Nurse at the Doctor's

I'd been going down to my General Practioner to see the nurse for seven years because of my B12 injections. I always see the same nurse and we've built up a good relationship, hwer name is Molly she's blonde, 5'7", slim build and 31 years old. As she gets my injection ready we always have a chat. she has her own place but hasn't had a boyfriend for years.

A couple of months ago I was down having my six weekly dose, and as I'd forgotten I'd been slotted in at the end of the mornings appointments. I entered the room and Molly and I were talking and she seemed really upset, as I asked some more she said "I'm really fed up ***** I go out with my friends and they all have a boyfriend and I don't".

As we chatted away she looked really down, I said "Am I your last appointment?", she said "Yes", I said "Can you put something on the door so no-one will come in and we can have a talk and you can unburden your problems onto me", she said "Yes if I put this card over the outside handle others will think I'm doing some work and won't disturb me", so she did.

After a few minutes I said "You look tense", she said "I am". With that I stood up and walked to behind where she was sitting and rubbed her shoulders, as I was doing this she said "Mmmm that's good", I carried on massarging her shoulders and her neck and she was relaxing. She was wearing a typical nurses jacket with press studs instead of buttons and blue trousers.

As I rubbed her shoulders she had her head back, I brought my hands down and gently cupped her small breasts bending down to kiss her neck. "Mmmmm" she said, as I pulled the press studs open to reveal a white bra, I carried on fondling her tits. After a couple of minutes I unclipped her bra and pulling it off her arms I bent down and licked her nipples.

I looked at her and she was smiling as I sucked one nip and then the other, I ran my tongue up her throat and onto her lips, she kissed me as I kissed her as I cupped her tits. I then ran my hand down to the front of her pants and rubbed the crotch area, quite roughly. She opened her legs to give me more access.

I unbuttoned her trousers and pulled them down and over her ankles. Kissing her and licking her nips I ran my tongue down her stomach and into the waistband of her white panties, as I brought my hand up on the inside of her thigh, both my tongue and fingers met at the top of her leg, I touched her crack and she gasped.

I ran my tongue over her slit through her knickers and she gasped again. I whispered "Lift your bum up", as she did I slipped her panties off and saw she had a neat runway. Running my tongue up the inside of her leg and straight onto her slit she gasped, as I continued to lick her clit and finger her cunt she was very wet, she moaned.

After what can only be descibed as a couple of minutes, she had her hand on the back of my head as I licked her, she was goaning and said "I'm coming", as I licked her harder she ground my face into her cunt as she came, muffled her mouth as not to make much noise her fanny squirted juice all over my face and all down her legs.

As I stood up she whispered "Thankyou", I unbuckled my jeans and took them off, lifting her up and walking her over to the consultation couch, I said "Kneel on that" as she did I pushed my chunky cock into her from behind. "OOOOhhhhh" she said, as I built up a steady rhythm. I reached round and as I shagged her I ran my finger up and down her clit.

"God I'm coming again" as I thrust harder and fingered her rougher, she moaned and groaned and gasped her way to another climax. Pulling out I said "On your back", as she laid down I re-rentered her in the missionary position and fucked her hard for a good ten minutes, as I nibbled her nipples her face was screwed up in ectasy.

As I pulled out cos I was close to my climax I bent down and licked her again, this time she was crying, her eyes were bulging and I knew she was close again. Fingering her with two fingers and licking her asshole she erupted on me again, she was panting and sweat was dripping off her forehead.

Placing my cock at the tip of her cunt I teased her for a moment, knowing I wouldn't last long, I playfully ran my cock over her clit and teased her ass, she gasped when I did this, but she was smiling. Pushing my cock deep into her fanny once again she groaned, as I fucked her hard I knew I wouldn't last long.

Pulling out she grabbed me in her hand and wanked me off, I was too close to bother about getting in her mouth, as she wanked me off I shot loads and loads of hot sticky spunk onto her stomach. She gasped when she saw it all. As I stood up and got dressed she said "That was the best sex I've ever had", I replied "You're not the first person to say that".

As we got dressed she said "Thankyou" I replied "It's Ok but I guessed that's what you needed", she said "It was". When we were both dressed as I was about to leave she came up to me and kissed me running her hands through my hair, "You're brilliant for a 50 year old", I said "Thanks". and with that I left feeling satisfied.
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I sure hope it became a regular event.