Holiday Threesome

A couple of years ago Donna and I had a fortnight in Tenerife, we needed a break and in the sunshine was perfect. We chose to go on an adults only trip, so we knew there would be no screaming k**s running about as we wanted to relax. Fair enough, most of the people were of an older age to us but some weren't.

Tuesday started as a beautiful day, glorious sunshine and 33 degrees, we were getting a lovely tan, Donna always tans well. We'd been at the pool all day, gone up to our room to get ready to go out to eat. She was wearing a full white dress, and with her tan she looked more beautiful than ever. I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel.

That night we'd eaten in the hotel and got talking to another couple. She was disabled so the couple had brought their 28 year old son with them to help his mother, his name was Gordon. He was a lawyer, single, 6'2" and lived at home. As we were chatting away, the conversation turned towards him and he admitted he'd only had one girlfriend and that was four years ago.

As we said goodnight, we realised their room was next door to ours. As we got in donna said "Gordon's a good looking lad", I said "Well I wouldn't know", as we were having a drink on the balcony, I could tell Donna was feeling fruity. I started to kiss her and soon we were snogging, as we moved to the bed we carried on kissing.

As I eased up her dress and saw her white panties on tanned legs she looked a million dollars. As we kissed and I unclipped her dress, feeling her 44DD tits, she was getting a little verbal, as I took her tits out of her bra and began sucking them she was moaning. I ran my finger up her leg and up and down the front of her knickers.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, reluctantly I answered it to see Gordon stood there in his shorts, he said "You left these downstairs" handing me a pair of sunglasses. Donna shouted "Thanks Gordon" and I thanked him also. Then Donna shouted out "Come here Gordon" and as he walked into our room he was faced with Donna sprawled on the bed showing her tits.

He walked in and stared at her, as I shut the door. She said "Come over here" as he walked closer to the bed, she reached out and rubbed the front of his shorts. I came up behind her and putting my hand up her dress onto her knickers could feel she was damp. She carried on rubbing gordon's cock until it looked very large in his shorts.

As I slipped a finger onto Donna's wet clit, she moaned. Pulling down Gordon's shorts she released a good 7" thick tool. She told him to sit on the bed and feel her tits, as he sat down she pushed him so he was half laid, and he was sucking her nipples, she was stroking his member as I was rubbing her quite fast by now.

She slipped Gordon's cock into her mouth and started to slowly jerk him as she licked around his helmet, he moaned. Then without warning she gripped him tightly and stopped what she was doing as I finger fucked her to her orgasm, screaming and shaking she came very hard. As I stood up I pulled off my own shorts and pulled down her knickers.

Teasing her in the missionary position by running my cock on her clit, I pushed in and filled her hole, she had Gordon in her mouth and as I was fucking her she was sucking him. "Feel her tits" I said to Gordon, and he did. After a few more minutes, as I was banging her, I knew the signs, I said to Gordon "Rub her clit" as he put a finger on her she came again.

Squirting love juice all over my cock, she groaned and moaned. As she came to I pulled her up onto all fours, saying to Gordon "Slide underneath her and slip your cock in", as he did in a clumsy fashion, I knew he was in when Donna groaned, licking her ass she knew what was coming. As Gordon was fucking her I slipped my cock into her tight ass.

She groaned again. Gordon was fucking my wife, his first time for ages, as I was shagging her ass. Suddenly Gordon said he was coming, "Don't cum in side her" I said, as he pulled out so did I, as I turned Donna over onto her back I slipped my cock deep into her pussy as Gordon stood there having his cock licked.

I knew I was close and by the noises so was he. Donna sucked and wanked Gordon to a massive orgasm, spunk dribbled out of her mouth as Gordon shot his cum into her, she swallowed some but some dripped onto her tits. the sight alone was enough for me, as I fucked her harder, coming myself she came with me, groaning and bucking all my seed out of me.

As we sat there, sweating and breathless, Gordon thanked us and said "It had been a long time", we smiled at him and at each other. When he'd gone we talked about what had happened and if we get another chance Donna said she wanted to be fucked while I got a blowjob, I said "I won't be able to last long". "We'll see" she replied.
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Wonderful, sharing way to love your wife!
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Hot stuff!