her belly and strokes all over it. Finally, after his other hand again dived through her labia he goes a bit deeper and starts to penetrate her just a little with his fingertip.

She softly purrs as his fingers now find their way into her soft fold, her hand still working over his manhood, her body rocks gently with his fingers...

He is totally in another world already. Everything except of her doesn't matter anymore. He gazes in her eyes and his face expresses both the excitement and the admiration he feels from and to her. While his forefinger goes on penetrating her only with the fingertip, his thumb and little finger open her legs just a tiny little bit more so that his forefinger now can dive into her a bit more.

Vickie moves with him....letting him open her up to him....she slightly leans back resting on her free hand, her other a methodical up and down motion over his manhood...feeling him grow even harder as their foreplay excites the both of them.

Josh smiles in full amusement before he leans in his head to kiss her again. Just like his finger opens her promise land again and again, his tongue now dives through her lips for another passionate kiss.

She welcomes his kiss, letting her own lips part to allow his tongue to find hers.....she lets her tongue run over his teeth seductively, moaning softly as his fingers dive in and out of her

He releases another soft moan and intensifies the diving speed of his fingers. He is so much excited that - in combination with the warm water - some pearls of perspiration start to appear on his forehead. He wants her so badly, but holds himself back to give her control of the situation.

She moves a slight bit.....not wanting to stop the motion of his fingers inside her.....but wants him so badly, she spreads her legs a bit more so that he can play freely with her, groaning again each time his fingers go in deeper...

Josh moans when she opens herself more to him and brings his middle finger into action as well. While his forefinger now continuously caresses her clitoris, it's the middle finger that repeatedly dives into her...a bit deeper with every push.

She gasps at this movement pushing her arousal over the edge, and makes her moan a bit more loudly then she would have liked.....she tilts her head back as she does, her clitoris jumping excitedly under his finger. "Mmm...." is all she can get out.

Josh is both amused and aroused by her loud moan and it urges him to increase both depth and speed of his finger exercises again, while her gently jumps create little waves in the water.

Vickie has finally had about all she can handle, she reaches for his shoulder and hold on to him. She releases a small wave of excitement over his fingers, the pregnancy as certainly heightened her feelings, even after the small wave, she can't help but want him more, her hand deeply strokes him, letting her thumb occasionally slip over the tip of his manhood.

Josh is about to lose control. The hot juice that just ran over his finger and that now is washed away from the water...her increased movements at his manhood...he can't take it anymore. He stops diving into her for a moment, grabs her hips and lifts her on top of him...and after that simply hopes that she will finally sit down on him to create a bond that is nearly as close as that of her and the baby she carries. She lets him move her over him.....wanting to feel his manhood in her as badly as he want to feel her over him....she gently spreads her legs over him....lowing herself gently...allowing the tip to find her sweetness that is so primed for his manhood, she lowers herself deeper onto him letting his hardened shaft to sink deep.....she smiles at him once she was worked it into herself, "I am all yours baby" she whispers softly.

He moans loud when she slowly sits down on him and makes his manhood dive into her, slowly and deeply. His manhood swells to its absolute max which makes him groan even more. When she finally speaks these words he grabs her hips from both sides and starts to rock her on him...very slowly and gently for the beginning.

She holds on to him tightly as they began to rock, letting her knees support her weight and helping her lift herself with his gentle thrusts....she buries her head into his shoulder, kissing and sucking on his neck as they start their lovemaking.

Josh positively trembles a little when she starts sucking his feels so incredibly good and makes his entire shoulder tingle. Apart from that, her new position now makes her pretty much swollen breasts bounce against his chin every time she moves up and he starts giving her kisses on her neckline every time they meet.

She bounces slowly and gracefully with him, her belly rubbing up and down over his, his lips touching her neckline causes her nipples to erect even harder then they was moments ago.....he feel so good inside her.

Josh imagines seeing her nipples grow harder and bigger, but thinks that really must be imagination...or isn't it? However, he bends his head a bit more to kiss and lick them every time Vickie bounces up and the tongue check assures him that they're very much erected. He takes his hands from her hips, to leave it up to her to bounce on him for a while and instead taps a smooth rhythm with all his fingertips on her belly.

