As I was sat having my breakfast, the wife had gone to work, there was a knock on the door, there stood the beautiful Asian girl from next door with her s****r. Not the one who her husband was screwing, but another one. She said to me "Will you do my s****r", well what can you say? I said "Ok Come in".

Her s****r was 23, single, 5'2" and around 20 stone. Short and dumpy. Not attractive like herself. I said "Are you staying" she replied "No", "Pity" I said. With that she left leaving her s****r with me. "Come in" as she did we went into the kitchen, she smiled and said "Here", "No no upstairs" I replied.

As we went upstairs she said "I not done it before", "Nothing to worry about" I replied, leading her into the guest room. As I shut the door I came up behind her and started to feel her tits. She was wearing a green sari and green pants but she smelled beautiful. As I was feeling her tits she took her sari off revealing a light green bra.

Unclipping it from behind as it fell away I grabbed her tits, as I rolled her nips between my fingers I started to kiss her neck, she said "mmmmm". I rolled her nipples for a while and when I'd finished they were hard and dark. Turning her to face me, I started to kiss her and she responded very passionately.

As we stood kissing she had her tongue in my mouth, I pulled away and sat on the edge of the spare bed, as we sat there kissing I placed my hand on the inside of her thigh and rubbed. She did the same to me. After a while I moved my hand up her leg and then inbetween her thighs, she was moaning. As I rubbed her she had her hand on my cock.

Putting my hands in the waistband of her pants she lifted her bum and I pulled them down, she had light green knickers on, as I rubbed her crack through them she began to groan again. After a couple of minutes I stood up in front of her and she pulled my pants down, freeing my hard cock, in front of her I told her to lick it.

She licked me a little, obviously in a fashion, as I sat back down I slipped my finger under the elastic of her panties and was rubbing her cunt, wandering my fingers between clit and crack, she moaned. As I rubbed her clit she dug her nails into my shoulders, telling me she was coming. Bending down and pulling her panties to one side I licked her to an orgasm.

Lifting her up I pulled down her knickers to reveal a very hairy bush. Turning her around so she was knelt on the bed, taking my solid cock in my hand I fed it in to her tight wet pussy. I began to fuck her sliding in and out she felt and moved with every stroke. As I built up speed she leaned forward and moaned with pleasure.

After around fifteen minutes she said "What's happening", I said "Relax and let yourself go", as she did she screamed out again and drenched my cock and balls in fanny juice. I pulled out and got her on her back, pushing my chunky cock back into her sopping wet hole I carried on giving her a right good first time fuck.

Licking her massive hard nipples as I bucked her, she grabbed hold of my head and shoved her tongue in my mouth. I said "Rub your clit", as she put her hand down towards herself she said "It's happening again", as she rocked another climax it was all too much for me, pulling out I wanked myself off over her tits, spunk ran down them.

She lay there gasping. As my cock went limp I told her what to do to get it hard again. As she performed oral on me I was soon up and ready to go, she was doing a brilliant job. As I became hard again I stuffed myself back in her wet crack and carried on where I'd left off. Fucking her fast and hard she was soon screaming.

Pulling out I got her back onto all fours, licking her juices and using them I carefully fingered her ass, she moaned. As I got my cock in my hand I teased her asshole and she gasped. Pushing with all my strength I pushed my cock up her ass, shagging her was easy she was well wet. "Finger your cunt" I ordered as I fucked her.

I couldn't reach for the flab but I could hear the squelching that she was fingering herself. As I neared my climax she was also. Pulling out I slotted myself deep in her beaver and carried on, she was moaning and moaning until she couldn't take it anymore, she screamed out another climax and more juices flowed.

Pulling out I offered her my cock she took it straight in her mouth, licked and tasted her own juice off me, as she was wanking me I suddenly exploded and shot my seed down her throat, she swallowed the lot. As we got dressed she said "Thankyou ever so much", I said "Anytime". She was a right raver and I don't think I was her first!
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