A chance meeting with an old friend

Donna was in town doing a bit of shopping and getting her nails done, I'd arranged to collect her after a couple of hours and I was at the point as she walked towards me talking to another lady. Apparently this other girl and her used to work together 25 years ago, she was quite tidy, 5'2", brown hair, super slim, probably too thin for her shape.

As they got to the car Donna said "This is Paula we used to work together, she's coming up for a catch up", "Ok" I said as they both got in. As I drove home they chatted away about stuff. When we got home they carried on in the lounge I went upstairs for a while to give them some space. Fifteen minutes later Donna called me down and said "Paula's stopping for tea".

During our meal I leant that Paula's husband used to treat her bad, so she eventually left him and now lives on her own with nobody to share her life, she'd been on her own for six years. After tea we got the drinks out and as Donna and Paula carried on talking I was on xhamster. Donna went to the toilet and I said to Paula "Don't you date" and she said "No men are selfish I have no time for them".

Charming I thought. When Donna came back in the room she said to me "More drinks darling", as I went to get them, Donna winked at me. A few minutes later I returned with more drinks, Donna and Paula were sat next to each other, as they talked donna was running her hand up and down Paula's arm. Suddenly Paula stopped talking and looked at Donna, smiled, leaned in and kissed her.

They were both in a clinch kissing each other and snogging hard. I sat on the sofa and watched. As Paula pulled away Donna went down and kissed her neck, "I'm not gay" Paula said, "Neither am I" said Donna, and with that she turned her head towards her and kissed her again, soon they were snogging again. What a turn on!

Paula buried her head in Donna's neck and Donna's right hand roamed over Paula's breast. As this went on for a while I announced we should go upstairs. As both girls walked up I followed with the drinks. Donna sat On the bed and pulled Paula on to it as she landed on her back Donna pushed up her top and was nuzzling her tits.

I came behind Paula and unclipped her bra, Donna got her nips in her mouth and was sucking them. Coming round the front I unbuttoned Paula's jeans and slipped them down, she was wearing a black g string. As Donna sucked her tits I unclipped her bra and her 44DD fell out, I cupped them myself and her nipples stood on end rather quickly.

Donna spread Paula's thighs and ran her finger up her slit, she moaned. I pushed up Donna's skirt to find her knickers soaked through in pussy juice. As Donna sucked and fingered Paula I pulled down Donna's knickers and set about licking her clit, she couldn't lick Paula properly cos she was moaning at what I was doing to her.

Eventually both Paula and Donna screamed they were coming and Donna frigged Paula off to a climax as I licked Donna. As they both laid there panting and sweaty. As Paula sat up on the bed I discarded my clothes and joined them, she grabbed hold of my cock and began to pull me, Donna laid down, opened her legs, ready for me.

As I pushed my cock into her she gasped, Paula licked her nipples and rubbed her clit, aftera short time I could tell my wife was coming, pulling out I licked her off big time as she squirted on the bed and all over my face. I said to Paula "Lay down on your back", as she did I fed my chunky cock into her gaping hole and slowly fucked her.

Donna was sat to one side and Paula had her finger in her, as I shagged her. I knew I was close, as I speeded up I couldn't take anymore and shot my seed deep inside Paula's wet cunt. Donna went down on her and lapped up my spunk that was oozing out of her pussy. Then Donna and Paula sat kriss kross on each other.

As they ground the clits on each other and as they moaned in unison my cock was rock hard at the sight. After only a few minutes they were both coming together, as they screamed and panted their climax out it was an awesome sight to behold. As they lay there panting I could only kiss my wife who had given me a fantastic floor show.

Paula laid exhausted as Donna said to me "Fuck her again", as I got hold of my cock I fed it deep in her wet pussy, building up a good rhythm Donna was rubbing her clit and her juices were running down her legs into her ass, I pulled out and gently teased her ass, she groaned. Donna nodded as I pushed my cock into her ass.

She screamed "It hurts" as I thrust up her ass, Donna was licking her clit as Paula was fingering my wife as I fucked her. Only a few minutes later I heard Paula say "I'M COMING" as I ass fucked her and Donna licked her, she had a massive orgasm. I pulled out and pushed into Donna's pussy and shagged the ass off my wife.

As she was coming so was I, I told Paula to kiss Donna, as she did I pulled out and wanked myself off over their faces, hot spunk dangled in their hair. I was well and truly fucked, and both girls were exhausted. We laid there for a while, then we got dressed and went downstairs. Soon after Paula went home in a taxi. Donna and I were asl**p as soon as our heads hit the pillow.
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