She can't imagine anything feeling as completely wonderful then the way she feels right now, everything in the past few days, even weeks seems to completely diminish as they continue to pleasure each other, her breasts bounce perfectly with their rhythm, so full, and ready to feed their c***d when it is born, she looks down a bit as they bounce, she arches back....letting his fingers tap on her belly....which feels very good, and soothing. She moans even more as she rocks a bit faster, taking her time to make sure not to hurt herself or him for that matter in her own excitement.

Josh moans in complete enjoyment. For a reason he is not able to determine yet, this time having sex with her feels the most perfect ever....apart from their first time, maybe. He enjoys the gentleness of her rocking and moans softly while he goes on to caress her belly.

Her body quakes as his moans escape his lips, the feel of his hands on her growing belly feels very loving, her heart pounding more intense then she has felt it before, and she opens her eyes for a moment to gaze upon his face again, seeing the complete and intense devotion he has for her. Her love for him at this very moment grows deeper. She whimpers in complete satisfaction as the rocking of their body match in perfect timing.

Josh lays his head back on the tub and closes his eyes. He moves very little under her, except of some little wiggles from time to time and gives her by this total control of speed and depth of his penetration. His hands still on her belly, he doesn't feel much movement of their daughter anymore and supposes she's been rocked into sl**p.

Vickie lets her hands slide down over his chest as she works her body to the perfect depth, never going farther then she can handle it....she feels the tip of him hit perfectly against her cervix, making her moan almost every time it hits....she bites her lower lip trying to silence herself slightly...breathing out of her noses is short pants

Josh can feel his tip now touch her cervix with nearly every single of her pushes and is a bit scared at first. But as its Vickie who decides how deep to go he supposes that he doesn't hurt addition to her moans every time he hits her which sound rather enjoying. He decides not to concentrate on that anymore as long as he has the feeling that she knows what she's doing and instead starts to caress her breasts again that wiggle up and down in front of him.

As soon as his hands find their way back to her breasts she lets out a cry of relief, they are so heavy and the support he brings to them a he plays with them causes her make a small awing sound, she leans into him again, her body aching in a good way as they move.

Josh is at first is a bit surprised by her cry but immediately after realizes she's obviously just enjoying. Holding her breasts in both hands, he realizes how heavy they have become and really wonders that Vickie is not lamenting back aches more often. He goes on holding them with his hands from the sides and starts licking her nipples again every time when she moves up.

As soon as his tongue hits her nipples she draws him closer, holding him tightly, the pleasure building more and more between her legs....his thickness feels amazing in her, she begins to whisper his name over and over, almost like a small her head again lowers to his shoulder. Now that Vickie has pulled him closer is able to caress her breasts more steadily with his tongue. He licks around her areola for a while, then kisses both her nipples and finally fully covers them with his lips before he gently starts to suck on them...because of the heat of the moment not really being aware what consequences this might have. Yet he still supports her breasts with both his hands and the pressure inside him increases a tiny little bit with every of her pushes

Vickie allows him to suckle her breasts, forgetting that she is now lactating, just the smallest bit of leaking causes relief to her swollen and hot breasts, the feeling of this also causes there to be a fire that travels straight down to her clitoris, she stops bouncing to enjoy him sucking her breasts, she smiles, as her eyes now watch him enjoy her.

Josh very much welcomes the short break of her bouncing to make himself calm down at least a bit while he goes on sucking her breasts. Suddenly he feels some drips of a fluid drop down on his tongue...and before he can realize what it is a small stream of it squirts into his mouth.

Vickie feels her milk release into his mouth, she stops moving almost instantly embarrassed that she has no control over herself anymore, the nutrient that is meant for their daughter is now shared with him, and she waits for his reaction, feeling the heat of him in her still causing her excitement.
Josh looks pretty puzzled for a moment while he swallows the fluid...until he finally realizes what just happened. He can't help but bursts into laughter and everything is able to say beforehand is "oops"

She is totally and fully embarrassed now because of his laughter, but gives in and smiles a bit, she whispers, "sorry honey, but I have no control over that...." she feels the heaviness of her breast lighten slightly as the warm milk sprits from her breasts

Josh has known her long enough now to see the embarrassment in her face despite of her smile and stops laughing instantly. He grabs around her, pulls her as close as her belly allows it and embraces her. "Sorry darling...have I done something wrong? I know that you don't have control of this...and actually it was me who f***ed it...I mean, is that so terrible now?" He is really confused, and not that much used to the mechanics of nursing, but tries to give her as much support as possible.

