Katy and her mum

A couple of months after I'd fucked Katy, they were both in the same store, as we were talking Katy said "Would you do for mum what you did for me", I stood there looking shocked, "Why" I asked, "Because she hasn't had anyone for a number of years". I said I'd think about it. As I did my shopping I thought about it and going through the checkout there was Katy.

As I finished she came up to me and said "Well", I said "Ok, where" as this was the middle of the day, she said "Back at our house", I said "Ok I'll follow you". We drove to a normal area of town about five miles from where I live. As Katy's mum drove in her drive I parked outside the house, I got out and followed them in.

We were sat talking with a coffee when Katy said to me "Mum hasn't had anyone for about eight years", as her mum was in the kitchen, I said "That's Ok, Where?", she said "Upstairs", I replied "Ok - after you", We went upstairs and Katy showed me her mums bedroom, as we went in I grabbed Katy and started to kiss her.

She pulled away and said "It's for mum". Her mum was Joanne, 41, divorced, 5'6" around 12 stone. She was wearing pants and a blue top, had shoulder length dark hair and not a bad figure. Katy called downstairs to her mum and she came up. I said to Katy "Where will you be", she said she was going out for a while.

I walked into Jo's bedroom and she followed me in saying "I feel a little awkward", I approached her and said "Don't be silly, you were egging Katy on when I saw you before", she said "I know", with that I grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her onto the bed, as she sat down I tipped her chin and kissed her lips, she had her hand on the back of my neck.

We started snogging and then she said "It's been a while", I said "It doesn't matter", as I kissed her neck. She had her hand on my leg and was rubbing the inside of my thigh, my cock was twitching. As I kissed her shoulders I placed my hand on her breast, she sighed. She moved her hand up my leg and was touching my cock through my jeans.

I whispered in her ear "Lift your arms up", with that I pulled her top off, revealing a lovely blue bra and a nice pair of 34B tits. As I unclipped her bra, pulling it off her shoulders and kissing them, she was rubbing my cock. She unbuttoned my jeans and I stood up, as they fell to the floor she rubbed me through my undies.

As I was kissing and sucking her nipples she was rubbing me. I moved my hand down to her pants and drew my finger over the outline of her pussy through her pants, she sighed. She said "Stand up", as I did she took my jeans off me and pulled my undies down, out sprang my 6" erect cock, she fondled me, the she took me in her mouth.

I pulled her away and pushed her down on the bed, she fell on her back and I unbuttoned her pants, pulling them down she had a blue g string set on, I pulled them down also, spread her legs and licked her pussy, she was moaning. As I ran my tongue from nipple to clit and back, I was rubbing the inside of her clit with my finger, within seconds she was coming.

She put her hands on either side of her head and screamed out her climax, juices gushed from her gash and covered my face, I lapped it up. Climbing on top of her I opened her thighs and teased her cunt with my cock, she was gasping as I ran my bellend up and down her clit, then I pushed in right up to the balls. As she gasped I started a steady motion.

As I was fucking her she was groaning, I shagged her slowly as I sucked her nipples, then kissed her lips, she was moaning. After a few minutes I pulled out and turned her over, entering her again from behind, she groaned, and when I put my finger on her clit she went beserk, fucking and fingering her she was screaming, moaning, gasping, she had a massive climax.

I pulled out and she was knelt on the bed gasping for air as I laid her on her side and took her again, as I pushed in I was fondling her tits and rubbing her clit she said "Oh my God I'm coming AGAINNNNNNN!!!!!! I presume I was touching her G spot with the tip of my cock, her juices erupted all down my balls, running down our legs.

Pulling out of her she wrapped her lips around my cock as she sucked me, I knew I was close to coming, she licked and flicked my cock in an expert fashion, then all of a sudden I twitched and poured my seed down her throat, it was coming in spurts I'd not felt in a while as I shot gallons of cum, and she took it all.

As we laid on the bed after, she said "That was the best sex ever, no wonder our Katy was raving about you", I said "We should swop numbers in case", she agreed. As we got dressed and went downstairs, Katy was sat there she said to her mum "You enjoyed that" and she said "God yes", Katy said "I told you he was good". We swopped numbers and I left.
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5 months ago
Great story! Hope there is more with these two!!