"No, have done nothing wrong, I must be honest, that feels incredible and almost don't want you to stop...this is why I am embarrassed." she smiles warmly at him, she strokes his face lovingly with her hand to let him know as long as he is okay with this, so is she.

He again smiles warmly and pushes her a bit away from him to look in her eyes. "Oh c'mon darling, can there be anything more intimate than this? And apart from that...I have shared so many body fluids with you, why should I make an exception with this one?" He still grins impishly to hopefully raise her mood again and bends down to lick some more of the fluid that has dripped out of her. "Actually that doesn't taste bad at all...see?" He takes a finger, wipes some more drips with it and offers his finger to her, hoping not to embarrass her again with this action.

She looks at his milk laden finger, she opens her mouth offering to let him share that with he puts it to her mouth and tastes the sweetness of her own milk, her eyes go back to him, instantly feeling a new and strong bond that has just formed, now satisfied that he is more than happy with her bodies own creative way to bond...she begins to rock against him again, letting her new found excitement take over.

Josh smiles satisfied as her eyes now show confidence as well. He leans in to give her another kiss on her neckline and embraces her as good as possible again to feel her as close as possible while she starts to rock him again but keeps away from her breasts for now to not to overstress it.

Vickie moans again in pure satisfaction, their love making has taken a new twist, her body tingles all over, bringing her to a height of pure gratification

He still has a smile on his face. This woman both amazes and surprises him over and over again. The short brake indeed helped him to calm down a bit but in contrast her rocking's make his excitement now grow double as fast. With what just happened, he feels as intimate to her as never before and he decides that this is a very good thing.

Vickie feels his excitement grow inside her again, she lowers her head, but her eyes never leaving his.....she lets one of her hands go to her own breast as it still drips with milk, before completely fondling her own breast she dips her hand in the warm water, then brings it to herself letting her fingers squeeze her nipple and letting the milk drain some, she hopes that him watching this excites him even the feeling of it most certainly does.

Josh is amazed by this view...and he is even more astonished by her doing yet. Of course it makes his excitement grow topless but he thinks it's a pity to waste this life-spending fluid and bends forward to lick it clean.

As his lips touch her breasts again.....he body again bucks over him her rocking with more persistence and longing. She gives out a lowly growl and half groan as her body tells him she is more than excited

Josh seeing how much relieve it brought her earlier now makes his lips wander to her other breast...intercepted by a soft kiss here and there on the way. Then he finally stimulates her other nipple a bit but stops for now and continues a kissing way upwards to her neck. Finally he softly grabs for her chin, pulls it a bit to him and covers her lips with his during one of her deep groans.

Her moan is now stifled by his lips over hers, and she returns his kiss, letting her lips linger with his, she parts her lips again, letting her tongue tease his, she is lost completely in everything he is doing to her, her thoughts are of him only, everything else around them disappears from her vision but him and him alone.

Her now steady rocking make the pressure inside him now really go topless and he knows he's on the way to the verge. He can't help it; he doesn't even try to avoid it. This moment is just so perfect that he doesn't want to spoil it with a convulsive try to avoid the unavoidable. Yet to give her maybe a double relieve, his lips part from hers again and move back down to her still unrelieved breast. He cups her aureole with a big moan, tickles her nibble with his tongue and then sucks on it. His body tenses a bit but he very softly releases himself in an unspectacular manner...though with a deep groan.

She groans as his lips go to her one breast that is engorged with milk, and the sudden feeling of him sucking on it, she can help feel herself reach her own brink of satisfaction, she releases yet another throaty groan more intense then the last, she can feel the warmth of his own bodily fluid in her the causes her to stutter almost uncontrollably

Josh now shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!

He thinks, while he tastes her warm milk in his mouth again, that this is definitely the most intimate circle one can guess...he gives some and he takes some. He swallows the warm fluid again and pulls Vickie's trembling body close to his. Their strong breathing makes their bellies push against each other every time they take a breath and after the first wave of satisfaction has subsided, he realizes that the water is nearly cold

Vickie feels him completely release inside her, spontaneously she also releases, and she falls into his arms, completely and fully satisfied, she holds on to him tightly trying to gather as much warmth from him as possible

Josh holds her close, embraces her and after a while he whispers "thank you" in her ear."

Vickie looks up to his face, a gentle smile on her lips, she caresses his face lovingly..."Umm, no, baby, thank you. That was entirely too amazing for words." she then snuggles into his arms as the world come back into focus.

He smiles softly. "Yes, it was indeed. But what I actually meant, was that I thank you for let me entirely be a part of this."

She can't help the feeling of being more connected to him, now that he has partaken in yet something very intimate as her own milk from her body, suddenly she giggle a bit, "Now...I don't want you two fighting over that in the future...."

Josh bursts into laughter again. "No worries. I won't keep her from what she needs, and I won't spend all day from now on with dangling at your breasts." He laughs even more at that idea. "But I have to admit that it was an interesting and very enjoyable experience. And I'm very glad that you trust in me and give me such an amount of intimacy. That means a lot to me."

She tucks a tuft of hair behind her ear, "I honestly can't think of any other way then to give myself completely to you, to show you how much I love and respect you. You have brought great pleasure in my life, and I can't thank you or show you enough then to be giving you a c***d and sharing every moment of that with you."

Josh smiles warmly. "You're not the only one who found a better life as a consequence of our initial affair." The thought on their beginnings still makes him smile. "You give me something that I cannot describe, but what I already thought I'd have lost forever."

With his words she begins to cry, not out of sadness, but because for the first time in all the years she had ever been in contact with anyone she can feel an indescribable love and bond to a man that started out being her opposite. Her tears are for the things that had happened to her, the lost time between her father and her, now brought back together by him, for Tina who's pain and emptiness she has felt before, almost makes her feel a bit guilty for finding a wonderful and caring person to share her life with.

Josh now takes his hand out of the water, dries it a bit on his shoulder and then wipes away the tears from her eyes. He sees that these are not actually tears of sadness, yet he also partly blames her hormones for it. With still a soft smile he leans in to kiss her softly. He does not intend to stop her from crying. Actually he thinks it's a good thing to let her empty all the emotions that were kept inside her for so long. He remembers the hard fight he had to fight to bring her to the point where she told him about her past...the issue with her dad, her ****...and it makes him proud that she trusts him so much that she told him all these things sooner or later. However, to not let her get cold, he softly pushes her aside, stands up to get out of the tub, offers her a hand then and wraps her into a soft towel as soon as she's out

Vickie allows him to help her from the tub, and wrap her in a towel, he hold her tight after he wraps her....her tears are done, and replaces with a happiness in her eyes..."I have never been happier, you know that?" her question is more of a statement or confession of her love for him

Josh of course notices the rhetorical character of her question and he therefore doesn't intend to answer it. Instead he leans down to give her a kiss on her shoulder. "I don't know any words that could describe my happiness about that fact, sweetheart. I'm simply so glad that you feel comfortable with me, cause that is what you deserve. And if I really make you that happy, your dad was at least right in one thing...that is that you choose only the best for you...when you're allowed to choose yourself at least." He knows that his words also sound a bit like self-praise, but he trusts in her to understand that this is not what it's meant to be.

She grumbles a bit at the mention of her father's choice of what is best for her, and is glad he had no hand in her finding him. "My father is a foolish man, most of the time, he cares about one thing and one thing only and that is money, I am sure he would sell his sole to the devil if it meant personal gain. However, his love for me, at one time was unconditional, I hope, and pray we can form a peaceful bond yet again. If not for me but his future grandc***d." she warns him about her father's false show of affection at her telling him her secret, or that is what she feels it is right now.

He of course doesn't know her father the way she does and so is willed to; at least, keep her warning in mind, although he had another impression yesterday. But actually he doesn't want to spoil the moment with any thoughts on her father and starts to dry her with the towel and simply mumbles an affirmative "mmmhhmm". When he's finished to dry her he gives her another kiss on her cheek. "Now that I hopefully was able to appease one of your cravings, is there anything else I can do for you? Are you hungry, thirsty...anything else?"

Vickie giggles almost instantly....."I thought you would never ask I am starving. Plus, I feel the little one starting to shift around which make me believe she is hungry too"

He laughs and nods. "Hum, okay....then what do you think of a buck naked midnight-snack in the bed? I'll go down prepare us some sandwiches and soda and you can get comfortable in the bed."

"Oh, that sounds promisingly good." but looks at him, "You sure you don't need any help?"

He grins, gives her another kiss on her cheek and releases her from his embracement. "I am definitely sure, Hun. You're already carrying enough weight in our relationship." He giggles on his, admittedly not very good, play on words, places his hand shortly on her belly and then leaves the room to go to the kitchen and prepare the sandwiches.

Vickie now heads to the bedroom and slips under the covers getting comfortable, as he makes them something to eat....smiles as he walks in stark naked holding a plate.

Josh finally comes back into the bedroom, with a plate of sandwiches in the one hand and two cans of soda in the other one. He strongly wiggles his hips to get rid of the towel around his waist, and when it finally falls to the floor, he climbs into the bed, places the plate on Vickie's grown belly, giggles and gets comfortable himself

Vickie laughs as he wiggles his hips to lose the towel, and makes room for him, helping him by taking a couple things from his hands....the plate is cold on her belly....which doesn't bother her as much as it bothers the little one and she begins to kick again....making the plate move, luckily she has a hold of it so it doesn't tip over onto the bed.

Josh bursts into laughter when he sees the moving plate. "Oh looks we have ghosts in this house!" He opens both cans and gives one to Vickie before he grabs a sandwich from the moving plate.

She laughs, "it very entertaining to say the least, you should see her with a book...reading it is almost impossible when she gets going on one of her kick fits."

Josh nods. "I can imagine it seeing this" He takes the plate down on the bed and instead puts his hand on her belly while he offers her mouth the sandwich he is carrying.

She takes a bite and chews, trying not to laugh as he really focuses on her belly again....the baby keeps kicking despite the fact that it is his hand and not a plate....after she swallows her bite, she bursts into laughter......"You got her going now, daddy..."

He sighs and looks cutely sorry. "Oh well...sorry, that wasn't my intention. Seems then that this will get a long night for both of us, eh?"

Vickie chuckles again..."Naw...she will settle down in a few, and after earlier, we all we sl**p really well." felling the relaxed feeling from earlier take over her body...

He smiles in relief, also bites into the sandwich and after he swallowed the first bit, he recognizes how hungry he actually was as well. He bites into it another time and then offers her the sandwich again. "Hum that sounds pretty good. It's always a pleasure to fall asl**p while cuddling into you."

She gives up on the idea of him feeding her, even though the thought was very sweet and takes the sandwich from him.....and eats hardily, she almost devours it whole, as she doesn't remember ever feeling this hungry....and waits as he finishes his.

Josh bursts into laughter again when he sees her looping the sandwich. "Okay, you really must have been hungry. But who wonders after such a long physical effort." He finishes his sandwich as well, takes a sip of his soda and then puts the empty plate and his drink down to snuggle into her.

She giggles as they snuggle...this is by far one of her favorite endings to a long and stressful day, to be wrapped securely in his arms.

Josh thinks this is by far one of his favorite endings to a long and stressful day, to wrap her securely in my arms. He gives her another kiss on her shoulder, strokes her belly until the baby seems to be calmed down and then lies down together with Vickie to finally get their deserved rest.

After he settles down the baby in her belly, they lay down for a long and peaceful sl**p.....her head snuggles into his shoulder and her arm d****s over him.

Josh closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and whispers "Have sweet dreams sweetheart."

Josh gazes at her for another few minutes, unable to believe his luck, and then also drifts into his dreamy-wonderland.

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2 years ago
This story is so utterly real, I literally felt myself immersed physically, emotionally into their bath scene, from entry into the tub until exit of bath for drying of their bodies. Never do I recall that reality of truly melding one with the ink-written characters of a reading.

Truly this story oozes total body transport into the world of true, real emotions. The most heart warming and emotion draining story I've ever read!!!

Accolades to the writer for perfection.
2 years ago
2 years ago